Claudio, Sabrina - All To You Lyrics

You're begging
I can feel your knees sinking
When did this bed turn into water?
Is it that good?
My love, my flower
Is she that good?
Am I that good?
My hands are power
They're just that good

There's no need to ask, babe
I'll give it all to you
Anything you ask me
I'll give it all to you

Desire's burning
Your hands are sweating
When did this room catch fire?
Is it that good?
My love, my flower
Is she that good?
Am I that good?
We go for hours
And it's still good

There's no need to ask, babe
I'll give it all to you
Anything you ask me
I'll give it all to you

There's no need to say a damn thing
Your actions are doing all the asking
I can feel your body trembling
Don't worry, I'ma give it all to you

There's no need to ask, babe
I'll give it all to you
Anything you ask me
I'll give it all to you

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Claudio, Sabrina All To You Comments
  1. Sophia Bojorquez

    I got this song on REPEAT ya heard

  2. Sherrie Mcclendon

    I love this song

  3. iamrubenh

    Love this song, Sabrina has one of the best styles i have heard in years.

  4. Douglas Ewing

    good thing i got a vasectomy

  5. Nuno Fernandes

    WAOUH la claque de l'espace. C'est tellement envoutant. Alors la je sens l'overdose à repetition de cette drogue. C'est féerique.

  6. The amazing mileywest

    The pole dancing dude brought me here

  7. Michelle Mills

    I saw a grown man working the pole to this joint and within 3 mins had to find this song..

  8. Nick DiPaolo

    While I loved N.W.A. & Public Enemy, you must admit that many of their so-called political lyrics bordered on anti-white racist rhetoric. They never endured the extreme criticism that Ms. Claudio is still dealing with. The PC police are the worst type of hypocrites. At what point does one forgive past indiscretions? Never? Jesus weeps!

  9. Richelly Kotik

    This song make me feel a whore

  10. Kora ___

    This gives me soft vintage Kim Kardashian sex tape vibes

  11. Leila Amaral

    She sings and i dream

  12. Raquel Alessio

    Amo essa música muito sensual

  13. Leila Amaral

    Ela canta e nós sonhamos ✨❤️❤️

  14. Karlyn Ervin


  15. Alessa Reaper

    Great. I literally just got through praising her. And now she's become an artist I can no longer get behind. Le sigh.

  16. 4Junior4real

    On god im making a child to this lol

  17. I’m So Mari

    I know shes young but is it too soon to ask for a documentary .... 😩

  18. miamifirefly53

    Fuck I'm turned the fuck on. This woman , her voice just drives me up the wall!

  19. Jordy Scott

    I always separate the music from the artist if the music is dope forget what the artist has done or said#musicispower

  20. SoRikki_

    Such a pretty song. She sounds real soulful for someone who hates black people 🙄

  21. Jennifer Sanderson

    From South Africa .... I hate that you are so hateful and resentful😫While you are mixed breed

  22. Brandon Coby

    Besides her music being dope asf to the point you can close your eyes and imagine making babies to it Idon’t know it for a fact but I’m pretty sure she’s the most attractive multi cell organism the universe has ever produced THIS IS NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION!!!!!

  23. Erin Diana Cathey

    This song puts GooseBumps all over my body the moment i hear the instrumental... Intense. 🔥❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Jennifer Mesidor

    I'm a celebrity

  25. RachelJoyce

    How. Just how? No one ok thought so.

  26. Ciera Smith

    I’ve been listening to this song 1000 times a day for a year & im still not tired of it .. this song is magic 😭

  27. Night Shade

    Wow, so hot!

  28. ❤Niko Da Freako❤

    This song make u WANAN make love 🥰🥰

  29. dan ranquist

    the beat drowned out her voice too much, her voice is the in my opion supposed to be the main dish and the beat should be there to compliment it, not that it was a bad beat but it was like pouring tobasco sauce all over your fries, all you can taste is the sauce.

  30. Lakeisha Burris

    I like this song. However I've heard about her racism. That kind of hate is usually jealousy. Anywho do your thing bihhh!!!

  31. love snipe

    Here from the guy on fb pole to dancing

  32. Kaiana Griffin

    Wish I could hit like a million times 😘😘😍😍

  33. Badpoemz AL

    Fuck it I'm drowning in my tears...who so ever broke her heart broke mine

  34. Tyfini Palmore

    She sung the hell out of this song yes baby 😘

  35. Ronni Richardson

    At first I thought this was Janet Jackson circa 1990's.

  36. Fulufhelo madiba

    Wow this song is dope

  37. Possibly Me

    Y’all know imma screenrecord this song so that I can listen to it many times without benefiting her racist bitch ass

    Possibly Me

    violet xo if she apologised or apologises for her past mistakes maybe we can talk about me being a ‘fan’

    violet xo

    @Possibly Me but she apologised and its long ago I think you should give her a second chance bc it's sad and pointless judging someone from their past actions especially when they ve learnt from their mistake .She has grown a lot since then!!

    Possibly Me

    violet xo I’ll take the L here. My fault really I probably should have checked if she apologised before I said what I said. Tbh I’m not usually one to judge but the things she said in her past hurt me especially since I have friends of colour. I should really thank you for correcting me on this one ❤️

    violet xo

    @Possibly Me it's okay my love I understand your reaction and I'm glad that i clarified this for you..have a nice day💗💗

    Possibly Me

    violet xo you’re adorable man ❤️

  38. ZaChanta Frazier

    If wine was music.

  39. Shirley Taylor

    Sexy AF

  40. Cierra Richardson

    I love her voice💗💗💗

  41. Brian Sherrod

    Wow this song is gorgeous I mean so beautiful. Her voice is so enchanting. Time to listen for hours and days!

  42. I'm Done

    Does she have a knot in her neck? Why does she roll her head around so damn much?

  43. trojenell

    I feel like could get right now even though i got no eggs..........where did she come from thats just wrong.

  44. badmoonsoul

    literally fuck off with the she's a racist comments as if you even know the full story or have ever not been racist in your stupid lives forgive and forget a girl and let her live y'all stink

  45. Candace Dale

    The guy dancing on the pole (from FB) sent me here ......

  46. Janiyah Williams

    I like this song , I don’t listen to her other songs , but yea she has a past , and if you thought like that in the past you still DEFINITELY think like that now . People can change yea , but your thoughts about others probably won’t . She apologized because she knows that their are many successful black people in the industry and wants to get on everyone’s good side .

  47. Koasizm World

    is it true u dont make cds?!?!? :( ive asked so many record shops & they all say ur work can only b down loaded? true???

  48. LIVESH

    Im a guy and i am pregnant

  49. Lashanda Cotton

    I’m here from the guy pole dancing video.. this song is sooooo sensual

  50. Hiram Yair Gallardo Carrera

    🦁🦁🦁 BLESXINGZ 🎶✨💤

  51. Bianca Moore

    I'm here from the male pole dancer! Glad I seen his big ass dancing on that shaky pole!! LOL Wouldn't have found this gem to add to my playlist if it weren't for him lol.

  52. Ricci Huslte


  53. ramone croft


  54. ramone croft


  55. Teresa Abbott

    This is that smoke a blunt and have a glass of whatever you want to drink music.... chill and ummmm lets just move on lol.

  56. Cam

    Dude pole dancing on fb brought me here. This song is fire 🥰

  57. Tee Tee

    idc her opinions are just that hers. If I can listen to R.Kelly I can listen to her music, ahit he pees on people lol.

  58. Aja Thompson

    She did the damn thing, her voice is just everyday if the week good. Love her

  59. Anita Reed

    This is some sexy shit❤😘

  60. Jay Jey

    Whos here from the guy dancing on the pole on facebook

    Malaysia Steele


    Shimonay Collins

    🙋🏻‍♀️💯 it was that good 😂

    Larrnedra Murray

    Meeeeeee is 😂😂😂

  61. zuzu lopez

    Coochie on hard.

  62. ARTEMISIA 999

    I think my ovaries exploded due to "Sabrina Claudio fever".AND I am straight AF.What is happening to me?
    She is so beautiful. #GIRLCRUSH

  63. julian swimpson

    Stop bashing this girl.... she was young AF when she made the comments... I’ll give her a pass cuz she a woman of color and her music is fire.... but the comments won’t even that bad... she not a racist, she was just bein dumb

  64. Raw Lings

    Sade for real!

  65. Janet Vega


  66. charles anderson

    Is that flower that good. She’s a beast

  67. Josh Herrera

    Am ready to have her baby...

  68. Cynthia Young

    Her voice is like the river that flows beautifully 🦋

  69. Frosttrated

    All the butthurt individuals still making a big deal of the "racist" tweet or whatever, that happened years ago should really take a chill pill.
    She is a goddess, enough said.

    coldasiceprincezz T.V.

    I don't know about the goddess part, but people tripping over that word is so hypocritical, if the word is offencive. no one, should use it, not even African Americans, it shouldn't be in music is shouldn't be used in movies or videos or concerts. it's an evil ugly word and it will never be positive, no one should use it. Period

  70. Anurag Gupta should improve on music composition. just simple techno beats are so normal,

    though loved this song...this one's awsum

    just some suggestions 😅

  71. a lost lonely loser

    That’s tough what happened but I’m still gonna listen to her music because it’s good music and she’s still one of my favorite artists, I may not support her as a person but as an artist I sure as hell will I just hope she gets her act together if everything people are saying is true

  72. fan de julius in the souye

    I want the song for euphoria season 2

  73. myeesha tuner

    I literally just left her concert and I'm super behind reading these comments smh this world is just disappointing. 😔

    Bad S

    Are you still gonna support her? Im asking because I want to keep listening to her music but her apology was bs.

    myeesha tuner

    @Bad S honestly no. I've been gradually finding new music and haven't listened to her in like 2 weeks. Sucks but I would be a hypocrite otherwise.

    Bad S

    @myeesha tuner I respect you for that. She really disappointed me but I guess we have to move on.

    myeesha tuner

    @Bad S you and me both. Especially with the bs apology. But there are so many more artists to be heard 🤷🏾‍♀️

  74. kenanthoughts

    The intro got me singing "step out the tour bus. Nobody knows us. Get in the car like SKRRRTTT!" LOL imagine by AG

  75. CrazyKayaker

    yes, it is that good.

  76. type goth


  77. Babydollbr3 TV

    Literally a vibe

  78. alex john mark cullen

    I got pregnant
    I forgot I don’t have pussy
    But I still feel preggy

  79. dïãbētęß

    she is S E X Y

  80. Ali San


  81. Arte y Pianos Ruzafa

    Every night I sleep with her. Music

  82. 한글행복해요

    such good honeymoon love making music

  83. Arte y Pianos Ruzafa


  84. bonjour les amis

    but waaaait, how is she racist if she made songs with Khalid and Wale?

    alex john mark cullen

    Inès BOUTALEB no she’s not
    A real racist can’t stand to be near blacks duh

    Bad S

    Theres a lot of racist women that like black dick but hate black women

  85. bonjour les amis

    this song is so powerful

  86. bilsamils

    I’m not gay but this really hot

  87. ass wipe

    half of the views are me

  88. John Paul Castillo

    After listening to this song, all I can say is wow this a "me and my girlfriend in a bedroom knocking the place" song. I mean she put hell ton of emotion to this song she wrote just for two opposite sex to get it on tonight. Damn! Smh

  89. panda 123

    There’s no need to ask..... 💦

  90. Teni Babs

    can someone please make an instrumental to this


    I’m from billies INSTA ☁︎🖤

  92. Pino Pino

    Damn... sensual level 99999999999999 fucking GODESS level ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  93. kayla ciciarelli

    such a sexy ass song