Clark, Petula - I Know A Place Lyrics

Every day when the work is behind you
and the shop and the store put the lock on the door,
just get away where your worries won't find you.
If you like, well, I'll tell you more.

Don't let the day get the better of you.
When the evening comes, there's so much to do!
You'd better put on your best and wear a smile.
Come along with me a while
'cause I tell you

I know a place
where the music is fine and the lights are always low!
I know a place
where we can go.

At the door there's a man who will greet you.
Then you go downstairs to some tables and chairs.
Soon, I'm sure, you'll be tapping your feet
because the beat is the greatest there.

All around there are girls and boys.
It's a swingin' place,
a cellar full of noise!
It's got an atmosphere of its own somehow.
You gotta come along right now!
'Cause I tell you


[musical interlude]

Well, all around there are girls and boys.
It's a swingin' place,
a cellar full of noise.
It's got an atmosphere of its own somehow.
You've gotta come along right now!
'Cause I tell you


I know a place where we can go!
I know a place where the lights are low!
I know a place where we can go!
I know a place where the lights are low!
[repeat and fade out]

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Clark, Petula I Know A Place Comments
  1. David Olsen

    Incredible Thank you 😊

  2. Tark Z

    Nice song.
    she also had a career in France, where she was very famous. she was our "petite anglaise"

  3. Jim Kasprzak

    That was a perfect description of Manhattan in the 1960s. I wish I could have experienced it

  4. Gabriel Shear

    Needs to be louder !.

  5. Chris Thacker

    And still no Damehood for her, after all these years in showbiz.😔

  6. James Weiss

    This song is timeless....if you cannot appreciate the voice, you are not only tone deaf, but sadly, helplessly lost

  7. Joseph F Danza

    Yes--Listening to this great song on Christmas Day 12-25-1019...Yes....

  8. Charles Teale, Sr.

    Are used to love Petula Clark’s music… I still do!

  9. R. M. Brumley, Sr USMC

    She was a Star and Sexy

  10. robert graves

    This must be American tv. I was born in 1965 and we didn't have colour tv in England until the early 1970s. (at least not that I was aware of).

  11. johnsax1445

    Personified the mid-60s

  12. Louie Colon

    Listening to this song it brings so many memories of the 60". still listening 50 yrs,later 2019

  13. uselessjoe

    Already a mother of 2 in this video. She just turned 87.... recently did a few shows in Canada...

  14. Jack Pavlik

    Luv her music and v ooce

  15. EarlyLove2014

    I remember hearing this for the first time on the radio. The DJ played it twice. They never did that..! The excitement was off the hook..! Fantastic Fun and Innocent times..!

  16. George Vreeland Hill

    I know a better place where we can go … back to the 1960s.

  17. Alexander The Great

    The guy in the red dances like somebody's dad at a wedding!

    Jonathan Tubman

    These are definitely not the Soul Train dancers.

  18. Cat Man

    WOW I remember when this was a new song. The music was so great back then. We rarely saw the people who sang these songs. Now with YouTube I get to experience these songs all over again and see how beautiful they were.

  19. centralparocker 888

    The horns come in at 2:22...

  20. Rose Ann Turrill

    Love her voice and Spirit :)

  21. Bill McQ


  22. Googleye

    And she could dance too! Better than the kids dancing 🤣

    Lomate *

    Just like my dad he danced the same way we couldn't watch 🙈🙈


    Love Petula:s 60s dancing style She was so graceful and talented.

  23. Mark Jolley

    Why why why hasn't she been made a dame !! Come on the powers that be!!!

  24. Big Bill O'Reilly

    Very nice however these days we have the vocal goddess TARJA

  25. Gary Marquis

    Yup, back when youngsters actually "danced" to great , understandable great music. Does anyone still dance anymore?

  26. John Kurtz

    Had the privilege of seeing her live once. Great .

  27. John Foster

    I think this song sums up the 60s so much. It must have been amazing

  28. SoloPilot6

    I can't hear this song without thinking of that film that Mike Jittlov did.

  29. Ilove Ewwe

    Nobody in that hip crowd knows The Block?

  30. James Dean

    It's like my youth singing out to me.

  31. BK Dro

    I wasn't born when this song came out...But I know where I can go now...Thank you Petula Clark

    BK Dro

    Its not a joke...I really love the 60's...too bad I wasn't born then

  32. Glenn Hopkins

    denise pettet and Glenn Hopkins

  33. Jen Ciocca

    The cavern club

  34. Rick Mays

    What a killer voice.....W O W!!!!!

  35. Words of Cheresie

    The girl in the pink skirt has me laughing till it hurts! She looks like she is doing some sort of painful physical therapy.

    Tom Kaptijn

    Thanks for sharing, my kind of humour ! ( ouch...stop..)

  36. Jared D

    White people can dance........ Okay, maybe not.

  37. Gary McKinley

    I Hate it when they show a video tape with a soundtrack from something else. HATE IT!!!

  38. Louie Colon

    Takes me back to memory lane. I was about years old when this came out. still listening Nov, 2019

  39. Santo Sgarlato

    Brings back memories of my childhood my aunt from Switzerland got me to listen to her awesome lady

  40. terx1

    They dance just like the peanuts characters..,guy in the red jacket has ants in his pants.

    Kate G

    So true!

  41. Ricky Schultz

    I adore Petula Clark. She sings to my heart. She paints a musical atmosphere, a sonic landscape. Her gestures are not fake. Such an engaging soul. I would love to meet her.

  42. Ruben James

    Pleasant, if forgettable song. Sounded too much like a repackaged "Downtown".

    Buster Biloxi

    You're a stupid bastard.

  43. Paul Michel

    Those nerdy people don't look to swing'n.

  44. Paul Michel

    It's hard to believe she is the age of my dad. She seems to be cooly beyond her years and I can tell you everybody's dad is the least cool there ever is. But he's your dad. Dad's aren't supposed to be cool.

  45. wayne pitty

    And we Thank.. *John, Paul, George & Ringo* for first coming to America, to open the doors
    for the "British Invasion!!!

  46. wayne pitty

    Happy Birthday Petula!!! 🎂 What a great voice she has and great songs! They dont make'm like this anymore...

  47. VILJL

    On November 15, 2019, she celebrated her 87th birthday. Born on November 15, 1932

  48. Michael Rheinstrom

    Happy birthday Petula Clark!!!

  49. henry willoughby

    Still got the 45

  50. Michael Mcgee

    It's out of sync

  51. Tim Kane

    I think she just had a wonderful spirit that reflected the times. The early 1960s was such a time of optimism. The economy of the world was surging. Technology was surging. We were all becoming more connected through technology. And about this time colorization of media was surging: photos, movies, and finally even television. All all of this vibrancy and optimism shows up in the art. And here is is vividly demonstrated.

    joe mer

    ghost pilots of times square !!!!

  52. Martha Mack

    Simpler Times, NO obsession with "political correctness" just people living their lives with joy.

  53. Louie Colon

    I always listen to this song during my junior high days. Nov 2019 still listening

  54. Charles Martel

    BACK before The leftists turned the UK into a muslim third world shithole.

    Joseph F Danza

    Wow Great logic, No more leftys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. John `

    who's the guy who can't dance in the red blazer?

  56. centralparocker 888

    Love her little dance at 1:41....

  57. Richard Thiele

    Love you Petula! Listen to your wonderful songs all the time. Wish I could go back to that time and see you live.

  58. Bobby Gizmo

    Love the dancers


    She was a fantastic singer. My favorite

  60. Christopher Montoya

    I was born in 1970 but my mom gave me the gift of listening to music.

  61. Christopher Montoya

    Innocent times.

  62. Hippie Lewis

    Only thing better than CLARK-is ABBA-and cause of one song DANCING QUEEN-But I luv Petula

  63. Shane Barrow

    She came to Australia and sang 6 years ago and spoke about Elvis and Karen Carpenter and her self and had to stop Elvis hitting on them Lol

  64. freeguy77

    Petula Clark won the Grammy Award in Mar. 1966 for "I Know A Place" in the "Best Contemporary (R&R) Vocal Performance of 1965 – Female" category. Well deserved! It hit a high of #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 (singles) chart (but only #17 in the UK), right after "Downtown" hit #1 in Jan. 1965, that instantly made her a superstar worldwide with "Downtown" in the UK, France (in both the English and the French versions), the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Italy and also Rhodesia, Japan and India. It hit #1 in Canada and South Africa, #3 in Rhodesia, #7 in Australia, and #10 in India. She told The Boston Globe (1966) about her #3 smash hit: "No matter what anyone tells you, to make it in the United States is still the dream of every transatlantic performer. You work for it. Long for it. And I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when 'I Know a Place' was nearly as big a hit as 'Downtown' and the Copacabana Club in New York signed me."

  65. Charles Kos

    Wow she' a bit spaced out in this!

  66. Charles Kos

    Stolen from Sememe St! Big Bird should sue

  67. Paul Carney

    It looks like they got a bunch of trainee accounts in to dance behind her. In my view only Dusty can better Pet out of the 60s British girl singers.

  68. Charles Kos

    She has a body like a Chinawoman

    Buster Biloxi

    Said like a true Little Englander sod.

  69. Andrew Matthews

    if anybody out there has a time machine I am willing to pay 10million pounds sterling for a ride 👍any offers ?


    Call Dr. Who...fellow countryman

    Andrew Matthews

    MrAdvance2go if only my friend it would be your best fantasy ride ever😊

  70. Andrew Matthews

    bring back mini skirts 😊

    Words of Cheresie

    No one in this video is wearing a mini skirt and I would say that their clothing is pretty conservative. Today, the women would be dressed for church.

  71. Andrew Matthews

    pet clark will you marry me ? 💓💓❤️❤️❤️💓❤️❤️💓💓💋💋💋💋❤️💓💓❤️💓❤️❤️💋💘💓💓❤️💓💓💓

  72. daniel De Lucio

    The dancing of the girls an boys behind¡¡¡¡¡

  73. Antonio Vilarim

    setembr 2019.🎸🎸🎸✌⭐

  74. g bridgman

    Too bad the focus is so lousy on this video. It would be nice to see it in HD. This was the follow-up to Downtown and I like it better. She was already in her 30s here. It nice to see her dancing with all the kids. Notice how well dressed everyone is.

  75. Mr Stacy J

    she can really shing-a-ling

  76. John James

    This cannot be from 1965. Look at her hairstyle in 65 in other videos and look at this one. This has to be late 60's. 67 or 68.

    Jay Williams

    No, I was a child then and women looked like this in 1965. My sister-in-law still does.

  77. kernriver1967

    Damn I getting old (70)..
    Watch this on black and white t.v.

  78. Johnny Isotox

    always good stuff!

  79. Trixie Katz

    London Swings! I love this song!

    Andrew Matthews

    Trixie Katz she's one sexy lady and she could and can sing

  80. Truman Burbank

    Cute as hell.

  81. halcyon289

    Wow....her voice just cuts through everything. I love her diction. Each word is crystal clear.

  82. Amin Yashed

    00:46 Oh, those eyes.

  83. Steve Stearns


  84. Plasser1000

    LOVE this song mostly because Petula really belts it, shows her range more. LOVE IT. I have always loved her singing. She is now 86. I CAN NOT believe it.

    Andrew Matthews

    Plasser1000 she was and is a true British TREASURE


    She sure is.

  85. Mike Stevenson

    The two dancers on the right aren't fooling anybody.

  86. 18andlikeit

    I think I might like this song better than "Downtown." Just has a great sound, beautiful powerful chorus melody!

    Mike Stevenson

    Perfectly said! Absolutely nailed it.

  87. George Vreeland Hill

    The 1960s had the best music.

  88. pnt1109

    petula clark beautiful voice lots of hits

  89. Metro Promise

    Unlike many Brits, Petula had a sense of rhythm, that English bird could dance. Wouldn't mine her Yorkshiring my pudding!

  90. Scott Burton

    # 3 hit from 1965-Great song!

  91. Shane Barrow

    One of my fravorate s Godbless her XXX

  92. 525Lines

    I've seen a thousand of these things, the music segment of American variety shows. This is the best I've seen. Just sayin'

  93. Annette Koch

    The emotion when you hear this song because times back then were so different. Wonderful memories when life was simple.

    Maybe Taylor Swift needs to spend a whole summer with miss Clark to understand how songs can be uplifting and be well written.

  94. Jack Sugden

    Excellent always loved that tune, this lady is a legend in her own right, I was 9 when that track came out, so nice to see a video of it 👌

    Andrew Matthews

    Jack Sugden she was and is SUPERB Jack

  95. Christopher Raffell

    majestic perfection .youve got to come along right now.lyrical platinum

  96. Lawrence C

    those people cannot dance

  97. Trek-Way

    Easily her best song.....IMO

  98. Dave Smack

    This song is ageless. Great 60’s tune

  99. 1 9

    Been working on one of her old sports cars from the 60s this week. Turner 1959/60.
    Great song. I know aplace where we can go la la la .

  100. Antonio Vilarim