Cloud Cult - Pretty Voice Lyrics

The scene begins
With a hermit's melody
Sung by a bashful bird
Hung in a violet sky
There are no words
But there's understanding
It's been so long
Since I've heard that pretty voice

Raise up the lights
And enter hero girl
She makes me calm
God, she makes me calm
Then she hears the song
And she starts singing
It's been so long
Since I've heard that pretty voice

Strike up the band
Here comes the storyline
About the usual struggle
Between fear and love
This is the lifelong song
That we're all singing
It's been so long
Since I've heard that pretty voice

When it begins
I miss your harmony
But you're so shy
You're such a bashful bird
Here's a song
But no one's singing
It's been so long
Since I've heard your pretty voice

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Cloud Cult Pretty Voice Comments
  1. Phil D. Bowl

    This is musical GOLD.

  2. Britt V

    ive probably watched this video 1000 times, but each time it sounds brand new

  3. Steve Ryan

    Very nice!

  4. TK YT

    Horrible video.

  5. Juan Francisco López Rojas

    I’ve alway wondered if I’m the only Mexican who still listens to this song since 2007.

    Jeff Moir

    Maybe. But maybe I am the only Canadian who does.

  6. Nathan Nall

    There is a lot of low end coming from that guitar... anyone know if this is tuned to baritone?

  7. Kevin Shipp

    I think the CIA used this song as a method of torture. I mean halfway through it I felt a strong urge to hang myself.

  8. Kuro Neko

    I LOVE this song along with running with the wolf's they seem to have a song for all personality types

  9. bigeyejim

    This song straight up gives me chills.

  10. Paul Collins

    this is  so average  and bland.


    +Paul Collins 2 words never used to describe a Cloud Cult must be attempting irony ;-)

    Sabrina Lane

    BLAND.. is all the junk on the radio that .isn't them....these amazing creative of musicians, put heart and soul in every song. I think you need some help. maybe your a self-centered person and can't feel what each song brings empathy and clamity... I've never loved a group more.

    Kristian Jacobi

    Why would you post that?

  11. pagerage

    This song has blasted me to another level of feeling/being since I first heard it six years ago. Thank you for being who you are.


    "Thank you for being who you are." More people should hear this. Good one.

  12. Eli Doubleday

    they're getting close to a million views :D

  13. nick arndt

    they need a better drummer badly..

    nick arndt

    @Dan Greenwood what do I do? Lots of things. But I assume you mean musically. I'm primarily a vocalist, but I also play guitar and bass guitar. I've also dabbled in music production so I'm not bad on keyboard either. But I'm only 21 so the way I see it, I'm just getting started. I'm not going to listen to your shitty drumming any more than I have and I'm certainly not going to point you in the direction of any of my work. That's pathetic. Be happy that I came across you on YouTube. That's actually cool for you. Although, at any rate, it's sad to see you dwelling in the comment section.

    nick arndt

    @Dan Greenwood I would ask you what you've been doing for the past 10 years but honestly, I don't give a shit. Haha.

    nick arndt

    @***** well in my opinion he sucks. And look at that comment he just wrote. That's sad. I don't care who you are. I can taste how bitter this guy is through his comment. I've never known a proud musician to make such a fool of himself. I hope that's not really him. Haha.

    nick arndt

    @*****​ "whupped" "snap" I'm done. I can't do it. And my comment history dude? That's wierd man. Surely you have better things to do. Now you have fun on YouTube. Imma go step into the studio. 

    Eli Doubleday

    they got one this was a long time ago

  14. Douglas Brown

    Since finding this video about a year ago, this particular version of the song, I listen to this at least twice a week.
    Wish I could find this in MP3 format... I'd put it in my regular rotation of songs.

    Aaron Bourgeois

    use this

    Douglas Brown

    Thank you so much Aaron.

    sean zurel

    can always rip from YT to CD  :)

  15. StepsToKnowledgeFan

    "Great Rays of light and power are directed at those who are beginning to receive the preparation for their greater purpose and calling in life."[email protected]  Craig's music is authentic & moving, I must tell you, is the journey within that has moved my entire life was the experience I had of these 365 daily Steps free ebook & practice  Feel it & experience it today as I did, I can assure you, in your heart & Knowledge you will know the meaning of it for you.  "Alone I can do nothing." Step 249 of Steps to Knowledge.

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  16. hap246

    so much talent and pure music its a treat to listen to,at last songs you can understand....

  17. Nick Trousers

    240p and kicking so much ass

  18. ZoeyAngelG

    One of my fave songs <3

  19. andy walters

    There's a sadness to the violinist/singer. I know this song is about a loss. I pray for whoever is hurting. Saw you in indy a few summers ago with my 2 daughters. Had a great time. A memorable time. Thank you  

    Julian Skowron

    The lead singer and his wife (the violinist) lost their baby. Its a sad story, and a recurring theme in their earlier music.

  20. MiniME

    very good voice and mentality sound and melodie and it will goes on my heart
    very best whishes to your band.minime

  21. Mukesh Vaviya

    This kind of video is why my spouse and I look at Youtube. I squander tons of time this way.

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  22. theoriginalskinsey

    Love it lots

  23. kikthecan

    Maybe the music isn't tailor made for you *GASP*

  24. Eric Buhl

    very nice, I was wondering how it would sound live! great song!

  25. exactlyvague

    The fiddle player always makes me "calm" too.......skeetskeetskeet.........

  26. Patrick Éle

    What I am seeing here is far from rational appreciation of the song. It's fanboysm at its best.
    This record was terrible in particular, the album version corrects some mistakes but fail at removing the biggest of them all(The actual male lead voice).
    I keep my suggestions here. If this wasn't a hipster modism, people would actually recognize the huge performance imperfection. I have no comments about all the rest.
    *Take the mic from the drummer, let we hear the cello and tell the lead to stfu.

    I am you are I

    You're a child, running from your potential, telling far more talented and motivated people to "stfu"... I hope you learn from your cynicism before you can't let it go

  27. Garrett Staats

    No goddamn gaga-cher-Brittany autotune. Nice. Do you guys ever play Texas? I think you would fit in well with the local music scene. This is the kind of stuff we like to draw in.

  28. Garrett Staats

    Besides, it's not a studio recording, dingleberry.

  29. Garrett Staats

    I think many of the "imperfections" in this version fit very well with the mood of the song.

  30. Garrett Staats

    I like this version better than the album one.

  31. Nikki Maggs

    I have never been able to find the words to describe the feeling this song invokes. Flawless.

  32. Britt V

    I like this recording better than any other I have heard. Beautiful.

  33. Cassidy Williams

    Love this song. Makes me think of my mom (rip)

  34. Nathan Lucas

    I don't understand how anyone could say this isn't a great song. It's beautifully written, beautifully played, and beautifully sung. Go back to your cookie cutter, emotionless, computer generated pop on MTV if you think this song is bad.

  35. Patrick Éle

    Do I need to be able to sing in order to evaluate the quality of a song?
    And yes, I did dislike the song. The drummer should stop singing, the woman on the cello needs to be actually heard, the guitar is too loud, the blonde girl could use an exclusive female vocal assistant(The cello player) and the main vocal should stop singing this song in particular because he his voice is too low.

    I am you are I

    Child, you are better than this... unenlightened pseudo-analysis

  36. Dharam Deep

    Sounds beautiful to me. Are you a singer? Can I hear your work?

  37. Patrick Éle

    I'm sorry, but they simply are terrible at singing. The voices are simply confusing.
    They should've taken the voice out of that drummer, he clearly has no clue about what he's doing and should focus on what he can do. The woman on the cello is a waste because we can't hear neither her voice nor her instrument. The guitar is too loud.

    I am you are I

    Still the same pompous anti-intellectual regurgitating subjective critiques worthy of Bleacher Report

  38. Alissa Wyle

    Cloud Cult changed my life.

  39. Joehle1


  40. Spokeyhallow

    Love. Pure love shared in such a gorgeous musical gift.

  41. layitonmenow

    102 people haven't ever heard a pretty voice


    Is there any way to get the flac or good quality mp3 version of this live ? Thanks !

  43. Scott Schroeder

    I heard about Cloud Cult a few years back on The Sneeze blog. This live version of Pretty Voice is still my favorite of all their songs.

  44. weehooherod

    I love you Cloud Cult. Please come perform in Madison Wisconsin again.

  45. Jackson Rocky

    They sang this song at a memorial for 3 young sisters that lives were taking way too soon in WI. This is why I love this band. They have compassion, they understand loss, and they have HOPE.

  46. Shae

    Is there a girl texting in this video as well?

  47. andy walters

    i saw these guys this weekend. just a perfect day. great band

  48. Shae

    This is truly a Master piece.

  49. AndyMH182

    I really burst into sobs, when I realize, 4 years later, our other partner, was so forgettable, I can barely remember his name. And the fact that she is likely as apathetic to myself as I am to mario is too much I literally can't forgive myself, for screwing up the only chance of happiness I have ever known.

  50. AndyMH182

    The nostalgia this song instills about the only girl I have ever loved, is literally too much to bear I can not not tear up to my laptop in a staring contest with this song on. Four years later, and nothing but sorrow defines my perspective.

  51. AndyMH182

    Agreed. This is a hell of alot better than the song on my ipod

  52. MercutioCapulet

    iirc its in Wisconsin, but same difference lol

  53. DionysusOeneus

    They self produce in a private geo-thermal powered studio on their Minnesota farm.

  54. thundermaster41

    I wonder if anyone donates too them.I have said this before there music is very good timeless classic.Have they hit a record deal yet? Looks like their on the way...

  55. TheGreatYmir

    This was me and my GF's song. after we broke up it didn't ruin the song for me. WIN!

  56. smileywinky

    he played albert on little house on the prairie.

  57. Shae

    @zeegay Try listening to this song on a cd.

  58. Shae

    @WarriorPoetARMA I'm guessing you don't know a true singer when you see one. Listen to more Cloud Cult before telling me you hate him. PS: What do you mean the violinist needs a spanking? You're not making any sense you retarded noob.

  59. Alice Lincht


  60. heytheremogwai

    eric clapton on drums everybody!

  61. mark lee

    This is the best version

  62. fdo45rpm


  63. Shae

    @zeegay That's due to the fact that this isn't a song on a CD. This song is on the shape of 8. They sound a lot better on the CD's and at the concerts.

  64. MsRandomPro

    the brunette.. "Dymn!!" <--(Gabriel iglesias) she's fine!! =)

  65. thundermaster41

    This is a song that is addictive

  66. thundermaster41

    @Arglactable lol well.... he sings diferently I'll give it that.But then again Jonny Cash was prince on the ole tunes either The dude on the guitar sings kind of scratchy but in this particular song i think it fits well with it.The blonde girl is real eye candy lol

  67. thundermaster41

    I wonder how they got 95 dislikes,I think this song so mystical, they blend each musical instrument together with such precision it's almost unheard of into today's music.The blonde is a real cutie ; 0

  68. zeegay

    well kinda nice. but it's pitchy at a lot of parts.

  69. OCcrazy1

    @dyeizzon cause there not well know

  70. Lauder T Post

    Immense. I shall be listening to more.

  71. discophobic

    @dyeizzon That's a lot of views for a band that's still pretty obscure.

  72. TheGreatYmir

    @dyeizzon because people are itiots

  73. hogalicious

    Lose the strum-strum-strum Strokes thing. Christ.

  74. Shae

    islandtreasure67 I agree with you 100%. This band is so Amazing, so Inspiring, and so Heart Warming, I thank them for inventing REAL MUSIC. Personally my Favorite songs (which are all my channel) are Pertty Voice, Deaf Girl's song, Living on the Outside of your skin, Transitor Radio, Step Foward, and every song from the albums Feel Good Ghost, The Shape of 8, and Light Chasers.

  75. Shae

    @Arglactable try listening to this music video. This guy is an amazing singer!

  76. arglactable

    Dude on the guitar is a fucking terrible singer. Jesus.

  77. loosefalcon

    @BENJOHACKER I guess I didn't understand it because it doesn't make sense. haha Even with your elaboration it's a bit difficult to see what you're trying to say. But yeah, I get the intent of your comment. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :beer:

  78. Space Piranha

    Craig Minowa is a musical genius. I want this song to be played at my wedding.

  79. islandtreasure67

    Cloud Cult, you are so amazing and inspiring in the most indiscribable ways. Your music has shaped so much the person I am today and though your pain will never fully be my pain your happiness is mine! Your incredible success is so heart warming, keep up the amazing music an lyrics and I will NEVER stop listening. There is so much love in this universe and I feel it in every song you give. Thank you thank you thank you.

  80. OhCaptainAmazing

    @drummerkidmashy The drums are solid, I don't disagree. Solid and simple, boring in my opinion.

  81. OhCaptainAmazing

    @KipperTABH I'm not saying they're not doing good things with their proceeds, I'm just saying they haven't hit it big. I didn't get a lot of raw emotion from the song, it sounds like a teenage drama to me, not a romance. I personally believe that in order for music to achieve real feeling it requires both lyrical and musical excellence, which - I'll grant you - can be simplistic. The lyrics are decent and the music is sub-par, they could be great if they get someone who 'knows music' to help.

  82. Shae

    @KipperTABH You have got to listen to their songs Deaf Girl's song, Transitor Radio, and all the songs from their albums The Shape of 8, Feel Good Ghost, and Light Chasers.

  83. Craig McK

    @OhCaptainAmazing Hm, given they formed in '95 and I believe all profits from their record label go to environmental charities, I'm not sure what you mean by "trying to make it"? I would say that the raw feeling and emotion conveyed more than makes up for not being pitch perfect or having a complicated percussion line.. I'm only just discovering them but I wish I had earlier =)

  84. ZoeyAngelG

    Dumbass it's calm.......Duh!

  85. Ben Green

    @OhCaptainAmazing I disagree. I find them quite talented. For one, the drums are solid. As a prog metal drummer, I do find it simple but I think for this genre its perfect.
    the voice could use some work, but still good.
    Very good writing,

  86. OhCaptainAmazing

    @dyeizzon Shaky - at times unintelligible - vocals, guitar out of tune, dirty notes from violin and poor vibrato, a beginner percussion line... I'm not one to rash on another band trying to make it, and they might after they get some practice. I'm surprised so many people listened to the whole song...

  87. filthstep1

    She makes me calm....

  88. Shae

    @bethanytaylor96 I think it's she makes me calm

  89. Jason Raymundo

    I don't understand why this video only got 728,900 views. This is masterpiece

  90. Brandon Paulsen


  91. Andrew Taylor

    I just pooped!

  92. Sukuraidogai

    @RealWorldFunnyPeople Both chicks sing. They all sing.

  93. cecilia sanchez

    I love love love this song it is just beautiful

  94. Andrew Pearson

    I really like his voice :D
    great song :)

  95. xristosMalta

    Feels like I woke up in Heaven....

  96. thundermaster41

    This truly was a true masterpiece, of melody,harmony& a true value of music,well done and hat's off to ya!

  97. Ottomastiff

    I just clicked on it because it had a pretty girl on the pic still. good song though

  98. Henry Joyner

    @cheboludisimo Well... no. No not at all.

  99. rakgtr

    i love this song