Claudio, Sabrina - Messages From Her Lyrics

Look how you found me
No one else sees this but you, but you
'Cause once you told me
If something's missing in me
To go and find it in you

A piece of me ain't there
'Cause nothing can compare
To life when I was young
That girl inside me stays
If I'm not here for me
She will be there


Look how you found me
A broken part enough for two
For me and you
Just reminiscence of the best parts of my youth
I wish I was her for good

A piece of me ain't there
'Cause nothing can compare
To life when I was young
That girl inside me stays
If I'm not here for me
She will be there


Messages from her
Messages to her
Messages from her
Messages to her
Messages from her
Messages to her

If I'm not here for me
She will be

A piece of me ain't there
'Cause nothing can compare
To life when I was young
That girl inside me stays
If I'm not here for me
She will be there

Look how you found me
Searching for messages from you

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Claudio, Sabrina Messages From Her Comments
  1. Fhulufhelo Maseko

    I'm in love with this woman

  2. Ezekiel Ziervogel

    I found another new singer, I love youtube !!!!!

  3. J. Cheri

    I hate being a researcher... another one who uses black dollars to make profit but hates black women... smh what a waste. NEWSFLASH: IF YOU ARE PUERTO RICAN YOU ARE BLACK!

  4. Utkarsh Rawat

    who is here from on my block?????

  5. mayala.

    With a title like that and a female singer, I went straight to the comments expecting people to comment about *~let's go lesbians let's go~* but instead found beautiful stories and people who connect to this song, instead of people who glorify their sexuality, and I'm not disappointed, and actually this is what I see from the comments

    50% people who came from on my block
    40% pretty stories and people who connect to this song

  6. Queen Irodel

    Every word every sound every lyrics describes my world in all her songs😭😭😭

  7. Ae26 e

    what you call angelic.

  8. riri yay

    im so hype for sitw 😭😭

  9. Erin Mageer

    You sound like billie

  10. Ashleigh Mapunde

    sade vibes

  11. sivenathi yekeni

    shes talking to her inner self right "messages from"' ?

  12. Sofia Randal

    I like this whisper singer. I heard she a racist

  13. Sandra Jimenez Dominguez

    Leí Hidden (Karila Aistarabaw I) 🧕🐍🍷en wattpad y esta canción estaba como canción recomendada, encontré diamantes de melodías. 🎶💖

  14. isabella G

    Who's listening to this December 11,2019 3:35 am

  15. Ab_ Lws

    Y’all Netflix’s serving some good music too. Not just movies and series 🙌

  16. Ash Vlogs

    Her voice truly relaxes me. 💜

  17. FaZe Through your walls

    What movie is this song in?

  18. Liana Rivera

    See my cover of sabrina claudio

  19. coco

    The pillow is wet

  20. malibongwe sifolo

    Hypnotised by her voice

  21. Angel Perez

    This song touches me in places I’ve never been touched. 💫

  22. Kyla Casey

    still my favorite video of hers! the song + the aesthetic of this video speaks to me in a way i can't articulate :'(

  23. Tildie Scalé

    this reminds me so much of time by hans zimmer and i bloody love it!

  24. Carlie


  25. Петр Киселев

    Бомба 💥

  26. Valeria Velasquez

    4.13 gold

  27. Ash Lopez

    I love this song. It captures exactly how I’ve felt for a while. Lol Thank you.

  28. Sandra Jimenez Dominguez

    ¿Podrás sacar este arte en español?🤗

  29. 3.0 Peat

    damn!!! i love this woman

  30. Juan Pablo Diaz

    I wanna trip to this song all day long in a dreamm i could stay with that landscape

  31. pele channel Francisco


  32. Hail josephine

    somethings missing..

  33. frank frimin

    the only beautiful singer with name sabrina... not lik3 other sabrina's

  34. Dave Hanson

    That may have been me at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on November 7th weeping uncontrollably during this song.

  35. Whitney Renales

    Your songs are truly underrated, I love every one of them😩😍

  36. Kendra Dade

    My daughter Willow hums with this song and sings along to it the best she can for only being 1 month shy of two year old. She loves listening to this after she wakes up from her Chemotherapy infusion into her spinal fluid procedures. This and Stand Still are so soothing that she wakes up out of Anastasia easier. #SabrinaClaudio #CancerSucks #Willow'sJourney-onFB

    Sandy Naylor

    God BLESS Willow,you and your family,in Jesus NAME I PRAY.

    Kendra Dade

    Thank you Sandy Naylor ❤

  37. winwin’s elf ear

    why does she have to be racist :// this song slaps

  38. b nix

    I Loved her from the first time I heard her.. Her sultry, raspy, voice is so hypnotic and amazing!!!

  39. Nicholas Trill

    I haven’t felt connected to a song like I am to this one.I can’t thank my friend enough for introducing me to Sabrina,I love love this.And her whole aesthetic.

  40. Hana May

    Fucking amazing

  41. Peachy D

    This song is so beautiful Sabrina I cry every time I listen to it. 💛

  42. Zahara rene

    I'm here because of On My Block

  43. Happiness Charles

    Love this song 😭😭

  44. Karabo serumula

    Perfect song for introverts.

  45. nikki estrada

    Thank you for this piece of art ❤❤

  46. pa da

    We just left your show at house of blues at Mandalay Bay your the worst performer iv never seen we waited 2 hours for the show to start we finally just left your a pathic performer thanks for the no show and to everybody going to her shows be prepared to wait 2 plus hours in a burning hot theater with no opening act never again you should be ashamed I am no longer your fan.


    pa da upset much😂

    pa da

    @timi340 u ain't shit brush u off big L

  47. Ashley Raymond

    Can’t stop violently crying to this. Lord knows I need work. I’ve always had a habit of looking at old pics and videos of my younger self, over and over again, every single day. I want her to know that I see her. When nobody hugged her, cherished her, I do. When nobody said I love you, kissed away her tears, reassured her that you’re greater. I will tell her every day, for the rest of my life.

  48. Mr Krazy

    Oi, Donna! I Still Love You AND Will Always Love YOU! Foreva & Always My Smexy Awesum Aussie

  49. Baring My Soul

    I have everything you’ve put out and listen to it over and over and over.... keep it going Sabrina, and you will be the next Sade!!


    3 700 000

  51. Honey K.

    This song makes me hella emotional

  52. Eleanor Keliwin

    I feel sad listening to this song,idkw

  53. Shay B

    felt so profound in a simple way I want to cry

  54. Ainagul Mukan

    Thank you.

  55. grilled cheese

    omg where is this place?

  56. Siyamthanda Msomi

    Messages from South Africa 🇿🇦😁❤️

  57. Jared Greathouse

    A collab with Alina Baraz, NAO, SZA or Ari Lennox would be legendary. The world isn't ready for that much soul in one place, but I know I am

  58. Jeruk Pasir

    Sederhana tapi enak

  59. Yeen Senood

    Who come over here bcs the singer’s really has pure art in every single of her song?

  60. Brion Moyd

    Shut up about on my block.

  61. desr278

    After listening 20 times today, my heart finally let me cry.


    This racist girlie makes nice music

  63. Beatrice BYBY

    playback speed 1.25 is better this version ! ❤️

    Tem Tiagha

    It was interesting but I didn't think better

  64. babyysaff

    everytime i listen to her music i just get so annoyed she's so underrated

    Baby gazelle3190

    babyysaff Let her be our diamond in the rough for as long as possible 😔 once she gets sucked into the mainstream media her music won’t be magical anymore.

  65. starstone


  66. Jaqueline Duprey

    I love you 💋🌻✌🏼

  67. Chevrohn McBean

    She should have a remix of this song with H.E.R

  68. Quent in

    She’s giving me Rihanna vibes

  69. Felipe Silva

    Best Voice 😍

  70. Jae Gil


  71. ChillzakaIceman

    when you fell down & said "Oooh" & the other you looked back. I love it

  72. Sphelele xulu

    Gets me every time ❤️

  73. Emm Avi

    This song relates to me in so many ways. I absolutely love it! If I could sing, this is her song that I would cover. So much depth

  74. Fatima Webster


    This makes me so emotional 😣😘


  75. Wan WAN

    omg, so artistic,n shes amazing in her style, her voice n the music n her music video

  76. Ayla Baha


  77. RYADz


  78. Jamie B

    Definitely fka twigs vibe...loving it though

  79. Yaely Ramirez

    About a year ago my ex boyfriend walked out of my life...I had a hurt so much I guess at the time he didn’t know what I was going through.. it still hurt till this day what boyfriend walks out when their girlfriend is going through deep shit...

  80. Mudassir Kazmi

    Tysm billie baby for this queen 👑

  81. sunita thakur

    When she says messages from her I feel like someone is calling me from heaven. Totally in love with her

  82. Hel De Baňo


  83. nicholus sibisi

    She's racist and i just can't listen to her music knowing she's part of the problem we as black people face everyday can't support this woman

  84. Alondra Martinez

    What is this song about? How would you interpret it?

    Staci Smith

    Alondra Martinez To me, it sounds like she’s talking about her inner child which is the person we were when we were younger & at our most innocent. It’s like a call out to your younger child that’s inside of you, to reminisce but also to ask for advice & help because your younger self had no responsibilities & you were happy & content.

  85. Raul Fernandes


  86. Isis Patino

    Absolute favorite song. This made me cry first time I heard it but like happy tears when u discover something that makes you feel good.

    Seeing her tonight in Portland so excited to have my soul on the same vibration as hers ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  87. tala

    1:46 close your eyes and tell me she doesn't sound like Billie eilish

  88. ʍǟʀɨɛ T

    This is too deep inside.

  89. felix hidalgo

    Beautiful voice

  90. Egzon Behrami

    Hmmmm sounds familiar

  91. John Castellenas

    Amazing song dear Sabrina. Thank you.

  92. London Smith

    The new Sade.

  93. seshan marshall

    If I’m not here for her,she will be ✍🏾💋🔥🔥🔥🔥👑💯🤞🏾🚨

  94. seshan marshall

    #Elevation ❣️❣️❣️