Clash, The - Lover's Rock Lyrics

Yeh, you must treat your lover girl right
If you wanna make lover's rock
You must know a place you can kiss to make lovers rock
'Cause everybody knows it's a crying shame
But nobody knows the poor babie's name
When she forgot that thing that she had to swallow

You Western man, you're free with your seed
When you make lovers rock
But woops! there goes the strength that you need
To make real cool lovers rock
'Cause a genuine lover takes off his clothes
And he can make a lover in a thousand go's
An' she don't need that thing that she had to swallow

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Clash, The Lover's Rock Comments
  1. e11aguru

    I think that this song could be a big hit if covered by some pop artist. I'm surprised that No Doubt or Smash Mouth didn't cover it. Or maybe they did, I dunno.

  2. Paul Reed

    C'mon baby, let the good times roll! Rudeboy I an i, joe strummers love chile, edinburgh, callin! Wot da fuck! wot is, iz! an don talk to no strangers! chaarley sez

  3. Sergej Lovrekovic

    40 YEARS <3

  4. Jase 71

    Reminds me of someone very friendly with my ex wife

  5. Tatiana Williams

    I won't upvote only because 666 is the perfect number.

  6. Avi Soncino

    Mick Jones is a genius, I love how he uses those pinch harmonics in his guitar fills to really help accent the lyrics! What an underrated player.

  7. John

    75k views 600 likes 🤔😶


    Liking thing's isn't very punk rock.


    Men - stop fapping to porn, don't go spilling your seed all over your sheets, be good to your woman, and love her well! You don't need to cum to have an orgasm or to impress her or to have good sex, and you don't have to worry about blue balls. Conserve your chi and treat your lady like the goddess she is!

  9. Michael Brodie

    The first & last great record album. The Only Band That Matters. Ridiculous, isn't it ? Abandon all hope of being this significant in Rock n Roll.

  10. Carlos Dominguez

    I want to get swallowed

  11. Deb D

    Good ol' days when Punk was teaching your kids about contraception.

  12. Artemis Tseriotou

    thank you you guys :) you are awesomesauce!!!!!! <3 much love xxxx

  13. Johan Gómez

    I love the clash!!

  14. Chigwe Sibanyama

    The last 2 minutes are AWESOME!!!

  15. nahilsolange

    OMG!! Thank u Youtube. Thank u Vevo.

  16. Franck Blandino

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... first in there... ah ah...... wanna dance....????????? :DDDDDDDDDDD

    "WHEN SHE FORGOT THAT THING THAT SHE HAD.... OH... OH... TO SWALLOW.... :P........!!!!!!!