Cliff, Jimmy - Wahjahka Man Lyrics

I never needed nobody, to show me how to walk
I never needed nobody, to teach me how to talk
Never needed nobody, to tell me make my mark
I'm experienced man, I can understand
I know how to get along

Wahjahka man, in a any land
In a Jamaica, in a Britannia (I'm a)
Wahjahka man, in a any land
In a Africa, in America (uh huh hey hey)

I never needed nobody, to come and hold me hand
I never needed nobody, to take me through' the land
Never needed nobody, to tell me make a stand
I'm experienced man, I can understand
I know how to get along

I never needed nobody, to show me how to walk
I never needed nobody, to teach me how to talk
Never needed nobody, to tell me make my mark
I'm experienced man, I can understand
I know how to get along

Wahjahka man, in a any land
Got this name ya, in a me blood now

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Cliff, Jimmy Wahjahka Man Comments
  1. Cláudio Luis

    Lembro de meus 15 anos

    Cristiane Carvalho

    Meu tio Cliff jogador do River do Piauí final dos anos 80 aos 90 tocou no dia do seu casamento.

    Cristiane Carvalho

    Meu tio Cliff jogador do River do Piauí ainda lembro tocou muito essa musica no dia do seu casamento.

  2. Success Talent

    Love u jimmy nice music

  3. Florence Masajuwa

    Feeling good this Christmas nite ,2019.

  4. APARECIDA de Fátima Correa

    Jimmy Cliff e sensacional, suas músicas são lindas demais! Amo reggae

  5. Maria Vitoria

    A melhor voz do reggae

  6. joboro2008

    Smittty246, please, post all songs of this LP!

  7. Ikerionwu Lawrence

    I remembered my tender age with my elder brother in Aba that was when I first caught the memories of this music.

  8. Francis Omabi

    As a young 10 year old in 1974.i had fallen in love with Reggae Music

  9. Francis Omabi

    The album (Follow my mind) was my first contact with Jimmy Cliffs lyrics. God bless all Carribean Reagge Musicians

  10. Francis Omabi

    Any day, any time, Jimmy Cliff is my Man.

  11. Echono Amali

    I'm an experienced man. I'm an a strong man. Very correct

    Younes You

    Echono bravos c'est correct

  12. Esmeraldo dá Silva Vieira Dá Silva Vieira

    Jimmy cliff é o cara

  13. Jucelino Santana

    Que tempo bom curti muito saudades

  14. Rozana Bartoski


  15. malama bwalya

    Wahjahka Man inna any lan'. Inna Jamaica inna Africa uh uh uh hey hey hey!

  16. Gilcelia Silva

    ami 💙💙💙💙

  17. basil khoza

    Missing my dad Mxm

  18. Domingas Martins


  19. Haïley Pouporon

    Toujour o top

  20. Jaiton Alvis

    Essa música e d +++++s😊

  21. Nassam Ib

    Indeed words.. Wajahkaman means?

  22. Edina Maria

    Pra mim é o melhor adoroo Jimmy Cliff é o melhor de reggae sou apaixonada só maior fã dele não existe vozes igual

  23. Mariana mary

    Saidades 🌹🌹❤❤

  24. Pwab Fan0

    Une très. Belle voix. Du. Reggae

  25. José Raimundo São leopoldo

    Muito linda, o som contagiante.

  26. godwin simukwai

    This song reminds me of mbala secondary school days in kalambo house 1979 the form v so. Kwali the green kauzen abel shamenda, Ann mulenga, Michael silwamba, chipampe, lupupa Zimba and many more

  27. Jeferson Barbosa dos Santos

    Sou fã de jymmy

  28. egnesia blake

    Never expect it but he made it .miss Doris and chiper smiling in third grave. Well done Cliff.

  29. Victoire Rodin


    Victoire Rodin


  30. opeli dan

    Beautifull song, wonderfull melody

  31. jennifer orkuma

    My dad loved Jimmy Cliff's music, I grew up to love it and now my children.I just love his songs.

    egnesia blake

    Jimmy Cliff my buddy from price lane kingston.proud of you.

  32. Molly Foster

    I love this tune dude!

  33. fredrick onoh

    If it is possible to go back to this days and see the world of yesterday our world could have better to what we see this days ,the music that wipe away sorrows from our health .I'm 52yrs now

  34. Katia Martins

    Lovely reggae old also cara to Wellington my brother.

  35. Valdir Costah

    Sou e sempre fui fã desse cara!!!



  37. Pedro super

    sou fã de Jimmy Cliff é muito especial pra mim

  38. Abba Beukes

    This Rastafarian's Music has always a Live Beat and sometimes You feel You will Dance

  39. Aimé Dagbozounkou

    Tu demeures le maître .
    Ces chansons m'ont bercé et continuent de me ragaillardir. Elles ne s'usent point. Long life to you.

  40. Abba Beukes

    Did You know that Cliff and Tosh were members of The Wailers before they went on Their own. Rita Marley was firstly a Background Singer of Jimmy Cliff before She accompanied Bob Marley and She married to Him later

    Eugene Nnaji

    Bob Marley,peter tosh,and Burney only.No Cliff

    alfred benjamin

    @Eugene Nnaji so true, Cliff was a big name when the Wailers were coming up. When Cliff exit Island Records, The Wailers got signed. Rita was a big star before The Wailers, she had her own group. The Wailers backed Cliff on his 1975 album "Brave Warrior."

  41. Abba Beukes

    There's no Doubts to Say It Is Very But Very Good Reggae Music

  42. Abba Beukes

    I also like his Other Reggae Song: You can't keep a Goodman Down Abba

  43. Abba Beukes

    I really like This Hero of Reggae. Abba Beukes

  44. alexsandro aventura Fish

    Ou John nó pipo, pipo renou pipo. Nome dessa musica?


    Lovely song of the ages. My late Brother introduced this music to me late 70 and since then am in love with jimmy cliff . God blessed you man.

  45. Q One

    Good old days when music was music. Bak 1979 I had love the this and still do

  46. Emma mensah

    OMG!! This song reminds me years back in 70's at koforidua Legion Hall with Sweet Elxa's band.

  47. Telma Maria

    Clássicos dos clássicos

  48. Lola Olarte

    El Jimy

  49. Telma Maria

    Nossa que reggue de responsa

  50. Valderiana Silva

    adimirooooo curto amo muito um bom reggae

  51. Vivian Lebelo

    I love this song since I was young even now it rocks my mind

  52. Ursula Bornhauser

    con man everywhere...................who cons the cons.....realitys.......bless jimmy cliff

  53. Teo LAGIKULA

    Beautiful song

  54. Sana Souley

    Jimmy transcende les ages et les temps!! Wahjahka  Man est cette chanson (mais aussi toutes les autres) que nous ecoutions dans la ferveur de notre jeunesse des annees 80. Tu es notre heros au Burkina Faso. Stay blessed!!

    Wiltshire Bishop

    Sana Souley

    Laban Mwila

    In memory Lane,my Secondary school Days

    Esther Anderson

    Sana Souley love Jimmy of Jamaicas greatest songwriters and singer..I produced this Album Cover..including the other performance material to launch his career with Island Records after he was signed by Chris Blackwell

    David Cesar da Silva

    Sana Souley

  55. benjamin tagoe

    makes me remember my youthful days i am 63

    Nompi Emma

    benjamin tagoe
    I'm here because of my dad , he's 61 years old
    he says he used to dance to this song a lot

  56. Perry Manengu

    My father used to love this his soul rest in peace!!!!!

    Precey Show

    Still alive. Not dead

    Mbale Dola

    My late father too. May the great lord rest their sous in eternal peace...

    Mike Mikey

    @Mbale Dola Amen!!

  57. Asaeli Ngaue

    hello sikota O Halakeli I am going to a reunion for 4days.

  58. ec s

    where the lyrics?

  59. Jay Kumar

    always liked this track from jimmy..
    can anyone tell me the origin of the name "Wahjahka"? Thanks!


    There is a native american word that comes close,Spirit of God that means every living thing on earth has a spirit. Plants trees and animals and humans. It learns us to pick only the third fruit in nature, so the first two can stay to reproduce, and respectfull with eerything you use in nature

    Lee Carson

    Would seem to be a phonetic version of Oaxaca (Mexico)

  60. Weliton Matos

    Eu amo as músicas de JimmyCliff

  61. Rasta Htmwp

    ouuuuuh la bonne musique ^-^'

  62. Hílton Souza 

  63. DIAAMS92

    Bons svnrs inoubliables avec ma famille , respect Jimmy cliff , un grand monsieur du reggae , j'adore <3

    Vinicius amaral

    Diaams92 amoooo e esta marcado Jimmy cliff na minha infância e dai seque por toda minha vida o cara é show viva Jimmy❤❤

  64. howie9751

    Best version of this song is from his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

  65. Wolfram Hummel

    great song...never needed nobody

  66. jason driver

    right number from the top man !

    Lonex Sears

    jason driver listening to this still will b in 2030

  67. Mariejosé mbedey

    Oh smiity246 tu m'as fait plaisir là. ça c'est la musique qui a bercé mon enfance et qui continue de me bercer. J'adore cette voix, cette mélodie. Jimmy tu es un amour

  68. PAN-O-JAMA Entertainment

    Thanks a million Mater. I was able to find that album on and ITunes......Bless Up!!!!

  69. mater tydy

    The album is called "Follow My Mind "

  70. PAN-O-JAMA Entertainment

    What album did this song come off of. I am desperately trying to purchase and download a quality version. Thanks.

    Pedro Olimpio

    follow my mind 1976