Clarkson, Kelly - Call Me Lyrics

I’ve been holding every breathing and
it’s all I can do
Haging on every word and
Just like a fool, I thought I could get over you

So Call me, when you fall in love
So I can get on with my life
Call me, when you find the one
I’ve been thinking what I was all this time
When you fall in love
Call me

Taking the long away hope and
When I get home
It’s all just been a bad dream
Then I’m not alone
And you aren’t gone and move on

So Call me, when you fall in love
So I can get on with my life
Call me, when you find the one
I’ve been thinking what I was all this time
When you fall in love
Call me

Even know I know its wrong
The holding to this holding on
Its coping, what could it be?
I know the truth, and know it hurts
And now I know its not the worst
Letting go it’s not give in
So Call me, when you fall in love
So I can get on with my life
So call me, when you find the one
I’ve been thinking what I was all this time
When you fall in love
Call Me

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Clarkson, Kelly Call Me Comments
  1. Belle Parsons Wilshere

    I genuinely cried at this song, because it's so good! No idea, how it didn't get into Stronger..

  2. Nina Van Beelen


  3. r reis

    A new version (or hq version) of this song is my dream :/ since this demo came out

  4. Warren Carter


    Rhett Mitchell

    2018 Kelly still the best

  5. Warren Carter


  6. Xavier Toscano

    Cool project, maybe you will also like my song

  7. ElectrikkPaperClipxx

    Another gem that sadly didn't make it onto stronger...

  8. Gothic-Screamo Freak

    I love the emotions she puts into her music..She is so REAL

  9. 2730Luana

    linda cancao tem uma voz maravilhosa

  10. Emily Horan

    So much better than Call Me Maybe.

  11. storygurl83

    call me when you fall in love :'( I have to move on....

  12. seeker103

    Anyone's got hq audio for the song?
    I loved it.

  13. Ozbil Ege Dumenci

    this is truly beautiful... Kelly is such an amazing artist.... I find a way to fall in love with her more each and every day...

  14. Diamond18Ace

    It's an unreleased song.

  15. love AniKat

    love you Kelly

  16. kai hiwatari

    Guys if you want the lyrics to this song I already have made a lyrics video it
    Kelly Clarkson is the best!

  17. Leo Costa

    vc eh louco? hahahaahha

  18. Dena Impelletiere


  19. chloe bedard

    Okay so my teacher Mr. Abraham plays music like all day while we are in class and he sings along with us and it's really funny. Anyways my twin Lucas says in class today "Do you have Kelley Clarkson music on you iPhone?" "No but I know all her songs" and then Lucas and Mr. Abraham start singing this and we all join in. Lol yup thats my class for ya.

  20. Helen S

    this song makes me cry....
    I love you Kelly Clarkson!!!!!

  21. TheFear1611

    It's fun but pretty childish, VERY overrated imo.

  22. naibunuuni

    Just joking, I know. I've never liked Carlys song any way. It's catchy but it makes me want to hit my head on a wall while it keeps playing in my mind.

  23. Brit

    I have cried at "Letting go it’s not give in" :(

  24. 2730Luana


  25. TheFear1611

    Yes it is sweetheart, cause these demos were leaked before that stupid Carly song came out. <3 Kelly..

  26. Sławomir Adamczak

    Super utworek

  27. naibunuuni

    her 2 songs ''call me'' ''maybe'' coincidence? I think not

  28. Jeff Mason

    good grief , so many of her songs hit me exactly where it hurts

  29. 2730Luana

    quem tirou o que escrevi?.... linda musica pow

  30. MyHiphop5

    Kelly clarkson is awesome!

  31. Martin Gujgulov

    well gimmy your nomber :D

  32. charles Porter

    i love u kelly

  33. mariaxenac

    what album was this supposed to be for?

  34. Linda Marie

    just beautiful

  35. Catalin Pustanu

    love this song...<3 :X:X:X

  36. Julia Toms

    Gutted this didnt make it to the album :/

  37. Jessica Potter

    This song gives me goosebumps!!!

  38. rebaandkellyforever

    @ReezyRae14 Some of her demo's I like better then the songs on Stronger! I really wanted this song on her Stronger album too.

  39. rebaandkellyforever

    PS love the fact she writes her own lyrics too, makes them more real

  40. rebaandkellyforever

    OMG!!!! I love this song so much! The lyrics are so real. Kelly's vocals are evertless in this song! Love it SO much!

  41. Ian Latombo

    I was looking forward for this song to be part of KC's new album but it didn't make it. She has tons of great demos.

  42. Shelby Marie Axtell


  43. chatte578

    I didn't see this song on her new album? It sounds nice:)

  44. bhutanlhayul

    i really enjoy all of kelly's songs :)

  45. Morgan G

    This is gonna be one hell of an album , -3 cant wait !

  46. fashuneatsocks

    I Love her beyond anything i ahve ever felt creepy rit

  47. Maddy Ford

    One word.... WOW!!!!!*tears*

  48. Uriel Montes

    amazing vocals!!!! ♥

  49. Judy Moore

    she looks so beautiful in her album piture

  50. shicks79

    this song is amazing. and so are you for getting it. one kelly fan to another. <3