Cline, Patsy - She's Got You Lyrics

I've got your picture that you gave to me
And it's signed with love, just like it used to be
The only thing different, the only thing new
I've got your picture, she's got you

I've got the records that we used to share
And they still sound the same as when you were here
The only thing different, the only thing new
I've got the records, she's got you

I've got your memory, or has it got me
I really don't know, but I know it won't let me be

I've got your class ring that proved you cared
And it still looks the same as when you gave it, dear
The only thing different, the only thing new
I've got these little things, she's got you

I've got your memory, or has it got me
I really don't know, but I know it won't let me be

I've got your class ring that proved you cared
And it still looks the same as when you gave it, dear
The only thing different, the only thing new
I've got these little things, she's got you

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Cline, Patsy She's Got You Comments
  1. James Brown

    In 1963 we lost so many greats :(

  2. Lauren Bell

    This song makes me cry everytime I listen to it

  3. Sefer Musa Aksakal

    bu şarkının adını soran C2 deki kız slm .d


    No Batman, you will always be golden to me. No matter what.

  5. mamaluvify

    You got it right! Whoever's thumbing down get a fuckin life your music sucks wind today it aint music you jealous you cant duplicate lmbfbfbao


    Man l cant eve. Dance to that mjsjc today talk about pcyhadelic

  6. melissa lester

    You can hear the strain on your heartstrings when she sings "It Won't Let Me Be" that's the part I sing extra hard in the car

  7. Cotswold Cuckoo

    Lovely woman !

  8. robert44861

    PASTY CLINE never sung a bad note "She's Got You" is simply THE BEST

  9. Kevin Ross

    Man, this is a good song! Doo wop motorcycles and milkshakes

  10. Iván Gallardo

    I can't help but to cry every single time. Timeless classic.

  11. Latoya Clarke

    These the music sshould be playing today

  12. Thomas G

    My mum sang this song .

  13. Ajay Singh

    I m In India ..
    I heard her yesterday on the radio..
    The story of the song seems like it happened to her.. because her voice has that feeling..
    She feels and sings..
    I just came to know she died in an airplane crash 😭... RIP.
    Those days no autotune. No cars. No hatred.
    Only pure music!.
    30th Jan 2020.

  14. Joe Schichl

    my favorite song

  15. Sara Llewellyn

    Love patsy

  16. David Overholt

    What a voice Patsy had!!!!


    Capybaras in the water brought me here 😊❤️

  18. Steven Pringle


  19. SpencerSwoops

    I’m 20 years old and I thank my mom that she exposed me to amazing music like this at a young age! My mom is German and absolutely loves music like this! 🇩🇪🇺🇸

  20. Tim Bobo

    I came here after listening to a cover by the Petersons and thought it was good until I listened to the real thing. Unbelievable depth and tone to Patsy's voice.

  21. Sascha Schneider

    One of. Greateast country singer of all time may she rest in peas and god take care of her in the after life

  22. david evans

    who's still listening 2020? I hope I'm not alone..

    Ann Hughes

    david evans I am listening in 2020


    I am listening

    Wendy Oddy

    Me too and still enjoying her music

    Ann Hughes

    david evans me I am listening 2020

    robert accornero

    of course you're not alone, smarten up.

  23. Joel Van Daele


  24. Dennis Corrigan

    My mom sang in a band in the 70s she looked alot like Patsy and always sang her songs ,loved when they practiced in the garage.

  25. Alicia Torres

    She's a legend

  26. Virginia Agrait

    Vicky yoha

  27. Jim Nowak

    I remember when Patsy was killed in a plane crash along with some of her friends. She was only 30 years old when she died. I am 74 now and still listening in 2020. What a lovely lady and a great voice.


    @Brian • 35 years ago Sir, I don't think you understand what a Boomer is. 😂 He's either Swing or WWII gen. Lol


    28 year old here listening in 2020 as well. ❤️

    Patti Casey

    I love her voice. So much emotion. I live 4 miles from the crash sight.

    Stefen Phillips

    I'm 32 and grew up on nothing but doo woo thanks to my grandpa. Brought up old fashion and now I carry on the tradition of restoring old 54 chevys and being a rockabilly guy. I've always loved Patsy Cline. I'm actually watching The Coal Miners Daughters right now. Wish I grew up in the 40s era

    nancy cordero

    god bless you Hun.. i just turned 60.. I remember seeing Loretta Lynn Ranch in Canada. when I was a teen. George Jones, Porter, Tammy,Sammi .Conway , I wish I saw Merle .

  28. Bridget

    Yeah!! Love this ♥♥♥

  29. Franz Ibrahim

    God blessed her with a voice of an angel...

  30. JB Weaver

    The best that ever lived. My mother loved her and so do I. I was only a child when a she left us.

    Still remember my mother crying when she heard.

  31. cleggy justcleggy

    Incomparable. So, so good, still.

  32. Destiney Kisielewicz

    Patsey Cline was such a beautiful woman!

  33. Diana Mcconnell

    how can anyone not love this compared to what's out there now? Easier times simple times

  34. lahmacun seven vegan

    I dont even got your pictures or records my love. Only some snaps 😢

  35. Jewel Dotson

    Many great artist have covered this Patsy Cline song including Loretta Lynn, Mandy Barnett & Leann Rimes, & all do a great version yet none come close to Patsy.

  36. jakre10

    One of the best female singers of all time. This song is one of her best

  37. Gary Smith

    I like all kinds of music. Older rap, rock, some metal, reggea (my favorite) this old country stuff is great.. Love it, love it, love grand parents in Texas always had this old stuff playing..

  38. Jens Richter

    Texas,den Film kann ich nur empfehlen.da hab ich das Lied zum ersten Mal gehört.

  39. Neil Ladd

    A class of her own.

  40. Lee Lee

    Crying my eyes out

  41. Michael Peck

    I grew up with pasty because of my mum I know every one of her songs not joking either rip mum miss you so much always had blasting out when she wud clean up the house everytime

  42. American girl

    Such a beautiful woman & yes so is her voice..but I haven't heard anyone say anything about her BEAUTY...✌❤🌎

    Reble Rose

    Miss Patsy is beautiful on the inside and the outside but how can you put word's to a lady that her beauty is so perfect that word's can't even begin to touch her beauty and in my eye's you just can't find the right word's to explain this lady of country music

  43. gabejcastro

    Musics timeless.. 2020 Alive and well

  44. Max Corder

    Incomparable. Nothing else said.

  45. Kellie Auld

    Love this song!

  46. T B

    The greatest female vocalist, PC could sing anything.

  47. B G

    Yep it was love at first sight the only thing was you were married but our friendship lasted 50 years

  48. Kendall A

    I love Loretta Lynn, but I think Patsy should be the Queen of Country. With, Tammy, Dolly, Loretta, and a few others right underneath. :-)

  49. Destiney Kisielewicz

    Patsey Cline still has a beautiful singing voice!

  50. Salvador Melendez

    Patsy reminds me of my gpa we use to dance to this song when I was a little girl and I loved to hear songs like this it just makes your soul warm up

  51. Donald Elley

    got the voice

  52. William Henry

    Patsy Cline forever. Love all her songs and its Jan 2020.

    kev michael

    I DO TO!!!!.....this is needed in 2020!!!

    Christina DN


    Sara Llewellyn

    Same here


    Feb 5, 2020

  53. Lyla Boo

    She has a beautiful voice this is a beautiful song l Love it Margaret Rodrigues

  54. Z1000Jeff

    Oh man, I LOVE this so much. I can't believe I've spent 57 years NOT listening to country music ... well, I'm making up for lost time now.

  55. Checkerzzz gaming Hi

    Blue gang s stop using Patsy Cline songs how disrespectful

  56. ED MC

    R IP Patsy the world misses you !!!

  57. bigrider2806

    Rip angel.

  58. Dannibee Hill

    I will phone uncle matt and u all screwed xx

  59. John Terruso

    Patsy Cline,  to me over the past few years, has become my favorite female singer.In my car, at my vocal lessons and in my dreams she is the female voice that I have fallen in love with. God bless you Patsy and rest in peace.

  60. Lynzi Narkie

    Why have i not heard this song before i love it 😍

  61. James Williams

    Patsy..looks like that 'candy striper' nurse's aid that visited me regularly in the hospital while recuperating from a serious car accident when 12. 🤣...Helped me forget the pain. 😁😘

  62. Christopher Oliver


  63. Rhonda Lamb

    Still loved in 2020

  64. sarah gale

    She's got you but you've got my heart xxxxxxx

  65. Alejandro Avendano


  66. Craig Dreier

    Love her Amazing Voice Ever

  67. Custis Long

    New Years Day 🎉 2020❗️
    Still listening and loving Patsy!

  68. GlitteratiChic

    Still gives me the feels in 2020



  70. RubalCava

    Like this if you are listened to this in 2020 (UTC) like me. Interesting quote: "Rapture was built around a principle of minimal government interference, 'a city free of law and god.' While there was no state-run army or police force, for-profit enterprises which provided armed and unarmed security services and expertise to private and public clients were permitted."

  71. Kentanago

    If you’re reading this:

    Happy New Year and May success come your way in 2020!! You

  72. Christina L

    Now that’s what I call music

  73. ang

    I always cry to this song as if i can relate to it.


    I grew up listening to her, she's one of a her voice and music. Sadly she died at the height of her career.

  75. Emilee Keyser

    I used to sing this

  76. Gerwyn Evans

    Written by Hank Cochran and released in 1961 this was her first hit in the UK.

  77. Ladonna Davis

    I got your picture she's got you ♥️👍♥️

  78. david evans

    she's got me 2019

  79. Helen Boula

    I meant Patsy Cline when I was a teenager I was raised in an orphanage in Conyers Georgia the name of it was a jolly homes I was there from the age of five until I aged out every Christmas are different holidays different stars or come out to entertain us and have us gifts this one particular Christmas she was on the guest list very nice very pleasant but we didn't know who she was Ernest Tubb's Hank Snow Hank Williams the list is just it never stops every occasion there is our stars out there but we as kids did not know who they were because we were so sheltered for raised almost Pentecostal so we didn't have a clue as to who they were I didn't even know and realize and snap to it until I got out on my own and I started listening to the radio and I thought oh okay that's who that was that's who that was that's who that was we couldn't listen to radios out there and I don't even know why they had them out there as guests I don't know how that happened I guess probably as far as the foundation a part of the charity fund I don't know but it was it was quite a pleasant I liked her it was very much and I can say today it was an honor but then I didn't know I didn't have a clue. Lights camera action.

  80. Joseph Olvera

    Could you imagine thinking that basic ass pop singers are better than this?🤢 People really have no taste in music and it shows.

  81. Curc Matthew Cachero

    This is Very VERY good. Love,Matthew.

  82. Ehm Bee

    “The only thing different, I’ve got the pictures........... but she’s got you....”

    Damn...... I felt that! 😣😣😔😔😔

    Helen Boula

    Did she really have him I mean did she really have him because he done that to you what did he do to her.?

    Rhonda Lamb

    He is not worth your thoughts or hurting so don’t give it to him. Be strong stay true yo yourself

  83. James Bertrand

    Maybe if they played real country music there wouldn’t be so many troubles NOt the rap crap that you hear now

    Einar Vargtass

    But Patsy Cline was not real country, she was always considered a popcountry singer, just like the music on country radio today.

  84. Masterpiece man

    Real music 🎶

  85. Chicho Capucho

    never.....i. love you.. ...yra...

    Chicho Capucho

    piendo...e n bendecir... a todos.....LOS AMO....

  86. Ezir Paiva


  87. Geraldine Moss

    Someone actually gave this song a thumbs down

  88. kickback4me

    One of THE best heartbreak songs of all time. 💔

  89. Michelle Regis

    Party... beautifull😗😗😗😗😗♥️♥️♥️

  90. Kenneth Raines

    The voice is so pleasing, so sad she is gone.

  91. TheWaterArtist

    ''This chick could sing!''

  92. Finley Currie

    People will be listening to Patsy Cline in 2119. At that time, they will be able to call up a hologram of Patsy; it will be like having Patsy in your living room.

  93. Kentanago

    I’m 15 btw

  94. inci 2

    So eine tolle Stimme !So viel Gefühl....

  95. Joyce Cisco

    Love her & music

  96. jakre10

    I love this song and this singer. One of the best

  97. Ezir Paiva


  98. Grandas Girl

    She's got something

  99. Martin Bradley

    I'm not a fan of country music finding much of it sickly sentimental but Patsy Cline transcends genre. I saw something about her on TV recently and was mesmerised. Her story telling, the controlled emotion and her beautiful phrasing. It's all there in this song.