Clark Sisters, The - So Much He's Done For Me Lyrics

You can't tell it let me tell it
You can't tell it let me tell it
You can't tell it let me tell it
So much he's done for me yeah
So much he's done for me yeah
So much he's done for me yeah
Yes he's done for me [2x]

Look where he brought you from
I can't help but praise him
(praise him for what he has done)
If I had 10,000 tongues
I couldn't
(I couldn't praise him enough for what he's done [2x]

You can't tell it let me tell it [3x]
So much he's done for yeah [3x]
Yes he's done for me

If you won't praise him (well than)
I'll praise him [4x]

If you won't praise him (well than)
I'll praise him [4x]

Watch me praise [4x]

If you won't praise him (well than)
I'll praise him [4x]

Get up off your seat and move your feet [6x]

If you won't praise him (well than)
I'll praise [4x]

Watch me praise him [2x]

If you won't praise (well than)
I'll praise him [4x]

If you won't praise (well than)
I'll praise him

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Clark Sisters, The So Much He's Done For Me Comments
  1. Jermaine Brown

    Dorinda on those moves. She's quite good! Her body moves so effortlessly. Anyways, I love this song to God be the glory.

  2. Purple Reels

    If you don't Praise Him.... Well then... I'll Praise Him!!! 💜💜💜🤘🏾🎶🎶🎶 #GospelFunk

  3. Craft Nation DIY

    Dad Elbert Clark was there, Kayla Parker, Marvin Winans, the late Chris Poole.

  4. Jasmine s

    Twinkie turned inspector gadget into gospel love her lol

  5. Steve Williams

    Hey this is Steven Williams I love the family

  6. Deborah Yuille

    Twinkie... the girl is bad no one can match her talents!

  7. AJ Sassy

    They rocked this song out!!! Wow this was 30 yrs ago!

  8. HOPE, LLC Helping Others Progress Economically

    Okay, come through choreography.

  9. Deborah Yuille

    That's the Twinkie l missed, full of energy!

  10. Kelli Smith

    I have this tape at home! It was my favorite and I still watch it! Love the Clark Sisters!!

  11. franco flink

    If Only #DeniseClarkBradford Was Part Of This Recording!!!!!!

  12. The King's Queen Mrs. King

    Look at Jacky's baby Angel, in her Dad Glenn Chisolm's arms & standing right next to them is Dorinda"s husband Elder Greg Cole, holding their youngest child, baby "G-Cole". Angel was DESTINED to be a SAANNGGIINNN SOMEBODY bcuz she clearly LOVED music from day 1😃

  13. T-Shirt Queen

    You better dance dorinda.

  14. DeVante Cooley

    Did she say Daddy at 7:48 ? I didn't know there dad was there!!!!!

    William Sanders

    DeVante Cooley I caught that too.

    Shon Mosley

    Yes, her Father was there!

  15. Kayden Fife

    They couldn't keep up with dorinda(James brown)

  16. By Grace Beauty

    This is an awesome song!!# they can stop singing Sunshine and Vain all the time. #jammin💃👏😎

  17. Shati Shane Parks

    It's 2019 and I'm still rocking to this infamous event! Thank God for The Clark Sisters-- MUSIC ROYALTY

    Purple Reels

    Me too!!

  18. Vicki Reader

    Alright sisters

  19. Rev. D.

    God has blessed those sisters. I am glad God has allowed them to bless my life with the ministry of music. All of them have God-ordained gifts. Help yourself Twinkie Clark on the keyboard. (Tearing up the ivory!)

  20. cssa121

    The way Twinkie is effortlessly switching from leading in her high mezzo to also not missing a word of the background singing tenor shows how much stamina and vocal ability she posses!!! GOODNESS, I JUST LOOOOVE HER! :)

    Mary-Louise Preston

    Mom1st24 yes ma’am; got a chance to sing with her at a workshop and she IS excited about what she does for the Lord


    @Mary-Louise Preston I can't sing (well I can, but I don't sound good 🤣) but I know that passion and I praise Him even in my tone deafness! 🙌🏾❤🙏🏽❤

    Mary-Louise Preston

    Mom1st24 I’m not able to sing like I once did, I’m 63, almost 64 but I give it all I’ve got and I thank God for what He’s given me


    @Mary-Louise Preston and I'm sure He is pleased! ❤❤❤🤗

  21. HamilTrash 1776

    "See, God's been good to me. And I can just lay all over this place. Just roll all on the floor" lol 😂😂 I just LOVE me some Twinkie

  22. EAS82

    I have heard the beat for this song before and cannot think of what it is!

  23. Cynthia Davis

    At 4:49 Twinkle was feeling that keyboard. Lol!

  24. Randall Jackson

    Inspector gadget 😂😂😂

  25. AJ Sassy

    1989 Detroit gospel music was the best! I was 14 and have the best memories!

  26. Clark Fan13

    Sang y'all

  27. Cynthia Davis

    I feel like l am at the concert!

  28. Cynthia Davis

    Twinkie music is food for the soul!!! Have mercy!!!!!!

  29. Kendra Wilder

    I love The Clark Sisters One of my Favorite Songs

  30. Camren Thomas

    Dorinda is the only one doing the dance right

    celeste matthews

    Dorinda is very energetic and full of life, I just love her.

    Kris Blake

    That routine at the beginning...that thing blessed me😂😂

    celeste matthews

    @Kris Blake Yes love the Clark Sister's

    celeste matthews

    @Derek Greyy Really she said it

    celeste matthews

    @Kris Blake YES

  31. phillybigbully

    AHHH ...that BEVERLY HILLS COP, Synthesizer ROBOsound of the 1980s. GAAWD...I HATE THAT SYNTHESIZER ROBOSOUND...

    Marcia Getfiel

    phillybigbully ordinary people by John legend

  32. antony walker

    they sister's not battle each stop comparing them BC god bless them sisters

    Purple Reels

    Right!! They're a family force!

  33. Mark Mountjoy


  34. Pearesa Springs


    Cynthia Davis

    Pearesa Springs The same clothings are on the model runway for 2017

  35. Cynthia Smith

    They go so hard! The band was alllllll IN! I would've loved to be there in person. geesh

  36. Blac Messiah

    I love them so much!! I love you Twink!

  37. Kay'Neisha Lawal

    Is that Pastor Winans @ 0:45? I know this was n the D

  38. Anton Cook

    Twinkie is everything to this group. Sorry but without Twinkie the rest is irrelevant!!!

    J Laron Rhodes

    IRRELEVANT is a reach but Twinkie definitely is the center of the group. She writes all of the music for the group.

    Reeses fun videos and Music

    Anton Cook exactly

    Reeses fun videos and Music

    I don’t care what the rest of them have done they will never come close to what Twinkie is doing because Twinkie did it first before all of the rest of them none of them were doing writing singing or any of that before Twinkie Karen even said it herself Dorinda also said it

    Ja-Mak Brown

    Reeses fun videos and Music right the must not remember that Twinkie was THE FIRST to go solo

  39. Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

    Best gospel group EVER...

    manny may

    True That!!!

    SheLoves Shoes

    Best group ever

  40. Sofeyah

    Yesssss that Chore thou!!!

  41. bzneeez

    This video right here!!! Man it just shows me how creative GOD is and we are creative as well because he made us in HIS image !!GOD blessed these beautiful women of GOD with tremendous talent and I hope others recognize that The Clark Sisters starting with their beloved Mother Ms. Mattie Moss Clark as trailblazers, they led the gospel music to soar to new heights!! I pray that I will have the honor, LORD willing, to meet them !!!!

    Michael Eans

    the Clark Sisters are the greatest gospel female group..i love me some Karen and dorina..

    Cynthia Davis

    bzneeez Yes Sir!!!!

  42. BEVERLY Kemp

    Bring back memories wow im glad they are Detroit own the gospel group ever

  43. Akeem Raemon Adams

    Baby girl @10:18-10:24 was Goin' INNNN in her daddy's arms!!! I absolutely love the Clark Sisters!!!!

    Jordan Toolsee

    That's Angel, Jacky's Daughter lol

    Akeila Robertson

    @Jordan Toolsee Yeph And I think that is Dorinda's husband holding their son right beside Jacky's husband


    Akeem Raemon Adams And on top of that, Karen was pregnant with her son J Drew at the time of the recording lol

  44. njanebreedlove7


  45. Jeremiah Evans

    This is yet effective at to date than over 20 years ago. WOW1111111

  46. LaMaude Lewis

    They jamming! I just love them! Twinkie is everything

  47. chrispleasantable

    The album Bringing It Back Home was actually released in 1989

    LaMaude Lewis

    Recorded 89 it didn't come out to the beginning of 91

    Michael Eans

    chrispleasantable I thank you God almighty for my Clark Sisters!! Twinkie,karen,dorinda,and Jackie keep on singing good gospel music..i,Eans c love y'all music from back in the days to now...dr.dorinda Clark-cole I love listening to you preaching gods word to me-if you don,t praise him (well then-i,'ll give God my life and I will still praise him cause God has been so good to me..yes,I'm Bless and highly favored in Christ Jesus all my life...


    Them dance moves was cold! Lol I love it

    By Grace Beauty

    Gospel Motown💃

  49. Shanae Cartwright

    I've been listening to the Clark Sisters this entire week.  Before my time but I LOVE them! Beauty, grace and godly women that can SANG!

  50. GlammByJayy

    I love me some dorinda she better work them feet

  51. willytoma

    10:27 the devil was slayed!!!! Go 'head Karen!!!!

  52. OneVoice412

    Twinkie is the greatest. Ever. 

  53. Yannick Taylor

    Yes Lord. That Growl Karen. I know she ain't hit a variation of Inspector Gadget

  54. tswanigan69

    Dorinda was just a little to smooth with them moves I think she might have been sneaking out to the clubs in Detroit! LOL Great video!

    taylor washington

    Omg every time I watch this I always die laughing at your comment it's so true.

    Marjorie Tillman

    I doubt they could sneak into clubs where no one knew them in Detroit. And their mother would not have approved. I never went to clubs, I enjoyed church just like they probably did. Going to clubs isn’t a temptation for everybody.

    celeste matthews


    Mary-Louise Preston

    Michael Eans there were 5 sisters: Jacky, Denise, Twinkie, Dorinda and Karen

    Noah Ellis

    You forgot 5 daughters from brith Michael Eans

  55. Krystle Allen

    The band was gettin it. Twinkie was a cold piece...shoot...she still is today!!

  56. Lynette Stewart

    Twinkie is the one with the pipes, Karen is good but she ain't no Twinkie. More like a cupcake! :)

    Brittany Renee Zanders

    Ohhhh Noooooo maam KAREN has the pipes , why do we hear mostly Karen on the tracks, Twinkle can blow but it's Karen that has that voice


    Lynette Stewart Without Twinkie they would not have those voices or ears for music. She gave them that starting board.

    Cynthia Davis

    fawnsworld81 You absolutely correct.


    Even though I prefer Karen... Twinkie Clark is the true musical genius

    Jonathan Jackson

    Karen got everything she got from Twinkie

  57. avery thomas

    Lol when Jackie the the ball of tissue back

    Cynthia Davis

    avery thomas I will put me some up there to catch my sweat too!

  58. Tiera Owens

    I'm loving their choreography LOL go head!!!

  59. Anthony Junebug Turner

    I LOVE IT!!!!