CLC - 진작에 (It's Too Late) Lyrics

많이 외로워 요즘에 나 말이야
예전보다 달라진 네 모습에
많이 바빴어 언제나 같은 이유
알겠어 더 이상 묻지 않을게

처음만큼만 해주길 바랐어
내가 바랬던 건 그것뿐이야
이제 끝내자 그 말 한마디에 너는

진작에 그렇게 전화해주지 그랬어
내가 네 맘을 느낄 수 있게
진작에 그렇게
보고 싶다 말해주었으면
이렇게 끝나진 않을 걸
이제는 늦었어

날이 갈수록 줄어드는 말수
예전엔 나보다 더 말이 많던 네가
멀어지는 너를 지켜보는 것도
오늘까지야 이제는 말할게

우리 헤어져 그 말 한마디에
너는 이제야

진작에 그렇게 전화해주지 그랬어
내가 네 맘을 느낄 수 있게
진작에 그렇게
보고 싶다 말해주었으면
이렇게 끝나지는 않을 걸
이제는 늦었어

나를 보며 다정하게 미소 짓던 너와
우리 둘이 함께 했던 많은 날과
따뜻하게 안아줬어
포근하게 나를
굳이 말하지 않아도
알던 서로의 마음

내게는 선명히 남아있어서
잊혀지지가 않아서
그래서 너를 떠날게

조금만 더 내게
다가와 주지 그랬어
한번 더 안아주지 그랬어
진작에 그렇게
사랑한다 말해줬으면
이렇게 끝나지는 않을 걸

진작에 그렇게
전화해주지 그랬어
내가 네 맘을 느낄 수 있게
진작에 그렇게
보고 싶다 말해줬으면
이렇게 끝나진 않을 걸
이제는 늦었어

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CLC 진작에 (It's Too Late) Comments
  1. •[Trashist]• K.

    Underrated song from an underrated group 😤👌

  2. Kevinnim

    i miss no oh oh era when this song came out

  3. si ninho


  4. Ha Sooyoung

    You don't know their voice

  5. Oreki Amv

    if your not stanning CLC your missing a LOT

  6. Calvin Mitchell

    Back, yet again, April 2019.


    CLC hwaiting! ♡♥♡

  8. yujin tokki

    fuck i miss them so much. cube what's up

  9. Mochiih :3

    Oooow Seungyeon voice😍❤

  10. Devoured by Hallyu



    I think it’s Yujin at 0:25

  12. maddsoul •

    CLC merece más reconocimiento y relevancia:')

  13. caratsparkle

    God I Love CLC's Ballads so muchhh

  14. InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU

    I'm older than all of them. ;w; Damn. I checked their birthdays. XD Oh well, I love this group.

    oh seunghee

    Loll me too!

  15. squirtle yerim

    pretty sure the beginning is seungyeon then yujin, not seunghee then sorn

  16. Wei Wei

    The best song of CLC

  17. Eileen Marquez

    Seunghee- Lavender
    Yujin- Green
    Seungyeon- Limelight Verde
    Sorn- Peachy Pink
    Yeeun- Sky Blue
    Elkie- Brown
    Eunbin- Azul Verde

  18. Edmer Marquez

    Seunghee- Lavender
    Yujin- Green
    Seungyeon- Lollipop Green
    Sorn- Pinkish Beige
    Yeeun- Sky Blue
    Elkie- Brown
    Eunbin- Greenish Blue

  19. family then bts no stupid friends

    betwen i like seunghee voice

  20. family then bts no stupid friends

    betwen i like seungnee voice

  21. family then bts no stupid friends

    please tell me who's the girl that sang the high not at the end.

    andre caetano

    Jihane Elabbassi Seunghee

  22. andre caetano

    I think
    0:13 Seungyeon
    0:24 Yujin
    2:42 Elkie
    3:14 Eunbin

    Chintya Dwiyanti

    up up up

    Rayto Fan

    I think you got all correct accept for 3:14,just my opinion

  23. GloWS

    i really like yeeun rap part ❤❤❤

    sad sushi

    Real Me everyone does

  24. Thee Awesomest

    Only if Yeeun didn't rap and sing, this would be a perfect ost! Cube should really let her sing too.

  25. Shinaej Zhang

    Eunbin, Elkie <3

  26. Andrea ML

    it sounds like a ost from a drama wow sp good

  27. Fung Charlotte

    2:41 not elkie?? i think is elkie's voice

    squirtle yerim

    definitely elkie

  28. tg.b

    sorn at hook part 😍😍😍

  29. Melody L

    My fave CLC song... 💜💜💜 relatable, 💔 but somehow, its comforting...

  30. Shay

    I think Yujin voice is extremely underrated she improved so much and is a really good singer!


    its 2019 and yujin is still underrated :( im really happy for sorn, yeeun and seungyeon who have many intl fans. i wish yujin was popular like them 😔

  31. psumoror

    I like Sunghee and Sorn voice.

  32. Edwa Chen

    I love this song so much. Thanks for sharing.

  33. jennyration

    i love sorn's voice too much

    krissanun kusadate

    me too ;)


    me toooo

  34. Lalice R.


  35. Rahel Alexandra

    this song helps me differentiate their voice

  36. youngji Paw


  37. BTOBJJANG 07

    the last one singing was seungyeon :3


    I think it's Seunghee.. Same voice quality with the first chorus she had.


    seunghee's the one hitting the high notes though... lol idk i think it's seungyeon by the way she sang the words


    @BTOBJJANG 07 Yeah it sounded like Seungyeon since they have almost the same husky voice.. I want to believe that's it Seungyeon.. but still want to see the LIVE VERSION! HEHEH

    Bina Bunnie

    +BTOBJJANG 07 They often do that in songs. She recorded the high notes and then the other part to.


    yes and when until the end its like seunghee's voice lol

  38. Abigail Kpopholic

    is that really Yoojin? woah!

  39. Hello Bye

    Love this song ♡

  40. Anime Jay

    Me and Sorn have the same birthday.

    je m'aime

    Same 18/11 💕


    Me and Eunbin too~~ 00.01.06 ❤️❤️ (and Shuhua)

    Alvin Cwk

    I am one day ahead of seungyeon's birthday

  41. Monichica Salsha Devina

    thanks for uploading❤

  42. Maxene Sanchez

    It's like Apink - The Wave

    TheShip FromNowhere

    @Pandie schz Same company. :-)

    H Luv

    +TheShip FromNowhere not any more.. Apink is under Plan A Entertainment(former name: Acube Entertainment).. Yes.. Acube Entertainment is under Cube Entertainment but after LOEN Ent bought 70%shares (whatever it is). Acube isn't under Cube Entertainment after that.. and Acube changed name to Plan a Entertainment..

    BTOPINK 'BTOB and APINK' Moment

    same music producer


    +H Luv i loved when they was together in the same ent before 😭😭

  43. Dovie Mel Oclida

    Wow! This is my favorite! Thanks for uploading!