Clare Bowen - Love's Ring Of Fire Lyrics

Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring
Bringing hurt to the hearts desire
I fell in the ring of fire.

I fell into into the burning ring of fire
I fell down, down, down, down
Into the deepest mire.
And it burns, burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

The taste of love is sweet
When two fiery hearts meet
I believed you like a child
Oh, but the fire went wild.

I fell into into the burning ring of fire
I fell down, down, down, down
Into the deepest mire.
And it burns, burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

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Clare Bowen Love's Ring Of Fire Comments
  1. a B

    I love this song I love it even more when she sings it so good one of her best songs

  2. Bethany Cuenca


  3. SublimeLBC

    She's singing Anita Carter's original version of the song.

  4. Peter JOHN - CHELLIAH


  5. iRena

    Do you think Scarlett knows she is talented, but pretends like she does not know she is talented? "Did I just do that?"

  6. Kelly KitKat

    Scarlett, a stranger in a strange land, full of talent.. Tres naive.. Gunnar's looking at her, like a wolf.. envy, or jealousy? Jealousy is about love, relationships, hoping she will stay, whereas envy is about .. envy... hate.. a desire to trade places, not being happy for another's brightness, or wishing for her to be, dimmer. .. the brethren of Joseph, when they saw his coat of many colours saw that their father loved him more wherefore they envied him, and hated him, and could not speak peaceably to him... Scarlett was like incadescent, innocent and pure, in Season one, standing out from all the other characters.. but by the end of Season two, kind of worldly wise, like a sparrow that got shot down by a duck hunter, or something.. interesting evolution.. only human, after all. Not bulletproof.

    Kelly KitKat

    Envy and covetousness... it is ok to covet
    spiritual gifts - to look at another and wish
    you were as bright. But envy is like saying,
    "I wish I was her".. it is a desire to steal, as in a
    zero sum game, meaning one cannot be more
    without another being less. But a candle can
    light another candle - like how Racer X shows
    up to help Speed when he is low on fuel, but
    they are both competitors. Ok, not a great
    example, for fuel is finite - X can only share, so
    much. Neither a victim, nor a victimizer be.
    Physician, heal thyself. "I'm just trying to get
    inside your world" - rescue missions can be
    dangerous. ... Umm, so, you can be both jealous,
    and covet a spiritual gift (potentially infinite
    supply - "the magic"). But to envy, is ugly, and
    selfish. You can be jealous without being
    possessive, because maybe it is best if she go..?
    Our God is a Jealous God, but He gave men
    self will, the ability to be led astray. Jesus
    said, Remember me whenever you eat this
    bread (as opposed to that other bread)..
    because really, why are you allowing
    yourself to be distracted by bread, smokes,
    or drink? See, John 6:35, kjv. Hmm, box of..
    Cheerios.. Ingredients : real sugar..
    Crunch. Crunch. Munch. Hmm, what was I
    thinking? The world distracts. What brings
    you back?


    Yah well said, but I think Gunner loves her but Scarlett is such a delicate person, but everybody in the series has got complicated lifes, which is sad but I guess that's life.

  7. Sal Adler

    Miss Clare Bowen is an amazing talent. Her singing is so enjoyable and easy to listen to. Wish the whole song was available to buy.

    Kelly KitKat

    She is an actress from Australia - the accent for Scarlett is invented .. she sounds very "down under" in interviews.

  8. Sherrie Brown

    I LOVE NASHVILLE...This is a great song by Clare and needs to be released on their next Nashville CD, as a whole version.

  9. Allison Jodoin

    I wish she did a full cover!!! I would totally buy it!

  10. Fiona H

    She TOTALLY needs to record the whole song. I LOVE this too!

  11. Ria Sabrina

    i know, it was so weird what i first heard her talk, like WHATTT

  12. Ria Sabrina

    i love Scarlett, she has such a beautiful voice and i love her songs with gunnar!!

  13. Haydenpanettierefan2

    very happy Clare Bowen Ring of Fire it is on the Nashville cd !

  14. carly august

    met her 2 weeks ago went shopping lol

  15. BrionyDown18

    Love her voice

  16. Richard Coleman

    Ring of fire was actually co-written by June Carter Cash, and Merle Kilgore. I hate when people are miss informed and spread miss information to the masses. For all those who have been hatting on this wonderful rendition. It takes a lot of guts to take a true classic such as this and truly make it your own. Keep up the great work sweetheart!! With a voice like yours and your truly kind and soulful personality you are sure to go far!


    yes you are so right, Its a June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore song, heard it a long time ago, and also saw it on the Johnny Cash movie "I walk the Line" amazing movie...


    You're half right. It was written by Merle, June and Anita for Anita's album.

  17. Kitten Paws


  18. Todd Boden

    Songs do not have to be sung literally. Listen to new wave and alt-rock. Lots of brilliant sad lyrics that you can dance to. Even Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun was originally a song written by a man from a man's point of view.

  19. Laura Far


  20. RossieMarrie

    I thought the song is about love, plain and simple, nad how love just gets into you, deeper and deeper as time goes by


    and complicated lives, come to think of it everybody's got complicated lives...

  21. Lizzy

    She's actually Australian...what....

  22. tejaswoman

    Talented as it is, this rendition is just wrong, even if June's sister did it the same way. The song is about the pain of loving someone you shouldn't, and to sing it in a peppy, celebratory way just makes the singer look ignorant of its history. Some songs with a backdrop can be sung apart from that backdrop with nothing lost in translation--not this one.


    Anita did not sing it in a happy tone. Anita's vocals in her version put an emphasis on emotional delivery more so than any other version I've heard so far.
    You're right about this version being too peppy

  23. Lizzy

    I need her voice

  24. jvaish

    Interesting. I originally heard this was written by June Carter Cash. Now, some people are saying that Johnny wrote it but gave credit to June. Either way, it's a great song.

  25. zoie dawn

    I love this show just started watching it on a website

  26. Linz bridge

    the mans hair in the back is all i could see... i effing love that mans hair!!

  27. s rach

    Love her!

  28. Georgia Howe

    one of these days Scarlett will jump into Gunnar's arms like that and everything will be alright in the world... until then we just have to be patient :)

  29. lurdusami

    This version is almost 1:1 interpretation of original version of the song, called (Love's) Ring of Fire by Anita Carter, sister of June Carter Cash, who was wife of great Johnny. Listen watch?v=no5ajpgPr4M
    But Clare is great here and makers of the series are respecting classic country music. Love it.

  30. Salvationschild

    There is a OST CD out :) I got it like a month ago :)

  31. betty nuckols

    she is the whole package

  32. Ashley

    I wish this was on Spotify!

  33. bwoodsfinest

    welp, if you bought the album, there is one on it.

  34. lovehappinessunicorns

    She sounds like that cus its a fake accent, people get your facts straight before you post.

  35. Heather Erickson

    I NEED them to produce a full length version of this so we can download it like all the other Nashville songs. PLEASE Nashville people?

  36. Katherine Rose

    Love, love, LOVE this version!!

  37. evelyngrz87

    She has a great voice!!

  38. Kayla CB

    ikr her voice is gorgeous. I wouldn't think for a second before hiring her. She should be famous for singing after her part in the show nashville

  39. Paul-Elie

    One of best Nasville songs !!