Clarks, The - Wasting Time Lyrics

At the end of motion
Commit me to the ocean
At the end of thinking
All I want is sinking
The worldly pain of life I leave behind
The give and take of love is not a crime
Like wasting time

It's kinda like a fever
My sleep is getting deeper
It's kinda like a sunset
Fade to black, but not yet
The earthly joy of sex and weed and wine
The high and low of life is not a crime
Like wasting time

It's time I started a fire
Not just a funeral pyre
It's time I get busy living
Not just taking but giving
And leave the pain and hurt and fear behind
And throw away the chains and free my mind
And open up my heart and let love shine
Wasting time

Say goodbye to lonely, Say goodbye to worry
Say goodbye to money, Say goodbye to hurry
Say goodbye

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Clarks, The Wasting Time Comments
  1. Lozerrr2

    I did waste time on a girl... never again with her

  2. Tad Askew

    This hit me right here ( points to heart )

    Thanks for postin'