Classics IV - Traces Lyrics

Faded photograph
Covered now with lines and creases
Tickets torn in half
Memories in bits and pieces

Traces of love long ago
That didn't work out right
Traces of love

Ribbons from her hair
Souvenirs of days together
The ring she used to wear
Pages brown from old love letter

Traces of love long ago
That didn't work out right
Traces of love with me tonight

I close my eyes and say a prayer
That in her heart she'll find
A trace of love still there
Somewhere, oh, oh

Traces of hope in the night
That she'll come back and dry
These traces of tears from my eyes

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Classics IV Traces Comments
  1. Grace Weber

    Every time I play this song I get melancholic but I keep coming back to listen to this song anyway.

    George Ralph

    The veil of sadness that covers your heart shields you from the unannounced visitors who wish to enter and view your inner self.

  2. Stella Frainier

    What I don't get !!!

    George Ralph


  3. Archivaldo Chivigon

    Excelente melody

  4. Curt Brennan

    A love song written straight from the heart!!

  5. Bubba Gearhead

    I loved her, I lost her, I've lived with my regrets for over 50 years. The love of your life only comes around one time. Embrace her and never let her slip away.

    George Ralph

    Pour yourself another drink, Bubba, for at the bottom of the glass lies your future.

  6. Miriam Antonio Garcias

    1969 💕💕🎶🎶🙅

  7. jerry caughron

    One of the Greatest bands of our time! . Cherish the great memories !.

  8. Kevin Burke

    METS late 70s anthem.

  9. Thomas Evan

    Did you know Dennis was singing from a broken heart over lost love...he had much pain in his life...what a great singer he was...

  10. Bad Lt.

    Awesome tune. As timeless as it is sad.

  11. George Ralph

    People passing on the street below, oblivious of the hurtful memories you are reliving, only add to your sense of abandonment and despair.

  12. George Ralph

    A distant train whistle acts a trigger placing you back in time, back when the stolen kisses and secret meeting places were along the tracks in the alley of time.

  13. Diddy11879

    Classics never die 2019 - 2020 let's keep it going

    George Ralph

    Classics IV

  14. George Ralph

    Exactly 18 steps. The distance from the bus stop to her back door. And a million years from the nearest star.

  15. George Ralph

    An opened pack of gum with 2 sticks missing. A tie clip with a small red garnet in the middle. An unopened letter from her. These things, and more, are what's in the junk drawer of your life.

  16. Suely Latuf

    Amei! Lembro-me de meu primeiro amor da adolescência.. os bailinhos vibrantes! Saudades!

  17. Felipe de Queiroz

    A Próxima Vítima

  18. George Ralph

    Tracing a small heart on a fog covered window, you carefully etch your initials in it. But before you can write the next 2 letters, you suddenly stop and wonder: Does she still hold the same feelings for you, or....

  19. Scooby Carr

    Didn't Classics IV's Dennis Yost eventually join Atlanta Rhythm Section?

  20. George Ralph

    How every man, who wishes he could sing a love song to woman, would want to sound like.

  21. Alma Ibelles

    La mejor musica de todos los tiempos, solo para conocedores

  22. Siddi Sidarama

    We are getting old, memories are so beautiful

  23. George Ralph

    The relentless descending arpeggio intro in a minor key, sets the tone for this song.

  24. George Ralph

    The veil of tears that covers your eyes prevents you from seeing clearly. Reaching for the phone, you bring it your lips to make that call....suddenly, you return it gently back to its cradle realizing in that moment, the sheer futility of your efforts, while still transfixed by the picture on the bookshelf, wondering what if....what if....

  25. zahkuz61

    What a beautiful but haunting song, my heart breaks every time I hear it...…….

  26. Kimberly Parkhurst

    Such a powerful song

  27. Anna Oneal

    Oh my my, I first heard this in 71 I was 4 years old , I didn’t u derstabd the words my my dad told me that I put my arms round his neck and said “so sad daddy” I adore this song even then I could feel the deep beauty.

  28. beverly washington

    Love love love this song......

    George Ralph

    👁❤🍕+ 🍺...

  29. Purple Sword 5

    I love these guys i listen to them every day it gives me hope..

  30. George Ralph

    As the darkness of night descends, a veil of eternal sorrow begins to cover the eyes of the last, the least, and the lonely.

  31. Flávio Santos

    Sou fan dessa voz Denis yost

  32. George Ralph

    The slow descending arpeggio intro heightens the song's sense of the inevitability of the loss of a loved one.

  33. Glossblack Humbucker

    For Michelle 💓 💓 💓💓💓💓💓 seven hearts

    George Ralph

    Beats my 3 spades.♠♠♠

  34. George Ralph

    The sidewalks glisten in the rain. A man sits patiently at the bus stop, umbrella held high, staring straight ahead and you wonder to yourself, what he's thinking about? But deep inside, you already know that he's probably lost in a reverie, about a girl he once knew, a long, long, time ago. And suddenly, you realize that you're having the same kind of reverie and you look away.

  35. Always Wondering

    Sometimes I think that it's only memories that makes
    something beautiful. It seems, that nothing can ever be truly beautiful all by itself. I wonder.

  36. Fernando Rufino-Jimenez

    Love listening to this song. Classic song and gets into me deeply.

  37. Lupe H Gutierrez

    Yes, it didn't work out. I lost my incredible mojo looking for you Dr. Demento.

  38. Andre Cartier

    I was just looking at some old mail from my girl wrote me in Vietnam.We dated all through high school.We were to marry when I came home.She died,car wreck 2 weeks before I came home. It's really hard for me to listen to this.

    George Ralph

    A sound in the hallway. You turn and peer into the darkness. Pausing to listen, you suddenly realize it wasn't her. Just echoes of a love long ago.

    Andre Cartier

    @George Ralph
    Heavy words George 🇫🇷.

    George Ralph

    @Andre Cartier Heavy words, for heavy times, my friend.

  39. R C


  40. George Ralph

    The wound never heals. And yet, you still live. How can that be? You stare down into the palms of your hands and see her face. The haunting will never stop and the sadness only grows. You turn the page on another day and hope that the night brings sleep...and sweet beautiful dreams. But it never does. And your heart never heals.

  41. Michael Ashcraft

    I remember hearing this song in Vietnam, it rang so true. I let her go when I left home to be free from me, never saw her again. Doc Mike USN

    George Ralph

    Staring into the bottom of your shot glass, you suddenly see a reflection of the curve of her face, staring back at you thru time, with those eyes....those beautiful haunting eyes.

  42. marco antonio

    Boa tarde !..Saldades dessa época. Ou seja: Minha linda juventude...Dancei muito essa ao som dessa musica ❤👍ALÔ SETENTOES..e BONITONAS. Vamos recordar .ok.👍😆😅

  43. Perry Cloete

    only one who has loved and lost could write and sing this so beautifully....Dennis Yost had an incredible gift with his voice, still moves me all these years later

  44. Ed Snyder

    I was a young boy when I first heard this, I'm 58 now. This song has stuck with me all these years. The horn and ending top it off. Outstanding!!

  45. Amado Llanes Mora

    Que bella musica me trae recuerdos de mi adolescencia

  46. George Ralph

    Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation....

  47. Alair Dias

    Excelente música, já toquei muito em shows e Bailes nos meus tempo mais jovem.
    Grande Banda, sempre vejo os vídeos.

  48. George Ralph

    Another night, staring into the palms of your hands as the soft faces of long lost loves suddenly begin to appear, as if on command. It's nothing another hard drink can't help to forget, you say, and somehow make them go away.


    Wow that is so deep, your words really moved me!

  49. Raymond Norgord Jr

    Been keepin' the faith for over 40 years.

  50. Pete Canfield

    My high school sweetheart recently passed away, and her daughter sent me photographs from the 1960s, as well as a couple of letters I wrote to her so many years ago. We both married others, but we have kept in touch over the ensuing years. I was surprised by how hard her passing hit me! This song has always been the one song that reminded me of her and of that time. Simple things like the church youth group and the 1969 Homecoming Dance. Rest well, Judi. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Larry Diggs

    So sorry for your loss, I'm sure you're gonna miss her always. Take care.

  51. phonejunky1

    On Dec 7th 2008 we lost a great Artist with a unique voice...a timeless voice who will always be remembered ...What songs are out there today that can even slightly compare to the Classics IV.....none....R.I.P. left us too early...but you will never be forgotten...

  52. george mann

    Dennis Yost has a golden voice timeless!

  53. Debra Bastie


  54. Spirit Miracle


  55. Daniel Porter

    What an amazingly beautiful song. Rest in Eternal Peace Dennis Yost

  56. localh

    I'm listening, such a beautiful song.

  57. George Ralph

    14 steps..up the sidewalk....turn to the right....there in white chalk are our names inside a heart.

  58. God Free

    Great vocals and production. Puts the rubbish the passes for pop music today to shame.

  59. Thereza Dantas

    Dessa Banda também curto muito a música STORM. Linda demais.

  60. Thereza Dantas

    Dancei essa maravilha com um " boyzinho" americano lindo , que não sabia falar português. Eu tinha 14 anos. Ele fazia intercâmbio aqui no RJ. Sdd.

  61. D Xx

    Truth is the sax is Not the focus. Selfish sax,

  62. Alan Green

    My favorite song by this band. It is a very pretty and though provoking song about relationships

  63. methat lovescats

    Thank you..i was born in the 60's i heard music playing on my mom's Hi-fi. So this reminds me of my folks..i did hear it playing as a very child and was a favorite growing up. I also heard Michelle by the Beatles and i told myself if i ever have a daughter i will name her Michelle and thats just what i did.
    In my young 40's i knew a girl named Stormy.

  64. Lawrence Ahern

    I was 14 Years old When this Song Came out I still Remember It

  65. John Ayris

    Great song this was and still is!

  66. Nanci Santos


  67. Tommy Jeffreys jr

    Hey hello you have good videos this is a beautiful sad song don't you think keep up the good work

  68. Richard Esparza

    What a great song to listen to when your in love for the first time .

  69. Marinho Loureiro Lopes

    Rio, 21/10/19...essa musica marcou muito a minha época, festinha na casa dos amigos.

  70. Robert Heintze

    Ahh, the velvety smooth vocals by Dennis Yost, to this timeless pop jazz classic! Beautifully crafted!

  71. ej b

    I DON'T like this...oh...wait...that was meant for a taylor swift song. How do I delet..

  72. Genevieve G. Zamora


  73. Rusty Redick

    Such beautiful music

  74. Kathy Stephens

    I played this song a million times in high school and beyond. Got in my Dad 's old car, that I am driving, yesterday and this song came on. Instant time machine.

  75. Vania Mattos Mattos Amor


  76. jandiz dia

    I love this song, it reminds me of when I was younger and this kind of music was just the best ever!

  77. Marcos antonio Nascimento

    Quem e desta epoca nunca esquece boas musicas bons tempos tempos de amor e paz

    Vania Mattos Mattos Amor


  78. alfonso jose ramos garcia

    hermosa melodia del recuerdo beautiflor

  79. Glenn parent

    oooohhhh yes -girls

  80. Veronica Pascual

    2019, Anyone listening?

    Tom Robson

    Yep, classic.

    Billy Walkabout

    I sure am

    Joseph Hymel

    Yeah Baby!!!

    Auntie j.a. matias

    yes! love this beautiful song❤

    patricia garrido

    Hey you from chile december 2019

  81. Dale Moller

    I lost my husband almost 3yrs ago in November. It has been so hard not to have him with me but my side. I always feel like I am missing something that spot where he was. I know he loved this song and now listening to it brings him back to me. We were married 39 years and there isn't a day that goes by that my heart hurts. I know I am not the only one who feels this way and my heart goes out to them. Thank you for a beautiful song and sharing it with all who listen.♥️

    George Ralph

    👁👃⚡u 😠

  82. Heart2HeartBooks

    Reminds me of the girls that loved me but not me them.
    I would have been better off with any one of them. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    George Ralph

    Love sees not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore, is winged Cupid painted blind...

  83. Heart2HeartBooks

    Some will understand and many will not when I say.:"This is Shakespearean" It touches the soul.It touches the Heart.

  84. George Ralph

    A tiny plastic elephant trinket hung on a thumbtack suddenly has great power, such that you fall back on the bed lost in a reverie so powerful, it haunts you the whole night long.

  85. AR15 nut

    Lately I'm remembering my youth and all the sweet girls I loved and who loved me. Sweet passion so long ago. The scent of their perfume ; the touch of their skin, the look in their eyes as we shared young love. Memories of their voices as we said those secret things to each other. I would give anything to go back and live it all again.......

    George Ralph

    You can AR15. Just close your eyes and follow the path to Eternal Happiness.

  86. Manolo Magadia

    This kind of music is timeless..

  87. Alejandra Nuñez


  88. Patricia Lenio

    I love this song the words sends a powerful message of meaningful words that means a lot to us even to this day. We long for beautiful music like this the now music will never compare to music that we so much miss!

    George Ralph

    As the purple shadows of night fall around you, a soft breeze moves the curtains, and suddenly you're transported back to the time when you lived in the fold of Eternal Happiness.

  89. Manny Dom

    This song is one of the most beautiful example of a song made with the soul.

  90. Michael Burton

    I’ve known this song and loved it but now I’m 62 and still love it

  91. Astrophysicist Gangsta

    Drinking jack while listening to this song and it’s hitting hard. Not sure if it’s the alcohol or the song 🤘🏼😎🤘🏼

    George Ralph

    it's the cough syrup talking....

  92. theshameofthesun

    beautifully sung...a song ....touching

  93. bill gonzales


    George Ralph


  94. Deborah Kyle


    George Ralph

    Forever into the Eternal Happiness that lights the way.

  95. Vincent Giambrone

    Wow I thought I was madly in love that year Linda were very you are I wish you good life Vince the prince enjoy life people it goes fast

    George Ralph

    Want to buy a period or comma?...

  96. Sunny Songs


    George Ralph

    Sudden flash of lightening on a summer night, illuminates the heart carved on the tree and the initials within: "SS +__".

  97. Sunny Island

    1:34.....That vocal artistry


  98. Sunny Island

    Marvelously sung.