Classified - New School / Old School Lyrics

[Hook - Sample:]
I came to get down, down

[Intro - Classified and Kayo:]
[Classified:] Hey Kayo remember the first time we met?
[Kayo:] Yeah I remember that man
[Classified:] Yeah man we were in the club and I don't think you were old enough to get in yet
[Kayo:] What are you talking 'bout?
[Classified:] Oh yeah show me ID really quick
[Kayo:] You got two kids what were you even doing in the club?

[Verse 1 - Classified and Kayo:]
[Kayo:] See I'm from the new school
Me I'm from the old school
Started with a 4-track
[Kayo:] Started with the pro tools
[Classified:] Born in the 70's raised in the 80's
[Kayo:] Pull your pants up Class,
[Classified:] Nah I like 'em baggy, your jeans are too tight son
Yeah okay dad, whatever
Say what you want but my style's much better
Snapbacks and fitteds
Scratch that I did it
You act like it's vintage but I actually lived it
I was raised in the 90's born in '88
My intro to rap was a Slim Shady tape
[Classified:] Are you kidding me?
[Kayo:] Nah man it made my battles
Me I'm from the days of Juice and Supernatural
What you know about that?
Not a damn thing
And I never needed to
[Classified:] That's a grown man thing
[Kayo:] You living in the past
[Classified:] Kayo!
[Kayo:] Class!
[Classified:] Phil!
[Kayo:] Luke!
Don't be blind to the fact
Stop trying to sing every hook on every track
You want me to go and get a DJ to scratch?
We come from different places on the map
And somehow we make it work just like that


[Refrain - Classified and Kayo:]
[Classified:] Remember the first time we were in the studio and we tried to sample that Beatnuts record?
[Kayo:] I knew who the Beatnuts were! Enough of that "back in my day" talk you sound like a senile old man
[Classified:] Yo when I was listening to Snoop Dogg's Doggy Style you were still watching Sesame Street
[Kayo:] Ya, Ya, Whatever man, Move on

[Verse 2 - Classified and Kayo:]
We used to put our songs on wax and blast 'em for a year
Now they on a blog for a day and disappear
Yeah but back then a record label did it all for you
Pro would've picked your clothes at the mall for you
Nowadays you just gotta work more
Open our own doors, we booking our own tours
[Classified:] You think you learned now, huh?
[Kayo:] Whatchu tryna say?
That your generation benefited from our mistakes
We had to go through the trial and errors
And build a culture for the world to hear ya
You tryna talk but you can compare us
We just gotta accept we from different eras
We care less, careless kids who just get it
No more dreams we just live
[Classified:] Who's fucking with Gretzky, Jordan, or Hulk Hogan
[Kayo:] [Laugh] Crosby, Lebron, or the Rock old man
[Classified:] Swag, swag, what would you do without the internet though?
But try and understand even for a little bit grow
We come from different places on the map
And somehow we make it work just like that


[Kayo:] Man I don't even know why you argue, you came up on dudes like MC Hammer
[Classified:] What are you talking about? Your Flo Rida right now [mumbling]
[Kayo:] You from Enfield, what could you possibly know about hip hop
[Classified:] Enfield, but you told "My Enfield", you're from St Louis?


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