Clarkson, Kelly - Get Away Lyrics

Why can't you read my lips
Why cant you understand
You've changed so much my love
And things are getting out of hand, understand
I crave someone who sees me
Someone who gets just who I am
I can't believe I've wasted so much time on you, on nothing
We used to be so lovely
We used to read each others minds
But something changed in you
Had it, through with all your petty lies
All I wanted was the old you
But what I got instead was
You looking down on me
Satisfied with nothing
No matter how hard I try
To please you, nothings changed
No comments from your mouth
Just ways to push me down
I would have given anything for just a simple smile
I cant go on like this
Constantly tip-toeing around
To make sure you're alright
When you the one who's holding you down, down down down
You say I'm selfish, you say i don't care at all
But honey but if I didn't care why would I write this song
You think I'm wrong when I say
You only think about yourself
But then you prove me right
And you just walk away
All I wanted was the only you
But what I got instead was
You looking down on me
Satisfied with nothing
No matter how hard I try
To please you, nothings changed
No comments from your mouth
Just ways to push me down
I would have given anything for just a simple smile
What happened to the one I used to love so much
It's hard to remember a time you were you once had my love
No I wont waste my time
You and your selfish pride If you won't help yourself, neither will I
I gotta get away-ay
I need to get away-ay
Get away-ay
I gotta get away-ay
I need to get away
I tried so hard to fight for us
But you just simply gave me nothing
Holding you up became too hard
You need to stand up on your own
Love is not what you've been giving me
All I get is your back I won't go on like this
I don't love you, can you hear that?
You looking down on me
Satisfied with nothing
No matter how hard
I try To please you, nothings changed
No comments from your mouth
Just ways to push me down
I would have given anything for just a simple smile
What happened to the one I used to love so much
It's hard to remember
A time you were you once had my love
No I wont waste my time
You and your selfish pride
If you won't help yourself, neither will I

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Clarkson, Kelly Get Away Comments
  1. Lu souza

    Meu Deus que nostalgia!! Que tempo bom

  2. Avery Ducharme

    I’ll always love this song even when I was a kid

  3. Calvin Millward

    I love this song. In my opinion to this song this makes me feel like someone is an outsider or feeling ignored and is now trying to become someone who is willing to taken notice of by others.

  4. Brandon Rogat

    fan of her music and love the messages she telling in the songs she has one question for Kelly herself or a fan was she the type of artist to just write music just to stay up with trends in the music industry or was all her music a story of something that she went through in her life?

  5. Janzen Paculanvlogs

    How many legends still listening this in January 2020? This song is a masterpiece :) ❤️

  6. Milena Guerreiro

    fly away, breakaway! 🇧🇷🎈 2020

  7. Rita Majewska

    2020 :)

  8. Lucas Lavine


  9. inevitable_ 42

    2020 anyone?

  10. luiz miguel

    how's come because Santana and Rachel breakaway friendless?

  11. roses

    2020 and this song still rocks!

  12. Carl Joshua Lanada

    I came here for princess diaries 2 💖

  13. Tonetwisters

    TEN-thousand down thumbs? How STUPID are people?

  14. Cindy Reynolds

    This song was my ANTHEM for leaving Georgia for California! Out from the darkness and into the SUN! YES INDEED!

  15. timi Akindele


  16. Fenris pro

    I've not gone through breakups... for me I dream of the day i can break away from controlling junk-keeper without so much hassle. Like even though i'm an adult woman, he still has delusion of controlling as if i'm a kid >:

  17. CBreezy Youngsavage

    I love this song me and my use watch the movie that it was from the Princess Diaries the first movie in the sirius me and my mom used sing along to it at the end cross of the that movie foun memories of this song so thanks but once again great great song, Kelly Clarkson

  18. J Špehar

    Tb to my childhood 🙈❤

  19. Marcos Zimmermann

    Avril give the song to kelly bc she knew Kelly's voice fit in better in the song

  20. Daniel Schmidt

    well that plane looks like it's about to come apart.

  21. TOM KEE

    I was just reading about the history behind this song. I like the verse very much
    but hate the hook. Sounds like 3 different songs stuck together.

    Josh S-TV

    Hook sounds fine

  22. Larry x

    Beautiful song!

  23. AlliDo Iswin

    Am I The Only One who Remembers this from #DisneyChannel?¿? 🤯😇😇😇🔥

  24. Piotr Wydra

    I am sorry for all those who are afraid of flying. Just like Kelly Clarkson I like to breakaway too. I don't care much about flying because it's boring, but the turbulences are fun when not too scary :)

  25. Roberto verastegui


  26. Lin

    eu continuo escutando essa música até hoje

  27. Brandon McCora

    About to do this I think it's time for me to go. I've got about 900$ I'll be okay.

  28. tidetide100
    love kelly

  29. Raí Fermino

  30. John Brandolino

    this song has so much meaning for me...I left my comfort zone and bought a failing business and this was playing on the radio when I was driving to close the deal- 15 years later I am gonna "Breakaway" again and start a new life!!! Thank you !!!


    For me as well brother . Never dream came true

  31. Joao Paulo Munhoz

    Algum Brasileiro ou Brasileira ouvindo???

  32. Ali Yousif alazZawi

    avril + kelly 💖


    En ese álbum; Breakaway, vimos todo el padecer de Kelly por el peso, en el primer sencillo se veía gordita, en el segundo ya no, el tercero ya delgada, acabó en walk away súper delgada. Y curiosamente es su álbum más emblemático.

  34. gerardo briones

    3109 Anyone? oops wrong year i jumped to far back

  35. Quesia Silva


  36. Corey XBOXgamer88

    First time I heard this was staying up til 4-6 in the morning with my cat so my dog wouldn't rat him. He ran away and is probably dead now. R.I.P. Cinnamon.

  37. Hamed Ebrahimi


  38. Jason Liu

    Listening to 2020.

  39. Awtsu Remulla

    Love this song ,anyone 2019 ?

  40. William Duffy

    My favourite song of all time, and yes I know my favourite song changes every 5 minutes but this is amazing

  41. Públio Cardoso


  42. Khate Alcantara

    Damn the "daradanrada" is soooooo💞💞

  43. GracefulDanny


    Not a single thing in the known universe::

    The comment section: *You'll never guess who wrote th- Avril Lavigne. Yes, Avril wrote it. Avril Lavigne.*

    Makgalangaka Shola Ngoma

    😂😂😂😂😂As if it makes any difference

    Mariana Ferreirinha

    hahahahah great comment!

  44. Jalisa Long

    And break-a-waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! 18yo me was all in my feelings after graduating

  45. sem nome

    Como o tempo passa rápido! escutava essa musica era uma criança,hj tenho 19 anos

  46. Mr Humble

    Juan Gabriel wrote this song and passed it to her

    Jerry Kwerve

    Avril wrote it

  47. Maria Cunha


  48. AJMitchell

    I've made my own versions of this song i shit thru my ass spread my cheeks fart away and break away. Out of door i shit so hard it cracked me up but i barely heard and break away. But there is some nostalgia i guess you can say from being so young watching music videos like this and jesse McCartney and so much more. So many memories

  49. jok mobil custem custem jok mobil


  50. Mariane Carvalho

    December 2019?

  51. Nora Ghn

    Hello 2019 for this song!

  52. Miranda Lockley

    I just watched princess diaries 2 and when this song came on I nearly started crying. I forgot how much i loved this song.


    This song alwas make me upset .my dreams never came true

  53. Amberly Walker

    I don't love Brett young he's ugly I love shawn Mendes

  54. ey miguel


  55. Mr Iliesa

    Take a risk

  56. Jill Conner

    Kelly used to look so good!

  57. Loretta Ellsworth

    I love this song and i also wish that i can sing this on the

  58. Angela Banda

    I keep waiting for it to go "it's a Damn! Coold! Night!" XP different song


    Another song

  59. Ibot Cibers

    Beautiful music 2019.

  60. Max Palmer

    Kelly was so beautiful back then when I was kid she was my celebrity crush and my favorite pop singer and my favorite rock band was the killers


    Mine too

  61. Marian Ahinful

    Omg this song helped me a lot back in the day when things were tough came back to listen to it again🥺


    Same :D

  62. Bitting Nails

    Still goosebumps

  63. amanda batista

    kkkkkkk eu ia na casa do meu tio, pq ele tinha uma caixa de som, só pra ouvir dessas musicas com ele.. de tarde. bons tempos

  64. mreynol1

    Kelly killed this and Im a black I especially like the part towards the end when the key slightly changes.

  65. Sotero Mares


    This comment section: AVRIL LAVIGNE WROTE THIS SONG!!


    Ahahhaha i was about to comment that.

  66. emperess

    I knew there was a reason why I thought it was Avril Lavigne singing

  67. Burnt Cheeto

    From a tiny chick to a soaring eagle.

  68. E-M Entertainment

    The song is familiar but I'm shocked until now I didn't know this was Kelly.

  69. Brian Ticas

    Damn never knew Avril Lavigne wrote this. What happened to Lavigne? She was so talented.

  70. Jacob Linn

    We love a good pop song in 3/4 signature




    She killed this.

    Danko Tosanovic

    ITS SHOWTIME Its a very good song!

    Junior Tau26

    Not secretly

  72. Mas Sedi

    I think its cute how the little girl sings haha

  73. Viickii Campbell

    I forgot all about this song till now 😩😍 this will always be a beautiful song to me


    Mine too

  74. Wendy ii

    December 2019? 💪💜

  75. Stacy Nelson

    Yes Avril Lavigne wrote an it’s beautiful lyrics but let’s make this clear Kelly’s voice made it soar an I WOULDNT ask for anyone else to sing it 💯💯💯

  76. Enche Han

    Dec 2019, anyone?

  77. Raye Goldring


  78. Ariana Bernal Mori


  79. Nika c

    Ok so the kid looks like mini avril

  80. PBS Funding Addict

    I’ve heard this song on Radio Disney but I didn’t know it was Kelly Clarkson because her voice sounded lower than today

  81. Eliane Correia

    Vc e muito linda e talentosa!!♥️👏

  82. Love Wife

    people people why!

  83. M. de k.

    Can you just imagine someone randomly singing in a music theater, yeah that would suck.

  84. Katie Yang

    Still my fav singer from all the old school music. 2nd is Avril Lavigne.

    Katie Yang

    Now that I know that this song was written by Avril Lavigne, who's songs are my most fav, I realized that maybe Avril is my top fav singer then Kelly as the second. OR it could be that I love both a lot.

    Jessica Francis

    @Katie Yang I love both

  85. Santos Ch


  86. Maria s

    2019 this is still her best song

  87. Heavy Hitta

    This shit reminds me of Disney Channel lol

  88. Jaciara Oliveira

    Essa música💜💜

  89. martin quiles

    prefiero la original de avril lavigne

  90. Fair Very

    wow the nostalgia !! omgg...

  91. Jonathan Nascimento

    Oooooo saudades...