Clay Aiken - I Will Carry You Lyrics

Yeah I know it hurts, Yeah I know you're scared walking down the road that leads to who knows where. Don't you hang your
head don't you give up yet when courage starts to disappear I will be right here.


When your world breaks down and the voices tell you turn around. When your dreams give out I will carry you, carry you.
When the stars go blind and the darkness starts to flood your eyes. When you're falling behind, I will carry you.

Everybody cries, Everybody bleeds, No one ever said that lifes an easy thing. Thats the beauty of it, when you lose your
way, close your eyes and go to sleep and wake up to another day.


You should know now that you're not alone. Take my heart and we will find, you will find, your way home.

When your dreams give out I will carry you, carry you. When the stars go blind and the darkness starts to flood your eyes.
When you're falling behind, I will carry you, carry you, I will carry you, carry you, I will carry you, carry you, I will
carry you.

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Clay Aiken I Will Carry You Comments
  1. Zoe B

    It’s currently 2019 and when I was younger I would listen to this all the time when my parents would fight! 10 years later after there divorce this still makes me cry... love love love this song

  2. Lily Gardner

    I love this song I always have

  3. kazuki takeda

    good hard millions best rocks cover

  4. Becky S

    this song got me through tough sure has meaning

  5. Rowen Strife

    Marcus x Wrench Naruto x Sasuke and Altair x Malik.

  6. dreamsofdementia

    Nice video I love it... What's the song you used for your outro?

  7. Amber Bante

    I was hoping that Clay and George Michael would do a duet together someday as Clay's got that melodious but powerful voice like George had. :(

  8. Chris Mc Evoy

    I will carry you Tracci.

  9. Chris Mc Evoy

    I will carry you in my heart forever Tracci.

  10. Elizabeth Jent

    Reminds me of my older sister that lives very far away from me. I love and miss you sis😭😭

  11. Erin Downing

    I hear this song & i think about how when our world breaks down , when the voices of this evil world tells us to turn around , when our dreams give out , when the stars go blind , when darkness starts to flood our eyes , when we've fallen behind. That Jesus Christ & our hope & faith in him will carry us through it all.

  12. Maria

    Перевод текста песни 
    Clay Aiken - I Will Carry You

    Да, я знаю это и больно, Да, я знаю, что ты боишься шел по дороге, которая ведет, кто знает, где. Не вешать 
    голову тебе не бросить все же, когда мужество начинает исчезать Я буду здесь. 


    Когда ваш мир распадается и голоса сказать вам развернуться. Когда ваши мечты выдавать я буду нести тебя, перенесет вас. 
    Когда звезды слепнут, и темнота начинает наводнения глаза. Когда вы отстали, я буду нести вас. 

    Everyboday крики, все кровоточит, никто никогда не говорил, что жизни легкая вещь. Вот это красота, когда вы теряете 
    Кстати, закрыть глаза и уснуть и проснуться в другой день. 


    Вы должны знать теперь, что вы не одиноки. Возьми мое сердце, и мы найдем, вы найдете, ваш путь домой. 

    Когда ваши мечты выдавать я буду нести тебя, перенесет вас. Когда звезды слепнут, и темнота начинает наводнения глаза. 
    Когда вы отстали, я буду нести вас, перенесет вас, я буду нести вас, перенесет вас, я буду нести вас, перенесет вас, я буду

  13. Maya Angelique

    i feel old rembering a road trip and listening to this song.. im 14 now :) :p

  14. Mary Wheaton

    Love this song sung by Clay, he has such a heartwarming voice, I always listen to all his songs, his voice is unique and he puts so much emotion in his songs, just love him for his voice and the wonderful human being he is!

  15. Violet Midnight

    Really nice ideo! I love this song! I did a cover of it but did it more of a ballad. I will video response it. Hope you like it!

  16. scr1231

    Lovely video.

  17. Cannyy deal

    Yay ! I found it again ! c:

  18. VelvetGal5

    Today, I'm in a mood to listen to listen to Clay Aiken songs afterhours as I'm finishing stuff at work. I'm in a Kelly Clarkson & Clay Aiken song mood this evening. And I'm going to put the trifecta of my favorite Clay Aiken songs - the three songs that have words that hold the most meaning to me - "I Will Carry You", "I Survived You", & "Measure of a Man" because that's what I'm experiencing & feeling right now. I like to put songs each week that match how I'm feeling & what I'm thinking.

  19. Aikenclay P

    Love this song so much! Love Clay Aiken more and more every time I listen to him which is everyday / night... Just can't get enough of Clay's beautiful voice.
    Thank you, Sage Wolfe for posting this and the wonderful montage.... Great job!!

  20. HJAlebeav

    I always think of Inuyasha when I hear this.

  21. Entropy Ti

    whenever i hear this song I think of Until Death Do Us Part Manga , every word of this song stand for the Manga story

  22. Aliyah Vance

    I love Clay Aiken songs! They make me feel so peaceful. I didn't know what the song was when I was little, so I called it the "help song" ^//^

    Adam Thomas

    omg that's so wholesome

  23. Aliyah Vance

    which anime is that?

  24. Willow Whiteflame

    I always love this song and all Clay's songs I used to
    sing them but my singing voice is gone for some reason =/ Weird.....

  25. BillieCarson

    2:18 Sgt. Frog!!!!!!!!

  26. BillieCarson

    2:00 Sakura!!!!!!!!

  27. BillieCarson

    0:23 Shinji!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. happyldsgirl

    Whenever I listen to this song, I always imagine Jesus saying to me. :)

    Alan Baker

    Typical bible thumper.

  29. PurpleMoonlight812

    Nice Linkin Park at the end there.

  30. Kelsey Elaine

    Omg Clay is so awesome his music has so much meaning to me.. They r inspiring... and he's the greatest

  31. Molly Weasley

    When i was little, he was my favorite singer. When I got a bit older, he made me want to become a singer. Now, I'm going through so much shit and he's helping me push through it. Thank you, Clay<3

  32. jade hamilton

    also about my brother we go to omaha every 4 to 6 monthes so we can take proper care of him he is also only 4 years old when he was 3 he had brokeb=n more bones then his own age he broke his first bone at the age of 8monthes to 1 year old

  33. jade hamilton

    my brother has brittle bone disease sadly but the childrens miricle network in omaha have people go on the radio and talk about their child on there with a disorder my mom talked on the radio and this was the song they played my brother is strong though he will be strong and thank god he has a low case of oi ostiogenis imperfecta (brittle bone disease)

  34. mlgsythic

    1 Person is scared, hurt, and gave up.

  35. pyro sickfires

    ikr :)

  36. AnimeWannaBe1

    i love this song <3 Awesome how you incorperated some anime into the vid. Gotta love Clay <3 good job

  37. sopranosingingalto

    I dedicated this song to my friend, McKinley. She's my best friend ever. She always has to go through her life. It's so rough for her. Her parents don't get her, she's dating a player, and she's totally lost. I'm always there for her, she can always trust me. Nobody else gets her, but I do. So the other day when she was sad and depressed, I sent her this. She started crying and hugged me the next day. This has a deep meaning to me, I can relate. :) Love you, Chika!

  38. Selena

    This song is so PRO!!! Go Clay Aiken, you're the best!!! XD

  39. pyro sickfires

    my boyfriend sended this to me..i cant stop crying,im so touched..

  40. bluebird524

    love it this songs so cool

  41. Sylvia25100

    how much i love this song!!!!!!!! so beautiful!!!! clay aiken is really fantastic!!!

  42. Erin

    i love the pictures that are used for this song. its such a powerful song to me

  43. Jessica Dawn Newcomb

    this song is about somebody that will carry you when your life gets rough

  44. Twisted Lunatic

    This song is so powerful. I love it!

  45. Jade N Kelly

    Where did you get the pictures, anyway? There's one picture I found in that video that I'd like to see out of the video. =D

  46. Sage Wolfe

    the music playing at the end is "a place for my head" by linkin park :]

  47. Jade N Kelly

    Wow! 2:15 has a picture of one of my favorite manga characters, I'm positive! x3

    She's so cool! This song kind of reminds me of her... well, not as if she's the one saying it, but somebody's saying it to her. LoL Sorry, rambling.

  48. T.D.C.


    I still LOVE this song. <3