Classified - Filthy Lyrics

[Intro: samples and (Classified)]
"Being a professional at our work, that is rapidly becoming a world of amateur's"
"What are your qualifications?"
"You, you, you, you got 5 (yeah), you, you, you got five, five minutes, you, you, you, you got (Uh) five minutes to preform your fake act"

[Verse 1: Classified]
Yeah, uh, you think you know me homie, you phoney rappers talk baloney, y'all so far below me
Blow me, there ain't nobody who control me, I'm in a league of my own, I'm ain't competing for no trophy
I don't need no album budget, I record and make my own beats
Hit the studio all by myself, stand on my own feet
I'm a different breed, I do this for the crowd applause, turn this hobby to a job, don't need no feature on a blog nah
I ain't a star, I'm an astroid, trying to avoid these fake girls, takin' botox and ass steriods
A bunch of people who talk behind your backside, like dissing someone on Twitter and not putting the @ sign
You scramblin' (scramblin'), career is over-easy, been-a-dick since I was an egg in my mothers ovaries, please believe me
I ain't your rappers favourite rapper, I'm my fans favourite rapper this is just the latest chapter
Shoutout to the artists working hard and undiscovered, that's my father on the guitar, I call him my motherfucker ooh
You think you know me, you don't know me, kid your way off
I'm here to restore order cause we all live in chaos, this is Filthy

[Chorus: DJ Premier, (Classified) and "samples"]
There you have it, the uncut of rap, of rap "you see me do this shit?" (yeah) "we the hottest thing ever" "who is this?" (Class! This is last man standing, this is Filthy, dirty, grimy, cruddy, feel so good but it sound so ugly, nasty, cruddy, oh so muddy, we get 'em up) "you better ask somebody"

[Verse 2: Classified]
Ayo, I spent the week in detox, but now I'm staring at my weed box, excited to get higher than the treetops, living in a cold world, and this is how I defrost, strike like a peacock in a fresh pair of reebok's, yeah, it's a thin line between magic and a bad trick, it's a matter of opinion between the wackest and the classics, so make sure whatever I make I love it, first and foremost, cause artists steal a style and move on when it's worn out
Kanye sped his samples up, everybody sped 'em up
Then the South slowed it down and everybody slowed it down
Then Drake and 40 showed them how to use a filter
How you supposed to hold the crown when you don't even own your sound, huh?
I grew up on that boom, bap, loud kick and snare, kept rocking with it even when that sound disappeared
Came into the game when white rappers weren't a cliche
But man oh man that's sure changing these days, shit is Filthy

[Chorus: DJ Premier, (Classified) and "samples"]
There you have it, the uncut of rap, of rap "you see me do this shit?" (yeah) "we the hottest thing ever" "who is this?" (Class! This is last man standing, this is Filthy, dirty, grimy, cruddy, feel so good but it sound so ugly, nasty, cruddy, oh so muddy, we get 'em up) "you better ask somebody"

[Outro: samples and (Classified)]
(yeah) you got five, you, you got five (Premo) you, you, you got five (Class, always wanted to say that), five minutes to preform your fake act, act (and then we're taking over it)

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Classified Filthy Comments
  1. jean dubreuil

    2019 Keep It Class! 👐 All the way From That kitchen Party in the Maritimes ! OG

  2. jean dubreuil

    Class n Premier 🤙🔥🇨🇦

  3. Andrzej Gontarski

    Zajebiste 😎 Pozdrawiam From Poland 😉

  4. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Ask Lil Pump what is a VHS lol???

  5. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Dope on plastic.

  6. Alexandre Gauthier


  7. Hei Land

    Fucking Illuminati.

  8. TheLuisJames

    the Asian guy sounds like Steve Buscemi

  9. Mr. Pacanelli

    can't get enuff

  10. WRAITH

    "Always wanted to say that"

    Fuckin' awesome.

  11. Colin McKinnon

    To the 35 people who thumbs-downed this video: FUCK YOU!

  12. franck t

    man classified a legend in canadian hip hop just like maestro and kardinal big respect to my man from halifax shit with premiere the shit is fire .peace from montreal

  13. Matthew Cannon

    I miss the 90s

  14. Randz88Goddex

    this is what good Canadian hip-hop is really like

  15. Matthew Rosa

    not everyone is worthy of a primo beat, he certainly is👌👌✊✊


    Produced by Classified; Scratches by DJ Premier

  16. Robert De Wiro

    Good 👌

  17. Hay mom I got my own show

    I love your music you are my inspiration

  18. J Webster



    Always been

  19. Billy Ndolo

    I ain't your rappers favourite rapper, I'm my fans favourite rapper this is just the latest chapter
    Shoutout to the artists working hard and undiscovered, that's my father on the guitar, I call him my motherfucker ooh

  20. Kris Dagg

    Well done Class ! Masterpiece.

  21. Nick Gennety

    "I ain't your rappers favorite rapper
    I'm my fans favorite rapper"

    class is awesome


    Killed it from the fist bar

  23. Øystein Martin Tvedt

    Living in a cold world and this is how I defrost!!!!!!! deeep....

  24. Kush Kuria

    Miley Cyrus' cover of Don't Dream It's Over somehow brought me here. Happy to have discovered new music.

  25. jarheafable

    Kind of sounds like he's getting out the mainstream scene finally, good on you class bring back your old tunes from the late 1990s/2000s. You have the fanbase now to bring back the real hip hop to peoples eyes.

  26. Pat Borders

    So many great tracks on this disc. Shit is filthy.

  27. Faktum Stream1Beatz

    dat prrrreeeemo sound!!!!!!!


    Produced by Classified; Scratches by DJ Premier

  28. Not Matthew

    I Love the beat and especially the lyrics

  29. N W

    does anyone else know peppa pig, the whistle. it's dope AF this has to be my fav ablum& song and will always will. times up kid is hella dope

  30. cappuccino steve

    dope shit

  31. Kenan burger

    This world is full of adverage joes lol

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    this song is soooo filthy

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    Killed it.

  34. CullTheLivingFlower

    Class always has amazing intro songs to his albums.

  35. Kratos1609

    Yo Classified i seen Union Dues wrapped up , when are you gonna re-release it ?

  36. Dennis Rodkey

    It frustrates me that nobody knows who this guy is.


    It shouldn't bro I remember back in the 90s a lot of underground artists were played on the radio and you saw there videos on tv ! Today all you hear and see are record company controlled garbage

  37. Cayne Coombs

    what is the name of the intro song

  38. alex burns

    I grew up close to him
    love his music 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  39. Jay Beegz

    Heard all these bars before in Class's old shit.

    luke Boyd

    no you didn't ....

  40. gary rue

    Funny thing is I was like who the hell is this , I bet he is garbage. Sorry . Your shit is straight.

  41. van Gink

    Diggin' this gritty throwback sound. I would love a full album of this style again.

  42. Han Solo doesn't die

    Pretty good no lie but the first couple of lines you could of wrote better blegh

  43. Loop Ferrigno

    The Beat goes SOOO hard! I luv it ! #ClassicPremo


    Produced by Classified; Scratches by DJ Premier

  44. Dirty Crack Pug

    I was hoping the beat in the intro was gonna be in Greatful , he delivered :P

    Dirty Crack Pug

    @***** Yeah its probably my favorite song off of Greatful.

  45. Ke Vin a.k.a. Righteous

    vhs rap city recorded good times

  46. Desiree Holgersson

    Oh shit, this is good.

  47. Deep Society

    I may be the only one, but i think the new album is a fall off. I like old class better. Too much singing in the hooks. This song nice though

    Deep Society

    +Laura Diehl yes, i think an artist in his position has to sell too, even Class cant just do what he wants. He needs certain tracks that must appeal to masses. Hes living from it. I understand that and respect it, thats just how it is. Hes still doing a great job, i can enjoy him. But i will still state my opinion that its on the edge for me. greez

    luke Boyd

    +Deep Society i like melody.. if i had a voice. i'd try to sing more.. ... always gonna have substance in the rhymes though

    van Gink

    +Deep Society Same sentiment. Always got love for Class, and always out to support, but Trial and Error, Boycottin', Hitch Hikin', my favourite era. I love the throwback sound on this track.

  48. Robert Rush

    needs so many more views

  49. nicholas stevers

    can someone please lmk the song in the background at the beginning of the video

    luke Boyd

    Square.. on my last album

  50. Diko Avtorizacija

    Straight fireeee !!!!!!!!!

  51. chrstphr

    PREMO and CLASS bodied this. Did you just shout out Celph Titled? Or did you mean yourself? Either way sick line.

  52. seamus gallagher

    ill! Preemo wears #99. God

  53. qazqaz qazzy

    still got it

  54. Red1676

    my cousin was telling me he met classified the other day at the new trampoline park in halifax. he was there with his kids, so he only said "what's up," got a high five and let him be with his kids. it's sweet though, classified is always wearing the trouble gang x east coast life style merch.

  55. Average Official

    Premo... Class... always wanted to say that

  56. szalony wiśnia

    best of best !

  57. Dylan C

    Damn sucks this tour is 19+ in Saskatoon

  58. Travitch

    class does it again!

  59. Diosky27

    Seriously?!?!?.....SERIOUSLY?!?!.....can anyone honestly...HONESTLY....say that class isn't one of the best after this track?!?........done son

    luke Boyd

    +Diosky27 seriously|!

  60. Matthew Booth

    Out the gates with baloney n blow me, I do like ur flow with the beat, but please.... Please give me something real. To listen to

  61. JAM9307

    Hey class let me know if you read this, met you in toronto at the phoenix, you threw a dope show. Really dig this song its kind of old school. Your albums are the only ones ive ever paid for because theyre the only ones worth it. Your music displays your attitude and your attitude is what makes you successful. Come back to the phoenix brother, keep up the dope tracks.

    luke Boyd

    +JAM9307 thank u man

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    hands down one of the realist mf from up north alway fucking sick been pumpn class for 15 year

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    +Ginger Bujdoso I know who big l is, what track is it from though??

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    fuckin love this song

    shout out to rap city, staying up late just watch for the good rap songs that didnt get on the countdown

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    this shit is FILLLLTHHYYYYY....

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    rapcity the good old dayss

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    Killin' it class! Can't wait for the album to drop!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Chris Pelow

    shit is filthy

  73. Ryan Ferguson

    Fuck man I'd love to shadow Class in the studio even just for like one sessions, he'd one of my role models and I'd love to learn something from him.

  74. Aaron Romero


  75. Sophie Melina

    so much skills

  76. Mr Fox

    "Then Drake and 40 taught them how to use a filter."

    He's lowering the sample rate dawg. Not using a lowpass.

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    Possible mad child stab? 1.25 your a beast class!!!!!!

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    +sooradio trouble gang what!

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    youre the only one who kept it legit all these years. real hip hop. mad love bro

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    What's the song playing in he beginning


    +Andrea Poirier- Cornell yea I have it now and agree 😀


    +Andrea Poirier- Cornell thank you


    +Andrea Poirier- Cornell hell yea

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    Shits gangstar yo, need this, this gonna be on the new album?

  86. Corey Hallman

    always great music from classified.

  87. Mitchell Polakow

    All the artists that never had to work with a major label and are this popular speaks for its self.
    Tech 9, classified, papoose, dave east who else?


    Immortal tech.. One of the best imo

  88. G Bartello

    So filthy, Most underrated rapper alive, keep killin it Luke. Primo speechless as always.

  89. ehBakedPotato

    Yo. Dude went ALL IN. How am I only now finding out about Classified? This is a BANGER - playing at any level below 11 is a travesty. My neighbors listen to this song with me! "I spent a week in detox / but now I'm starin' ay my weed box excited to get higher than the treetops / livin' in a cold world and this is how I defrost" *Bows down* MAD RESPECT!

    luke Boyd

    +DJ Bob E Gee TV apprecaite it

  90. tbone1337

    Just commenting here to share my love for Classified as a rapper and artist. Somehow never really got into him 10-15-20 years ago when he was already dope, but discovered him gradually later. As a 33 year old guy who have been growing up on boom bap, the golden years and what I would call the following golden _underground_ years, Classified has emerged from that period as a truly unique artist. It's like he says it, he may not be your favorite rapper's rapper, but he's damn sure a rapper of the people. Love his no-bullshit approach and relentless unadulterated authenticity; he's just honest and tells it like it is; strong or vulnerable, happy or sad. You and me, everyday Joes can relate to and understand it. And that's why he's for me rising out of and shining through a pack of other underground and, for sure, mainstream rappers, who are too concerned fitting a profile or creating a (fake) image, and therefore are not believable and become completely uninteresting. Anyway, fuck them, as well as this long message, but I take my hat off, Classified, for your love for what you do, for both your real stories and head-bop inducing beats, and for keeping at it for over 20 years now. You may not be considered a legend among the average hiphop-listener, but for me you stand out as one. When you finally one day find that enough is enough, you can look back and be proud of what you did and your contribution to culture.

  91. Josh Blair

    I love class.. but did he not learn from the last guy that slapped drake?...

  92. Pacebeats

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    HAHAHAH That was hilarious.

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    Shit son. Dope!

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