Clarkson, Kelly - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman Lyrics

Looking out on the morning rain
I used to feel so uninspired
And when I knew I had to face another day
Lord, it made me feel so tired
Before the day I met you, life was so unkind
But you're the key to my peace of mind

Cause you make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like
A natural woman

When my soul was in the lost and found
You came along to claim it
I didn't know just what was wrong with till your kiss helped me name it
Now I'm no longer doubtful of what I'm living for
Cause if I make you happy U don't need to do more

Cause you make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like
A natural woman

Oh, baby, what you've done to me
Oooo you make me feel so good inside
And I just want to be close to you
You make me feel so alive

You make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like
A natural woman

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Clarkson, Kelly (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman Comments
  1. watergawbard

    Nice midriff

  2. BenGorilla ChristianDude

    Who was the guy who gave her the flowers?

  3. Joey Jackson

    You’re welcome😌

  4. Chariz

    Just fantastic!

  5. Pauline Rosier

    A wonderful voice!!

  6. Alessio Matricini

    i loved the preformance my issue though is that her voice wasnt soulful tbh it sounded kinda bland but the rest was amazing

  7. Tresor Rose

    Kelly really knows what are her strengths are and when to use them

  8. Luciano Jasmim

    Beautiful woman and wonderful voice. This is kelly clarkson. Performance amazing. Everything was perfect in this song. Kelly is the best singer of American Idol of all the time.

  9. TheRenard10

    Kelly Reigned Supreme N Her Performance! 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

  10. sk8ingcoach1

    This cured my depression

  11. Jaime Jiménez Palma

    The best version of this song ever!!! 😍

  12. Kyla De la Cruz




  14. Claudio Jardim

    Some people in 2018/2019?? Kelly is an amazing singer... forever and ever!!!

  15. Vinceくん

    how fucking crazy is the concept of Kelly Clarkson tho it started out as a gross show with no budget launched by FOX with 3 washed up celebrities as judges BARELY ANYONE comes to auditions so the producers go into restaurants and public places and ask people to come, KELLY RANDOMLY just stumbles in, passes every round with flying colors, just happened to be AN ACTUAL PERFECT AMERICAN IDOL with amazing stage presence, and she dominated the competition, sold millions of her first album, and the show was single-handedly skyrocketed to fame with it's FIRST SEASON'S winner who still to this day is arguably the most successful...iconic.

  16. Ellie Nikolova

    1:14 Hallelujah! 😍🔥🙏💕

  17. Meagan Floyd

    The only acceptable tribute to Aretha Franklin

    The Person

    Besides Whitney or Patti's

  18. Say hune

    Mariah carey who?

  19. violet erin

    Love the outfit and the whistle

  20. Cesar Garcia

    OMG bitch!!!!

  21. kirkspencermusic

    This instead of Arianna Grande should have sung at Aretha’s service.

  22. Viole Baamonde

    The whistle OMG i’m definitely dead

  23. He Piseth

    Come here to clean my ears after Ariana performance


    He Piseth Her performance was good... what are you on about? I think you need to clean your ears a little more then go listen to it again.

    glossy boca

    Wtf ? Her Jimmy Fallon Performance was awesome

  24. CSS

    That outfit tho

  25. Ross Harb

    Perfection .

  26. Arturo Marin

    My mom used to work at jcpennys during that time and she always wore pants like that

  27. purplealchemist

    I always get goosebumps watching the. WOW

  28. Mackeyjay Lozada

    Rip Aretha

  29. Veronica C

    RIP Aretha Franklin <3

  30. Fera Rafana


  31. Sean R

    RIP Aretha

  32. lucero castro

    omg she like casts a spell on u when she sings has u daydreaming 😌🎤😱

  33. lucero castro

    is like when the singers retrieve for a while AMD come back makes me run a marathon on all their songs rembering how amazing they are the feeling is always fresh

  34. P4P Best.

    Amanda's performance was better in my opinion.

  35. Krututulu

    Who was the guy that went to hug her at the end?

  36. Jesse James

    I love how she take such a big risk on this song, that’s what won her AI - and almost 2 decades after this - she still the same, taking risks, doing her thing and not being one of the rest. I love this performance and I love Kelly ❤️

  37. Cristian R. Brarda

    F#4 modal to F#6 whistle to F#5 belt ! Not even your fav! Kelly Is the Queen after Mariah!

  38. Hal

    damn she was hot

  39. Eliane Santos

    Ela e uma anomalia....

  40. Chris'Creatives

    the ending was SO CUTE HER LAUGH OMG

  41. Timberland Childs

    I miss THIS Kelly Clarkson she was amazing and so HOT 😍😍💛💛

    Megha Singhania

    Timberland Childs Stop body shaming!!

  42. Kat Grace

    I know whether the whistle register is good or not is controversial, but no one can deny the amazing transition into that growl at the end. That's the kind of note and sound that awakens my soul

  43. 24FlyChy

    She still gives me chills!!! This is the song tha made me vote for her!!! I go back to see if she gives me chills and she still does!!! Raw talent is amazing!!!!

  44. I'm Flying Without Wings

    She definitely is the Queen of Versatility! I loved 2002 Kelly Clarkson and I love more 2017 Kelly Clarkson! She's the best!

  45. KTLongShlong Ω

    Season 1 was her bitch.

  46. Caleb Dix

    She used the whistle register in love so soft she recently just released


    Caleb Dix Yeah!!! I can't wait to hear that note live!


    Mmmmm I bet it's nice and tight in there!!!MAN I TELL YA GIRLS ARE IN THEIR PRIME AT THAT AGE!!!!

  48. Tomas Jephersin

    That NOTE Won Her American Idol

  49. Karen Starks

    Amazed at how many people are on here hating on this performance? Seriously??? This was amazing!

  50. mxrham

    She is sooo nice at the end of the video. Shes so gorgeous inside, out and pipes!

  51. Misty Blue

    She is the greatest

  52. Shakester71

    She was so hot here. The business, crooner attire while showing off some skin is sexy.

  53. Caz PK

    here's a voice that can turn a gay man straight lol


    or make them more gay


    No because only a voice can not change your preference.

  54. Kavana's Nation

    she's the face of AI

  55. jamesthemaniac

    Question: do you think that she hit or missed that big note? I feel like it was just jarring but she eventually slid onto pitch. Curious as to your opinion.

    Peter Criss

    @Jamezuh Give it up dude, you will never be a singer, you will never make it in music, trust me, watch n see!!


    @Peter Criss I have no desire to make it in the music industry. I can actually sing decently well for a person with no vocal training or desire to be part of the music industry. Still, that has absolutely nothing to do with my ability to hear pitches.

    Perhaps your 12 year old, Kelly-idolizing self should give it up?

    Brooke Menzies

    No I heard that too, she started a little low but slid into it.


    All she done was a glissando for style... as she slid up the beat of the music got stronger and more intense... it's just apart of the performance.

    J M

    She hit below momentarily/initially but quickly brought it up to pitch.

  56. happy4life500

    I wish I could still watch Kelly today and get turned on.

  57. Lightningshock12

    I just can't get over that climax. I mean, NOBODY would've thought to do that but Kelly Clarkson. Her musicality breaks the meter. Everything was so great that the flaw (evident but SLIGHT) was completely over-shadowed by his vocal calibre and finesse. Honestly, I've yet to hear anybody sing Natural Woman or Respect as well as Kelly can. The feats that she achieved while doing those songs are just astronomical.


    Lightningshock12 you're alive? Message me on something.


    ...dude, no way. You are not him.......Who are my two favourite characters in Naruto and who's your favourite character in Friends????

  58. Carlie Zucker

    that millennial fashion though

    Po prostu Dawid

    the best tho

  59. comalaism

    I agree her vocal ability and whistle register are impeccable, if you are saying it is not strong you need to turn the volume on!

  60. Daniel Moultrie

    God she looks so sexy in this

  61. Carl Vi

    This is THE moment that won her American Idol

    Ashley Miller


  62. TheXIIth

    Yall are forgetting that this was a COMPETITION. She had to show off all her capabilities in a short period of time to get people to vote for her. She knows her whistle register isn't strong. That's why she rarely utilizes it.


    +AlcinoustheXIIth why is it not strong? I think it's really powerful instead, sounds almost like a falsetto, and I love how she control it with glissando from that totally unexpected E to the F# first and the vibrato then.


    Let's not forget that it was a seamless transition from 'chest voice'. All in all, an extremely tough feat to execute.


    Sounds pretty strong to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    She says she rarely uses it cause she didn’t want to be thought of as a Mariah Carey duplicate, which is why Ariana Grande stopped using it.

    Echnaton Hechtmeister Hering

    @TheXllth What the heck did you smoke? ;)

  63. Eclectic Interests

    Beautiful woman inside and out. Great set of pipes even to this day. I enjoy and can sing this soulfully.


    Eclectic Interests

  64. bella2019

    Get your weight back girl

  65. teammm

    Yes, this was the moment when I recognized Kelly would win. At this point, she made me forget about Tamyra Gray who was my original pick to win.

  66. bella2019

    This made her win it all with that high note

  67. Melanie Tilley

    I agree with Brenton. Kelly is an absolutely amazing singer not to mention she's got a great personality. Not saying that her songs aren't okay because obviously she's done well in her career but when she sings soul its way better than the "pop garbage" as Brenton said.

  68. Brenton Watson

    For a pop star that can hit high notes... why doesn't she? She needs to record more music like this. Stop with the repetitive pop garbage. I love her voice but hate (most of) her songs. She really needs to do a covers album.

    Nathaniel Hudson

    She's hit a note higher than this on one of her songs. Don't like the songs, don't listen to them. But she likes her music and so do her fans and the general public.

    Autumn Griffin

    +Brenton Watson doing whistle notes all of the time can damage your vocal chords.


    +Brenton Watson contractual that her idol contracts are over...she can do more of what she wants

    I'm Flying Without Wings

    Brenton Watson Check on her new soulful contemporary songs! She already released 2 and sang another one that's not yet officially out. She performed on the Today Show as well!

    She did had some trouble with her RCA for 15 years! Contractual obligations man! If anyone here is planning to join this crappy industry, please be ready, read your contract and have a strong legal team!

  69. Khalil Hood

    She was off key!


    Only slightly.

  70. Dudre Dudaranovich


  71. LalalaTheHungerGames

    I just stumbled upon this and I got chills!

  72. Brenton Watson

    Wow I never heard this! I wish she'd sing like that more often. It was amazing.

  73. theodore braden

    Heard head voice


    No, that's an actual whistle tone, not Head Voice.

  74. Justin

    Also, no one gives a fuck if it was a whistle or not. Enjoy fucking music and stop with that shit. Music should be free of being over-analyzed and instead should be felt. It is emotion, not mathematics or science. FFS 

  75. Justin

    Such talent. I always wonder, since the most talented artists tend to have some sort of pain in their past, what is hers? Beethoven , michael jackson, eminem, so on so forth(examples are all different eras and genres as well as racial diversity to avoid being yelled at). 

  76. Bárbara Edwards

    HOLY GOD THAT HIGH NOTE. I'm blown away. I wish it was in the studio version

    Shugo Yung

    @Tyler Colby I honestly don't think it's a mistake. If you listen carefully, it starts a note off, but climbs up. Of course, it wasn't initially the right note, but the way she sang it made it have added rising notes, kind of slurring together into that last one. Maybe it wasn't intended to be that way, but I personally think it sounds perfect the way she did it.


    @Maelina Pulse It was intended that way. During the Idol tour, she belts the F#5, but she slides up to it as well. It's a stylistic choice.

    Taylor Swift Audio Files

    she say that she dont use this register bc she dont like it too much but on here she just only thougth that could makeher winand well, she win

    Dezz Nicole

    Anna Frost just reread the comment lol I thought it said she didn’t make a studio version🤷‍♀️whoops.
    I love the studio version though it’s so good

    Po prostu Dawid


  77. marcoo bevel

    This wasn't that good to me, honestly.

    My likes Casii

    It was her first time dont expect perfection


    Well, your opinion is invalid, honestly.

  78. TraiShaunTV

    Christina Bianco brought me here! Ps. That was a whistle not f#6

  79. Tyler Hannsz

    For the record: A whistle tone usually starts around a C6. This was an F#6.

    Safe to say it's a whistle.

    Lux Starguardian

    Oto Kage it is a superheadvoice, whistle suppose to be airy. Listen to mariah or minnie riperton. If you wanna know superheadvoice listen to lisa fischer

    Oto Kage

    @Lux Starguardian Whistle doesn't have to be airy. I'm a male and I can whistle from A5 to C7. I know exactly how a whistle sounds and this done by Kelly is a whistle.

    Abneer Nayyer

    @Duo Channel that is indeed a whistle, i am a male and i can whistle too. My whistle range is A5 to G#6 and i know the different between high head voice/falsetto and a whistle and what kelly did is indeed a whistle... And people saying that whistle note is supposed to be airy, Mariah is the queen of whistles she can change the style of her whistles, check out her different styles of whistle so don't compare honey.. Kelly and mariah both are queens, and what kelly did here is a whistle note...

    Duo Channel

    Abneer Nayyer so am I and I can hit a up to an F6 in falsetto and higher when I use whistle but this specific one is falsetto !

    Monique Monteiro

    @Chris'Creatives Playing instruments really doesn't give you any clue about singing. And you were definitely rude to Duo Channel. Terrible.

  80. Arcel Glenn Mayrena

    That high note should have been on the studio version :))

  81. Lucas Costa

    Ana gomez , it isn't a whistle .

  82. Lucas Costa

    É um falsetegente. Um falsete altíssimo.


    @Lucas Costa Listen to the end of that note. That's a whistle tone. Falsettos don't sound like that.

    Cristian R. Brarda

    Lucas Costa a F#6 could never be falsetto, not even head voice which could be up to Eb6, in some extraordinary cases. It's simple whistle.

  83. Cathy Fallah

    Ah! One of my favorite artists and voices! I just LOVE HER !!!

  84. Elana92

    Classic. Love her always

  85. 955pokerface

    The 'Whistle' was more like an Opera note. high head voice, I thought it sounded good

  86. Kamehalani And Qori

    She saaaaaang :)

  87. Siobhan Va'ai

    It kinda sounded like a whistle not a high note...... ( no offence )

    Megha Singhania

    Siobhan Va'ai It is called a Whistle Register in singing!! Haven't u heard Mariah Carey?? R u so dumb, ignorant and ill-informed??

  88. Charlles

    amazing whistle

  89. Charles Barbosa

    my god!! amazing whistle !!

  90. AnaGomez1994

    It was whistle register, not head voice!


    It's head voice in the whistle register.

    boboi puteh

    its a head register in the whistle voice

    Sandra Oman

    It's F natural in alt - who cares how it was created - bloody marvellous singing!

  91. daydream

    tbh that head voice wasn't as great as i remembered it to be

  92. Marcin

    Osom. ;)

  93. Diana Anaya

    wasn't feelin that falsetto tbh


    Diana Anaya well, it wasn't a falsetto...

    Cristian R. Brarda

    Diana Anaya it wasn't falsetto, it was whistle.... So 😑😑😑

  94. Wesley Vieira

    the high note is Head Voice

  95. Bel Romano

    She's amazing O_O

  96. Mauro Tyler

    she's such a turnon on this song. Simply perfect.