Claudio, Sabrina - All My Love Lyrics

All my love is for you (All my love is for you)
Whatever you want I will do it for you (Whatever you want I will do it for you)
All my love is for you (All my love is for you)
Whatever you want I will do it for you (Whatever you want I will do it for you)

Tell me lies, tell me beautiful lies, yeah
Natural mind I can see it in your eyes, yeah
Not surprised that you think I would fall
'Cause I done did that before
But see it's different this time, word
Trust issues, not simple to fuck with you
She got charm but she put the con in confidential
Misuse me, confuse me, move me
I've been through things, you use it to fool me
I do think you know what you're doing
Play these games, she loves when she lose me
Making me leave then runnin' me back
Puppet master got me trapped, all strings attached
She said

All my love is for you (All my love is for you)
Whatever you want I will do it for you (Whatever you want I will do it for you)
All my love is for you (All my love is for you)
Whatever you want I will do it for you (Whatever you want I will do it for you)

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
Out your mouth, I can see in your eyes
I know you think them missed calls is mine
I said I'm done so I'm done, when I get drunk I be lying
Yes I know that you fine, yes I'm lonely sometimes
Yes I know that you know, that's why I know when to hide
You offer hope then you leave, that's when I swallow my pride
I got my heart on my sleeve, it's delicate you would try
Yet, you get the strings whenever you come around
Puppeteer shedding tears, Geppetto would be so proud
If you love me then leave and don't you ever come back
You love to play with your strings, I was your base now I'm not

All my love is for you (All my love is for you)
(Tell me beautiful lies)
Whatever you want I will do it for you (Whatever you want I will do it for you)
(Tell me lies, tell me beautiful lies)
All my love is for you (All my love is for you)
(Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies)
Whatever you want I will do it for you (Whatever you want I will do it for you)

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Claudio, Sabrina All My Love Comments
  1. Knowledge Over Grades

    "All my love is for you. Whatever you want I will do. You're the only one I want in my life. For you I've made that sacrifice. Oh baby LET'S CHILL and let's settle down. That's what I wanna do. Just me and you." - Guy

    If you were wondering.

  2. Meme Star

    She could’ve been more famous if she wasn’t racist

  3. Maurice Corbett

    The kids won’t know that the hook comes from Guy - Let’s Chill.

    I’m finally that generation that can point out what songs the new hits sampled.

    Myles Anderson

    I knew that already

  4. Lawes Productions


  5. Wonder Cosmicll

    Necesito la traducción de esta canción😣

  6. Foxes Morgan

    H&M song

  7. Oussama Bendjeddou

    This is the type of songs I wanna hear during sex

  8. Cutsbyant

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Bathini Monty Modise

    Most underrated song of the year

  10. BendTheKnee

    Wale kills with the poetry. He reminds me of 3000 sometimes.. but he's not 3000. Still 👍🏽

  11. Stephanie Mendoza

    She’s a disgrace

  12. Daniel Fig

    Maybe next time come to Denver co plz love to see you live💯☝🙏😍

  13. Daniel Fig

    This woman is badass especially with no makeup on sexy love

  14. Jasmin Royal

    Soooo.... how dooes that fit in with her hatred for black skin?

  15. Ket Veimau

    Ima type of person that likes trap/rap street music but somehow I ended up here and this songs slaps 💯

  16. ThaReal DASIAN

    I don’t like her but her music is 😍😍

  17. Keyla I Soto Fred

    This is porn for my ears ❤️

    anyi marquez

    Es lomas estupido ese si que es jente sin serebro a la mierda

  18. Lolop Callulu

    Queeeeeen & Kingggggg

  19. Rashida Hankins

    No thank you

  20. courtney yerena

    I need to stop being with niggas that is puppet masters. Lmfao ima dumb bitch.

  21. Mehdi Rabiaa

    Welcome to Nellyville ! :)

  22. Micka Grady

    I'm feelin' this song 😍...highway music 🛣😎

  23. Jamilyn Shank

    I hate you

  24. potatos potatoson

    waleeei falooriiin

  25. Kiwecy Wright

    SO DEEP 🔥

  26. Yanni Houili


  27. Chris Lamontagne

    Another One!!!

  28. exthreex3

    Yeah still canceled. Your dumb ass tried to tear down black women who make up 90% of your fan base. Lmao talk about ruining your own career.

  29. Indigenous Instinct

    Wale not gettin enough credit in these comments man.. haha Great track by Both Artists forreal 💯

    Brandon Croom

    @Ronaldo Roelph Nah man Im not a hater I like alot of work by Wale but this verse completely contradicts the hook and for me it throws off the vibe of the song. Just because I dont like his verse on this track does not mean I am a hater. I appreciate alot of his work just not this as an artist I feel he could have done better connecting with Sabrinas vibe.

    smash dre

    @Brandon Croom man just stop talking his verse pretty good to me

    Brandon Croom

    @smash dre Im glad you enjoy it. That's your right to do so just as its my right to express that I feel he could have done better. I shouldn't have to stop expressing my opinion just because you don't agree with it.

    Myles Anderson

    @Brandon Croom Wale verses are hitting and Sabrina can sing. Most rappers can't hang with Wale at ALL he has the lyricism which is rare since Tupac days.

    Knowledge Over Grades

    @Brandon Croom I hear what you're saying about him contradicting "All my love is for you" and I felt the same until I realized he meant to do that as he says "tell me lies..." It's word-play for the woman saying she loves him but not showing it. I thought it was clever.

  30. anynextdon

    nahh fuck this dusty racist bitch she cancelled.

  31. Molly Watkins

    SUCH A VIBE 🌊 🔥

  32. Vallentina Oliveira

    She's so talented but sadly is a racist

  33. XDonMe9X

    Wale is good at making this type of music

  34. Coby Criswell

    Okay, i see you!

  35. Alec

    YES!.. WALE!.. YOU!

  36. kibichu

    too bad she's racist and gross

  37. Jesse Fezia

    If you hear the lyrics, "All my love is for you. Whatever you want, I will do" and don't think about the R&B hit, "Let's Chill", by Guy, you're probably too young for me.

  38. Cassius Felix

    This is a good song

  39. Orange Nani

    Love you Sabrina

  40. Daniel Whittington

    See you in San Diego Nov 8! My birthday month ayeeee

  41. Melisha Osborn

    Rooms for rent save you cheapest amount shelter for free thank you mother died can me don't hospital

  42. Glenn Murdock IV

    She sounds great of course. Not feeling the rapper though.🤷🏽‍♂️

  43. Miss Miller


  44. Robin Olivia


  45. yardman


  46. patrick ramsay

    I have a feeling this track was made from revenge of the dreamers 3 session

  47. Geovana Querique

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  48. Kemba Ilham

    What song is the chorus sampled from? It sound so familiar btw love this song❤️.

    Rochelle Tabb

    Lets chill by guy from 90s

  49. kevin e-anaba

    i like it. Thanks youtube for putting this in my recomdations

  50. Curtis Cyrus

    nice summer radio vibe

  51. jefferzy43

    Never heard this beat or words before....TOTALLY ORIGINAL! Not corporate bullshit at all! She'll be the next girl to get beaten up by Chris Brown fo sho

  52. Vanessa Hampton

    Yesss I love it omg so beautiful 🔥🔥

  53. Daniel Fig

    She's got a different voice man this girl sexy as hell,hope u coming to D-towm for a concert👍☝🙏😎😍

  54. Anirudh R

    There was no need for 60fps

  55. theriseofIYIZ

    No offense to wale but I would really love to hear this song as just an instrumental with that hook. If someone could do that it would be sick.

  56. blackbeauty beautyishername

    Who is here before 1 million views

  57. Jovan Parker

    9th Wonder should do a remix

  58. Laynangel

    No matter what I do, all I think about is you, even when I'm with my boo, boy you know I'm crazy over you.

  59. onji smith

    no joke but this song is actually good btw it's new

  60. Influential Topic

    Honestly this song would've been better with a different rapper. He doesn't suit this song.

  61. Jeremiah Lopez

    Wale definitely smashed

  62. Lady Q

    I hear Nelly’s dilemma sample in the instrumental too

  63. X C

    Wale still killin' it 🔥

  64. Lady Q

    Let’s chill sample in her chorus ! I love it!

  65. Suprxme Fire_

    Sounds like 2003

  66. Tiyoka Phifer


  67. Mimi B

    Could someone please tell me the Ozzy Osbourne song she sampled in this?? It’s is the voice of him going “ahh”

  68. Crunchy N0S

    bruh i heard this song on a insta ad and wanted to see whats the song and im here perfect like its crazy a small artist is so good😍😍

  69. JayJay

    If you want to kill your dreams tell it to small man

  70. D Fields

    This sounds like a mixture of El debarge’s All This Love & Nelly’s dilemma.

  71. imagine

    Let this trend please

  72. cadill

    track maker??

  73. TheProglitching

    Why did I think Wale was Seal 😂

  74. itachispetkitty

    The vibe yesss

  75. Thaddeus Coates

    I feel like Jhene Aiko would've been so perfect for this song


    My exact sentiments!

    Morgan kAPPA

    This is just perfect.

  76. Bryant williams

    I love her ❤❤

  77. Viani Katuuk


  78. Yüneté /u•ni•ty/ Brand

    We love you Sabrina!!!

  79. Hanerich Marmol

    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL SUPPORT ME! I'm Dancing hope you can see my videos

  80. Sarah

    now we need a RmxSabrinaxWale collab

  81. Diana Mendoza

    I forgot about Wale

  82. L.Bakri Kasbah

    Omg I love this song so much Sabrina! Amazing 😉

  83. fml oml

    love love love

  84. msikmpa

    has that early 2000's feel that i love

  85. madrevillalba

    Never tire of her sound, passionate voice

  86. mustbeMajour

    Yesss do an album lmao plzzzzzz geeez 🔥

  87. ass butt

    Wow wale I thought you were better than this

  88. OHPreTTyCraZyBaBy

    Whoever recommended this 🔥 is a beautiful, tumultuous soul like me! I love youuuuuu!!! 💯🔥❤️👑

  89. D Miller

    She's so beautiful and her voice is so calming. I missed Wale, I hope he comes back with his classic poetry shit. I love it! ❤

  90. LIZ

    Sabrina can do Nooooo wrong

  91. pearl3g87


  92. karimu Walker

    All positive vibes to whoever reads this all 2019-2020 ✨💯

  93. karimu Walker

    Tell me lies tell me beautiful lies...

  94. Queenie Alcantara

    Lots of love from the philippines! 🇵🇭💕😍

  95. Amani Hossain

    new sabrina songs make my life brighter , thank you ily

  96. Sunshine All the time

    Fuck this racist ass bitch