Click Five, The - Kidnap My Heart Lyrics

Hey girl, what's your name?
I think I caught you looking my way
Do you wanna know how to get me all to your own

Weekends work the best
I'll pick the place you do the rest
Hey now don't be shy but you got to keep me in line

Love at first sight never thought it could happen to me
But you made me believe

Kidnap my heart
And take me with you
Kidnap my heart
Make my dreams come true
Take me away
Cause falling in love ain't very far
Not far from the start
Kidnap my heart.

Can you get me up?
More fun I can ever dream of
Could you tie me down?
Can you keep me hanging around?

I don't wanna be here to keep you company
Put your hand in mine
Better hold on tight for the ride

Love at first sight never thought it could happen to me
But you made me believe

Kidnap my heart
And take me with you
Kidnap my heart
Make my dreams come true
Take me away
Cause falling in love ain't very far
Not far from the start
Kidnap my heart.

You've got to hold me tighter
I'm a real fighter
Don't tear us apart

Love at first sight never thought it could happen to me
But you made me believe
You made me believe, believe, believe

Kidnap my heart
And take me with you
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Kidnap my heart
Make my dreams come true
(You make my dreams come true)
Take me away
Cause falling in love ain't very far
(Ain't very far)
Not far from the start
Kidnap my heart.

Kidnap my heart
Kidnap my heart....

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Click Five, The Kidnap My Heart Comments
  1. cynthia preciado

    2020 Anybody?

  2. Stephanie Vega

    2020 anyone?

  3. daulong christian

    i miss them :(

  4. Lawren Smith

    coming back to this iconic lyric video bc this song is sadly not on spotify WHERE IT BELONGS

  5. 花sarrrzy

    Im still listening to this! I miss my memories 💕 -December 2019 💕

  6. roroo la

    How to put this in Spotify??

  7. Mutia anila Aza

    2019 anyone?
    Ohh miss taking 5

  8. Renata Lisabeth

    2019, oct.
    who’s still here?

    nico raka

    seumuran nih berarti haha

  9. miranda reyes

    2K19 ANYBODY?!?!🤠😂

  10. Jessu Erica Mari Bravante

    My cousin always woke up to this song when he was a baby and lived with us, I always play this early mornings and he'd make me carry him and sleep some more

  11. Har Milant

    July 2019 anyone?

  12. Kenneth Guira

    july 25,2019 still listening to this song 😄😄 and i miss taking 5 a lot

  13. Liza Dat

    2019 anyone?

  14. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    11 and a half years later i still know the lyrics

  15. Shahir Jamil

    11 years. Im fucking old already

  16. Dita Allen

    Omg it's been 10 years but this song is still be my favs :)

  17. V Shuzen

    My cousin showed me the movie and we both became obsessed hahaha i still love this song and remember it at random times

  18. Marbs Fontanilla

    i hope this song will be on spotify

  19. jeon kookie

    2019.... Whos here

  20. Zgirl

    2019? i still love this song ahahaha!

  21. wonder whoopi

    all time fave 💕

  22. theking T

    2019 anyone??

  23. Emily Cassiele

    2019 and I still can sing this whole song.

  24. Ana Luísa Campos

    I remember when I was a kid in my building we did a play with this song. On the play, our only guy friend was dating all of us and at some point we found out, so it ended with all of us beating him. lol. good old times

  25. Gabby S


  26. trenton butler

    2018 anyone

  27. Alexis Desurne


  28. baekchannie

    Why is this song not in spotify? TT

  29. GleeenCoCo

    12th August, 2018

    Still love this

  30. Faith . ATINY x ARMY

    I MISS THIS!! It was my childhood bop

  31. vampire7210

    I’ve officially fallen in love with this movie, the band and this song!! Anyone know where I can find it? :)

  32. Gian Tiujongco

    2018 anyone?

  33. Marge Tarnate

    2018 and I'm here wtf am I doing

  34. Houda Bahi

    2018 still lisning nostalgic song

  35. Jherson Caroz

    2018 anyone?


    2019... actually

  36. Jiha Nazari

    5 Leo Rise 😁 Still my jam. Love the movie Taking 5 ❤

  37. Fatima Huerta

    Listening in 2018

  38. kryztyn127

    How come this is not on spotify?!

  39. Natellie Summerlin

    i love this song but i miss 5 leo rise

  40. clara campos

    SH MEU DEUS 1!"!! !" "! ! wsdt84WQYWEYFH

  41. Kenina

    😂😂 back to 16 😍😍😍😍 eric

  42. Lottie Norton

    here cause of JC??

  43. José Armando Núñez Rodríguez

    JC brought me here

  44. Soussouexo .82

    I miss this song ❤❤❤

  45. Eliska Vanickova

    I love 5 leo rice❤❤❤

  46. Sam B


  47. Blue Gamerz

    I love this song sooooooo much!!!!!XD

  48. Ronellie Marie

    Me. Kate brought me here.

  49. Sakaya Muhammad

    Love it

  50. Aaini Anuar

    its 2017 and still wont and cant get over this xxx

  51. Take a deep breath

    2017 anyone?

  52. Allexis Brown

    January 22, 2017 😂😍🤗

  53. YuyaSakakiLikesToGroove HeCanShowYouWithHisLove

    Lulu!!! I will save you from the fusion world!

  54. Krista Johnson

    taking 5 one of my favorite movies!!!!

  55. Sofia Issabelle Sioco

    jan 16, 2017

  56. Hannah Decelis

    December 2016, anyone?

    Federico Arismendi

    December 2017...

  57. Ilire Haziri

    I love this song omg ❤️

  58. Alan Wiltsie

    2016 anyone?


    2017 duh!

    P O T A T O F R Y C R Y

    2018 duher!

  59. Ajmal Kingsman

    i was 7 when i listen to this song

  60. Connorfied WHUT

    I was 9 when i first heard this and I'm twice as old now. wtf where has time gone

    Rhian Roelse

    SAME!!! AHAH still love this song!

    Take a deep breath

    Same here...

  61. Eloise D

    Why am I only now discovering this?

  62. Valerie Silva

    I can't stop listening to this song. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love Ritchie but is real name is Eric dill

  63. Malea McNeley

    good song

  64. Annette Alexis Marie Andal

    it's been nine years, why am i still listening to this?


    Do not question your own desire. Enjoy it while it last. :D

  65. Sky Lee


  66. nickel

    i remember hearing from an avatar legend of aang amv when i was like 6....


    This song? Seriously? Which part?

  67. McSpiderMan

    Dance, Dance anyone?

    Typhany Smiley

    Omgawd!! Yes it sounds just like Fall Out Boys dance dance in the beginning. I always mix them up when either or comes on haha


    Fall out boy los plagio!.

  68. Nyssa Mae Malabanan


  69. Yusuf Zulfi

    Lol 2008

  70. Keith Rivas

    Taking 5♥

  71. A Duff

    hah still my jam tho eversince the movie is out years ago till now (2015) & i know i'm not the only one

  72. Pat Salvador

    Love at first sight never thought it could happen to me but you made me believe. 🎶

  73. Sam Tag


    Kyleigh Lol

    I have it on dvd but it doesn’t work anymore 😢

    Lyn Dipko

    I wish they did another movie 😭

  74. suhaima su

    I rmb when I was 11 and my crush sing this to a girl and I wanted to rip her hair off her scalp. It was 7 years ago. Time went by so fast. I miss all the memories 💕


    Lol you shouldn't be listening to this as it brings back the memories..XD

  75. Jessalyn Gauff

    Was this from taking 5

    Danie Marie


    Jessalyn Gauff

    i know every word to that movie 

  76. Michael McIntyre

    @Shania Ellison 

  77. Alayzia Ross

    What Disney original movie was this song on??? Grrrrr I know it was one of them


    catching five
    i think thats the name ^^

    No Name

    Taking five!!!! One of my favorite movies lol!!!

    Alayzia Ross

    Omg yesssss I remember now I love that movie

    Danie Marie

    Taking 5!😃

  78. Emily Payne

    still love this movie

  79. Ananda Surijpaul

    Throwback <3

  80. Telos Ermino

    "She says she's no good with words but I'm worse" wait.. what! Wrong!


    The beat to this at the start of it sounds reminds me of dance dance from fall out boy

    Junk Monk Podcast


  81. Taylor herndon

    The memories man lol I loved this damn song so much and I thought taking 5 was the best movie ever created lol....... it still is though
    Kidnap my heart!!!!

  82. AllieKat Collins

    am i the only one that remembers the beat from a different song?

    Charlie Yellove

    Dance Dance Fallout Boy

    Vico Iero

    +Charlie Yellove SO TRU

  83. xEcho Companyx

    i remember that <3 *Q*

  84. Stefany Hernandez

    I remember when these kind of music was the spotlight now...

  85. CandyFlosssss

    I prefer this version to the slow one :)

  86. Iffa Mzn

    I miss u click 5.

  87. misty morris

    Omg I love them when I was 8 I watched taking 5 every 5 seconds

  88. Donart

    Im gonna make minecraft version of this song
    im not gonna change the lycics only animation or whatever

  89. Nathan Le

    Love this song

  90. Jonas Ong

    2014 <3 I STILL LOVE click 5!!!

  91. MsVamPireChic

    omg i used to love this song

  92. Fazeera Azman

    I miss them!