Classified - Anybody Listening Lyrics

[Intro: Classified - talking]

[Chorus: Sample from "No Reply At All" by Genesis (Classified)]
Is anybody listening? Ohhh
(Yeah, can you hear me?)
No reply at all
(Ha, come on)
Is anybody listening?
(One, two, one, two)
No reply at all
Is anybody listening? Ohhh
(What do I got to do to make you pay attention?)
No reply at all
(Yeah, uh)

[Verse 1: Classified]
Now, this is, more than a business
Much more than a kid tryin to get rich
Live this like it's an addiction
Spit this whether anybody listens
I don't know if you really hearin me
But these lyrics seem to be my therapy
Guaranteed, I hear the beat
My stress gets released, 'til I feel at peace
And I feel pretty fortunate
Even though I never made a fortune yet
A lot of these cats who try to make it in rap
They get nothin back
No feedback their whole life
Somethin to say with no mic
Incredible skill but no hype
I spit it for the ones never heard
Who spend everyday tryin to make this work, but

[Chorus: Sample from "No Reply At All" by Genesis (Classified)]
Is anybody listening?
(Is anybody listening?)
No reply at all
Is anybody listening?
(One, two, one, two)
No reply at all

[Verse 2: Classified]
Yeah, uh, okay, here we go again
Roll the weed20and put your stereo to ten
You know what you got in your boombox bangin
Unorthodox like "Boondock Saints" is
Take notes on how I stay dope
Upgrade the flow and keep the fake out
Bend the example play the scapegoat
But I shoot to get high, your goal to aim LOW!
Now could I take attendance
And give props to those who pay attention?
Listen to the flow and the way that we blend it
When we creatin and then we did it all independent
But come on, it only take a minute
Same old Class with a Yankee fitted
Still Enfield, never change your digits
I'm good where I'm at, don't hate just listen, come on

[Chorus: Sample from "No Reply At All" by Genesis (Classified)]
Is anybody listening?
(Is anybody listening?)
No reply at all
Is anybody listening?
No reply at all

[Break: DJ scratches for 15 seconds]
Yeah, one, two, one, two

[Verse 3: Classified]
Look, this is more than beats and hooks
Thieves and crooks or reading books
More than gettin lifted, with your boy twisted
Friday night at the club double fistin
This shit's a way of life
I know it's cliché but my DJ say I'm right
We eat and breathe this, without a recess
Always on the mind like priests with Jesus
Playin it out, get strategic
Write my life like a thesis
I break this down into pieces
Nope no fluke, work hard to achieve this
Beat bang but still I speak
And spit with substance that will=2
0fill my needs
Treat hip hop like it's my religion
So yeah I'm sincere, thank you for listening

[Chorus: Sample from "No Reply At All" by Genesis (Classified)]
Is anybody listening?
No reply at all
Is anybody listening? Ohhh
(One, two, one, two)
No reply at all

Is anybody listening? Ohhh
(Can you hear that? Ha)
There's no reply at all
(I can't hear ya, nah I can't hear ya)
Is anybody listening?
No reply at all
(Uh, yeah, I can't hear ya, I, I can't hear ya)

[Outro: DJ scratches until fade - w/ ad libs]

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Classified Anybody Listening Comments
  1. Deka Daemon

    Ending 2019.. still listening!!

  2. Naydine Swain

    This song would play before I went to school

  3. Ahmmed Al-aibi

    Before there was drake the 6ix had him

  4. JayR BeatZ

    Master class in sampling

  5. Miku awesome

    2019 baby 😎🤓

  6. Dinan Kakesse

    I've been looking for this song all year ago, then i finally find it, by the help of my brother☺.

  7. John Scott

    Cant wait to see him in 3 weeks!

  8. Brittany Pandur


  9. Eric Buczynski

    As a Genesis fan, I LOVE this song! Great use of the loops, and I love how he puts the main beat as the downbeat.

  10. Jesse B

    Reppin' the Circa like crazy haha those were the days.

  11. Matt Christie


  12. ma v

    We all hears class,dont worry from QC Canada 👏💪

  13. Wayne Macgregor

    Im listening finnaly opened my ears

  14. David Mu

    U.S Version

  15. joshuafyi anderson

    So that was an amazing song I would absolutely love for you to make a wrap about my intentional community and inventional ideas

  16. Zach C.

    canadian eminem?

  17. Kyle Cameron

    I seen not to long ago about the release of "Greatfull" you got Snoop to fly out to your studio to record track #2........ Much respect! Make a "king of rap" listen, take note, and bow in respect. Rap is returning to positive vibes -- Much love to and your family, and I wish nothing but happiness and success to you and yours!!

  18. Rain Man

    fuck this song.... brings me back to the darkest time of my life..... july 29th 2016


    We listening now Class

  20. Malik Sanchez

    fuck yeah Toronto

  21. Dextrx Gaming

    i love all the knock off banksys

  22. SouthWestNS Productions

    It was pretty cool. I'm a huge Genesis fan, and I was singing "is anybody listening, oh-oh-oh-oh, there's no reply at all" this morning, having just really gotten into their 1981 album Abacab (I generally prefer their older stuff, but some of the songs on Abacab are good). My girlfriend said something like "you like that Classified song?". Of course this made me very confused, and I explained to her that I was referring to the Genesis song. So, she showed me this, and.. Now normally, I (admittedly) despise anything rap or hip-hop, WITH THE EXCEPTION of Classified and a few others, Classified specifically since he's from my home province of Nova Scotia. I'm also not a fan of sampling or re-using or "modernising" of old songs since I tend to be a purist when it comes to music (which is why I hate that 'All Summer Long' song, I'd take Sweet Home Alabama and Werewolves of London over it any day). But with that and an annoyingly long comment that I doubt many of you would read all the way through.. I like this song. Only because it's Classified and only because he sampled a Genesis song.

  23. Fetched farr

    0:29 why is there sum dude hanging from the side of the truck?!

  24. Crybaby

    I know I'm from America but can I say I love this guy soooooooo much!!!!!! 👍😍😁😀

    TtotheA totheK

    Crybaby You don't have to be from the same country as the artist to have him as one of or your favourite artist.

    Michael Henwood

    Crybaby was going to say like the rest man, Hip Hop is a nation wide thing, Don't matter If your Black, White, Canadian , American, from Brazil or In the Middle east . music is Music... if it comes from the Heart thats what matters

    The MainEvent

    My favorite rap artist still in 2019

  25. Watershed Max

    No Reply at All, Genesis (Abacab 1981). Phil Collins, vocal.

    Francis ᜉᜇ̴ᜈ᜔ᜐ̃ᜐ᜔ ᜎ̃ᜆᜈ᜔ Litan

    Watershed Max Also the sample part.

  26. Thatcheesefreak

    My classified song. Nice sampling.

  27. Andrea Poirier- Cornell

    Aww, baby face Luke! How fast time goes by!!

  28. emma tailfeathers

    I'm listening

  29. Lonnie Burns

    i literally love this song i know every word #RIP all the KIA soldiers we remember u

  30. Big Dick Nate

    2009 ah the worst year for me


    +Cinnamon toast creep why come?

    Big Dick Nate

    @whistlerpowder because my dad passed away that year


    +Cinnamon toast creep Sorry to hear that, friend.

  31. holly pietrzak

    this song samples phil Collins no reply at all

    SouthWestNS Productions

    Yes Phil Collins is the singer but it's actually a Genesis song, from the 1981 album Abacab.

  32. Paper Stackin

    bang bang bang, as a lil one use to always hear this

  33. MaestroAlvis

    I wonder how they made this video.
    I find it interesting because there's such a variety in what they did. Putting up posters and stickers, that's easy enough, but hanging a giant banner off of a building just for a music video seems excessive. Even the graffiti is a mix. Surely graffiti exists but its also kinda illegal.
    I'm guessing the banners on buildings is CG, and some of the graffiti is photo-shopped as well, mainly the "is anybody listening" part.

    Bruno Torras

    It's all photoshopped, it's pretty easy to see

    Olumide Vic

    +MaestroAlvis It's a computer age now. Impossible is nothing.

    canada 420

    +byTorrasYT not photoshopped actually the banners were for more than a music vid they were around toronto for months to promote a concert bak in the day

  34. Swordterranean40

    When I heard this song... Why did I think this song was in the 90's?

  35. GreenFenril

    I'm little peeved that he didn't give Genesis any credit. 

  36. TehMezdawg

    He's fucking sick but look at the special effects haha. I loved the video and his creativity is next level, the choose your adventure idea from his last album was so clever I thought. This is what a celebrity in Canada looks like.

  37. MoneyHoarder999

    I go to the high school Class went to.


    +MoneyHoarder999 Which is that?

    Ben McInnes

    MoneyHoarder999 East Hants?

  38. Dark Lord Flaglo

    somebody's gonna make a band called declassified :P

  39. Josh Driscoll Beats

    class never disappoints me! good song and video!

  40. Owen

    That's washable spray paint. He got permission to lower that big flag with his face on it.

  41. Farhan Malik

    Classified is so Toronto.


    Nah, Toronto's mostly a racist cesspool with people killing each other on the daily. Along with some fucked-up politics and the hate-crimes never seem to cease.

    Classified will represent Nova Scotian/Newfie pride until the day he dies.


    He's from around Halifax.

    Jasmine Morneau

    +Alex Jirgens Enfield to be exact(:


    Enfield kinda reminds me of my hometown!

  42. David Dollinger

    damn this video is so dope

    David Dollinger

    The question marks in the lights on the buildings toward the end is super awesome!

  43. JR Swinimer

    This guy doesn't remind me of anyone. That is a good thing, I am sure he didn't set out to be compared to anyone. Keep on keepin on bro, I respect your style and enjoy everything I have heard. Much talent us Canadians have

  44. awsomestinson

    He reminds me of eminem

  45. Tobias Bjerring Orloff

    Naah Son, I'm from Denmark and i listen to this guy almost everyday.
    Even hoping to catch a show of his when I'm visiting some friends in northern Michigan this summer!

  46. Milton Clarke

    This guy Raps form the heart.

  47. Simon Calaycay

    god, I hope not.

  48. Nickelnine37

    Banksy anyone?

  49. anders moore

    2:04 is that ryhmsayers emblem on his jacket?

  50. Ronnie Sharpe

    i wonder how much it cost to film this music video with all them posters covering huge businesses lol he must be rich as hell

  51. New Line Graphics


  52. SandyeeBa

    I miss Toronto

  53. Bushwick Bundy

    I love how Classified keeps it real. I don't wanna be one of "those guys", but FUCK Lil Wayne. lol.

  54. Camille Duquet

    jme masturbe

  55. cooper polowek

    8 yeres old and i love this song

  56. AaroKeez Gaming

    lol it was a while ago

  57. aj fitzgerald

    This wasshot in halifax nova scotia

    Francis ᜉᜇ̴ᜈ᜔ᜐ̃ᜐ᜔ ᜎ̃ᜆᜈ᜔ Litan

    aj fitzgerald Dude, That’a in Downtown Toronto near Yonge and Dundas.

    Francis ᜉᜇ̴ᜈ᜔ᜐ̃ᜐ᜔ ᜎ̃ᜆᜈ᜔ Litan

    aj fitzgerald Also Nathan Phillips Square near Toronto City Hall

    Francis ᜉᜇ̴ᜈ᜔ᜐ̃ᜐ᜔ ᜎ̃ᜆᜈ᜔ Litan

    aj fitzgerald TTC Streetcar

  58. joe carriere

    this song see a really good and lots of T.O shot cool

  59. WhatsGucci

    Finnaly I found out what this guys name was

  60. Austin Hamilton

    check out my new music video

  61. Austin Hamilton

    Im a 17 year old hip hop artist from a small city in Ontario
    I work everyday and night for hours on my music trying to get better
    I am very interactive with my fans i always reply to comments and accept everyones opinion
    I am also almost at 100 subscribers so when i am i will drop a new mixtape that i will have ready so if you could check out my page and like this comment it would be greatly apreciated it could make my dream come true

  62. Kyra Gill

    Cant believe this doesnt have more views. I just got a signed record from when this came out.

  63. Stevie1da1111

    me 2, its one of his best songs

  64. TheTigerNinja


  65. Dayson D

    LOL, I saw TTC bus.

  66. Colin Foster

    classified all the way

  67. Tristan M

    I like his faster beats that can make anybody happy if they give him a chance!

  68. Vincent Cousineau


  69. johnny lane

    kicks some ass....!

  70. G.E.M 2012

    this is crazy!

    Statiic Prime

  71. That Boy Aint Right

    he does

  72. Jessica Shaw

    Who cares if he's famous?

  73. PopGunJames

    LMAOO u dont know shit son!

  74. Ralph Aragon

    sounds like tupac

  75. Michael Khatkar

    mst under rated raper ever

  76. Kyle Mote

    I'm listening, Class; been listening for years! And, I will be listening in Barrie next month, just like I did in St Catharines almost 2 years ago!

  77. jeff breeze

    classified puttin canada on the map MAD RESPECT BRO! comin outt OTT!!

  78. micheal bird

    just keep hitting replay

  79. Lanai Sutlovic

    Huh... thats near me! Toronto!

  80. Fraser Tilson

    I'm listening, Class ;)

  81. Melody G

    thats TORONTO buddy!! my hometown, we should collaborate next time.

  82. Dennie Lynn

    love CLASSIFIED!! Canada has talent! yes we do! :)

  83. J.R. de Lara

    Ahhh, the memories I have with this song <3

  84. Hillary Shorting


  85. oanmn2

    yay Canada :D

  86. diamondmarble

    as if this only have 300,000 views! TALENT RIGHT HERE

  87. phantum213

    8 people arent listening

  88. Jeff B

    vevo, fuck you! You listening?!

  89. joe artemis listening?

  90. Mason Laursen

    Why? you listen to his music anyway? you want him to become main stream and be limited on what he can rap ?

  91. Matthew Lahner

    Banksy be pissssed...

  92. Raw's PvP

    Finnaly u solved the mystery Sherlock!

  93. Eléonore Newton

    Looks like he got inspired by banksy for all that graffiti :)

  94. Dimitri's Dream

    better than the green eyed peas song


    If you listened to more hip-hop you'd know there's a TON of good shit like this in the underground.Search for it man, it's there.

  96. wowsucksbad12

    now since im older, i can actually listen to these lyrics properly. you really gotta take in what class is saying.

  97. Robin Wang

    tdot represent!

  98. Itzakadoodle

    If more Hip Hop sounded like this......I'd listen to more Hip Hop! :-P