Claudio, Sabrina - Control Lyrics

I'm not used to saying this out loud
So why do I feel so free?
Didn't know this piece of hell
That's peekin' through my heaven
Would comfort me

I'm not used to losing my mind
But its pieces put me at peace
For months I'm okay with not knowing where I'm going
It liberates me

I think I've lost control
Oh, oh, ah, ah
I've lost it all
Oh, oh, ah, mm mm, mm mm

I don't want to live here forever
But something 'bout this moment feels so right
Almost like the second chances start over
Just this one time, cause this time

I think I've lost control, control
Oh, oh, ah, ah
And I want to lose it all
Oh, oh, ah, mm mm, mm mm

I'm not used to saying this out loud
So why do I feel so free?

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Claudio, Sabrina Control Comments
  1. Tremaine Williams

    This is real music, I listen to her everyday

  2. Book Butterfly

    This song always come in my mind out of the blue and then I just come back to listen to it. It's like this song RECHARGES MY SOUL. If you know you know🥺

  3. Koasizm World

    is it true u dont make cds?!?!? :( ive asked so many record shops & they all say ur work can only b down loaded? true???

  4. Emily Pavanelli

    this song hits me so badly

  5. carlita sz

    Que mulher perfeita

  6. KHROW


  7. 타요Tayo

    This album is what you play when your man is saying that he's coming over. And you're getting yourself ready for the night😂😂

  8. Matthew Katu

    MNEK needs to do something on this | duo-type something

  9. Kerakow

    Me thinking that was avani 🤡

  10. Quincy Abak

    I have been driving for like 2hurs now and I have this song on repeat, I have never had any song that can put my mind at peace, I so much love this song..

  11. Creole Natchitoches


  12. Lulu Du'base

    she needs a song with Jorja!!!!!!

  13. Osman Amara

    this song makes you realise that self discovery is needed😭✨no one got you like you got you💜

  14. Pietra

    I wish the tempo was way slower...damn! He voice is THE most ethereal...


    Pietra there's a slowed version. Trippy and smooth.

  15. taekookie

    I came here from this one Taekook fic

  16. Zodiac Wars

    “For once I’m okay with not knowing where I’m going... it liberated me!”

  17. Ian Hardy

    Watching her sing this album live was literally transcendent.

  18. Geen idee

    I wanna thank YouTube for giving me this soul of an artist...
    YouTube 1, Spotify 0

  19. Julie

    This 🎶 melts my 💜😭

  20. Shania Lee

    this makes my heart extremely satisfied

  21. M M

    Is it normal to feel heavy and light listening to this.....🖤
    And once the chorus hits tears fall out of your eyes......🙏 #feelings #musicHigh

  22. Love Me Some Soul

    Not use to loosing my Mind..But it’s pieces put me at peace..

  23. Aidan .C

    Sabrina just consistently kills it though....favourite artiste atm

  24. Aidan .C

    Alina Baraz and Jhene Aiko collaborations please

  25. antonella

    my inspiration ❤️

  26. alphaking domx

    I love sabrina claudio... Her music is just so relaxing and calming

  27. CroShan Qonceals - GetShanned

    This song.... Is just amazing... Sabrina has been through an awakening.....and she talks about surrendering to the unknown... Because I'm there.... I can resonate with every word. But she seems more free, expressive, Released......ive been listening to her and Alina since 2016. She never fails me.

  28. Zigeurnia Nīa

    This song brings me in a relaxing trance’ heartbreaking but peacefull at the same time! pff her voice, the beat, the riddim #SOULFOOD 😍

  29. Dola Posh

    tears!!! 😫

  30. Savvy Mickels

    Her voice ugh, such a seductive vibe

  31. H Khan

    Love from Pakistan :)

  32. Portia Phologoane

    2:06 to 3:05 still strips my soul naked. 2019 🍃

  33. H Khan

    Great music and the song is so soothing

  34. TheKbear1877

    She's flippin amaze balls I seriously love every single song she has come out with up to date, soothing vocals, dope ass tracks, on top of it she's very beautiful and soulful

  35. Love Me Some Soul

    Such a pure melody you bring to my Ears 💕

  36. Gary InMarz

    Claudio's style is appreciated... just enough and not too much. Her voice blends in beautifully with this hybrid jazzy sound of now and then. Modern, different and just maybe timeless.

  37. Love Me Some Soul

    Please Sabrina keep this genuine aura of yourself it’s so Beautiful and liberating.

  38. Vanilla Cream 6lack

    Loving this#Pieces that put me at peace💞🎶🎧✌☝

  39. Mickael Pouchot Lermans

    Excellent song , very different from what you hear everywhere ! I want more of this !

  40. Vanilla Cream 6lack

    Sometimes we have to control our emotions# Just be free❤🎶🎧✌☝

  41. Katrice Outlaw

    She make me wanna change my ways.👸🏾

  42. emily h.

    Sabrina is such an amazing artist. My god, this album echoes and vibrates throughout my entire being. I won’t be able to forget this even after death. I can’t think of another artist that I can truly say that about at this point.

  43. Family School Learning Channel

    the song

  44. Family School Learning Channel

    OmG sooo beautiful

  45. bernard herjuna


  46. enigmatic Justice

    Dancing under the moon light again. A thousand stares from strangers an Just us loving each other. No cares 💝💝🔯🔯💝💝💝💝💝💯💯💯💯💯

  47. Ximena Giles

    Amo está canción ❤😍

  48. NF Earther

    love the "Selena" melody! Video on this pleeez!

  49. Alex Perez

    In love.

  50. Troy Mosley

    This album got me feeling some type of way....damn!

  51. Liveni Bookbuddy
    I did a review about her no rain, no flowers tour. It’s up on my channel 💕

  52. Q. Quinn

    This song liberates me...

  53. Bryan Walker

    Charmed brought me here I had to find this song

  54. Nicole Cha

    My song when I want to be left alone 😩❤️

  55. Family First

    Dope dope dope!!!

  56. Girinha

    Perfect song to listen in da beach. The waves, the wind, Sabrina’s voice, da beat ... flying ❤️

    michael woolcock

    Girinha I just did this today at the beach on holiday

  57. Hypnotic Harmony

    For months I'm okay with not knowing where I'm going..It liberates me

  58. williedarko

    For some reason this song reminds me of Selena- I Could Fall In Love.

  59. Laura Sarahs - Music Filter

    Has the album just 8 songs?

  60. nshaboo101

    This is currently my comfort song. Just recently broke up with my boyfriend 😔😭🤦‍♂️

  61. Vanilla Cream 6lack

    I'm feeling this❤🎶🎧✌

  62. Vanilla Cream 6lack


  63. D Rutherford

    Welp.. that was short-lived! Really disappointed.. just found her music today and also found out she's A racist 😒 Dang, Sabrina... and I was actually gonna buy your music.. not anymore #Canceled

    Matthew Dennis


  64. Iddris Mohammed

    Charmed 2018

  65. Kantate MDY


  66. Killah TV


    Brandon Solomon

    Yeah, the new Reboot! It's quite good. Comes on The CW.

  67. Babar Suhail

    Charmed brought me here.

    Garin Charles

    I was looking for this comment lol, me too yo

    Major League Gamer.

    The way Macy was looking at Harry tho😍

  68. Christie Brooks

    My gurl 👌

  69. Lulu Du'base

    the entire album takes me to a very nostalgic place, this woman is out of this world

  70. Luciana Dantas

    Uma Deusa essa mulher 💖

  71. Krissy Lynn Beauty


  72. Camus The Sable


  73. DivaGirl10

    I am in LOVE with this song

  74. Nixie ~ ♡ ~

    ❤ ✨

  75. Saori C Uzu

    This reminds me of I miss u, the song frank ocean wrote for beyonce. But just in slow mo here

  76. The Nightsius

    2:39 i love this part

  77. Megan Wright

    Her songs r so sensual I love it 😍

  78. Sthreeora Space

    I wanna see u live :(come to Indonesia pls

  79. K H

    So my wig has *evaporated*

    Cartman's Cupcakes

    Disintergrated 😂😂😂😂😂

  80. saffanah ms

    im from turkye and i love your voice

  81. saffanah ms

    صوووووتج :"(

  82. Claudia Núñez

    this is on another level. I FUCKING LOVE HER.

  83. peter sa

    this album i swear... such a masterpiece, i really hope she gets bigger. keep on repeat. 💗

  84. Matseleng Mabadi

    Yhuuu ha.a

  85. Nicole Cha

    So beautiful 😭❤️

  86. Chaz *

    It is no shade, Miss Sabrina killed this song. My goodness. The way she emotes and conveys despair and an actual loss of control in which she revels and is enraptured...Lord. She tore it. Also, the production is out of this world. It too relays a sense of melancholy that I am living for.

    Hypnotic Harmony

    Chaz * agree!

  87. Erica Minta

    Beautiful ❤️

  88. Elvee Sure

    I don't even really smoke like that anymore but I had to twirl something up to this

  89. Chanell Moody

    I’ve never felt more connected to an artist ❤️

  90. Rxyalty Antoinette

    She should collaborate with kehlani

  91. Tatiana Marques

    The perfect music.

  92. Quinjavious Massle

    Just simply beautiful voice sound as good as you look boo damn.

  93. venus child


  94. Navalee arro

    I'm so glad I have an ear for music that not everybody has an ear for. Music that touches your soul...beautiful woman, voice, and pure talent.

    Love Me Some Soul

    Navalee arro facts💯


    Autotune: non existence

  95. Kayla Meintjies

    This album is life!

  96. Magnificozas

    Almost sacral

  97. Anas O

    omg bitch yes yes yes fuck me upppppp

  98. Kalky Silva

    Quer música mim tocou lá no fundo👏boa de mais amei.

  99. Gym Junkie

    I wish this song was ten mins long !!!!! 👌🏽