Clarkson, Kelly - Don't Be A Girl About It Lyrics

Any chance you get to play the worn-out pity card
Any opportunity to push my buttons hard
It's getting old, your "poor me" thoughts
Believe me, boy, when I say, "So what?"

This broken record thing has got to stop
I'm losing interest in your pillow talk

And, ooh, it's not looking good
And, ooh, I'm not in the mood
And, ooh, I can't get through
To, ooh, you, ooh

Don't be a girl about it
'Cause I didn't say yes
Don't be a girl about it
'Cause I wouldn't pretend
Don't be a girl about it
And now you're whining again
Don't be a girl about it
You're such a girl about it

Now you're up in arms because I say we're not working out
You wonder if I loved you from the start, well, I tell you what
I knew a guy who changed my world
And then he grew into a little girl

This metamorphosis is just too much
You're crossing lines that I just can't let go on

And, ooh, it's not looking good
And, ooh, I'm not in the mood
And, ooh, I can't get through
To, ooh, you, ooh

Don't be a girl about it
'Cause I didn't say yes
Don't be a girl about it
'Cause I wouldn't pretend
Don't be a girl about it
And now you're whining again
Don't be a girl about it
You're such a girl about it

And, ooh, I'm sleeping with the enemy oh, oh, oh, no
And, ooh, I'm counting sheep while you're in love

I guess it's true that love can grow in different directions
I chose the high road and you chose to be a girl

Well, I know you're mad at me now
It's all my fault somehow
Here comes my favorite part
You're so misunderstood

And, ooh, it's not looking good
And, ooh, I'm not in the mood
And, ooh, I can't get through
To, ooh, you, ooh

Don't be a girl about it
'Cause I didn't say yes
Don't be a girl about it
'Cause I wouldn't pretend
Don't be a girl about it
And now you're whining again
Don't be a girl about it
You're such a girl about it

And, ooh, I'm sleeping with the enemy
And, ooh, I'm counting sheep while you're in love

You're such a girl about it
Don't be a girl about it

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Clarkson, Kelly Don't Be A Girl About It Comments
  1. Karen Smith

    These lyrics didn't age well...

  2. Mal Privv

    Is it bad that i lowkey want to dedicate this to my boyfriend?

  3. Sonya Edwards

    now this song really is good.

  4. Leandro Matos

    Quoting the great superheroine, Black Canary, when told 'I see why Batman likes you': "Because I hit like a girl". 😉 Now that's a good and intelligent message.

  5. Prince K'Louveer

    That ooohh ooohh ooohh oohhh got me on Spotify lol..that's awesome. That alone lifts my spirits.

  6. Jamaicca Brown

    Thumbs up if you're watching in 2016.

  7. ElectrikkPaperClipxx

    "i knew a guy who changed my world, but then he grew into a little girl"


  8. Rhiannon Harrison

    I've followed Clarkson since forever. She is truly amazing, and is such an inspiration <3

  9. Amy Thomson

    Don't think she's insulting girls think she's just saying a guy acting girly is weird? Not like she's saying girls are like that..

  10. Sokobansolver

    Is she insulting herself?

  11. Sonya Edwards

    She is fantastic, i love this girl i love this album.

  12. OceanSentinel

    Anybody else who knows this song from the BasicFit gym virtual classes? :D

  13. Liella Morecall

    Love love love love love this song #1

  14. Rebecca Brust

    I really love the vast majority of Kelly Clarkson's songs, and she's my favorite artist, but I was really disappointed and hurt when my idol came out with a song that uses being a girl as an insult.. there's nothing wrong with being a girl, Kelly. ):


    She just means don't act like a little sensitive girl. Some people are so extremely sensitive that it's ridiculous! She doesn't literally mean they're acting like a girl! As in the way they dress or look like or anything like that. Just being emotional like a little girl. That's never attractive for a guy to be that way!


    It's a phrase about the types of girls that make a big deal, not all girls ._. that's like saying "don't be chicken" is using being a chicken as an insult. Most chickens are actually pretty feisty
    If you're really a kelly clarkson fan you would get that much, she's all about girl power and not being like that

    Amanda Smith

    Kelly is singing about a guy who acts like a sensitive and emotional basket case, she actually trying to tell him to grow a back bone and not whine about everything.

  15. Sarah Ramine

    Kelly perfeita como sempre ♥

  16. J Lions

    One day if she has a daughter I hope she regrets this song:


    Oh don't be such a sourpuss. People take the lyrics too seriously... she's just telling them to stop being such a baby... putting it as nicely as possible.

    Rebecca Brust

    @kcvalleygirl so what you're saying, is being a girl = being a baby?

  17. piXiewonder

    I thought I was the only one that noticed...

  18. Jewlz Gizas

    This is so my boyfriend! :) I mean Ex Boyfriend!

  19. Emma Conard

    best song ever

  20. Anna VanDeWeert

    What it means that calling a guy a girl is an insult.

  21. Lithioneil94

    What makes this funny is that I know someone just like this.

  22. Piang Kham

    i like to me

  23. Dannii Curwen

    This is my kind of song :P

  24. icedwhite mocha

    Same. I love Kelly but like why is being called a girl an insult? There is so much internalized misogyny and Effemiphobia in the song. It's upsetting tbh.

    Jordan Ricks

    you'r missing the point of the song she is not saying it's an insult to be a girl it's about how people can be ultra sensitive about a lot of things and they are sensitive to the point where it is unnecessary.

    Jordan Ricks

    plus this song is directed at a guy

  25. Nancy Mckenzie

    Why in the hell did this not come on the stronger cd i got! I am in love with this song!

    Amanda Smith

    Which CD did you get?

  26. Nicole 1996

    yeah love this song

  27. MikePitocco

    amen to that! XD

  28. joehoood

    It does, but it sounds a lot better coming out of Kelly.

  29. TruthAndAllInBetween

    I don't like how gendered this song is. :(

    Amanda Smith

    This song is talking a woman who is irritated by the guy she is dating and how much of a snowflake he is. This song isn't against the feminine gender.

  30. Madison Grant

    My friend has been slapping me repeatidly and wants me to stop singing... haha my cheek is now numb.. welp im not gonna stop! I love this song! <3

  31. NyxEos360

    I love P!nk... and I don't think of her at all with this song really. I could slightly see it in the "don't be a girl about it," but hers would be rougher. Certainly wouldn't have those higher pitched oohhhs right before it. And P!nk's songs cover a lot of area, so there isn't really a P!nk type in the first place...

  32. naomi el

    does this make anyone else want to jump up and down?

  33. luckybuddy3211

    Oh my god iCarly is ENDING. Oh, memories, I used to watch that.

  34. riot184

    Sometimes you cant be polite about it tho lol grats to her for keeping her cool ahaha

  35. BunnyDreamer

    story of my love life.

  36. MikePitocco

    This kindda sounds like something Katy Perry would record

  37. Rachel Frank

    Let them. You can just hum it.

  38. Stephanie White

    I am doing a cheer to this dance this weekend

  39. TheFear1611

    All of her songs are good ! ALL OF THEM !

  40. Sydney Cashstedder

    holey fu-- thats how i am!

  41. flimsy box

    Unfortunately this is how nice guys become assholes. She should be lucky to have a sensitive boyfriend. As long as he listens to your shit you should listen to his.

  42. Rebecca Hoffmann

    wow fail. she's asking her bf to stop whining and having a pity party

  43. Alex Murs

    you go no one should stop you from singing such a gr8 song

  44. Wolfy Okami

    If he's a girl about it. Isn't Kelly a Lesbian!?

  45. soccerchick9841

    I KNOW some many ''Men'' that this song fits them perfectly.
    Grow Up For Real.

  46. soccerchick9841

    That's whole point of it, there was no ''Real'' Top Comment in the first place
    so that person just made something random.

  47. MelonSizedChild

    I don't mean to offend anyone but I hate it when the top comment is just some random sentence. I mean they are called TOP COMMENTS for a reason, aren't they?

  48. Fabri Caminos Silva

    I love this song!!! I love Kelly!!!!!! @Fabro_2010

  49. Sabra Satz-Kojis

    Shouldn't the top comment be about the greatness of the song?

  50. katsumagenesis

    This should be her next single.

  51. Марин Красимиров Мирчев

    Hah in my head every time when I listen to this is "Don't be a bi%$^ about it" :)

  52. EI B

    omg who could hate this song?!!!!!!!!!

  53. mvorules

    Love this song!!!

  54. abeer younis

    its not working D: yesterday it was working what happened. :[email protected]

  55. Adam Nieważne

    I could not listen this only once!

  56. Lucy

    whenever I sing this song I fail at the 'ooooooh' bit haha Kelly's voice is just amazing

  57. Megan Terras

    This song HAS to be about not having sex with her partner....

  58. Playgyal

    =^.^= I am bac and luvin the song

  59. fisherwomen1515

    Favorite part is when she says oooohhh

  60. Anastasia Oliferovskiy

    I keep replaying this song like 10 times daily.

  61. abeer younis

    its not considered negative thing only but its not right for a man to act like a girl

  62. lauramars

    Why is being a girl considered a negative thing?

  63. Anastasia Oliferovskiy

    this song is so awesome.

  64. themirrorsofmymind


    Sonya Edwards

    What one? yours?

  65. Don Ryan

    love it

  66. Danny R

    Why must people over-analyze everything? It's a fun song about a man not living up to his expectations. When it comes to a man.. he's not supposed to be a "girl."

    Sonya Edwards

    I absolutely agree Danny... people analyze the out of a blade of grass.. i love this song..

  67. Whyah Wannano's neither empowering nor insulting to women.
    The song is talking about men who present themselves as take-charge, hardcore, alpha-males and then turn into whiny lil bitches during the relationship (and acting the way men accuse women of acting).

  68. Milfuelle100

    I can't tell if this song is empowering to women, or just insulting to women. What's wrong with being like a girl, seriously?!!!

  69. Cutie Beauty

    i was reading a book and caught mysef singing this song in my head, lol, when im not actualy listening to her songs im singing them in my head, its never silent :)

  70. mariokarter13

    If you didn't get it, Ms. Clarkson is very politely telling her man to stop being a little bitch.

  71. Sofia Lundgren

    Kelly Clarkson :)

  72. Thedarkbunnyrabbit

    @JenniRudolph except that would make no sense, because it would imply he was being slow and insensitive, not whiny and immature. Both gender stereotypes are insulting, but that's the point. They're MEANT to be insulting...and right now language reflects 'girl' more appropriately for the song. If you flip it around word meanings willy-nilly you'll make about as much sense as Wonderland's caterpillar.

  73. 00marz00

    @ElliePunk Hahaha me too, i heard it in H&M


    You left me blinded with that thing.U lead the way, take my hand.

  75. JaredzzC

    She is so fucking sexy <3x :)

  76. izziescasey

    Awesome. :)

  77. bobette63

    hated the demo version, but this one is absolutely more... oomph to it.

  78. PleaseDontGoCryBaby

    @shanesbitch21 darn skippy! xD

  79. Dohá Mohammad

    Believe me boy when I say so what!

  80. spanglish2011

    Best album ever!!!
    Love Kelly<3

  81. TimberWolf

    this should be her next single =)

  82. Misk629

    @Kamillian101 cream cheese

  83. Kristi B.

    Hey, Chris and Ben... DON'T BE A GIRL ABOUT IT!!! :D

  84. Misk629

    Only 1 top comment
    Quick, think of something
    ummmmm, sour cream and onions

  85. Addison Blair

    me: and oooh its not looking good
    mom: whats not looking good
    me: oooh im not in the mood
    mom: not in the mood for what
    me: oooh i cant get through to you
    mom: go up to your room
    me: dont be a girl about it
    me: cuz i didnt say yes
    mom: oh i know whats she doing she's singing dont be a girl about it by kelly clarkson

  86. EmilyVonSpears

    LOL at all the ppl who don't understand the meaning of the song and think it's sexist; it's about you. Don't be a girl about it!!

  87. Lindsay Benko

    ahhh i luv her im goign to her concert january 21st ;D <333333

  88. nenapizza

    lol love it <3

  89. gproducshizz hmong

    this song is so funny :D

  90. alicia clarke

    this is such a good album!!

  91. Ave Animations

    i would love to see the video for this

  92. Nathalie

    the way we know her :) she didn't changed like a lot of other artists! <3

  93. ilovedatasoong

    I love the way she sings the ooooo parts <3

  94. Kelly Aarts

    @takad012 It is on the official album :)

  95. Марин Красимиров Мирчев

    Love it from the first time :)

  96. JenniRudolph

    @IdolReady mmm well i was just saying my opinion. i still like the song, i just thought it was kinda weird that she used that as a metaphor. but whatever.

  97. laura jones

    Love all of her go girl :D