Clark Sisters, The - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Lyrics

The way you make me feel inside
The joy you bring can't be described feel the fire your my desire
I can't get enough of your live
The way you bring peace of mind your the friend I never though I find don't want to cancel it I got to reveal it
I cant get enough of your love
You're what I I've been searching more when my way was lock you came and open the door
(I can't get enough of your love [4x])

The way you keep me company you make my spirit feel so free can't hide it can't deny it
Cant get enough of your love
Everyday I need it more in my heart I never thu way before

Can't get enough of your lovin [3x]
Can't get [2x] enough [3x]
Can't get enough [4x]
Feel the love, feel the fire, feel the joy, feel the power

Can't get get enough of your love [3x]
Can't get can't [2x] enough of your love [5x]
Feel the love, feel the fire, feel the joy, feel the power

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Clark Sisters, The Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Comments
  1. DeLorean Cotton

    TWINKIE!! Sheeesh!! She killed this song!!

  2. Liezl-Mari van Rensburg

    Afrooooomanotherrrrworrrrrld cwooooooolest AmabestKaaaaaaarambaA+byyyyyaAy 🤗😘😀 VibeZ + innerrrr eeeeeeeeeelectricseeaneWi gggsZ 🎶🔆🎆🔅😇🤗😘🎊🎀🌊🌛🌈🎶🔆🤗😘✨

  3. A. Condo

    It's smart to have gospel crossover and appeal to a broader market, amen? But I thought we gonna slide into some Marvin Gaye here for a quick minute.

  4. timmy841212

    The Clark Sisters were one of the few gospel acts that were able to successfully mix gospel and R&B. And this song is left for interpretation.

    Also is it me or does Twink sound a little like Shirley Murdock on this? 😁

  5. sarah simpkins

    I heard this back in 1989 as a kid cause my dad used to have this album

  6. just me

    first time hearing this in my 24 years of life lord i thank you for this

  7. rch1jr

    The churchy quiet storm lol

  8. Baraka Farrington

    One of my favorite albums of theirs!. Thank you for posting this song. I wonder if this was when Twinkie was thinking about leaving the group so she could fall in love with her, now, husband but glad they got back together. The other three had already found their boos and Denise was out of the group...

  9. TORILUV Mari H

    Ooooo my song

  10. cssa121

    Come on range! Twinkie!!!!!

  11. Cynthia Davis

    WOW! Twinkie talent is amazing!!

  12. Tyree Dangerfield

    I love this song right here...

  13. Darrick Long

    Love this song it minster to me as a teenager through some hard times.

  14. Cynthia Smith

    Saturday night...ayyyyyye 😍
    Sunday morning...ayyyyye 🙌🏽
    😂😂 They knewwwww this song was gonna go both ways - and I ain’t mad at em. A timeless classic by one of the greatest groups of all time! When I heard it as a kid I was like WHOA 😮❤️

    Lee Lee Robinson


  15. Armani Røcks

    people always make fun of me at school because i listen to this type of music hay just because im 14 dosent me i have to be inapropreat and fast im just a girl that has real tast in music

    Its Royal!!!!

    Armani Røcks same with me

    sarah simpkins

    Armani Røcks well you have good taste in music

  16. motownbg

    Can't get enough of this song.

  17. DeJaiz Moe

    This song is meant for God not the world smh. Worldly saints the reason why the church is like it is.

  18. Stoney Stardust Stardust Tarot

    this sounds a love song .

    Joneda Williams

    Ty Davis This is a love song to God!!

    Cynthia Davis

    Twinkie is always writing love songs to the Most High. The lady is baaaad to the bone!!!!!!


    It is lol

  19. Isaac Jones

    This was always my favorite song off the album, it really touches me when I hear it.

  20. Roger Williams

    I've always appreciated how they were able to keep their sound ahead of their time. Amazing.

  21. JambiniMama

    Okay I can understand the coments about secular, but this song is aimed at God and as I listen its a personal testimony/conversation. I guess if u are looking for secular that's what u will hear. I guess the question we should ask ourselves is what is in our heart when we sing this song? Is it totally focused on God or do we have hidden agendas? True peace, love comes from the Father above. This world has nothing to offer us and that's what Twinks is singing about.

  22. Inspiration Queue

    Oh yeah...the smooth jams! Thats what I'm talking about girls, SING yo jam!

  23. blessed4areason

    Yep!!! :~))))

  24. Inspiration Queue

    Thank God Twinkie stayed with her roots: gospel!

  25. Inspiration Queue

    Man, these women can rock with the best of them...!! I ain't mad at 'em, SING GIRLS!!!

  26. blessed4areason

    LOL, that is what I said, this song could be secular. If Twinkie would have went secular she would blow alot of these artist out of the water, JMO.

  27. Inspiration Queue

    Oh yeah..defintely borderline Anita!!

    Granpa Ray

    Yess i get a "Good Love" vibe

  28. bemaniac2

    lol, this is my new jam though - i wish she'd make more songs like this again!

  29. blessed4areason

    LMBO Alot of people say that. LOL

  30. bemaniac2

    this is so secular! sound like some anita baker stuff!

    Foxy Boop

    bemaniac2 she sang a gospel song too. I think it's bc of the jazzy undertones, either way it's gospel and I love it!!

  31. cm4j

    Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I never heard this one, thanx! Twinkie never ceases to amaze me.

  32. Justme93

    WOW this is my first tyme hearing this song and I love it thanks for uploading it YOU ROCK!!!:)