Closure - Look Out Below Lyrics

All my life
I denied
Ever knowing what it's like
You came around
You shook my ground
Now I'm searching for a drug to come down
You're where I thought I'd never go
I can't believe I did
Look out below
I'm letting go
Look out below
I'm falling completely
I lost control
I let it go
Now I can see so clearly around me
Everything I need

Deep inside
Is where you've been
Ever since you wandered in
And now I shine
And get so high
On all the things I used to deny
Now I can never let you go
I guess I'll just let you in
Everything I need to find
All of the things I used to deny
And I know
That the closer you bring me
Fear tries to keep me alone
Look out below
You're everything I need

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Closure Look Out Below Comments
  1. Manoel Luis Neto silva

    Darkness Falls

  2. John Bzn

    They should’ve use this as a theme song for ECW

  3. Dionne Broyard

    Blasting this in 2019! Still love this song

  4. NightSky018

    Used to love this scene in Billabong Odyssey. I used to have it recorded on VHS and every summer it was on my TV at least once a week. Back when summer was summer.


    А Кинокиллер хуйни не посоветует

  6. Gilberto Miranda da Silva

    Quando as trevas caem (darkness Falls)

  7. Вован Нескажу

    Кто от кинокиллера?

  8. Lee Dawkins

    Still brilliant

  9. jump Lacy

    Just found this. Cd. An awesome song. A. Great. Band. Only paid a. Dallar for this album

  10. Ануар Есеноманов

    Кинокиллер спасибо

  11. Goha

    If someone is interested in the singer Brian Howes! He searched in his time.

  12. Em the Gem

    I love this song so much.

  13. алексей маркелов


  14. Alfons Beirs Hlychho

    Closure is one of the best post-grunge underrated band!

  15. Аm_Shagar

    Кинокиллер - зараза))

    Алексей Новак

    знал эту песню до обзора, когда заиграла - такой кайф)

    Андрей Ильин

    "Темнота наступает" 2003 г.
    похоже на
    3 days grace
    breaking benjamine
    heavent basement
    adelitas way



    Егор Ермолаев

    Я тоже от него

  16. José Araúz

    Kyle Walsh

  17. ЕРЖАН

    2017 русс

  18. marines28

    Sooooooooo underrated! Great song!

  19. Marcia Gomes

    I love Closure!!! Where are them? I love full albun!!

  20. Dhushawn Allen

    like give me energy

  21. Dhushawn Allen

    I like when he say look out below its something in it that make me happy

  22. Edward Dinsley

    Awesome energy and wicked songwriting. One of my fave Vancouver bands besides SunlikeStar...

    Mark Speza

    Sunlikestar I think is even better

  23. Nino Falletta


  24. xlight32

    Darkness Falls)))

    a cat name meow

    xlight32 yup

  25. Ghost Fire

    Rock at its finest.

  26. Joshua Murphy

    The lead singer looks like Michael C Hall..Dexter. In this video. Had to do a fuckin double take lol impressive.

    Teresa Robertson

    I thought the same thing. lol

  27. Levin

    Shout out to Mrs Koups Uncle!!

  28. Nocturnal

    First heard this on the shit horror movie Darkness Falls

  29. Lewis Bush

    when she saw his face she was all like your'e a handsome man aren't you

  30. Ky T

    who knew Dexter was the front man for closure

    Teresa Robertson

    He's not but they sure favor. I had to do a double take. The lead singer is Brian Howes and the guy who plays Dexter is Michael C Hall.


    Teresa, that person was being sarcastic XD



  32. Jimmy David

    As Oscar Wilde said "the best way to stop fearing addiction is to just give in to it".

  33. Jake McCoy

    That's what I love about Youtube. Known about this song for years, but only now I've discovered this music video

  34. Darkless4X

    Darkness Falls has brought me here. Thank God I found this song! ^_^


    Same here yo


    lol me too try their other song "crushed"


    Darkless4X get the album it's great

    Trisha Runnalls

    exactly... love this song...

  35. Broseph

    Extreme CAW Wrestling brought me here

  36. Adam Reynolds

    Anyone else feel like Dexter Morgan is singing??

  37. rammsteinrulz16

    Why don't girls wear boot cut jeans like that anymore instead of those skinny jeans? They look so much better, sexier...

  38. Michele Hagger

    Darkness Falls brought me here also. Knew the song just couldn't remember the band name. Good stuff. 

  39. Kyle Shannon

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to find this song to download. Every music app I have doesn't have it. Could someone point me in the right direction? I have a HTC one m8


    I have a HQ rip of it. It took me ages to find it. Private message me and I can upload it for you. :)


    easy, do a youtube to mp3 chrome extension. There are standalone websites as well where you copy/paste the youtube url and have it converted to a mp3 file.

  40. WhiteSnake9191

    I'm listening to this song right now because of that scary movie Darkness Falls. I remember it scared me SOOO bad as a kid watching it at my friend's house. Really cool movie and underrated, and this seems like a really cool band. It truly saddened me to read that Closure disbanded back in 2006 :( ahh...where did the years go? :(

  41. jordan craft

    Darkness falls brought me here lol

    N0thing 9009

    Yeah.. Me 2 xD


    Me 3 LOL

  42. Ann Hills

    I really wish Closure would get back together and release another record. I picked up their self-titled album on a whim the day it came out, and it blew me away. Every single track on it rocks, and I still listen to it pretty regularly.


    I'm listening to this song right now because of that scary movie Darkness Falls. I remember it scared me SOOO bad as a kid watching it at my friend's house. Really cool movie and underrated, and this seems like a really cool band. It truly saddened me to read that Closure disbanded back in 2006 :( ahh...where did the years go? :(

    Xavier Granville

    @Ann Hills I bought the album back when it came out after seeing the video on a Canadian music channel randomly. Awesome CD, wish I could find my original copy now.

    Marcia Gomes

    I love them!!

  43. datkid56

    Hmm. . Different Closure than I know, or different vocalist.

  44. Dwayne Voisey

    Sick song for a killer movie!

  45. XxBioshockxXgod13

    The main character of Darkness Falls reminds me of Ryan Renyolds, but 20x less douchey


    Lol same here

  46. DustandShadow12

    So this is the song that I always loved on Darkness Falls... I knew that movie was good for something... evil tooth fairy ha

  47. hope koch

    Thank you darkness falls for introducing me to this awesome song, has a lot if meaning to me, and RIP Chaney Kley

  48. Jhonnygrace

    Darkness Falls!!

  49. Daviti Samkharadze

    ''darkness falls''

  50. Rejdzowski

    fucking awesome

  51. Xabro Fuentes

    I very like this canadian rock...Respect for album!

  52. Joseph Rago

    Billabong Oddesy Brought me here

  53. bigcheif23

    God dam I saw these guys back in 2004 and this song still rocks

  54. Alex bryant

    love the fact they all have guitars

  55. Brian Everett Robertson

    ..L.A./Vancouver based..Brian of his best...EVER

  56. dave hutzel

    funny comment but hes right when shooting a music video they pretend to play while a back track is being played

  57. clarose valentine

    me too and as i watched the movie i searched for this song till it had popped up

  58. Катень Ня

    о Божечки, какая песня восхитительная ^______________________^

  59. roland burge

    eh i sang this song at karaoke 1 night and the ppl in crowd were tryin to get onto the stage and i was asked to comeback again :)


    R.I.P Chaney Kley 1972 to 2007 remember the hero of DARKNESS FALL.......

  61. anthony vill

    Darkness falls great movie. This song made the movie even better.

  62. tkrotchko

    Do you remember which documentary? That's where I heard it, but I never found out the name of the video.

  63. blondedbythelight703

    Am I the only one who notices that the guy who's chasing her through the forrest is not the same guy who's arms she runs into at the end, unless that's him when he's older.

  64. Rodolphe


  65. alex pianta

    thumbs up if darkness fall brought u here =)

  66. Yosh Talwar

    The lead singer from Closure got picked up by a record label and is now a big shot songwriter/producer for other artists. Know a band called Hinder? He wrote their debut.

  67. Oliver Riggs

    this rocks

  68. TheSHN61

    I had this song in my head all day haha. R.I.P Chaney Cley.

  69. xoggy03x

    The movie and the song of my childhood... :)


    This is an awesome song. It was very fitting for the movie Darkness falls. The song and the movie freakin rocked.

  71. Pope Pope

    Darkness Falls :D

  72. Sam Misner

    lol dexter lead singer and mark wahlberg on drums from boogi nights

  73. Sam Misner

    dexter fucking rocks lmaooo

  74. Bathoric95

    Doritos soundtrack 2001-2002 <3 How I found out about them :3

  75. rockinfetus916

    yeah,but can it fly?

  76. Paper Mate

    You can call me el virgin popo. suicide bitch!

  77. Beek1337

    I didnt know dexter is such a good singer

  78. chughes717

    Sucks they no longer have a label.

  79. Goober Zoid

    I didn't know Dexter Morgan fronted a band...

  80. Goober Zoid

    @nootaramus with regards to the size of this guy's mouth... you haven't seen many Aerosmith videos/Steve Tyler pictures have you? He could fit this guy's entire head in his mouth lol!

  81. jrfan07

    old rogers sportsnet commercial ftw! :D

  82. Benji Ortega

    @ladyvengeance666 Yeah great band, amazing song, and im surprised too that they weren't very viral. Try Butterface411 too. Bass player for this band is the singer and guitarist for butterface411

  83. envoy3

    @Deggern123 they're label dropped them and they split up. Quite a shame, this was a pretty awesome song.

  84. blondedbythelight703

    Okay, so I see now why it seems like she is kissing two different guys in this video. The young guy is actually the lead singer when he was younger. Then it shows him at the end kissing her when he's older, and yet she stays the same age. I love this song!

  85. thejoker6022

    i was in rehab with one of the guitar player... cool dude

  86. thejoker6022

    I was in rehab with the guitar player w/ the redfauxhawk

  87. usnen3

    @ladyvengeance666 me too alot of people i know hated that flick but I loved Darkness falls and I am almost obsessed with this song

  88. Ashiquzzaman Kiron

    hey can anybody know what's the name of the female model in this music video ?

  89. Sanjeev George

    super song

  90. Jitters94

    @TheLachtos awsome glad i skipped to that part. lmao

  91. Christopher Clifford

    @twasbrillig33 There is no lip sync, go back to your cave troll. You have no powers here.

  92. twas brillig

    Great song, but the terrible lip sync of the lead singer kills the potency of the video.

  93. Kylen Reed

    my uncle is the bassist he lives in Arizona im pretty sure they broke up i havent talked to him for a while

  94. Fiona White

    Ah.. This was such a good movie.
    I almost feel bad for him because no one believed him.. but oh he was right and they were wrong!!
    This is a really good song too though.. And the ending song Gunboat was even better!!!

  95. Meangrl19

    Wow alot of people seem to like the movie now. When it first came out it seemed like everyone but me hated it. I love Darkness Falls! I even got some comic book type thing that tells Matilda's story.