Clipse, The - Freedom Lyrics

With every line written, And all I have given
Music's been nothing more than a self made prison
I've taken inmate losses at the hands of this one
My pen's been the poison to family and friendships
Now is time to mend shit,
Time to bring closure to
The clear conscience of Pusha is long over due
Thinking to myself, what could I be owing you?
They only tell you great when they reminiscing over you
Before I trouble T-Roy,
It's just a D-Boy
Let me play the role of a common on his B-Boy
Speaking my truth in rhyme no matter how bland it is
A heavy heart lighting that's just what my ransom is
All apologies,
I bear the cross I wear the blame
We in the same group but I don't share my brothers pain
Not to confuse,
Our sentiment are all the same
I just don't feel Nothing I'm Numb by the will to gain
Same thing brought tears to innocence
I turned away
And didn't even flinch,
The music drove me crazy
Looked up and lost the first bitch I ever wanted to have my babies
She can't even face me
I'm sorry for the heartbreak
I promised you forever my lady, Jodeci baby
Pompus muthafucka!
Just look what them jewels made me
I'm only finding comfort in knowing you can't replace me
What a thing to say! But what am I to do?
I'm role playing a conscious nigga
And true is true
Cocaine aside
All of the bloggers behoove
My critics finally have a verse of mine to jerk off to
I owe you all

This is were the buck stop, here's where I draw the line
I touch the hem Gods work is so divine
I see the error of my ways over time
Never to return, Malicous has been refined
Like wine with time, I get better
Napa Valley Vintage my flow is fermented
Now drink of me, as if I bought the bar
Run to these words, as if there's no tomorrow
Never mind my car, careful what you wish for
Behind that red curtain the devil and his pitch fork
Jealousy, I ask thee: "What is this for? "
How was I to know I was happy being piss poor
No whore, that's not love, we was fucking
I was in search of a chicken head; you was clucking
And I was lusting
We were both out of order
I shoulda known better as I'm reminded of my daughter
Am I my brothers keeper for himself every man
I have been your reaper, there's blood on my hands
Except me as your keeper, there's been a change of plans
Be careful of what you speak of, I've come to understand

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Clipse, The Freedom Comments
  1. Hayden Smith

    2019 anybody, we still hereere

  2. Joe Boo

    Push had a Pac vibe for a bit

  3. Carolina Fresh

    🔥 has the chance to meet (No)Malice a few years ago. Very genuine guy.

  4. Will Rumford

    It's very rare for anyone in music to call it whether it be a style or all together. Most artists just keep going and throwing shit at the wall hoping to get easy money. These guys are not that. Respect.

  5. Million dollar Broke Kid

    Hardest intro ever

  6. G Ball

    2019.....lyrics for your life!

  7. Cikidi Harrison

    I do amen

  8. TC Nemesis 610

    Straight knowledge being dropped. The clipse needs to reunite asap.

  9. D. Jermin

    Somebody heard his Freedom verse and hooked him up with Kanye. I own you all indeed.

  10. Iknow Allthesadsongs

    One of the best rap song ever

  11. Mongoloid Mike

    Drake’s trash

  12. D Antonio

    "We in the same group, but I don't share my brothers pain, not to confuse, I was sentiment to all the same... I JUST DON'T FEEL NOTHING, I'M NUMB BY THE WILL TO GAIN"..... D*mn

  13. D Antonio

    In my top 10 hip hop songs of All TIME. Push BLACKED OUT on this!!! Good gawd!!!

  14. Andley Dorgervil


  15. G Ball

    Who's listening to this 2018??


    I woke up this morning with this playing in my head

  16. Matthew Thompson

    One of the best concerts I've ever been to was this tour. Unreal energy. So fucking good

  17. ColinMcCloud

    Sleep on track 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Fit Life Kam

    I have been your reaper, there's blood on my hands.

  19. Joshua De jesus


  20. 804-BIG-MIKE Brick-life

    My dawgs talking that real shit

  21. One Love Counseling

    Malice put it down in what has to be one of the most honest verses ever in the game. "I have been your reaper, there's blood on my hands"

  22. Boyd Tsosie

    too raw for the masses. they rather listen to feel good music and listen to rappers who talk about shoes and materialistic bs. y'all can keep mumble rap.

  23. xanderedmond

    This woulda been better if both of them left rap after this dropped

  24. maliK.

    The hardest Pusha verse of all-time...sheesh smh.

  25. Count Dracula

    does anyone know what the song they're sampling is?


    Count Dracula Potter st. Cloud open letter

  26. A.D Still

    beat is sick. Pac would of murdered it!


    A.D Bris Pac couldn't ride this beat

    Juan Doe

    @JERU come again?

  27. Hungry Joe

    NO Malice and Pusha T brought me here... Lord willin'.. Got fam in Alexandria, VA

  28. Aulia Heryanov

    jensen kimmit bring me here


    Hell yeah

  29. Randy

    When jensen kimmitt uses this in one of his yoyo freestyles

  30. will smith

    Till the casket drops

  31. Travant Dean

    Pusha's verse was classic

  32. Styalzfuego

    "now a days she can't even face, I'm sorry for the heartbreak, i promised you forever my lady jodeci baby,".........explains my life in on verse.....Thanks Pusha....

  33. robert bass

    Too Real for most

    Eric Westbrook

    robert bass damn bruh Pusha dropped 💎 on this one

  34. robert bass

    Too Real for most

  35. Mr12legends

    No Malice just came out with an album and it's sick. Look it up! It's called HEAR YE HIM

  36. Ernie G

    Use repcode RAZOR10 for 20% off Karmaloop and 10% off PLNDR :)

  37. Ernie G

    Use repcode RAZOR10 for 20% off Karmaloop and 10% off PLNDR :)

  38. Africanray89

    same things brought tears to innocence, i turned away and didn't even flinch. Push got ice veins man that line is too cold.

  39. 44THSIDER

    Nobody did this song better than Stack Bundles!! Look up Stack Bundles Can't Get Over The Hump

    NC Wavey1

    44THSIDER you just put me on 2 some shit!

  40. Carlos Brown


    Stephen Bush

    Carlos Brown had nothing to with this beat

  41. James Fizerl

    who is talking at the beginning?

  42. Jaquan Underwood

    Real shit

  43. apachechannel

    I love this beat, i can't find it

  44. Eric Mckay

    :'( clipse get together for at least one song please

  45. Popa Ciprian


  46. will

    This is poetry. The fact this song only has 160k views is fucked.

  47. Mark Hanson


  48. Jon Epstein

    They went platinum for lord he really made it back then

  49. Jon Epstein

    they need to get back together. They were/are one of the best duos of all time. Hell hath no fury is the best rap cd ive ever heard front to back

  50. Jon Epstein

    gonzalez? Was running a 10 mil a year drug ring

  51. Jon Epstein

    I would purchase hell hath no fury cd. A lot of hip hop people have it in their top 10 albums of all time. Its my personal favorite...lyrics and metaphors make you really think, and the neptunes did every beat so its hot

  52. Cassandra FLEMING

    Why was he sentenced?

  53. thekillers005

    can anybody recommend me clipse songs that aare similar to this

    Marvin's Reviews ETC.

    thekillers005 "I'm not you"

  54. Mitchell Mulkey

    I Love the christian Meaning behind Malices verse and Everything they say is some wisdom. By far the Realest Clipse song ever.

  55. TheRoyalKannon7

    I hope Push has some tracks like this on "My Name is My Name." This song is an example of how he isn't a one dimensional rapper, but is really one of the best in the game.

    I eagerly await the return of a collaboration between Pusha T and No Malice.

  56. Paperbagman555

    This needs more views.... fucking excellent.

  57. Patrice mamba

    im really happy for pusha , he made it....

  58. Vincent Marino

    The Truth REAL TALK the life we live is a lie we are just playing our part

  59. kpaxmgats


  60. Astroswatiri

    ohw mahn, this is music mahn!

  61. Mista FAME

    networking...check me
    type fame BG

  62. odotmdot

    Pusha's best verse ever.

  63. joshd9124

    they both killed this shit bruh

  64. Davidhgi

    That made no sense. Calms down and grow up. I bought it, not downloaded it, because I wanted to support Pusha's first album on GOOD Music and this song and others were good. It sucked. If someone else liked it, fine. I did not. Hopefully, they'll do better the next time and the star of the album will be Pusha and it will be a real solo album.
    All small words so I expect you to understand it now.

  65. abigfuckingchud

    Fuck you're stupid. You're judging something you already don't like in the first place with those features so of course you don't fucking like it. Why don't you google "Pusha T EP" and you'll see tons of results. Wikipedia even has it as an "EP" and Pusha T even calls it an EP in interviews. So fuck yourself, you're wrong bitch

  66. D9Beps3X

    Pusha was already a legend before signing with g.o.o.d music

  67. Davidhgi

    Yes, I do. I have every right to say whether it was good or not, just like someone else would have the right to say they liked it.
    You're definition didn't change anything I said. They repackaged mixtape songs and sold them at regular price so they put themselves up for feedback, positive and negative.
    It sucked and was hugely disappointing.

  68. abigfuckingchud

    Smh look up what an EP is. EXTENDED PLAY. None of the songs on there were new, they were mostly from his last mixtape. He had only 3-4 new songs on there. (i.e. he "extended" it with the new songs on top of some older) It's not an LP or album. Just because you don't like his features, you have no right to say it wasn't good.

  69. Davidhgi

    Once you get into 12 songs, most would consider it a LP and either way, it wasn't very good.

  70. abigfuckingchud

    it was more of an EP. not an album

  71. Lexi Knoch

    I like Pusha's flow better, but Malice definitely gives a better delivery. I like how Pusha has grown and used some of Malice's delivery in his own work. Love them together.

    William Burrows

    well said....

  72. damocitydon

    @1:19 Did he say " Pompous motherfucka just look what them (jewels or jews?) made me" either way it was raw tho

  73. Davidhgi

    I got Pusha's album and was very disappointed. WAY too many features so you don't get to really experience Pusha and his ability.

  74. nightmistful

    Wow ! This song is deep. I'm Feelimg this. Clipse, Keep doing ya thing homies.

  75. Mark Hanson

    One of the best Clipse songs ever

  76. KudzaiS

    Speak of Freedom.
    Sing of amber, waves of grain.

  77. agentzero206

    What does the chorus say?

  78. Griffin Mahon

    @xldjvista He's already a staple in hip hop history, hombre. Don't worry

  79. Bradford Henderson

    @ciny23 Plus the other person who said they choose God a while ago was gemstones real name demarco castle who used to run with lupe fiasco. And he doesnt rap in the hip hop world anymore. So only time will tell If malice is realy legit or just a promo stunt.

  80. Bradford Henderson

    @ciny23 Pusha doesnt at all. Just because his mixtapes are called fear of God doesnt mean anything. And If malice is so called changed as he says he is he will eventually have to leave the game because the hip hop world is no place fo a true christian. And if you peep any of malice recent interviews he mentions oh yeah I still have plans to pursue in this game just take a backseat to push this book.

    Jerry Bousseau

    lol... still waiting?

  81. John Fee

    He does in fact; own you all.

  82. Andrew Zamora

    You guys need to stop hearing the beat and start LISTENING TO THE MESSAGE. Clipse lives and makes music for GOD NOW.

  83. yazzy613

    hope they drop a new album at some point. both joints they dropped together are so good

  84. Daniel Avkjærn

    @djyungstunna24 Kanye made a few beats before that. Grindin came in 2002, Kanye had one or two beats on The Dynasty album by Jay z in '99. And the Blueprint in '01

  85. readyforthelights


  86. djyungstunna24

    @langalot111 he was in it before kanye was even makin beats since that song GRINDIN with pharell

  87. Marc Balenciaga

    @xldjvista pusha definately isnt a kid, hes been it it longer than kanye i think

  88. Huston Gildersleeve

    K-D's slow jams.

  89. BoneeC5VL

    super dope

  90. queenkrissypoo2006

    Diddy went hard when he produced this beat. Wooooow. These lyrics give me chills. VIRGINIA STAND UP

  91. Im the witty one

    i wish i could show lil waynes fans this song but they wouldnt get it LOL

  92. Im the witty one

    i love this shit sooo fucking raw !!!

  93. virginiaslim757


  94. Shifftee

    @PropheSAY It'z Produced By Sean C & LV, Usin' A Sample "Potter St. Cloud - Open Letter".


    They only tell you your great when they reminiscence over you