Click Five, The - The Weekend Song Lyrics

I dream all day
Till I am free
The clock is slow
I'm in overload
But I'd rather take it easy
It's school all week
Till I get home

Just you and me some great TV
Feeling good just like we should

Can't wake on Monday
It's to tough on Tuesday
And in Wednesday I'm in overtime
Just get in by on Thursday
I'll be fine on Friday
When can we let the fun begin
Tune it on the weekend

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Click Five, The The Weekend Song Comments
  1. David V

    January 11/February 1, 2008 to May 27, 2012

  2. venn xkxnxcxnxdxllx

    whenever i hear this song i always max the volume and sing along. good times.


    Yeah, I remember when I first heard this song in middle school. Such good times back then, everyone else forgot all about this band :/

  3. Quang Cat Nhat

    Ten years. The first time i have seen disney channel

  4. sam 123

    childhood memory!!!!

  5. Riley Romans

    Needs full version T.T

  6. Evan Andrew

    I dream all day till I am free
    The clock is slow I'm in overload
    But I'd rather take it easy
    It's school all week
    Till I get home

    Just you and me some great tv
    Feeling good just like we should
    Can't wake up on monday
    It's too tough on tuesday
    And wednesday I'm in overtime
    Just get in by on thursday
    I'll be fine on friday
    When can we let the fun begin?
    Tune it on the weekend!

  7. HanCour

    how can you hate kyle? :| Kyle is love.
    and he is 22. (almost 23) thats not old..

  8. Gaby Tuazon

    I was shocked the first time I read on the screen that TC5 were singing haha. This is just awesome.

  9. Elena Hew

    hey, does anyone knows where to get a FREE download of this song BESIDES download from LIME WIRE or IMEEM???

    ~ if possible, no signing up works please...
    ~ i really love this song =P

  10. Nguyen Dinh Dung

    it was on around oct/nov 2008

  11. metallicafan12321

    OMG this is a real song thats funny cause my teacher listens to a song called cochise by audioslave every friday and said that is his weekend song and I told him my weekend song is the weekend song

  12. Norbert Benavidez

    suite life of zack and cody?

  13. Katie Galey

    OH YEAH!!!!!

  14. Owen Wong

    i want it full!!!!
    eric why did u leave??

  15. OgKush Zaccus

    this is from astro disney channel in malaysia fool

  16. Milo Heartwick

    i really love the song .. where can i download it ?!?

  17. Muhammad Afiq

    lol thats not mean :D

  18. Mlbmp Channel

    click five is a gay

  19. Skinnypenny _

    this song is sang by kyle or eric?

  20. Samuel Chuah

    nah there isn't. I looked for it.. I have this 1 minute version though.

  21. Sam C.

    anyone of u guyz know where i can download this song? mp3 format or wma format as long as i can download it. please!!!

  22. Abby Arguelles

    can't wake up on monday
    it's two times on tuesday
    and "wednesday" i go overtime (sumthin like that)

  23. Angela Yasa

    i love this!

  24. nickdisney3233

    wheres wednesday?

  25. Deifux

    cool, i spent 3 secounds to type it in

  26. Grace L

    The best song from the click five

  27. Grace L

    They play this in Southeast Asia?

  28. Grace L

    This song can be only heard in Malaysia.

  29. Crystle

    I love this song! But, where's the full version? T.T

  30. Xerez Hernandez

    *cries* i can't get enough of the song!!

  31. Xerez Hernandez

    DARNITT. disney's so selfishhhh!!

  32. Xerez Hernandez

    where can you download it in full version?

  33. Hillary Buck

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! why cant they play it in the UNITED STATES GRR!

  34. Angela Yasa


  35. Gucci Edvards

    but still this video rockz!!!!

  36. huijessica

    love this song man!! y isit so short!!!

  37. Adilla Fitriyah

    i loVe thiS ad cOz branDon baKer's in it.. =D

  38. dee dee dee

    i never saw this

  39. Cheska V

    nice song but where is the whole song?

  40. Aina Shobri

    where the heck is the full song?

  41. alexabelen

    yay~ my fave new song! I've been looking for this vid for ages~ thanks a bunch for posting this! :D