Closure - Live Again Lyrics

I came down from my mountain
I opened up my eyes
I saw everything that slipped away
And all I took for granted
And all I lost when I fell asleep alone along the way

And I want to live again
A little bit better
And I want to breathe it in
A little bit deeper
And I want to feel a friend
Come a little bit closer
I saved it all for this song

I woke up cut and bleeding
I finally shed my skin
I can't stop this awesome feeling flying in
Now I'm awake every moment
Awake every moment
There's a chance to fly again

And in the dark you will find it
Just open your eyes
'Cause when you're totally blinded
You begin to feel the light
You begin to feel it right

I came down from my mountain
I opened up my eyes
Held out my hands for answers
So high

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Closure Live Again Comments
  1. Nocturnal

    Love this song.

  2. Ktooosiek28

    I am only thinking, or dat song was on film, dat i don't remember? Rly if somebody know it's name (from film, of course) , i will be welcome if you send me a message with it's name!

  3. Lucas Kale

    Amazing song, one of the top 3 of the CD I think. Wish Closure would release something new.

  4. sasdasfas

    your welcome

  5. J-bone 90

    best closure song

  6. Raco Cooper

    great song. i wanna get that album soon.