Cloud Cult - Transistor Radio Lyrics

I heard grandpa on my transistor radio,
Though he turned in his bones twenty years ago,
And he said, "Kid, theres something that I'd like to show you,
Get your things, its time for us to go"
So I grabbed my backpack, my flashlight, and a bag of caramel corn,
I got my bicycle, and the radio, and I had it on the road, I said
"I'm ready for what I'm about to see, Yup"

I headed north to rain that turned to snow
Through rusty towns and dusty gravel roads
And I said, "Grandpa, where is this thing you wanted to show me?"
He said, "Kid, you got a long way to go"
So I went through canyons, caves and catacombs, I sailed on bicycle boats
I slept in chapels and brothels, I met the nicest folks
I said, "I'm ready for what I'm about to see, Yup"

I heard grandpa on my transistor radio
He said, "Kid, its time for me to go,
And I know that there was something that I wanted to show you,
But its time for you to find it on your own."
"Let me tell you about rage when a signal died that day,
Theres nothing out there and I don't care; Its to take my life away
I'm not ready and I don't want to see, Nope"

Its been years since I heard my transistor radio
Yet I keep going to where it seems I'm meant to go
And I finally realized what he wanted to show me
Where I've been, where I am, its the show
Where I've been, where I am, its the show
Where I've been, where I am, its the show

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Cloud Cult Transistor Radio Comments
  1. DrawingZerberus

    This is a song about life, and you can feel it

  2. Paul Peterson

    I saw them play in a high school theater in a small town in Wisconsin. Theybwere great even in that setting.



  4. Paul Roberts

    Shannon and Craig's harmony vocals are heavenly.

  5. John N

    There's some mixing issues at one point but such an otherwise fantastic recording of a tear-jerking song by a truly unique band.

  6. TheCharmmmm

    Badger, is that you?

  7. Amy Peddle

    This band should get more credit. They are so talented!!!

    Big Boy

    Well said

  8. Amy Peddle

    This band should get more credit. They are so talented!!!

  9. Daniel Hamilton

    In love with Cloud Cult!

  10. Jessi Ca

    both lol

  11. EliaseViao

    God bravo cloud cult.

  12. EliaseViao

    Look guys. iv listen to Cloud cult for almost as long as they been around. if you like one of their songs youll like them all. and they are all so different from each other. its as if Cloud cult is many genres and not just one

  13. kinglanden

    I've loved Cloud Cult for years, but have never seen a video of them before. Very cool.

  14. Arian Bove

    Sorry dear, but while we are south of Canada, we are not south of the Mason-Dixon line. Casserole or hotdish?

  15. Jessi Ca

    no we say yup were not canada

  16. Arian Bove

    Sometimes, it is hard to hear a singer's spoken accent while singing, but since this is a Minnesota band I believe the pronunciation would more accurately be "yep!"

  17. coldfirevideo

    This song is perfect, its so beautiful and hopeful. I love Cloud Cult so much!

  18. Amy

    i was at this in-studio at KEXP! i cried during this song. :)

  19. Robert Fiolek

    speaks for itself.....

  20. 嶺村翔

    what's great...

  21. Jeremy Gretton

    Glockenspiel! :)

  22. Daniel Ricardo Manosalva

    awesome!! =D i like it

  23. Nightfrailer

    This is tight and finely made.