Claudio, Sabrina - Holding The Gun Lyrics

My love for you is infinite
I'd ride and die and live in it
And if my life depends on it
I'd use my last breath to tell you this

I'll make excuses
And I'll keep all your secrets
I will take your bullets
Even if it were you holding the gun

Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh
Even if it were you holding the gun
(Oh, oh, oh)
Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh
Even if it were you holding the gun
(Oh, oh, oh)

I'll always stand by you
No matter how many times that you pushed me down
I'll feel the need to
I'll always pray for you
I'll always lay by you
No one in the world, nothing they can say that'll make me not want to

And I'll make excuses
And I'll keep all your secrets
I will take your bullets
Even if it were you holding the gun

Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh
Even if it were you holding the gun
(Oh, oh, oh)
Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh
(Oh, oh, oh)
Even if it were you holding the gun
(Oh, oh, oh)

Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

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Claudio, Sabrina Holding The Gun Comments
  1. R MCK

    Very Nice

  2. Cherrie

    Where i can find her white dress?

  3. mann of arms yell

    Classic say no more

  4. Mangalleos

    Hey ! I did a remix of this song, I added kind of a dancehall vibe, if you wanna check out :

  5. Darelle Kemper

    One of her best songs 🙏🏾❤️

    I had to do a cover to it 😫

  6. Jo_CLuis

    Such a dope 💥

  7. Tisha Williams

    🔥🔥🔥💯Robert ❤️Tisha “ =LOVE REAL TRUE “ I’ll always pray 4 you I’ll always lay by you “ .... again n again n again “ FREE my LOVE Dough “ 🔒💋😍❤️💯

  8. Ice Mann

    This would make a good bond song


    It definitley would 💯

  9. Dibar03

    Sabrina Claudio, Jorja Smith, The Internet, H.E.R., ABRA, Summer Walker and Doja Cat - these ladies are blessing us with some fine rnb!!

  10. ahmad tsabit dzaky

    Her voice same like korean singer her name is BLUE.D

  11. M.A.

    chill vibes

  12. Desirata Eros

    Just heard your music for the first time today. I'm HOOKED!!!!!

  13. Serwa Lee

    This some Queen and Slim type shit.

  14. Serwa Lee

    This kinda looks like that Black Mirror episode where they filmed about the traveler coming across that freak museum. And she kinda favors Kehlani in this video thumbnail.

  15. Ezekiel Ziervogel

    Very Nice!!!!!

  16. Cutlass Supreme

    So she went and talked to Beyonce before they recorded this: " the old Beyonce " then thet had a meeting with Lianne La havas & she approved it: so smooth..

  17. Juan Hernandez

    Who else never heard of this song?




  19. Cariah Hunter

    A vibe 💜

  20. Sky Vera

    I remember when my girlfriend and I were really like this my little Bonnie but
    Sadly not everythin stays the same. Gotta say tho she still my little Bonnie even if shit dont work or if we do. our history her and I share will never be forgotten tryin to push for many more years but only time will tell


    You sade

  22. Sky Vera

    Sabrina Claudio ft jhene aiko ,Sade

  23. hnrqe 96

    deserve more views

  24. barbara

    and this mean he shooting her anyways, ladies always so masoquist, incluiding me

  25. johanna rivera

    Alessia cara and Sade had a baby

  26. G. M.

    @darioboatner dance video brought me here

  27. Antonio Harvey

    Thank you for saving music

  28. Zali Meredith

    I need a full version that sounds like that lil 6 second intro. hits different.....

  29. Juwan Pope

    I've been scanning through your music for months I haven't heard one song that I did not like that is hard for me you are a gift to me if no one else thank you continue being
    a beautiful Star. ❤

  30. J FB3

    way better than Billie E llish


    No billie eilish is great

  31. lemo aphane


  32. hotlilrel

    Song sexy af! So is she! Im addicted to her and Alina Baraz!

    Santhosh M

    hotlilrel those are the exact words I wanted to type . They both are just pure brilliant , and you can also add jhebe Aiko into this list .

  33. nganeko starlight

    i want to tell myh crush i like him now so this be our song gahhahahah

  34. joerdanbrittany

    one of my favorite songs.. ever.

  35. Jas Love

    Ugh why are you so great

  36. Vignesh Viki

    i just love her. the feeling this song gives out. no words. shit i love her.

  37. Janie Story

    If Lana del Rey did R&B music


    Lana del Rey can't sing Sabrina can

  38. ARTEMISIA 999

    She looks like,if RIHANNA and KYLIE JENNER had a Baby Girl i.e SABRINA CLAUDIO💘💘💘LOL

  39. PatC1

    Is this the song from Power when Raina was talking to Ghost?


    Always 🔥🔥❤️

  41. emily santacruz

    This type of music while smoking a blunt. Anyone else?

  42. Estefany Sepulveda

    Guys if you think her singing is amazing go watch her sing live you won't regret it i had the best time ever😍

  43. Dvizhv D


  44. chonte P

    The rebirth of Sade ❤️

  45. Ovo Porsh

    She cured my depression 🥰

  46. Plainmane 0000

    Lucky guy, getting a chance to dance with a bloody Sabrina.

  47. RUTheCatalyzt

    My God these lyrics are so much yes! Fuck grammar. Words don't do it justice anyway.

    Sade 'Cherish the Day' vibes.

  48. Diedra Smith

    This song is tooo short to be this good, I need more!!!

    Santhosh M

    Diedra Smith before you blink the song is over

  49. Diedra Smith

    I really love this song!!!💕💕💕💕

  50. Wavela Yeni

    This is art.

  51. Ashley Rodriguez

    Ughh I’m in love with this woman 😩😍 she needs to come to Texas

  52. charles anderson

    I need someone to love me this much

  53. Awande Ngcobo

    my favorite artist in our generation!!!

  54. Bdot B

    This is a Water signs' love song. 
    Like if your Either: SCORPIO< PISCES< OR CANCER.

  55. Gemini Shizzy


  56. Michelle Williams

    By no way comparing talents but the way she's in her own lane so reminds me of Sade. There could never be another Sade. Anyone feel me?

  57. Alyce Chambers

    I agree, the best kept secret

  58. Apo Pancakes

    *Domestic Abuse entered the chat*

  59. Adam V.

    Can someone share more songs by her (or even other people) that are similar to this song??? Haven’t heard anything like it in a long ass time...

  60. Adam V.

    This is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a LONG time.. wow. HOW TF DOES IT NOT HAVE MORE VIEWS?!?!! I hate people

  61. Stephanie Reyes

    the rhythm

  62. chloe willette

    my take on the song is when you love someone soo soo much even if you're getting abused or just in a toxic relationship, you're still gonna stay and love them. "and i will take your bullets, even if it were you holding the gun"

  63. God is awesome

    The problem with me is YOU🤦🏽‍♀️ sabrina just gave me life fr😲that's it ☝🏾that's my problem🤔 fk ME rite

  64. Toine P

    Play at 1.25

  65. Courtney Unique

    One of my fave songs on the new album. Did a cover of this song for my IG page (@uniquecourtney). Check it out! 😉🙃

  66. Reena Sohpal

    Wish 0:07-0:14 was on the album!

  67. Marcus Bryse

    I love this woman and the vibe she sets off..she puts me in the best type of moods 😍😍😍

  68. kielee dowell

    the only person in the world that looks that good with blood on her face


    Princess 😻🌹🌹🌹

  70. s W


  71. Drew Cuttill

    Beautiful music.

  72. Ohkayyy

    I Love This Song With All My Heart. Your Voice Just Sooth’s Tf Out Of Me. Really Such An Angel Voice 😍😩😩😩🥺

  73. vinny

    this bops even harder @ 1.25 speed

  74. Carollynn Joice Porter

    The pasa of Skullcandy bookbag Asia remember his baby girl from Madison Park High School I am still in love with you will always be my girl you stolen apart me her

  75. Queenie Alcantara

    I'm so in loveeeee 💕🔥👏🏻

  76. Sara J

    her voice and songs are a vibe

  77. ink

    How did I just find this queen?????? Omgggg❤️

  78. Zara Lubberts

    This should get more recognition🥰

    Adam V.


  79. Desirae Garza

    I love itt but I got distracted by the camera man reflection on few scenes lol but Sabrina so beautiful and indulging

  80. Tez Jacksin

    Loving this

  81. Vuyolwethu Mtyapa

    This is why I'm not keen on falling in love

  82. JEDIAH

    Dang this is toxic haha but i still love the song 🤦🏽‍♀️😅

  83. virusmaker506

    So I can be as loyal as a dog to whoever I’m with which is why I got hella trust issues. Your music really out here resonating with my soul... and I’m single as fuck 😭😂

  84. OhNoItsPapito

    sis wheres the album

  85. Amanda Panda

    God this song is so fire

  86. Jeffrey Walsby

    Beautiful song,! Video obviously shot in Southern Cali

  87. Beautyrosexo

    my baby I LOVE YOU :)

  88. kendra williams

    I feel that she should make a movie based off this video .

  89. Patrick White

    She’s channeling Sade ..and taking it to another level ..A love that’s borderline toxic .. But if it ain’t borderline toxic, yo ass ain’t really been tested .. lol.. now ask yo self , if you’re any better . this is her personal rendition of ,Sade’s ,”War of the Hearts”... and laid it over a sultry track .. She went deeper .. the imagery , the vocals , the lyrics .. “even if it wasn’t you holding the gun “.

  90. Adam V.

    I don’t even know how I found this chick... I think I searched “Sabrina” on Spotify looking for Sabrina Carpenter, and saw this girl & noticed how GORGEOUS she was, then clicked her recent song (this) & was ADDICTED with how old-school R&B this sounded..!!!!! I CANNOT STOP LISTENING!!!!! 😍😍😫👏🏽

  91. boro glisic

    She gives me Sade vibes 😊

  92. Ebony Davis

    Even though she's racist torwards black women, I still appreciate her music

  93. Edgar J Cordero

    Is it just me or does this beat in the beginning sounds like greys anatomy on Netflix 😅

  94. Chante

    This is soooo perfect..all of it

  95. NikkiB

    🎶I'll always pray for you, I'll always lay by youuuuu.....🎶 💜💜💜