Classic Crime, The - The Way That You Are Lyrics

He gets his information from overhearing conversations.
He doesn't ask questions,
Doesn't learn many lessons.
And he keeps his mouth shut,
Till he boils over, and he blows up
And then he can't form his words right,
They don't fit together so tight

And I hope to God that he will find his name
And not listen to his so called friends
When they so boldly say:

"This is the way, that you are,"
Don't let them say
"This is the way, that you are"

She doesn't have much to say about yesterday
Or what happened to her, when she was eight
So she drinks a lot, and it her makes feel okay
For the moment, but it's gone when she wakes

And I hope you know that someone out there loves you
So don't give yourself away,
And don't listen to them when they say:

"This is the way, that you are,"
Don't let them say
"This is the way, that you are"

This is the way, that you are.
Don't let them say
This is the way, that you are.
Don't let them say

This is the way,
This is the way,
This is the way that you are.
Don't let them say,

This is the way,
This is the way that you are.

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Classic Crime, The The Way That You Are Comments
  1. Dorkaholic

    @daxking. Don't forget ur roots brothers

  2. Dorkaholic

    How you doing tho brother? U think we forgot a about u? You can play all the old songs you want lolol we are still here. t

  3. Jeya Prakash

    this may be a song for the time until i go for a next level in him

  4. Anjali Vyas

    good stuff

  5. Joshua Treece

    They are not a Christian band...they even said so. Just because they were on a Christian label doesn't mean they are. Gotta get signed somehow, someway..

  6. Cibs

    I listen quietly and obey
    I try to listen to the rules
    I never ask many questions
    I don't speak my thoughts
    I think about them in my head
    and don't pay attention
    and I try to form words out loud
    but...they never seem to come together right
    I always fuck up and stutter trying to think of words
    But it's so hard
    So at some point I break
    and I fall
    and I shatter apart
    but soon after the fall I try to put my pieces back together
    pushing everyone away as some part of me breaks under someones shoe
    But I don't yell
    I don't try to cry in front of them
    I just turn my head 
    stay silent
    and ignore the world
    I hide
    I escape
    In some form or another
    and I try to forget that there's life out there
    Sometimes its easier to forget...
    maybe everything will disappear if I forget
    But society must hate me because it always come back to rub its existence 
    And I fall again
    I stay there silently suffering
    its so hard
    I didn't ask for this
    I was made like this
    I never wanted to be like this
    I wish I wasn't like this
    But I guess this is the way I'm supposed to be

  7. Shnazzy

    This has taken me a year and a half to find after loving it so deeply five or six years ago.

  8. Josh Lewis

    Ok, ignoring the historical accuracy or inaccuracy of Jesus (which I make an effort never to do), there are historical references to many other parts of the bible. For example, there is a flood tale (a reference to Noah) in many, many other world religions. And as far as Jesus is concerned, I'm a bible theology student, it's kinda my job to know.

  9. Nehemias Constnaza

    how the fuck would you now

  10. Josh Lewis

    First off, the whole bedtime story idea was made up after the Bible was written, and even then the bedtime stories that are adapted from biblical stories are very poor adaptions. Second off, there is HISTORICAL evidence for the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Would you like me to continue?

  11. Josh Lewis

    Not all bands signed to Tooth and Nail are Christian. Tooth and Nail was set up as a way for Christian indie and grunge artists, not necessarily Christian bands, to get their music known, but they do now have some secular labels and subsections within their structure.

  12. Josh Lewis

    "I am the way, the truth, and the life" John 14:6. Your statement is invalid. Jesus knows who He is.

  13. hooligan754

    WOW wish i wouldve heard of this band before cant believe how talented they are this sing is so much fun to listen to what a beat and chords and singing

  14. Alejandro Rivas Torres

    My faith is the classic crime ;P

  15. Ty Hill

    Don't let them say

  16. oneWarrenBro

    well than why are you listening to this song? Btw christianity isnt about religion its about a relationship with the almighty God!

  17. Gemini

    No, i'm pretty sure that it's Matt MacDonald singing.

  18. doghost96

    its jesus through him singing

  19. Gemini

    You know that it's actually Matt MacDonald singing and not jesus, right?

  20. shylasongdrummer

    Just because He isn't shown as a physical being doesn't mean He isn't there.. He shows He is there through many ways He makes His presence known through the Holy Spirit and protects us and shows His love and grace. He is a provider,He comforts us. God doesn't let us down like people do. Its not a religion its a relationship and its not a one way kinda thing you give you receive, you talk and you listen its like a relationship you have with your best friend except He is the Creator.

  21. Gage Hyatt

    I love this song. I'm not religious in any way so i prefer to think of it something other than jesus. To be honest when i heard Skillet was a christian band I stopped listening to them.

    D S

    After 5 years, how are your views now? :D

  22. Amanda Reyna

    its faith that we walk with ... we dont need to see him because he's in us

  23. Hannah Langford

    @fiordalisi12 :(

  24. RhetoricReader

    ya, but you gotta admit that their newer stuff is still pretty good

  25. RhetoricReader

    actually all bands on T&N are Christian. T&N is a Christian music label

  26. C3po Gaming

    @urguardianangel21 fuck jesus

  27. Matthew Mckirdy

    song really speaks for what my sister's going through right now. Hope she pulls through.

  28. Ephraim Taylor

    i have a black tee that has the band name and says seattle rock n' roll on it! i prefer their older songs, newer material is kinda weak.

  29. Kurk Banks

    @Jebbbbbbbbbbbbb Yeah, But when you're a Christian yourself you Kinda Realize this Very Simply.

  30. Childofthe Kingofkings

    Love it! The lyrics give me Godbumps. HAHA. Live4Jesus!!! 24/7

  31. Jebbbbbbbbbbbbb

    As I see it, some (not all) bands have Christian undertones in their lyrics (as opposed to being a declared "Christian band") so they can get their message out more open-mindfully among a wider group of people. Pretty smart really.

  32. Abigail Beale

    10,437 views are mine ...............38.........

  33. Jessie Penno

    I'm not extremely religious, and am not a fan of most christian music, but this band is awesome!

  34. Beldar Conehead

    theres a lot of "christian's in disguise" in bands now 'a' days. one of my friends knew of and even heard skillet in concert, but he didnt even know they were a christian band for 5 years, not until i told him. i think the lyrics confuse people, escpecially romantic people. they think it's talking about a girl/guy, but it actually speaks about and to jesus, most of the time. this song in particular is about a girl.

    Jeya Prakash

    acceptable and true

  35. Aiyanic Bond

    honestly just found this band today. didn't realize they were a Christian band till this song. . . when I read all the comments below. I like this, a lot. (:

    cuz' i'm a totaly Jesus freak.

  36. ClassicAshlie

    Dear Classic Crime.
    You are my hero's and you get me threw everything! I <3 you dudes.
    Thats the way you are :)

  37. casemanoh7

    Love this song! Oh and everyone If you know my God then thats soo god and praise him! even through the dirt and the clean if your in dirt just pray! (: for those who arent christian let me say there is a God head 3 in 1 and he wants to know you so please meet him everyone has a chance dont matter where you've been, what you've done, or who you were just come to him =)

  38. renji0fuel

    @dOrKaLiCiOuSmE jesus loves even u have ur blonde moments

  39. Victrix Mortalis


  40. oyeboy94

    Some people like to bring up stuff about Christianity on a band's video if some of the members are Christian. It happens a lot.

  41. oyeboy94

    Love this song...I can't decide what my favorite song from The Classic Crime is, they're all so epic.

  42. xSummerJoyx

    @irishluck65 I believe differently, but we're free to have our opinions(:

  43. cofeeee1

    random.....................but true

  44. xSummerJoyx

    @Voltegasproductions Oh, well don't worry about it. I wish I could help you to get it but youtube isn't a good place for that, haha(: The song is great anyways

  45. xSummerJoyx

    @Voltegasproductions (I think) KKEJ24 is implying that it's a relationship with God, which is what sets it apart from being a religion in some people's minds.

  46. Judg3m3nt

    Funny you mention it because logistically Christianity is not a religion. I took a class that examined religions and the professor went through the qualifications of a religion and Christianity doesn't fit them. kudos to you!

  47. Bradly Kramer

    im a christian too!!!

  48. Bradly Kramer

    i love this song

  49. Slimjim456321

    @TheSquintSquadXD hahah xD

  50. Something Arctic

    Love this Song, Much Respect. Goosebumps!

  51. Tim Nasteka

    I love this song so much i am christian and god bless you all!!!

  52. Alex Waddell

    the Right sorry, xD it's to early

  53. Alex Waddell

    Dude it's in the related videos on the left

  54. CaptainAlesha

    man it feels so good to see people telling Jesus they love him ^^

  55. nik3000100

    reminds me of emery :) good stuff

  56. jackiern

    saw it for the first tiime on music choice !!!!
    so awesome!!!! :D

  57. Connor Sherman

    the energy in this song just wants to to scream the name of jesus christ! god bless u all.

  58. Brandalff

    so much energy, skill, and great lyrics in this song.

  59. MrKdx220r

    it does sound like the singer from emery lol

  60. Stutfly

    His voice sounds so much like the singer from emery.

  61. bruh

    one of my fav songs

  62. hawaiikat93

    first time ive heard the song and i love the lyrics. =]

  63. Gabe Adams

    once again, incredible!