Clipse, The - Kinda Like A Big Deal Lyrics

Til the casket drops
Third times a charm right?
Hehe ha
Come on!

[Verse 1:]
I'm kinda like a big deal
It's unbelievable u see my warning gives u big chills
The flow runnin on Big's heels
My life after death, Big ain't get to see how this feels
Third time's a charm baby
After two classics another stripe up on my arm baby
It's a blessin' to blow a hundred thou in a recession
With no second guessin,
Ha ha we're ballin, drop tops we're floorin
Champagne we're pourin
Re-up is the gang and I'm all in!
To the powder & the flame I have fallin!
Get money blow money is my callin
Yea! Watch a n-a burn through it
Life's a maze, you twist and you turn through it
The driest of droughts, maneuvered and I earned through it
I'm set straight like a perm do it, Push!

They whisperin about us
I know you haters doubt us
How you count our money we ain't even finish countin
Pardon me I must say, I'm kinda like a big deal...

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Ay yo I'm sittin on top of the-
It's more than a feeling ain't it?
I be killin dame it, I'm illin and I'm illin' -
Eh eh eh meet Mr. Popular
Go get your binoculars
And see Penthouse 3 where a n-a be
Spittin fire on the PJ in my PJ's
Fire Marshall said I took it to the Max like TJ
Yea people I said Marshalls we play
I guess I'm like the Black Marshall meets Jay
Meet Ye' alligator souffle, had it made
Special Ed got head from a girl in special ed
Ya know the pretty ones in that dumb class-
But she got that dumb ass
Hit high school and got pregnant dumb fast
What happen Tisha, your boyfriend come fast?
Turn around gimme pound like we folks
Hell no I went Raw dog three strokes

They whisperin about us
I know you haters doubt us
How you count our money we ain't even finish countin
Pardon me I must say, I'm kinda like a big deal...

[Verse 3:]
Lights, cameras, action!
The chain itself's a damn distraction
You claim the belt, the glory I bask in
I be hoppin the ring, n-s ya cash in
It's like stoppin a train,
N-a think he's stoppin my reign
Talk slick while droppin my name?
I'm puttin ya'll to shame, diamonds in the little hand
50 percent splits I X out the middle man
A far cry from a stash in the rental van
I'm the reason the hood need a dental plan
Ladies & gentle-man, introducin'
The C4S with the rims protrudin'
The roof vamoose, like a magic show
Got me lookin' to the heavens like a javelin throw
Ya'll twiddle your thumbs like the average joe
But just as you reap, so shall u sow...

They whisperin about us
I know you haters doubt us
How you count our money we ain't even finish countin
Pardon me I must say, I'm kinda like a big deal...

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Clipse, The Kinda Like A Big Deal Comments
  1. tanner okeefe

    Excuse my mood anyone?

  2. VellC

    It took me 10 years to realize this entire video was just shot in a stairwell


    Wow. Here after Jesus is King. What a journey.

  4. Jimmy Roca

    Who is here in 2019 Pusha T Kill it

  5. Albert rivera

    I came here After Kanye West new album who else came here after hearing the song back to gather and Kanye West new album

    Jay Anderson

    Nobody but u

  6. PNDS 02

    Sunday Service

  7. Andre Gordon

    Came back here from Jesus Is KIng lol

  8. Léon H. Griesel

    Jesus is king

  9. Just My Opinion

    Who here after Jesus is King

  10. Adrian Divide

    0:07 when your dad tells a joke and you have to laugh

  11. Matt AdRev

    this song just aint that great....that is why it didn't go bigger. Ye rapped this verse for a completely different song and it just got thrown in here

  12. Husam Metalsoul

    For me its a true pure golden rap better than rap this day

  13. lughano p

    Whr was i all dis [email protected]

  14. Goddess Awakening

    8.2.80 1:40 ♌ Mona Lisa

  15. aaron afre

    The black Marshall Mathers meets Jay-Z.. kanye a beast!

  16. aaron afre

    "AAA. Meet Mr. Popular!" Kanye wit the stuttering flo!

  17. Teesha Antoine


  18. JoeTheGreat08

    It’s a blessing to 100 thou in a recession.. lollll.. baller shit

  19. Shamar Morris

    (C) Copyright 2009

  20. Desmond Caine

    Eminem murdered this shit on the basement

    Agent Situation

    I would agree but the accent ruined it.

  21. tar mizi

    When this come out. I was 16.
    Secondary school, Form 4.
    Now im wtf man..
    Time flies. And sometimes its hard accepting that

  22. Antrell Hopkins

    Kanye top 5 verse's he ever spit

  23. Shamar Morris

    Year: 2009

  24. DK Barbados

    I guess im like the black Marshall meets Jay 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Agent Situation

    the Tj Maxx Marshal wordplay before that was fire too

  25. Ebai Derrick

    Malice gave Pusha the lyricism cheat code, so that Push could turn to the new times Shakespeare and he did it!

  26. 29larron

    The lil luv this song got confirmed for me that hip hop wasn't about being dope no more

  27. G O

    this strictly a dj cut. clipse always been good. if those mf even read their own comment thanks for the skin care rec dude's legit stay moist ye

  28. April Hoiness

    I'm the reason the hood need a dental plan

  29. Chillhop Wrestlin

    This beat is a monster.

  30. Wearby Gang

    Remember watching this on MTV jams back then Kayne should've kept that graduation swag it was perfect

  31. Phil Rockwell

    This track was Mad Slept On. #STILLLISTENING2DAY

  32. chicagosbest82

    What ablum is this track on?

  33. TMPxFranchise2112x

    This beat is ridiculous.......

  34. Aashwin

    Thank you Kanye! Very Cool!

  35. R. E. Kamilleon West

    never noticed that recycled PJ line lol

  36. Phil Rockwell

    Who produce this FiryaHH!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Your Greatest Ally

    Phil Rockwell Dj Khalil

  37. Phil Rockwell

    Pusha , Ye, Malice Instant Classic!

  38. Phoenix Alzier

    At this moment, Kanye knew had to get himself a Pusha on his team.

  39. KillenEMsoftly


    Trvr Shoe

    KillenEMsoftly I've looked pretty hard at the video and didn't see Big Sean lol

  40. Beautiful Lou

    WTF i love kanye but his verse hilariously specific like who is this girl thats kinda fucked up lol

  41. Sam Chandi

    Go get yo binoculars!

  42. Animated Minds

    WHOLE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Isiah Ball

    "50 percent splits I X out the middle man"

  44. Tharsan J

    lit vibe.

  45. Bedrock Sway

    Damn didn’t even get a million on this? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  46. Mr Davario

    Drake beef brought me here. Pusha hold this W #facts

    Jay Anderson

    Get out and you brought this to a Clipse video... This about the Clipse new fan

    Stebbie J

    Good now get a history lesson so u can see what type of beast they are

  47. Ezale

    Bumpin in 2019

  48. Blck Ntrovert TV

    why they put malice after ye....i never realized how bad his flow was on this song lol

  49. Shamar Morris

    Date: April 2009


    Im the reason the hood need a dental plan -malice 🔥🔥🔥

  51. MikeyBarrs

    i typed its kinda like sorta and this came up lol ft kanye west

  52. Paddy Lewis

    cudis freestyle over this beat is fucking fire. "excuse my mood". i always thought that was cudis original song

  53. Saqib

    Kanye verse savage 🔥🔥🔥

  54. Greenz1100

    Till the casket drops and beyond

  55. Know is Trite

    Most underrated song of all their careers

  56. Mart Flores

    Hella underrated song

  57. Robert Moyes

    oh my fucking god... *PUSHA T IS GOD ON THE MIC*

  58. Rushdi Valentine

    miss the old kanye

  59. Kayland Mouton

    i'm so conceded intelligent lika nerd making str8 a's passing thru grades like flue nauseous addiction ll space travel like rockets pass throws like warren moon

  60. Kayland Mouton

    Pushing my talent like pregnant women giving birth to new born babies

    Tuck ya jewels cause DeBoe is coming around the corner beach cruising

    Who's the puppet master & tha drumline leader inked well exit signs like a johnny hancock signature

    Release tha true or false pulp fiction documents excap tha cell block like alcatraz

  61. Paul Fuller drum study

    Kanye be recycling flows for money like they were soda cans, that's a hustle

  62. Kendrick Cunningham

    One my all time favorite beats

  63. Wayyy _UP

    STIL SLEPT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  64. Myrio Rogers

    they shoulda a let this b the single wit kanye maybe they would a blew

  65. Melvin Medici

    classic. won't find the Kanye West TLOP dick riders here.

  66. lack-king cole


  67. JERSEY AJ47


    10K Subs With No Videos

    JERSEY AJ47 what

  68. Jay Company

    Wonder why this record was slept could've been a monster hit

  69. EndoSym

    Took me ages to find out Pusha T was part of Clipse. Have been listening to Like I Love You since I was 15 and never got that.

  70. Vincent 47

    No Malice is a goat

  71. J Will

    Da flow running on BIGs heels 😱 blasphemy!

  72. E.j Rene

    raw dog 3 strokes 🙌🙌🙌

  73. G Up

    End of Malice

  74. ryan bielawski

    so you censored special "ed" but only the second time? This is America if I wanna hear profanity or dirty language I have a god damn right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kanye put Pusha on MBDTF twice after this, and I understand why.

  76. Artūrs Silenieks

    king push

  77. Jamal Freeman

    The beat is a mind-fuck to pick apart

  78. diplomatshat199

    just as you reep so shall you sew

  79. No One

    "LIGHTS! Cameras, Action! The chain itself is a damn distraction!"

  80. Your Greatest Ally


  81. James Kolawole

    Hell hath no fury like a rapper scorned

  82. Royale Soulprano

    Maybe they should have rapped less and hummed and make animal sounds . WTF HIP HOP DOA

  83. tranebur

    Y'all better put some "respek" on this song

  84. dn a

    No clue how this didn't blow up. Khalil with the insane beat, Kanye, and Clipse all on one track with only 508k views on youtube after 7 years? Wtf

    Anshuman Bhasin



    +Kanye West very true

    The Truth

    This song came out the year that Hip Hop literally took it's very first turn for the worse. 2009 ushered in a softer and more RnB vibe to it and since 2009, it never left. This type of music wasn't appealing anymore as opposed to the new RnB wave that took over with Drake being at the helm of it. Certain acts like Waka Flocka saw some success and even Slaughterhouse saw some shine but it wasn't hitting like all the melodic songs being produced. Songs like this got lost in a period where Hip Hop transitioned from street to digital and the nerds chose what was popular as they do today.


    The Truth you just made the best breakdown I’ve seen as to why this song didn’t work. Hell hath no fury I feel suffered cause of the “snap era” of the south in 2006. Hard lyrical rap died in the mainstream in 2004 imo, sure a few heavyweights sold numbers after 2004 up til 2008 with guys like T.I. & Hov, but guys like this fell victim to weaker rappers and bullshit taking over.

  85. Charles Tucker

    no malice extra nice

    De-graft Afful

    Charles Tucker ; K anye West is the Teddy Bear

  86. SARSX452

    The game miss this kanye.

  87. Danny Blox Phear Westbrooks

    the BEAT 70's JUNGLE vibrations..
    i love it..

  88. Maitlin Joyner

    "What happened Tisha ya boyfriend cum fast" 😂

  89. kareem

    Eminem's freestyle on this brought me here. Shit is fire, on replay.

  90. Michael Man

    Is clipse pusha t

    Ramon Thompson

    +Mitchell 33 Clipse is Pusha T and his older brother and Malice now known as No Malice.

  91. Jae Murakami

    kanye snapped

  92. freeman jones

    This instrumental man.


    +freeman jones The genius of DJ Khalil

  93. Sitzplatzimbus

    Malice was always ahead of his brother. What Pasha can do very well is start a song tho. But the deeper stuff was lead by Malice. Love both of them. I love them more with The Neptunes tho.

  94. Kim Kidd

    cats was scared to do features with the boys... They  were lyrical threats