Clipse, The - Popular Demand (Popeye's) Lyrics

[Pharrell - Chorus]
Yeah! Mami you miss me don't you?
Haters wish you? could hit me don't you?
Heh, you should call me uncle
I understand I'm back by popular demannnd
That new C-L fly
Outside of Popeyes eating chicken and fries
Yeah come holla at ya uncle
I understand I'm back by popular demand

[Pusha-T (Pharrell)]
You are now listening to The All-Time Phenomenal
Used to bag work in V.A. at the Econo Lo'
Now I'm laying out at the Delano though
But don't get it twis-ted the Uzi's in the lining though
Hollow tip dum-dums eat flesh like pirahnas though
Such a scary thing to hear the soul sing Geronimo
Pull up in the C-L the shit's astronomical
Hoes lining up on the curb they fall like dominos
Used to have this white bitch she looked like Madonna though
Heard that she fucking LeBron, but shit I don't know
Like that Bron-Bron? I had that long time ago
Butt-naked on the balcony at the Dolla-no
I mean the Delano I mean Pharrell'll know
The hair shop bitch from D.C. hey P let 'em know!
(Yeah that bitch was hot..)
Yeah yeah but it was time to go
Them hoes come in eeenie, meenie, miny-moe!

Yeah, Mami you miss me don't you?
Haters wish you could hit me don't you?
Heh, You should call me uncle
I understand I'm back by popular demannnd
That new C-L fly
Outside of Popeyes eating chicken and fries
Yeah come holla at ya uncle
I understand I'm back by popular demannnd

DAMMMNNN! Mami good down? to the cuticles
I'm CAMMMM -- What's your name Beautiful?
Like MANNNN I could get used to you
Or the RAMMM, if you knew what I used to do
But call me Uncle yeah Uncle Cam
I tax 'em. (Like who?) Like Uncle Sam
From the jungle fam where niggas bundle gram
From below you tumble get merked on the humble
ANNNNDD the gat on the belt on the hip
ANNNNDD I keep a Pharrell with the? Clipse
Drive a hard bargain (bargain), I'm Harlem's only Gagarin
Car foreign, the other man stood-stood stutter-fied
I know ya moms well -- Tell ya mother Hi.
I'm the other guy that got ya mother high
Coke like a ca-ter-pillar I make butter-flyyyyy

Yeah, Mami you miss me don't you?
Haters wish you could hit me don't you?
Heh, You should call me uncle
I understand I'm back by popular demannnd
That new C-L fly
Outside of Popeyes eating chicken and fries
Yeah come holla at ya uncle
I understand I'm back by popular demannnd

Goddamn the boy's back
For pushing a mountain of snowcaps to avoiding the kojak
The pioneer of the coke rap
I'm dancing with the stars stepping on blow doing the toe-tap
The dope return like I had it on Lo-Jack
It made its way home like a road map I fathered this
If I mislead any kid that's fatherless
That burden's on my soul as long I exist
Generation lost they saying they can't reach us
The answer is the Lord like Saturday Night Fever
I kept in the crib it made me a light sleeper
Whether watching for the Feds or avoiding the Grim Reaper.
We're deeper than rap money and hoes, it's deeper than that
Fight the temptation but it keep coming back
Money stacked to the ceiling just as quick as it dispense
Who knew them comments meant you could lose your common sense?
Before it's too late all I can tell 'em is Repent unh!


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Clipse, The Popular Demand (Popeye's) Comments
  1. Cristian Rivadeneyra

    Re-up gang presents 🎁

  2. Dookie_N3RD

    So we gon just act like pharrell aint deliver another hood classic. Okay we're a forgetful people.

  3. Cherry Noire

    Everything about this song is flawless

  4. Scott Gossett

    Clipse has my beautiful beats. 86 Burban kid driving a 645 on $10k donz right now. Yolo

  5. qwertyu rtyu

    Питушинае е.ала.

  6. G M

    He snitched on Lebron lol

  7. chicagocold312

    Man what's up with this clean version shit...

  8. Patrick Davidson

    Damn this was 10 years ago

  9. Lz EOE

    🥶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Gang!! ✡️

  10. Kaaron Clark


  11. Don_of_Dons

    Malice had the hardest verse especially towards the end


    Well I mean No Malice

  12. Bill Cosby


  13. Last Call

    more dope.

  14. Ayu Man

    G unit , D12 , the diplomat's and Clipse.

    Much big L .

    Old school hip hop music for life !!

  15. Power100

    RIP that Royal Chicken -----> Obama Fried Chicken ------> which is now a Deli now when Rutland has like 10 of them already. #FacePalmGentification

  16. Power100

    They shot this in my hood years ago.

  17. Dog Man

    Clipse's was those guys! This is hiphop!

  18. Albert Girdner

    Cam mustache look terrible

  19. Randolph Michel

    Malice is underrated

  20. Doren Jackson

    Y’all sleep if u gonna say Pharrell ain’t the best producer of today (early 2000s-today)🤷🏾‍♂️

    Consistency plus versatility is unmatched🔥🔥

  21. Melvin Thompson

    I really missed real Hip-hop now day's the 🎶 Is 🗑 I missed real music?

  22. Coolz 823GSC

    Shout out da 90z....CIP Mook mula #G$C

  23. fresh2def234eva

    ....and I swear malice use to be better to me I felt like pusha movements and antics was doing to much back then. Malice always had substance and seem effortless with his pin

  24. fresh2def234eva

    Cam killed pusha on this

  25. Jerusalem Jim

    Brownsville Brooklyn sutter and Rutland the danger zone 3 train

  26. Ahmaad Eltemawy


  27. D 757 804

    757 clipse

  28. William C.

    "Who knew those commas meant you could lose your common sense?" Yeah, money will do that to you.

  29. Joseph Briggs


  30. Hello Moto

    They need a proud sponsor spokesmans of the new Popeyes chicken sandwich they should have played this instrumental during the commercial

  31. J Got juice

    Malice spittin the consequences!! People missin that shit nowadays

  32. zweli mdlalose

    Why did Malice stop rapping dude was sick with it

    Aaron Brown

    zweli mdlalose um he didn’t lol

    zweli mdlalose

    @Aaron Brown then what happened to him?

    Preye Yinkore

    @zweli mdlalose he went gospel rap

  33. Rahjahunn Campbell

    They shot this video definitely in PHILLY

  34. Kemo Therapy

    Dec 2019

  35. ghost 007

    2019 dec 25.this is the cam I name my kids after.

  36. Mr Fantastic

    Mad Crips

  37. tuchesuavae

    Hook nasty

  38. Nelkon Nsamba


  39. Michael Bishop

    Damn push went in but all was good this shit is fire


    Everytime I hear Malice verse.............................Daaaaaamnnnn

  41. Bourne Investment

    If you listen to this will hear Malice explain "why he was to go on and quit rap"

  42. 84 newman broadcast

    I'm still listening. Phila

  43. akeemshakur

    Trash, not food. Chemicals. They even admit it in the ingredients.

  44. G M

    Everybody in crowd thought they was getting free fried chicken that's why they lined up outside. Instead they Malice and Cam' rapped and ate in front em. #savage

  45. p way

    This song come full circle after all these years #Popeyes

  46. Brandon Byng

    I see alot Brooklyn dudes in here...#mook mula🙏🏼

  47. Malachis Grace

    Before whack ass , woke rap. #Effiminate

  48. Teadoro Guapo80


  49. Amir Laster


  50. Amir Laster

    Free fo life

  51. 3 Liquid Productions

    Malice was on his way out with this verse .. didn't even peep it back then! "daaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnnnnnnnnnnnn"

  52. KBTITAN24

    That classic 4 count by Pharell

  53. prj801

    Lol love this track

  54. Straight from Earth's Soil

    This song went hardddddd. Still listen to it here and there. Brooklyn ENY music.

  55. Kwame Thomas

    This is the only Popeyes I'm here for

  56. thelonelygamer

    pop eyes chicken sandwich brought me back lmao

  57. Bron Barfield

    RIP mook mulla forgot they did this video in the 90s bk

  58. Esus Walk

    The Only Popeyes We Recognize!

  59. Adam Payne

    Tomorrow will mark 10 years this video dropped 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Reggie collier

    Yeah the 1st Popeye's chicken song that's real I keep it pharrell with them clips cam snap much love y'all from the chi area

  61. Pharow Smith

    So we know why Popeyes is lit now it was written

  62. Open Ranks

    If this shit happened to drop today with the new chicken sandwich, it would’ve been an instant classic!😂

  63. Ryan Ellis

    I tax em’ like Uncle Sam! Realest verse ever!

  64. martha alvarez

    Ledgens HANDS down...

  65. Phantom Overwatch

    Popeyes chicken sandwich gang wya

  66. OG Marko

    Popeye chicken sandwich brought me back

  67. iamnati2

    In hindsight I'm starting to think malice this was harder than Pusha T

  68. Jarvis Williams

    Cam lool like dude from Cypress Hill

  69. Eduardo Antonio Naranjo

    Love that chicken from Popeyes

  70. Anthony Truman

    Shout out to Lupe Fiasco for rapping over this beat on one of his Fahrenheit 1/15 mixtapes. This beat plays in my head randomly to this day. It is so good

  71. Bryan Evans

    Malice was converted over in this verse

  72. Six Seven Entertainment LLC

    Malice killed it. When this first came out I thought Cam verse was the hardest. Tuff track,viedo. Sutter Ave showing love to BK salute

  73. Keiron Charles

    The Obama fried chicken days. What a time to live in the ville.

  74. Ronald Petters

    LYNWOOD 211ST....

  75. Ray Walker

    This shit should b called Crown Fried Chicken!!!! Not Popeye's!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  76. VikkyRozay

    use this gospel brought me here

  77. Eric

    Crips in the background

  78. David Miller

    Song deserve more than a million views

  79. Aayo Vevo

    I love that part 1:36

  80. Wode Dagawd

    Thank you crew one

  81. Khalil Shakur

    Pusha T really was bullying Drake though 😂 it’s not fair he’s too advance

  82. Khalil Shakur

    No Malice took his lil brother to school. He made Pusha the beast he is IMO

  83. Al hall

    2020 until forever

  84. Daniel Dugar

    The crew bought me here

  85. Amazing Amy

    Nigga's get mad when you turn down that homecoming invitation.......... lol...... you don't have enough money to make this terrible experience pleasurable

  86. Flyzel Washington


  87. tutnyce

    0:43 she vibing

  88. Lil Customm

    1:36 1:36 1:37 1:37 camron verse

  89. Isaiah Oliveras

    Black and white like next video that was Cam I thought it was seggy like my Lil Mans no charm


    ""⚡⚡⚡⚡AYO, ✌2 THA' CLIPSE & 👎👎 2 COTTON CANDY CAM. YA HEARD?!!⚡⚡⚡⚡"

  91. popindosin228

    The Crew was pretty nice game...

  92. Jack Lyons

    Virginia and harlem 😍😍😍😍😍😍 remarkable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  93. Dreger

    this shit so ill

  94. Ant Lava

    Coke like caterpillar, I make that butter fly

  95. JpAir 205

    How dare I forget about this dope ass fresh classic 💎👑👑🏁🎤🎤

  96. Hakkem Johnson

    Popeyes should use this when the Chicken Sandwich comes back lol.

  97. Amos Culbreth

    Damn I miss real hip hop .