Clark, Petula - Kiss Me Goodbye Lyrics

We choose or lose it
Love is never quite the same
I love Ive lost you
Don't feel bad..your not to blame

So kiss me goodbye
And I'll try not to cry
All the tears in the world wont change your mind
Theres some1 new
And shes waiting for you
Soon your heart will be leaving me behind

Linger awhile...then I'll go with a smile
Like a friend who just happened to call
For the last time..pretend you are mine
My darling...kiss me goodbye

My darling..kiss me goodbye

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Clark, Petula Kiss Me Goodbye Comments
  1. anthony belcher

    Awesome singer fantastic song 66

  2. Red Red

    I am born in 1986 but i fell in love with the 60's..
    December 18, 2019 anyone still listening?

  3. Philo Jones

    Remember this song well, stationed overseas, homesick as all get out. The years 1967-1968 were absolutely epic for Petula Clark: “Color My World,” “The Last Waltz,” “This Is My Song,” “Don’t Sleep in the Subway,” “Kiss Me Goodbye,” and so on.

  4. Valentina Beleva


  5. Mike Tuason

    Great song..great singer..great video.

  6. ross1oo

    Such a sad song, beautiful sung! 👍😊

  7. valine Griffith

    For pete's sake 2010s ppl find HALF of this talent...

  8. 24jkerr

    I was 8 and happy to have been her lover l thought she was cute.

  9. joe goodman

    ......."For the last time" damn that cuts deep many years later.

  10. jesus Petersen

    Will never forget you Llewellyn S 52 years on always in my heart

  11. dimpil dimzy

    So kiss me good bye and ill try not to cry

  12. Karen Polemeni

    One of my favorites !

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  14. vilma villaluz

    nobody wants to say goodbye to Love one, but petula makes it more nostalgic and heart wrenching

  15. Tim

    We need more female singers today like Petula Clark😇

  16. Mason Hsu

    Good memerre of old Times !

  17. colin warner

    What a girl, what a singer, what a song. My Pet. Loved you always from a boy, now an old man.
    but you are always young. Colin.UK.

  18. karl Kruger

    A mum saying goodbye to a son?


    Could be.

  19. Susan Naudé

    So heartbreakingly beautiful. One of the most hurtful things anybody could experience is when someone you care about doesn't want you anymore

  20. Genésio Oliveira

    Linda canção parabes boa postage.conbina com o video

  21. KOH Joo Hua


  22. rasdi salim

    I was 15 yrs in 1968

  23. Stephen Lisson

    Between Petula, Dusty, Cilla, Lulu etc etc, the Brits had some fantastic female singers. God!!!! they were wonderful.

  24. Hendra Budiman

    Sad boys and sad girls, sobat ambyar , hadir

  25. joan lalaquit

    Oldies songs are precious gold memories. Oct 1 2019.

    perla rabaya

    0ct.5 2019..beautiful oldies..

  26. Tarroy Bitay

    I remember this song when my paarents play this in casset tape,its so memorable nice song,until now i listening this song and i upload to my favorite music im 45 now

  27. Lim Kok Hwa

    Lovely voice

  28. Bb Phone

    I'm veera sharuengdej when I listen oldies songs. It's so most happy but my tear drop fall with call memory return to me such as: Ben.and morning pf my life it's sad+ happiness .

  29. Raffy Laraquel

    I miss my mom in phillipines

  30. Robert Howes


  31. Baskerville22

    Forgot about this one. Great song.

  32. Vance Howard

    We need this kind of music today, instead of the junk we hear today,  doesn't get much better than this, just beautiful.

  33. Manoel Ademi Gomes

    soberbe song

  34. Gloria Sanico

    Next time

  35. Eugen Țugui

    Perfect voice!

  36. gwen Sweet Gwen

    or at least that's what it sounds like to me ... *grins*

  37. gwen Sweet Gwen

    TIME STAMP 1:18 visual says, "with a smile" song singer says, "with your smile" you might want to fix that, even if the written lyric is correct, what she sings is what should be written on the screen, I think. *hugs*


    I heard with a smile....

  38. Gabriel Mitchell

    A beautiful song for a beautiful time when I was a youth.

  39. ap ril

    I love this song. From Indonesia

  40. Margaret Esposito

    Love from London to New York . This is my song forever.

  41. Elvie Loremia

    I remember my elem days when i used to sing infront of the class before our lessons start

  42. Juan Báez

    Verdaderas joyas que difícilmente serán superadas en calidad de interpretación, voz, sentimientos, arreglos y que de una manera tan simple nos hacía aflorar nuestros sentimientos más profundos y románticos. Gran calidad en todos los sentidos.

  43. William Henry

    Beautiful song, chorus and orchestration. Nothing beats the songs from the 60s not like the drivel that is dished up today. No comparison whatsoever

  44. Paula Coe

    My absolute favorite of Petula Clarks hits!

  45. Charley Dowd

    When I listen to this song, I think about the Tom Hanks movie “Castaway”.

  46. Novianti Hamzah

    I love u my heart

  47. 陳曉邨

    We hope everyone can do something to save the EARTH. Don't be too late

  48. Colin Chin

    Love this song so much

  49. Danny Howood

    柏楊 <> 醜陋的中國人Goodbye

  50. Joan Morris

    Ur not to blame. Kiss me goodbye!...Another tear jerker.! 👑👑👑👑👑👑💷

  51. Alejandro Rivas

    Pura poesia al amor .

  52. june tamburrini

    Still one of the saddest songs I have ever hear

  53. vincent ng

    My father passed away last week. While clearing up, i found this song in his phone playlist. This song will always have a special place in my heart.

  54. Chuck Layton

    That was the saddest day of my life when I kissed you goodbye, even though it was my fault, it was gut wrenching. To this day. I love you and will never forget you

  55. Juan Báez

    Que suerte haber vivido y disfrutado estas melodías, cantada en este caso por una voz angelical, arreglos que extraen los sentimientos más puros y profundos del ser humano y letra sencilla, tierna, dulce, emotiva y sobre todo respetuosa. HY mucho que aprender para los que se dicen artistas en la actualidad.

  56. Miguel Cabrera

    This song I enjoy listening again and again, timeless. It brings me back somewhere in the past.

  57. Joanne Palomo

    Love this song..

  58. Jakab Laszlo

    Only Petula  can sing this song they way she recorded!

  59. Donate Schul

    Ich liebe dieses Lied bis heute. Petula Clark . Klassisch gut .😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. Davey P

    Such a haunting song..especially for my life at this time. Every word is so true with a sent of heartbreak. Beautiful song.

  61. Luis Alberto Marquez

    I lost my kitten 2 days ago...I believe I could sing this for him, the other one waiting for my darling MIshi is Mother Virgin Mary in a heavenly sky for him. Oh dear...I feel so so sad I cannot stop weeping for my lovely and adorable kitten. Forgive me I cannot stop crying.

  62. Bijoy Kumar Roy

    Totally agree with the

    Bijoy Kumar Roy

    Agree with Macmonro

  63. Kwokwing

    Good old days

  64. Adrian Otero

    Who came first....Petula or Puckett? Anyone ????


    Petula Clark started her singing career way back 1955 while Gary Puckett started with his band in late 60s.

    Adrian Otero

    @NANCYFLORESSANTOS no....i know that...was talking about the song....who recorded it first....

    Adrian Otero

    @NANCYFLORESSANTOS so Petula sang this song before Gary Puckett....

  65. Ann Bushey

    I never get tired of listening to the old songs brings back memories and you can really listen to this music and sit back and relax thank God for the old music

  66. Vznbdb Hxjjs

    Long live Decade 60's and 70's!!!",.. Long live USA!,, Long live UK!",.. Long live Canada!",. Long live Australia!",.. Long live the Philippines!!!",...

  67. Vznbdb Hxjjs

    This song', always being played in our radio stations in the Philippines, along with songs of Connie Francis, Neil Sedaka and others, -- every Saturdays and Sundays!!",.. and I also like this song!!!",...

  68. 陳彥豪

    I think I am truly getting old in that most of the English songs I love listening to were from 1965 to 1975.

  69. Muhamad Yatim

    Saya tak bisa ngo
    .mong apa2 lagi,this song really very very nice song, Petula you are just great!

  70. Edison Romero

    So ann street good bye

  71. Happey67

    Thanks for the upload!

  72. Happey67

    Classic, timeless, beautiful song and voice!

  73. Isa Pons Sirera sanchis

    Que tu chantes EN FANCAIS EN ANGLAIS JE SUIS UNE FAN DE toi une voix douce un petit accent Français et marié avec un français. BRAVO pour ta carrière MERCI NANCYFLORESSANTOS nous avons les mêmes goûts

  74. kent millhaus

    Kiss me goodbye, but do not say you leaving me..I can not bear that sorrow.

  75. Randy Hudgins

    I loved the bitch just couldn’t handle the drama😭

  76. Janett Grady

    I love this song and I love Petula Clark. Whatever happened to this kind of music being sung by this kind of woman? Today, 2019, women fail to have the love they had in my day...and today's singers are too afraid of being politically incorrect, too afraid of offending the Me Too crowd types. In short, today's music flat-out sucks. America has gone to pot. We need another Petula Clark..

  77. Faridah Yusoff

    Chewing my heart out listening to this song 😢😢😢

  78. Chino Rometo

    I feel like crying.

  79. Micky May

    Hi Nancy, I like your new pic. Do you have "Sailor by Petula Clark? If you do, how is it titled? Thanks & God Bless. I spent the winter down close to the Mexican border playing your same old songs & too busy having fun to write much.

    Where have you been....N

    Micky May

    @NANCYFLORESSANTOS, have always loved that "Sailor" tune so much (a nickname when I was in my 20's), but adoring art I like the 2nd version of your unique style videos the best. Thanks for your work to entertain me. I've retired my hobbies that kept me traveling just over half a year since I was 31 when I was made an admiral of the U.S. Merchant Marines & a general of the U.S.Marine Corps Reserves on the same day. I retired with 3 stars in each. 23 years at that rank in the first service was enough & 19 years as a reserve general, I was getting bored and I finally trained 3 good admiral to replace me and time to give younger Marine Corps generals my higher spot to fight for. I now sort of miss my roaming vacations while I was driving around inspecting all the coastal & river harbors & my annual trips to Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. I have a very fancy Buick that I inherited from the father of the President of mainland China. That Buick has never been on a long trip, so I made vacations out of my trips down to the nice warm Mexican border area for the winter. I sure enjoyed all the señorita's hugs & the feeling of their lips on mine since Spanish is my 2nd language, but no luck in my search to find a wife to give all my love to. Oh, maybe I can find another sweetheart next year as I hope to go to Vancouver next year. Maybe I can find a wonderful Chinese gal of the many there to take to the top of Grouse Mountain on the ski lift to enjoy the fantastic view of Vancouver Harbor on a full moon night just once more in my life. I have been engaged to 4 Chinese angels & a genuine Japanese Princess, but death took all 5 & 2 more gals from the U.S.A. from me just 1 to 5 weeks before they were to be my bride. Maybe the Good Lord didn't want me to marry a gal half my age or less, but they all chose me & finally broke my resistance. The Chinese each asked me to marry them several times before I finally said "yes." Japanese Princess only woman I ever got to propose to in my life since her Royal Japanese Traditions would not allow her to propose to me. Same Royal Traditions prevented me from kissing Kazuko until my engagement ring was on her finger. She was a super genius who sure knew how to motivate me to put that ring on her finger. (Kazuko became very interested in me because the 1st of my movies that I acted in was made in Japanese & I do it all from script writer to director). Loneliness has made me like a boat with the anchor still out,, but I keep moving with hope in my heart since June of 2016. Mostly, I've been listening & watching foreign music videos on youtube. My cousin, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, put me on to the greatest old time Rock n' Roll band that I have ever heard, the Refreshments. They are Swedish, but sing in English. I'll dedicate this to NFS: . That fat man on the piano is Johan Blohm, rated #1 on piano in the world (the Jerry Lee Lewis of today) & he sings too. They have lots of videos on youtube. Carl has great taste in music! I know because I inherited a music booking agency for my 14th birthday. I have worked with Roy Orbison, Brenda Lee, Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt (, Jay & the Americans(Cara Mia), the Hollies, just to name a few. I always mix what I enjoy with business, so I've been extremely successful. With my love of music (especially dance music), my 14th birthday present was perfect for me.

  80. visoot srichainam

    แต่ ในชีวิต จริง ของฉัน มันไม่ได้เป็นเช่นนั้น เพราะ ไม่มีใครรอ อยู่เลย

  81. Derrick Sutton

    Ms.Clark is just awesome and this is a great great song.

  82. Bolos y recuerdos para toda ocasión.

    Beatiful song, the oldies music is heart to heart....... lovely!!!!!!!!!!..........

  83. Think Positive

    Favorite song to ng mama ko I love you forever Mang Rosalina Estrera Tomas. 😇😍😍😍😢

  84. มานพ เขียวชะอุ่ม

    Love.. This. Song. Verymuch

  85. steve perry

    petula the greatest ever

  86. Aditya Dharma

    This song full memories...

  87. stripervince1

    Another masterpiece from a goddess legend of the best decade of the 20th century.

  88. Janett Grady

    This is one of Petula's best love songs, if not the best. She is one of the three best singers of love songs...Elvis, Agnetha Faltskog (the blonde from ABBA), and Petula Clark. No one else even comes close to these three. Petula's Kiss Me Goodbye is one of my favorite love songs, and as far as I know, neither Elvis or Agnetha covers this song...they're smart enough to realize they couldn't do it as well as Petula Clark does it. Amazingly, of the three, Petula Clark is the only one still this day (2019) and still going strong. I love this girl.

  89. Laurie Kendrick

    KQXT-FM San Antonio, TX. Adult easy listening,, circa 1970. My parents listened to that song was played frequently. I was 11 and life was simple and so damn uncomplicated. Wonderful song. “

    That girl is your tomorrow...I belong to yesterday”. Should’ve realized back then that phrase would be something I’d utter quite often.

  90. Rhonadel1207

    The voice of the singers back then has so much clarity. You could actually understand the lyrics clearly when they sing eventhough they have accent when they spoke.

  91. Harad Salip

    This song bcame popular when I was in college back in 1968. Nice song.

  92. John Golofit

    From the Spring of 1968. A song filled with beauty and feeling. 51 years ago I remember being in 7th grade with my mind being exposed to various music such as this. Kiss me Goodbye was part of Life’s soundtrack back then. When I listen to it-I’m back there....

  93. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1968 {April 8th} the NBC television network aired the musical/variety special 'Petula' starring Petula Clark...
    At the time Ms. Clark's "Kiss Him Goodbye" was at #20 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, the week before it had peaked at #15 and it spent eleven weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #2 {for 2 weeks} on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart, the two weeks it was at #2, the #1 record for both those weeks was "Love Is Blue" by Paul Mauriat...
    Between 1964 and 1982 she had twenty-two Top 100 records; six made the Top 10 with two reaching #1, "Downtown" {for 2 weeks in 1965} and "My Love" {for 2 weeks in 1966}...
    Besides her two #1 records, her four other Top 10 records were "I Know A Place" {#3 in 1965}, "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love" {#9 in 1966}, "This Is My Song" {#3 in 1967}, and "Don't Sleep In The Subway" {#5 in 1967}...
    Sally Olwen 'Petula' Clark will celebrate her 87th birthday this coming November 15th, 2019...

  94. Daisyrie Penaflorida

    Municipal Anthem of Municipality of Calauan,Province of Laguna

  95. Mireilke Verrilli

    Merveilleuse Petula.

  96. marcelo ruarte

    My father loved Petula´s songs. I was a child then. I now understand him, thanks to youtube.

  97. See Yong 因果 感恩 祝福 Ong