Claypool Lennon Delirium, The - Little Fishes Lyrics

Mercury makes its way into
The skin of little fishes who
Swim across the vast and murky
Mucky, mild terrain

They make their way onto the dishes
Of men who gobble little fishes
As the mercury settles in
Their soft and supple brains

Gone are the days
Gone are the days
When you can stick your toes in without a second thought
Gone are the days
When you can get your mind wet without the fear of rot
Where did the Pillsbury Doughboy go wrong?
When did blingy little weasels kill the protest song?

When will the youth get on its hind legs?
Is the Golden Goose laying 3D printed eggs?
When will the Easter Bunny come
And hop it all away?

Gone are the days
Gone are the days
When you didn't need WiFi to help you find someone to kiss
Gone are the days
When your brand of genitalia would determine where to piss
Mr. Owl, he cheats to reach the center of the pop
Scarecrow, better hold your breath while Roundup's being doused upon your crops

When will the youth get on its hind legs?
Is the Golden Goose still laying 3D printed eggs?
When will Ben Kenobi come
And saber it all away?

Mercury makes its way into
The skin of little fishes who
Swim across the vast and murky
Mucky, mild terrain

They make their way onto the dishes
Of men who gobble little fishes
As the mercury settles in
Their soft and supple brains

Mercury makes its way into skins of little fishes who...

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Claypool Lennon Delirium, The Little Fishes Comments
  1. Cook moore

    Good lyrics with the great music

  2. Supa Dupa Hilton

    Who the hell else could ever play a bass like it was a sitar!?

  3. Yves Lecamp

    So fresh, so good !! Come in France / Luxemburg !!!

  4. moo

    Les Claypool should stop fucking around and play proper bass like Bill Wyman or Craig from Bros!

  5. Chris Hay

    Sean's wah work is the best nike ad ever.

  6. Anthony Pellegrino

    That bass playing 😭😭

  7. STICH666

    1:19 TOOL has entered the chat

  8. Steve Schroeder

    Lovin Lennon's guitar. Im sure Dad would be proud!

  9. Martin Leon

    The lalalala choro perfectly can be in a Beatles song

  10. Edgar ivan Galvan mix

    The claytool lennon floyd delirium'
    But it sounds real good

  11. Ramoonlight Last

    Vocal arrangements clearly influenced by The Who.

  12. Louigi Mantooth

    It is soooo great to see premium musicians at the highest level. Rock N Roll might Not be dead after all. So smooth and glorious for me to see and hear this.

  13. Rashid Rani

    I wish the drummer could be better in making the tune more interesting ala Ringo... Now you know why Best got sacked.

  14. monivideosable

    I feel, beatles, tool and Primus.

  15. Mason Mendes

    watch at .5 speed. its quite awesome

  16. highlander Immortal



    Best new music at this time. I hope Claypool Lennon Delirium keeps this good thing going!

  18. Chris Holton

    I would like to know what effects Les is using, especially at the beginning.

  19. Missus Poix

    I have to tell this story. I was at the Aladdin in the 90's in Vegas at a Primus show. Claypool had everyone so boggled and nuts the average person just cdn't handle it. They ripped out chairs bolted to the floor. I also remember watching the cord he had hanging out of his pocket swing in time with him during deep weird grooves. It was truly bizarre. He manipulates and warps time.

  20. Patricio Meza

    If you climb Les Claypool's pedalboard and fall from that height, you could die. That's how ridiculously big it is!

  21. Max Bernuzzi

    In the beginning it remember me Norwegian wood, isn't it?
    Very interesting music...I love Les since the early years of Primus.

  22. Jhonatan M.tarqui

    Ese bajo ctm. Less claypol crack

  23. Brad Anderson

    I just love them!

  24. RainmanCT

    sensored the word "piss"? why?

  25. Matthew Godbee

    Last minute of this song harkens to Yes Sound Chaser?

    Matthew Godbee

    Machine Messiah from Drama album

    Matthew Godbee

    Machine Messiah

  26. András Sárkány

    Kapunkban a hal áll!

  27. mondomacabro major

    solid gold

  28. Cracker

    everytime i listen to this i get goosebumps

  29. Alejandro Mtz Canales

    When I put this album in my cd player and this song begins to 'sound', my kids ask: "Is that The Beatles?" Of course, they've already listened to my fab four CDs collection. I try to do my best to save their music taste.

  30. Dillon Matthew’s


  31. Oscar Carrillo

    You can feel the vibe, it is mystical. Man is the definition of a good trip

  32. Knife Noob

    Cameraman has no clue. “ what’s it’s not the guitarist/ Lennon”? Lmao. Les honing his skill. Love it.

  33. Samylle Duarte


  34. The Nonsense Buffer

    Super fuck yeah! 👍...

  35. Ace

    What an incredible song

  36. 7Korat

    Claypool + Lennon > infinity

  37. The73313stofHaxors

    This performance just feels so, relaxing. Like, comparing it to the studio track, the guitar is not as loud and the vocals are softer. The bass tone has more of the iconic Les sound, and the synth is a lot quieter than when I saw them last weekend. This is probably my favorite version I have heard.

  38. Russell Solomon

    This song reminds me of Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish...

  39. Selfish Reindeer

    This is the only song i wish i could hear for the first time again...

  40. Timothy King

    Sean and Les are stellar here, obviously, and the guy on keys is killer, but this drummer deserves respect: not flashy, but solidly in the pocket. Every measure he plays is fantastic.

    Travis Dillard

    My thoughts also. Fits perfectly in with everything

  41. bassplayer10

    Love this. La la la.

  42. Howie S

    No More Tears?🛒

  43. Flux_Time


    like in any youtube video, ever

    Lance Beasley

    Not true... There's the south park intro!

  44. Paul Cachia

    Very nicely played out!

  45. Nikola Zdravkovic

    1:17 All fucking hell breaks loose!!! And mortals hail Les as the god of the slap bass riff :)

  46. White blotter

    Can I just say aside from Sean’s obvious talent at playing his guitar tone is amazing!


    it's beautiful. almost a vibration

  47. German Menendez

    Pink Floyd? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  48. Greg Patrick

    Cripes Sean can play, seriously..

  49. kyle h

    Love this track. Theres something very refreshing about it, i just cant place.

  50. I B

    Sean doesn't half look like his dad...and his mum come to think of it...

  51. BrettC11B

    Sounds like a mixture of Primus and some early work from Pink Floyd.

  52. mikepete25

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say Claypool wrote this one.

  53. 0000song0000

    Kudos to the mixing engineer

    The Current

    Thank you! Michael DeMark works hard to make these sound great.


    @The Current thank you. (You should totally add his name on the credits of the vids he mixed to. It seems "silly" but a lot of people do not balance the mix properly. He has cutted the right frequencies of each instrument so everything sounds clear. Beautiful, skillfully done (specially in a live performance, it makes me think he already knows what frequencies he likes before hand for the genre... Truly awesome)

    The Current

    @0000song0000 Thanks so much for the kind words. We'll make sure Michael sees them. Adding the credits in the text is a great suggestion too. We add a slate at the end (05:44), but putting his credit in the text makes a lot of sense too; not everyone watches all the way to the end. Glad you found and enjoyed the song!

  54. dereksmallsuk

    Is this a new Tool cover?

  55. 21stCenturySchizoid-D

    Me: music has mostly been uninteresting for the last 20 years.

    Les/Sean: hold on... we got this...

  56. - AmbieticA -

    This is one of the most amazing compositions I've heard in years!

  57. Roku

    I want this version on Spotify!! lol It's so much better than the on the album.

  58. Ruben Rivera

    Whats the guitar model that Sean is using?

  59. Acid001

    It's weird but, oddly enough I like it. You expect odd music with anything Claypool is involved in.

  60. José Frías


  61. Jeff Harrison

    4 great musicians making great prog/psychedelic/rock/jam music.I bet these guys don't use auto tune like most of today's "stars" do.

  62. Juan Carlos L

    Excelente banda!

  63. Tyson Dorsey


  64. have a great day

    See you at showbox the 24th

  65. Corey Fellows

    Man... It's like....
    No Yoko=maybe one more Beatles album.... Maybe

    +Yoko= no Beatles... But... You get this.......

    That's a head scratcher

  66. Corey Fellows

    I thought it was a radio head cover for a moment...

  67. Tim Gallegos

    The bass player always plays lead with his bass guitar in all his bands and he slaps it , my ears of corn hates that, get a bass player...

  68. Dave Suddreth

    Bass playing at its best! I love this band!

  69. Олег Горбунов

    the keyboardist must be sweating hot in his sheepskin coat!

  70. Олег Горбунов

    The lonely Rocker digs this kinda music!

  71. Matheus Matheus

    we should talk about claypool's quadridimensional pedalboard

    Brandon Hofmann

    its fucking insane

    Bel Bib Fork

    The one that looks like organ pedals is a foot bass player

    Ryan Murtha

    he's playing 4D chess

  72. Hanade Eríd Dá.


  73. Jamie Hibbs

    Tool meets the Beatles. Not bad, but not gonna run to Itunes for it either. Just my opinion.

  74. whatsuphotdog

    J Mascis?? haha

  75. Jason

    Now I have to get this album.

  76. Joris van Dijk

    The bass player made and sang the song for the South Park theme song.

    Something to think about and blow your mind with.

    Corey Fellows

    Nothing gets past this guy.....

  77. Frankincensed

    I’m hearing Dead, Crimson, Floyd, Beatles, all kinds of stuff. I think I’ve found my new favorite band. Wow!

  78. Adam Tinkoff


  79. mshine67

    This is like listening to Zappa if he made sense. I'm starting to digg Sean's work, because honestly, if Les Claypool is playin in it, I'm there. So kuddos to both of them for taking a chance on each other.
    That Bass string bend gets me everytime! Brilliant trigger for the change.

    Alexánder Rodríguez

    If he made sense?

  80. mdh6977

    Any time les picks up a bass i will listen

  81. Joe Murray

    A chrome jaguar just might be one of the coolest guitars you could own (just noticed it’s not a fender - anyone have any idea what brand?)

  82. Josh Nichols

    30 plus years of writing and Claypool is still going on about the fishes. Love it!


    Josh Nichols his father is a fisherman and a huge influence in Les’s life

    Robert Schauer

    @CkYAll1anc3 I think, before my days are done, I want to be a fisherman.

    that dude

    White people destroying the world breh


    @Robert Schauer No you don't. It's hard fucking work

  83. Gabriel61

    Very interesting. A super creative and expressive collaboration overall...and a REFRESHING change to the auto-tuned vocals and PC engineered drum track garbage called pop created by people who work off apps and PC software with no musicianship skills.

  84. Jochen Hansen

    Great music and avangarde lyrics👌

  85. Jeff Andersen

    they should recreate the two virgins album cover, w/Les as John and Sean as Yoko ....that would be a good idea

    Tim Prescott

    Jeff Andersen No!

    Jeff Andersen

    @Tim Prescott looking back, truly one of the worst ideas i have ever shared

    Tim Prescott

    Jeff Andersen 🤣🤣🤣! It’s OK man. We all have our regrets!🤣🤣🤣

  86. MerkinMuffly

    Lennon actually seems to push Claypool towards a more melodic bass style.

  87. Richard Smith

    4:31 That sound. Only les claypool :) It's like he plays his bass inside out or something.

  88. Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema

    Pink Floyd

  89. john wynkoop

    This music makes me so happy. Thanks for these albums and please make more.

  90. Rob E. Holguin

    Sean Taro Ono Lennon/Les Claypool

  91. Rob E. Holguin

    Its called "Wickedness!"...
    Les is a musical genius.

  92. pseudosun

    I respect this. This groups fills a void.

  93. Jesse Wright

    Claypool over uses the fuck out of that old radio microphone .

  94. Al Coholic

    I’m really digging the chemistry these guys have together. They Gel very well. 👍

  95. Marcel Poitras

    _Make Sure You's Fallow Smoke!, Make Shure You Fellows Rich Yer Pond!

  96. S_P_O'Narge

    I would like to be a hat salesman when this band are in town.

  97. Ronnie Guitar

    Kind of like Sean's (ex?) girlfriend's band. Doesn't sound the same but still, psychedelic music for the 21st Century I guess.

  98. Ron yanai

    As usual, half Lennon - half sucks

  99. Christian Pazzas

    It's probably been mentioned, but the intro sounds a lot like Norwegian Wood to me, melodically. Maybe that was intentional? Either way, I dig these guys, can't believe I'm only JUST hearing them. Thanks YouTube algorithm!