Cloud Cult - Chain Reaction Lyrics

You have eyes like mine
Are we strangers or am I you are I

Put your face on mine
Put your face on mine

What you feel makes part of what they'll feel
It's a chain reaction
Put out fear and they'll feel fear
It's a chain reaction
Put out love and they'll feel love
It's a chain reaction

Put your face on mine
Put your face on mine

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Cloud Cult Chain Reaction Comments
  1. Trevor Goodchild

    Found out about this band today, absolutely love them

  2. sicvillain


  3. nick arndt

    just get a better drummer. that keyboard kit is lame. haha



  4. robfayder


  5. Jonas Jantzen

    I love how raw this band is, there soooo good!

  6. exactlyvague

    *Random comment about how hot violin player is and sexual desires toward her*

  7. OCcrazy1

    @denouements well they have much better songs then this

  8. Adam Warren

    Craig isn't dead...

  9. beltron1000

    RIP CRAIG , thanks for all the beautiful songs.

  10. beltron1000

    RIP CRAIG , thanks for all the beautiful songs.

  11. Emi Johnson

    my mom borrowed the cd from a friend and I LOVED IT! also look up a girl underground if u didnt see it. by them, kinda creepy, my fav song by them!

  12. brianboundful

    I've seen them in Cleveland, Columbus and Chicago and they were all phenomenal shows

  13. silentscream1214

    @IAmLostWithoutYou hahaha so many people are like "just clicked on this link and loved it!" haha i just saw them Friday night and the played this

  14. Jeremy Barnes

    @GrandmaNips there will hopefully come a time in your life where cool rates at the very bottom of your priority list. Forge your own path and do what works for you.

  15. Dan Harrington

    @GrandmaNips neither is your comment

  16. jordan lillich

    t-shirts under t-shirts is not cool

  17. PrinceAeolus

    @denouements I'd start out with the album "Feel Good Ghosts (Tea Partying Through Tornadoes)" first, then move to "The Meaning of 8" You have to listen to their albums song after song in a row to feel the meaning. Seeing them live will also change your life.


    PrinceAeolus That is exactally the same order I first listened to their albums! I love these guys so much. completely changed my outlook

  18. Daniel Ferrell

    I have always loved Cloud Cult.. This is great, they are so talented!

  19. krazycore

    I found the album from my brother's ipod playlist.. And I am in love ever since!

  20. Sam Tuthill

    seeing this band tonight in duluth at my girlfriends school. pretty excited

  21. Russell Stone

    Cloud Cult are makers of beautiful music. I too like the snoozy vocals.

  22. Justin Blake

    @jaksspring97 my favorite song of theirs is "lucky today". i really like the snoozy vocals there :) maybe it's just a different taste

  23. jaksspring97

    I've watched several vids of this band...What does this band sound like when they aren't shouting? Your vocals ruin your beautiful musicianship. This band has the vocal talent for a minimum of three part harmony. (singing the same note in three different octives is...snoozefest. try something else.) It doesn't matter how moving or heartfelt your lyrics are if people get bored with your music. Violin, cello, guitar...soul for some good harmonies that make me want to listen

  24. JMisSC08

    Yea I was watching Bon Iver, and I saw this. Bought their music that night.

  25. H. Caulfield

    looks like everyone is loving these guys, i to stumbled upon them and im glad

  26. Daphne Young

    my mom showed me these guys like yesterday and i fell in love with them the second i heard them and i needed to find more =] i hope most people likes these guys oh there just soo amazing

  27. Eric Gronkiewicz

    @finneykris if you'll notice, the singer pushes a button on his keyboard at the start of the video, which triggers the drum machine and samples...

  28. coldfirevideo

    I love these guys =)

  29. Eric Gronkiewicz

    @jorgep1 Actually he looks *exactly* like a friend of mine who's double majoring in Physics and Music at NIU. His name is Scott Potter and he's in a band called the New Mutations, formerly of Hyperdrive Go! Check both of them out. They're quite odd, but awesome at the same time.

  30. jorge palacios

    its tom green drumming

  31. E. Will

    I was gettin down to this until the dude started singin.........not for me

  32. thewinghunter

    ehhh... thje blond at :20 is she single... shes SO my type of girl. wow just stunning.

    if yer out there, sweety lets chat!

  33. William Corwin

    it seems that a few of the other video put up by the Current..its the same with all of the songs..all better than the recorded versions

  34. RyanTheOtaku

    Flipflop said in German "simply beautiful" quit giving negative signs just because you can't speak another language.

  35. jimbojim68

    Just accidentally stumbled across this, must find out more. I'm feeling it, people!

  36. Jared Jon Jerzak

    Go Minnesota

  37. haugenlee

    I just saw their show this weekend and it was one of the best at all of 10KLF. It doesn't matter if their violin and cello doesn't meet someone's orchestral standards. That's not what they're playing for. They're playing to have fun. To send a message. To create a reaction whether it is good or bad.

  38. Magic Man

    Einfach nur schön

  39. haugenlee

    In this book, "How Not to Write for Violin and Cello 101," do they discuss how it would boost their musical career and land them some great shows? Including a chance to perform at 10KLF.

  40. haugenlee

    Music is art. Music is designed to create a reaction from its listeners. Here, they have done that perfectly.
    Get off your high horse and realize that music is more than just what you appreciate.
    I should have tagged along with Cataldo and gone to the Cloud Cult show at Scholastica. That was dumb of me.

  41. J-WOT

    so are jerks

  42. J-WOT

    you sir, are a grapefruit.

  43. Me Dardus

    Somthing short: I like it!

  44. timboburton

    The simple fact is that i am sure you are right, but nobody wants to read you fulfilling your need to be negative and put people down. If you want to criticize then be constructive, that way you can help people to improve rather than just showing everybody that you aren't a very nice person. I like this guys, very nice, made my day a bit better, that is what music is for.

  45. ZombieFried

    Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. You bitches need to stop flamin on each other and just listen to the beautiful music and the powerful lyrics. That is all.

  46. Conchúr Ó h-Ógáin

    Overall, I don't mind the violin or the cello, but I agree that the harmonies could have been done a bit better. The ambient drum synth though? Sorry, I love these guys, I really do, but drum synth just makes me wanna boke...

  47. crankthetoto

    I love you

  48. crankthetoto

    fat chicks are gross

  49. crankthetoto

    is that lady pregnant? ew

  50. dudenick44

    Wow, live performances don't get much cleaner than this.

  51. Lauren Koch


  52. KrummyBear

    i'm not sure what mooshamini is talking about. he is in the exact center of his pitches

  53. Sarah Talaat

    or its just a rest for the cello, cause if you look closely, it's not resting on her anywhere else.

  54. George McFly

    i love the current!!!

  55. Darthstar

    looks like it

  56. Joshua Dunbar

    Right on, this song has so much meaning, you just have to want to hear it.

  57. Alex Zeto

    i just love the whoal mellowness and calming presense this band has its amazing ^_^

  58. Jonas Eriksen

    The drummer looks a bit like the late bill hicks. Cool.

  59. Always Falling Short

    Look at the man drum? He's like a machine. I sat in awe at the concert last week.

  60. Rangga Rae

    I RESPECTED CLOUD CULTS FOR THE ESSENTIALITY,thank you very much for doing something that not only interesting,but also totally bathe this soul with reality and purity,good job guys...cheers ^-^

  61. David H

    That mat be delving a liiitle too deep there.

  62. xGambitx

    craig and the violinist are both hot ;)

  63. Sabrina Sihakom

    cloud cult is like an english speaking version and more indie sounding version of sigur ros. I love both bands.

  64. Drew Munson

    When I die, wherever I end up, I hope Cloud Cult is playing.

  65. David Colby

    haha. or he just doesn't like shoes.

  66. Henry Luke

    I love the shot with his bare foot on his shoe. such a quirky guy..

  67. Amber Forde

    that guy has a great voice, good band

  68. darkpharaoh83

    great band

  69. Juan Pretorius


  70. MousePADDING

    :) Me likes me likes :)

  71. Márcio Mizuhara

    Insane ;_;

  72. jrcsh6

    fantastic. why doesn't the album sound like this!?!

  73. ashimonovits

    Great beat, beautifully perfect!

  74. Alexandre Poulin

    This is insane! Cloud Cult rock!