Cloud Nothings - Even If It Worked Out Lyrics

Well, hey, you always were someone to pout
You wanna talk about the same things, but you've gotta move out

I'm sorry, we can't be friends
My heart is over-weighted
I don't like being alone
But I don't like being with you

Even if it worked out, I don't wanna work out...

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Cloud Nothings Even If It Worked Out Comments
  1. c r

    this is like the male version of tiger trap. Which makes this totally original.

  2. Mychael Darklighter

    'nothing is new under the sun'. =0)
    don't worry, if it sounds good to me, i'll listen to it.

  3. Ryan Healy

    I knew that BEFORE you said it.

    /nurses PBR

  4. JacketJunkie

    Dude, I love The Pillows. ^_^

  5. Huntre Brocx

    I dont think music is about trying to be like who inspired you. Art is more about expressing what you feel and who you are, not just music but all art. I think what he is trying to get at is if you dont like the sound atleast respect the feeling put into it. I for one do not like like attack on memory, but i still respect the band.

  6. Vilém Obrátil

    Are you trying to say that one should appreciate music just for the sake of it being music?

  7. Brian

    the pillows are a japanese band, he's referring to language

  8. laserbombz

    all their song's comments are flooded with hipsters

  9. Yeah I Guess

    They are actually from Cleveland, Ohio. So they're not English.

  10. Joel Rodriguez

    Thank you providing a perfect explaination,

  11. Lycrisa

    I saw them live last night in Baltimore.
    They remind me of a English version of the pillows...only quiet.
    Blues drive monster to be specific. It won't let me post a link.

  12. Joe Campbell

    @iwasbored1195 not trying to be :/ :/ :/ :/ P.S you're one to talk about stupid names :/

  13. Carnell Tate

    "Suggested artists" on youtube mobile is the dopest of dope. I was just listening to the Generationals and they took me here. 2G00d2 be true

  14. Davis Johnson

    this is the first song i heard by them super dope

  15. Joe Campbell

    stop talking about blink 182, it has nothing to do with this (they DO NOT sound alike) and I really try avoid anything to do with pop-punk so please, shhh

  16. Evanauto

    @tlggootee I thought it was: Good artists copy; Great artists steal?

    Either way, good point.

  17. lavenderblonde100

    Dylan was one of those artists, that WAS a thief. Yeah, Dylan was hardworking, at stealing! Wrong person to use as an example for a hardworking artist.

  18. tlggootee

    “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” -Pablo Picasso

  19. Giacomo Casanova

    I think it was Van Gogh who said every great artist is a thief, or something to that effect. How many people do you think have used that quote? Its a self fulfilling prophecy.

  20. Don Joaquin Cordero

    I dont wanna work out! :)

  21. dxnte

    @WhyIsntAnyNameAvaibl I have a tip. Don't read the comments. No one is even dissing the music, we are just trying to have a conversation. I am glad you listen to good music, but so does everyone else here. I haven't seen any insults about the music.

  22. dxnte

    @lorezapocalypse Thank you giving a completely unrelated counter to my statement about Cloud Nothings being better than Blink 182. You're like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know....

  23. dxnte

    @psychopomp88 Really? They write simplistic, and direct lyrics about the teenage struggle, and use the most basic pop rock chord progression in every song. They are very simplistic but not in the right way. I think theyare all talented, but are trying to appeal to a certain demographic which doesn't actually care about originality.

  24. dxnte

    @pinkfloyd8666 That is indubitably my fear; thank you for acknowledging it. Regardless, I know have dislike Blink for a legitimate reason. They are horribly generic, they are far too reliant on the excessive talent of their crazy drummer, and they overuse the C, G, A, F chord progression. This song undeniably falls under the same scale of that progression, but Cloud Nothings has more of a diversity for the most part, while Blink fer sure doesn't.

  25. dxnte

    @pinkfloyd8666 GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. El Katha

    such a cool song <3