Clare Dunn - Ferrari Lyrics

I'm like a cigarette
Burning down a Marlboro Red
Waiting on the curb for you
Hurry up, don't mess around
Lipstick on, I'm going now
I'm gonna do what I wanna do
Got my nails did, hair done
Headlights pulling up
Ooh baby, here I come

I don't care that it costs two grand
Cause I like how it handles in my hands
Stereo up, with the top laid back
And if you see me
I'm probably running way too fast, yeah
I don't care that there's holes in the floor
And all them dash lights don't work anymore
Even though it ain't, I ain't sorry
I'mma still drive it like, like it's a Ferrari
Oo Oo Oo Oo
Nah, I ain't sorry, I ain't sorry
Oo Oo Oo Oo
I'mma still drive it like, like it's a Ferrari

I come up barreling
Engine revved, round the bend
Acting like I'm queen of the night
Everybody round me shining
And that person in their diamonds
I'm just working hard for a dime
Cause it's that real steel, strong feel
Knowing that it's mine
Gets me off every time


Yeah, yeah
Oh nah, nah
I ain't sorry, oh yeah
And it may not look like a million bucks
But under that hood
I keep it souped up good


I ain't sorry
Oo Oo Oo Oo
Cause I'mma still drive it like, like it's a Ferrari

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Clare Dunn Ferrari Comments
  1. Jose Reyes

    She is a bad ass seen her at norco dust in the boots she jams

  2. Don Adams

    she can play a guitar and sing. the total package ya'll.

  3. Dave Berg

    She's so hot

  4. Our Job


  5. hacked hacked

    I love ur songs

  6. Tabitha Hamm

    love her she's the best singer

  7. alguarino2

    why cant we see the lyrics to Ferrari?

  8. Vannessa Netos

    i love you. i love your work

  9. Kimberly Stephens

    kaljquu ax

  10. Mandie N.

    girl power right here.

  11. click373

    Great voice and the badass "Avril Lavigne" of country!

  12. Caileah Cuevas

    love this song.....

  13. Baeli.S

    I had no idea who u were about 20mins ago but now thanks to sing I'm obsessed ur incredible the next big female country singer

    Nicholas Willcox

    Like most, Tuxedo started my fandom for her music, but I just now finally am getting around to the rest of the record she has on here and am seriously loving it.

    Completely agree with your statement.

  14. Todd Clark

    Can't wait to get her cd.  Either that or download all the tracks from I-Tunes!! Clare Dunn is so awesome!!!

  15. Lauren Berrier

    Claire Dunn was so good in concert

  16. Tanner Weeks

    Better live but still a damn good song
    P.S. Thanks for putting on such a damn good concert at national convention Clare

  17. Michael Samaha

    Next female star of Country Music. Love Clare Dunn!

  18. Ashley Roberts

    very amazing song