Claudio, Sabrina - Me In Her Lyrics

She even has my curl pattern
And her world lives in her hazel eyes
Was it by mistake
That you found someone whose body favors most of mine?
But I bet she doesn't know how much you need your pillow talk
'Cause I bet she doesn't like when you become too emotional

She has (She has) it all (It all)
But all she's missing is a piece of my heart
I've had (I've had) it all (It all)
No matter what, you'll never find me in her

She even has her life set up
And her mind is where it's supposed to be
Was it by mistake
That you found someone who sees her future just like me?
But I bet she can't imagine spending her whole life with you
And damn, I wish you would at least pretend
That you don't want her too

She has (She has) it all (It all)
But all she's missing is a piece of my heart
I've had (I've had) it all (It all)
No matter what, you'll never find me in her

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Claudio, Sabrina Me In Her Comments
  1. Carolina Aristizabal

    I cannot get enough of this haunting song

  2. D Joseph33778

    This Is Hard. YeahMan

  3. Edgar Faria

    Yeah this is my favourite from you. This song makes me feel intoxicated.

  4. wolfbabe

    I die while she lives

  5. Nia J

    I loveeeeeeee her, omg I'm so glad I came across her, I can listen to her nonstop, smh don't even have to skip a's so relaxing, while smoking, zoning out listening to her ❤❤

  6. YourstrulyNiah 1


  7. NeeCee Martinez

    No matter what you'll never find me in her

  8. Happiness Charles

    Wow, this song is amazing

  9. Richard M

    This is so sexy it hurts

  10. Jacqueline Jeans

    Love this song

  11. Sindisiwelopaa

    Someone please help me where do I press to like this song 100 times

  12. xcellnt.

    damn I love the instrumentation and her voice over it

  13. Mustafa Murtaza

    "But I bet she' cant imagine spending her whole life with you"
    Sabrina Claudio killed it, everything about this song is beautiful

  14. Armed Astronaut #1

    Todas las mujeres en mi vida ninguna tienen ese pedacito Rico de su corazommmmmm.

  15. Rolling Stone

    Masterpiece 😩✨

  16. grace chadderdon

    i love this song so much it’s so beautiful

  17. don't make unnecessary journeys

    I really wanted to go to your concert in Europe but you don't even sing my favourite songs on the album which are me in her, on my shoulders and hurt people. I have to say that I'm am really dissapointed and sad about this. No hate. I really LOVE you but that makes me really sad

  18. Imani Cobb

    I love this song 🔥🔥🔥✨✨♍️♍️

  19. Natasha Nkadimeng

    When she said "But I bet she can't imagine spending her whole life with you." I started feeling sorry for that man I loved so much...

  20. lindalately

    “No matter what you’ll never find me in her”

  21. gihovanni chapa

    Damn this girl is oooon fire, WTF!!!!

  22. Tim Spartakus

    Im addicted to this style its different and my drug of choice


    Yesssss mee too! So melancholy and smooth as fuck.#vibe vibe

  23. Alex Cadeau

    Brava👏👏bellissima voce😉

  24. Tajhia Stovall


  25. Paledi R

    No matter what, you'll never find me in her

  26. Windy trinofa Bata



    “She even has my curl pattern”



    Baby your beautiful. Fck whoever hurt u, thats they loss

  28. Manuel Apolinar

    She makes me feel really sexy and I'm a grown ass man. 😂 Good shit! 💪😎

  29. Art Jutsu

    I thought the title of the song was going to be about her giving head to a girl smh :/


    Art Jutsu jesus

  30. Christopher Lynn Johnson

    This a Hot Record! Bravo!

  31. Leticia ms

    Perfeição 💚💙💛

  32. dhanifa official


  33. IDK Bros Studios

    H.E.R and Sabrina
    Their teams better
    make it happen

    Also I love the beginning of this song

  34. alora danon

    Holy shit

  35. Shiva's Chimera

    Savory sound's and eye pleasing.

  36. latris johnson

    Picture this raining night,wine, cognacand this song? Anybody feeling it?

  37. Dreamz

    M favorite off the album ❤️❤️

  38. Dominique Calanas

    Sabrina dropping all these songs damn someone's working hard

  39. Soleany Rivera

    This reminds me of her song creation

    Kristina Williams

    Yess I get that vibe too


    Yeah it has similar lyrics

    Karima Woods

    Soleany Rivera sane

  40. Mar Y Sol

    Cant relate. He got with a completely different looking person. 👍

  41. AngelHeadedHipster MashUpz



  42. Naomi Herrera

    Can someone please tell me her set list for the show she had at the house of blues in Anaheim on sept 25th..? There was a song that I can’t seem to find anywhere. help.

  43. Steffy Reang Bru

    This is so good!

  44. Star J

    I bet she can’t do it like me cause she’s no me

  45. Makayla Wormley

    She cannot failllllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. Nadine Martinez

    This hit me 😍😍

  47. Frank Black

    " I bet she don't know how much u need your pillow talk 🔥🔥🔥⚓💦⚓💦

    Best verse from the whole album

  48. Jed Madridano

    My wig??

  49. Squidward Tentacals

    omigod finally

  50. LaLa Thornton

    💕Loving this vibe...repeat x’s 4

  51. flytjsosweet

    I think this my favorite song off the album. Babbbbbeeeeeyyy these vocals are everything Sabrina sung her ass off. I definitely can’t wait to hear this one live when I go see her this month.

  52. bilsamils

    I’m in love with her

  53. Amina Mechri

    Couldn't decided what's my favorite song with all the singers dropping songs on the 4th seriously 😳🤯❤️

  54. Adrienne Tonetti

    I'm overly addicted to this song !!!so relatable

  55. Whitney Blockman

    Pure gold.

  56. Rexhina Ruci

    I love her soul 🥰

  57. Yesenia Yanez

    I dont fangirl for anyone, however this young lady brings the Venus out in me. She makes me see my worth through her songs.

  58. Ayanda Thwala

    I'm still convinced that she might have Multiple Personality disorder.


    Lol why you say that?🤔

    Yasser Luna



    Ayanda Thwala I agree

  59. swright4twenty

    Meditated, worked out, ate a good breakfast, almost done with my gallon of water and then I see that Sabrina dropped a new song and now my day is complete.

  60. JJ m

    Godess 🖤

  61. Stacey

    Just amazing as the others ❤❤

  62. Radwa elsheikh

    Wtf That's sf good

  63. Xxx Ih

    Is it me or do the lyrics make it seem like she’s talking about Zayn and Gigi.... idk

  64. Lexis Williams


  65. LULUandBELLA

    Seeing her for the second time 💗💕💗💕💗💕
    My wife & I absolutely love her
    Best voice
    PERIOD 😉

  66. Nomvuselelo Phoswa

    I needed this song like a year ago when ex cheated but anyway don't mind going through those emotions again

  67. DJ_Dell

    좋긴 좋은데,
    사브리나 목소리가 더 돋보이는 곡이 좋은듯. 그래도 사브리나의 매력이란💜

  68. iloée cavalier

    how can i stay alive with this in my ears omg 🥰🥰🥰

  69. woowoolip

    im not ready for this album AAHHHHH that vibe that sensual feeling that voice. im living for it

  70. Aubrey

    Sabrina got my WHOLE life together with this album!!! Love her vibe 😎

  71. hey gurl

    *I already see sabrina feeling herself in another music video*

  72. here i am rockyoulikeahurricane


  73. Joyce Souza Legendas

    Oh gosh, your voice and your vibe is everything. I love you so much, 😭❤️❤️❤️

  74. vonneal1

    She's a whole vibe. She's the modern day Sade... Sabrina darling, you have my vote! Keep doing what you're doing!

  75. Erika Paragoso

    ughhhh every song you make just.... gets me.

  76. Khya Marshall

    Sabrina always knows the mood ❤️

  77. 1thmaam

    Yeah I’m ready for that Jhene Aiko x Sabrina Claudio collab

    Mikara Mahnke

    1thmaam same

  78. JPineda

    Living for this era!! You never fail us Sabrina! Love youu!!

  79. Anne Gella

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️Felt that

  80. Amelia ora

    just another amazing song

  81. RaphaCool Johnson


  82. Christoffer Hoff

    This girl is so original

  83. Larissa Younes

    wow!!!! LOVE ITTTT! can't wait for the rest of the album

  84. Jani Silverlake07


  85. Jani Silverlake07


  86. ThanoΣ 1914

    I will be seeing Sabrina live in concert October 31st!!! Omg I can’t wait!

    Manuel Apolinar

    I will see her the next day! October 1st. I already have my tickets!

    ThanoΣ 1914

    Manuel Apolinar that’s gonna be a treat!!

  87. Inas Benchahboun

    First beat drop 😍

  88. Jev

    Sabrina you are simply amazing and your creativity never ceases to amaze me as a artist I can only hope to be this fire

  89. DaOneFame only

    Yaaaas queen 😍 😍 Beautiful song!! On repeat!

  90. Valluva Akash

    I woke up to these notifications : Sabrina Carpenter, Sabrina x ZAYN, Summer Walker, Chris Brown.
    Trust me when I say I haven't even imagined a day like this

  91. Iyam Peace

    here you go again ❤❤❤❤

  92. maria da penha gomes

    Sou a única brasileira aqui ?

  93. Ziyed Hamrouni

    I need more songs similar to "on my shoulders". This one is so good tooooo

  94. Chantelle Jeradi

    Loved it before i even heard it