Clay Aiken - When You Say You Love Me Lyrics

I've been watching you, from a far and the way you make your way around the bar. You laugh like your really entertained and
you smile like its your favorite game. Now your moving closer to me and our eyes are connected emotionally. I'm not looking
for a one night stand, Or a place for a broken heart to mend, I know everybody hear wants to hold ya. I know what it's like
cause i feel the same. When you look in my eyes there's a part of me that's still afraid.

And when you say you love me do you mean it, baby when you hold me do you feel it? Should I believe in magic in your eyes,
I would wait until the end of time to hear you say you love me like you mean it, baby when you hold me make me feel it. All
i wanna do is make you mine I've been hurt way too many times.

They say if you wanna make god laugh, then all you gotta do is tell him your plans. I know that the timing's not right,
Didn't know that I would meet you tonight. Its not that i don't really like the attention, I feel like the only man in the
room. Are you really sincere, is this just something that you do?


Again and Again and again I've been hurt my friend till the end..., You know I've been high i've been low I got no plaace else
left to go, again and again and again when will this search ever end?


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Clay Aiken When You Say You Love Me Comments
  1. Bree Garrett

    This song honestly describes how I feel about someone

  2. childflowr

    So very many spelling errors, I had to stop watching the screen.

    Lisa Bertolini

    your, its, hear, omg horrible! lol

  3. Aikenclay P

    Love this song. What a voice Clay has. Just beautiful....Perfect man perfect song!!!!!!

  4. Willow Whiteflame

    I love Clay my first Youtube account was claymate15

  5. Shadowthehedgehog024

    it's cool!

  6. breeberrieful

    It's so rare to find a "pop"song sung by Clay, the man with the voice of an angel. I mean most of his songs are classics, but it's refreshing to hear something like this. Makes me feel relatable to Clay in a way of having crushes and stuff like that now. It really is nice for a teenager like me :)

  7. idofitz

    with that southern draw he should out a country album and besides that i would like to see how he does the standards from franks and tony's era

  8. shadow22886

    @clayloveable darren hayes wrote it, listen to his version

  9. Aikenclay P

    I love this song.....Thanks Clay for your wonderful voice and all your songs, so far I have loved all I've heard....Still listening to them over and over...Once in awhile I find one I haven't heard or not heard in a long time....But they always feel like I am hearing them for the first time....Love you, Clay Aiken!!

  10. Maria Blente

    Great cover! I always loved this song, never knew anyone covered it! Very true to the original, and just beautifully sung. Thanks.

  11. Emilie Posey

    i love this song!!!!! my baby made me listen to it last night and then told me he dedicated it to me i love him so so much!!!! i dont where he has been all this time but im so happy i found him!!!! i love you jason!!!!

  12. FreeAtLast111

    Awesome Song