Closure - You Are My Hatred Lyrics

How's your halo
Broken and fading
Selfish and hating
I see through you
You're good at lying
Running and hiding
Now you've been caught
I thank you

What's that, solar sound
Play it back, slow it down
Can't erase what's all around
You are my hatred
What's that, crawling out
Back in black
Now the light is shining down
I can't erase
What's all around
You are my hatred

I hope he was worth it
Life long thrill so perfect
And all this, you don't deserve it
I see through you

Hold on, hold on, hold on

You are my hatred

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Closure You Are My Hatred Comments
  1. Rejdzowski

    we have to get this band to the top!

  2. basil parker e basil

    your right about the bass

  3. DpsBot

    It's only because it's recorded here on YT in 240p (it's more to do with bandwidth rather than resolution -> greater bandwidth = better resolution in picture & sound).

  4. jose ramos neto

    Looks like a little bit 36 crazyfists.
    I like it anyway, congratz!

  5. Lucas Kale

    Probably my least favorite song on the CD but still a good one. Great band.

  6. smallfryv10

    good song but Oxygen is their best.