Clarkson, Kelly - Dance Lyrics

Everything about you just makes me wanna
Everytime I see you I just wanna
If you only knew how much I
You'd reconsider foolin with me
If I told you that I wanna
How fast would you run I wonder
You will know the sound thats comin
I'm playin this song just special for ya

Red botton red botton
In my hand
Make them dance make them dance

Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
Too much feelin like I gotta
Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
No more feelin like I gotta

Everytime you speak I wanna
Give you a little taste I'm gunna
You will know the sound it's comin
The tables crashin down on ya

Triger happy trigger happy
With my hands
Make them dance make them dance

Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
Too much feelin like I gotta
Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
No more feelin like I gotta

Lookin closer at the fine print here
Those chains are strings and now my hearts black tears

Now you can
Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
Too much feelin like I gotta
Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
No more feelin like I gotta

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Clarkson, Kelly Dance Comments
  1. Nick Aguilera

    Another 'WHITEney' as I call my beloved the one and only Miss Christina Aguilera.I just love it when white powerhouses like these ladies give the notion away that you needn't be black to sing like Whitney.I think Christina is definitely Whitney's white version and Kelly comes second on that.Both amazing vocalists who can amazingly sing Whitney's songs 😍❤

  2. Marzapaner Mendez

    really? 121 dislikes? how could you not like this? hehehe 🤔🤔🤔 #KellyTastic

  3. jackson4socks

    Slayed it

  4. Meanob 21st

    I love kellyoke

  5. Maureen Manu

    I like the way you singing l 😍 you so much

  6. Michael Brown

    Jesus Christ! Kelly Clarkson can sing ANYTHING!!!

  7. Courtney McGrogan

    She has literally been my guardian angel and idol like no joke she literally saved my life and pulled me out of alot of stuff I would give anything to just to tell her thank u I still listen to her music to this day thanks kelly for being so inspiring

  8. Judy D.

    Damn Kelly. You sure can sing! Keep on doing so many great covers, it's really great!


    imagine being a guy in that audience

  10. Nicole Ocampo

    There. There I did it I subscribed, Kelly. Calm down woman.

    Laura N

    Lol that made me laugh.

  11. gemini92

    Whitney Houston would be so proud watching this❤️🙏🏽

  12. Junior Costa

    The Perfection!!!!❤💎

  13. Tracie Nalley-Commet

    Love her dresses such a talent

  14. Stacy

    Shes absolutely brilliant xx

  15. Reiza Way

    The best cover of this song so far 😍😍

  16. howlinghyena

    This is so good💓💓💓👍👏

  17. Jetzel Martinez

    Why is she trying to sing like P!NK? She bothers me! I don't like her

    Annie are you ok?

    @Jetzel Martinez watch whatever you want just don't be stupid in the comment section.

    Jetzel Martinez

    @Annie are you ok? Now yer being a bully! Stupid!? Yo mama stupid!

    Jetzel Martinez

    @Annie are you ok? I am way to cool and to gangsta to be messing with girlie girl

    Jetzel Martinez

    @Annie are you ok? or Boy

    Annie are you ok?

    @Jetzel Martinez ok have a nice life. 🙄

  18. carly fallon

    That outfit 🔥

  19. Mc Family

    This is sooo great... her audience gets a mini kelly concert EVERY show... absolutely LOVE Kelly... I hope her show goes on for years and years to come.. I hope she continues to shine light on the Real Everyday Heroes etc..

    Annie are you ok?

    I really want her to sing heal the world. 😍
    Nice profile picture 👌

  20. Tony stark

    You've been Ofly Qiet latlly, I dare u to back that Statement up with action

  21. Kathie Balaine

    Whoever sings Lady Whitney Houston's songs....whenever and wherever...regardless of whether it is well singing or not..I was...I am and I'll still be the France..the one who'll be happy to see that She's not dead yet..and still be to say ...very. so sad..that History still doesn't learn anything...let's me explain..if she had received all this love and this gratitude..during Her Living years..She was already deserving a long time ago..Maybe She would still be there..among us..and still sing Her songs..maybe..happy songs..and..maybe..Her daughter would still be there too...yeah....
    Whatever...and this world of..anything and the same time...we should always be kind ..during the Living years towards anyone...always..a dream...?...Maybe..but it's mine..
    Shortly...thanks twice to Miss Kelly Clarkson🌹


  22. Ali José Silva Bolivar

    Kelly is an amazing artist!!! I love her!! ❤

  23. Linda Beckering

    Omg..... I love you Kelly...

  24. Richmond Addai


  25. cyke12

    One of my top favorite covers. There’s so many good ones

  26. Shandy Loo

    Hate me if you want but I think this is way better than the original

  27. Diilounii Bartholomew

    I love u kelly

  28. Shan Henry

    Is there anything that this woman cannot sing? I mean ANYTHING?!
    Adding to that she has an amazing sense of humour! Adore her!!!

  29. jaydel3

    When the song ended, did anyone else try to mimic that ending falsetto note and see if you can hit it. The

    woohoo, oooo!

  30. Bate Bola no Youtube

    Kelly can sing any song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANY SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Timothy Clarke

    Wow, nailing that Whitney, just Wow Kelly!

  32. Mariana Ileana

    Very nice

  33. Nick Aguilera

    Wow that was great Kelly!!! 👌❤ And she's white as snow but can perfectly sing like a black singer!!!.Awesome!!!, loved it and I think the very Whitney was clapping her from heaven, too!!! 👏👏👏


    Oh my goodness! My new best show!!!! I love Kelly klarkson sooooo veerrrry Much! XOXO from Kenya!

  35. Raymond Lavalouis-Mamea

    Never lost it

  36. Gabriel Moreira

    I love Whitney and I love Kelly😍

  37. Jessica Wanager

    Amazing Kelly! I love ya!

  38. John Bacon

    One of my fav songs........... nailed it............ I love this type of show............ mix of talk show and songs............. just like Dean Martin and Des Oconnor did..........

  39. Joshua Wesley

    Somebody whoo is killing me, Kelly!!! Pure as saint's soul.

  40. mark mccormick

    I love this song

  41. greattvshows452

    Those high notes right at the end though !!!!!

  42. Hodan Bille

    Really good! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Dave Munsie

  44. Anna Toledo

    Proud Mary please!

  45. Airlie Maria Heung

    Can you guys get Mariah on the show and the two do a christmas duet?

  46. RebelBelle

    I wanna go on her show

  47. Hanafi H

    1M pleaseeee

  48. hari sewa

    nyc nd type live modeling show find me in youtube lady .. .

  49. Carrie Burkey

    Dam her and Carrie Underwood are great singers..knows how to hit high notes.

  50. Ken Green

    what’s good about Kelly’s talks how is that it’s available to hear her sing everytime

  51. JuanPablo DG

    Wow wow wow

  52. StarPower

    I wanna dance with somebody💯

  53. JNK

    But who’s her stylist? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  54. mareeannah55 herrera

    She can sing anything

  55. Toni Ann Smith


  56. Anne Malar Selvaraj

    She is so talented. Love her.

  57. Megumi Horiguchi

    Kelly Clarkson is such a great entertainer... OMG I want to hit the "like" button a million times!!!

  58. Bstyles 81

    What a voice..🗣 Still sounds amazing 👌🏼and she's funny as hell too. 😂

  59. Daniel ErickBhirawa

    Wow the dress tho...😍😍😍

  60. F C

    She needs to release this as a single

  61. Mommy Garcia

    Damn Kelly ! Girl you can sang !!!

  62. Rodrigo Pereira

    Whitney must be very proud! 🔥😍👑

  63. bea kittelscherz

    her rasp and roar gives me the chills! Kellyokeee

  64. Katie Grayson

    I’ve always been a Kelly fan but was a bit skeptical with how much I’d like her show. I definitely think it’s growing me lol. I’m excited to see what she’ll do once she has a bigger budget lol

  65. Leo Menar

    Why is she singing....isnt this a talk show?

    Laura N

    Its her 2 minute how Ellen comes out dancing.

  66. Colonel Duke LaCrosse

    If she doesn't get a daytime Emmy next year, I'll be mailing her mine.

    Dominique Deveraux

    Eric Walker Do you really have an Emmy? But next year’s competition is going to be tough. My predictions: Wendy, Kelly, Strahan Sara & Keke, The Talk, and The Real vying for Entertainment Talk Show Host; Kelly, The View, The Talk, The Real, and Rachel Ray vying for Talk Show/Entertainment.

  67. DallasPark 2000

    I love Kelly 😍

  68. Amairani Mata

    love it💕

  69. mzcool71

    She sounds ok but nobody can sing like my girl Whitney Elizabeth Houston. Aka Nippy !


    I don’t think she’s trying to one up whitney ... lol

  70. Ryne Zuzi

    God is there a song she can’t nail?!?

  71. Jay Fannin

    Woah. Those pipes. 😍🥰🤗


    Dangggg girlllll you nailed this song sending love from Trinidad

  73. Henry Williams III

    They hate us but yet claim our culture as their own! Why??😞😞!?


    Henry Williams III 🙄🙄🙄

  74. Ynes Mendoza


  75. Jessica Hubbard

    Ok. This was perfection. That’s it. She’s def the queen. Anyone who can do Whitney flawlessly is perfection.

  76. Kristin Kitti

    I love you Kelly😍😍😍

  77. jupii_

    Ppl prefer this over Steve Harvey 😐


    jupii_ yes they do, actually, based on her ratings ...

  78. Jerome Jackson

    Wow! You go Kelly!

  79. Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa

    Kelly done did Whitney proud

  80. Wendy M

    Great Job Kelly! 💕

  81. Cleber Spanic

    Meus amores todinho, WHITNEY HOUSTON e Kelly Clarkson <3

  82. MrFloccus

    Totally nailed it! Whitney would be soo proud! and so we are :)

  83. Gorgeous Shon

    I am a big Whitney Houstin fan and Kelly as well. Kelly showed out with this one. She made my heart happy. I have not heard anybody sing this song like Whitney however Kelly did. I love Kelly. Thank you for making me dance while in the bed at 5am.

  84. This Single Mom

    Love it 😍

  85. last C

    Here’s Genavieve, also an American Idol Alum singing the same song!

  86. Cookie2277 Yay

    I love that she sings in the beginning of every show but I hope it doesn’t take a toll on her voice. Love you kelly!

  87. Angelo Jantorno

    Olha o apoio heim Kelly! kkkk

  88. Patrick Larry

    She's got a very good voice.

  89. k t

    if you happen upon her in the street she's the same person she is on these TV shows. I witnessed it. we didn't approach . those who did she greeted them with respect and gratitude very lovely person

  90. Terrence Ragin

    I love her

  91. Jamie Sereda My 7 year old daughters version of the same song when I snuck up on her singing ☺️☺️ Love Kelly Clarkson amazing voice ❤️

  92. Jacob Martinez

    I like when she sings "hey"

  93. Michael Treash

    I love you jelly clarkson you are so awesome

  94. Life With Todd

    She should do MJ cover

  95. Gaye Locklear

    Kelly has it ALL ....the voice, the look and dang a personality like no other !!!! Love her !!!!

  96. Payton Pryor

    I'm blown away. When you sing Whitney you gotta really give it your all. Great performance Kelly. Keep up the hard work. I pray God keeps blessing you.