Closure - Afterglow Lyrics

Sinking in the sunset here alone with you
A photograph so perfect we'll just stay and never move

But it comes and it goes so fast
We can make it last

Taste the summer afterglow
And take it with you when you go
Remember me when you're back in school
If you can't make it through
'Cause every moment in your life
Comes down to what you hold inside
I don't have to know you
I just wanna hold you tonight

Closer than it's ever been with anyone
Living for the moment there's a flash and then it's gone
Is it killing you like it's killing me tonight
Just remember what it's like

And you had to go
So far away, far away, away
But you'll never be alone

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Closure Afterglow Comments
  1. Mark Spurgeon

    Love how Jet Black Stare reworked this song to look back on the same couple but years ahead 👍

  2. Alfons Beirs Hlychho

    Jet black star re-write this song. I Love Closure!

  3. emloch

    The chorus is almost identical. I'm surprised no one got sued.

  4. S2nikaa

    OMG ITS LIKE THE SONG "Every Moment" BY Jet Black Stare =S

  5. Marinade21

    I loved this CD so much I still have the one I bought in 2003, and every song works with no scratches.

    Rene Skriver

    Love the whole album! Too bad they gone

  6. jeremiah Dood

    afterglow, i dont mind, lie to me, and fragile arent in this download

  7. melm4402

    @joealderson Hey i remember meeting Jet Black Stare a few years ago. They toured with Antidote. They were pretty cool

  8. Lucas Kale

    Amazing song, one of their best. Love Closure!