Clare Bowen - I Will Fall Lyrics

I'm afraid to go up to the second floor
If you wanted to work it out why'd you lock the door?
I thought I was good at loving you
But our light went out when you wanted it to
I wish you the best, I'm headed west
It's all I know to do

I will fall, I will fall if you come around
Just when I think my heartbreak settled down
I will fall, I will fall if you come around

We said goodbye it was forever
And I spent the last year piecing my life together
Just when I think I've let you go
Your song's playing on the radio
And just like that it rushes back,
Every part of you

I will fall, I will fall if you come around
Just when I think my heartbreak settled down
I will fall, I will fall if you come around

Ooh, ooh, ooh [x3]

I will fall, I will fall if you come around
Just when I think my heartbreak settled down

I will fall, I will fall if you come around
Just when I think my heartbreak has settled down
I will fall, I will fall if you come around

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Clare Bowen I Will Fall Comments
  1. blueibabygirl07

    Love this song listening 1/30/2020 just restarted watching the show again I miss it

  2. Nicholas Pelletier

    fuck these grammarly ads

  3. Dan

    Clare sounds like an angel

  4. Marie Garcia

    To the ex I saw on Friday after no contact for 6 years.

  5. ALS

    This song was written by Kate York and Tyler James. Just wanted to give credit to the people who actually wrote it. I Love this song, especially the line and the melody to, "I thought I was good at loving you."


    I Will fall, I Will fall if you come around...🤤😏♡

  7. Nod's Missus

    Currently re-watching, and I'm at Deacon's party (where this is sung for the first time) absolutely adore this song. So beautiful <3

  8. jlvmba

    Who got the writing credits? Great song.

  9. Emily Anklesaria

    Wish the show would just leave these two alone together

  10. Dan

    Sad, yet beautiful

  11. teresa mccabe

    iam in love with nashvill their music is beauitful i listen to it everday can never get tired of it

  12. Oliver J Chin

    These 2 are so awesome together! Blend perfectly. Kudos! One of my most fav songs from Nashville!

  13. Helen Zelinski

    #BringBackNashville <3

  14. Rui Viana

    Please #BringBackNashville

  15. Remi Frostad

    Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen, I love them together. And the threesome inklude J.J aka "Avery Barkley" !

  16. pat walton

    love this and all nashville songs love it all !!!!!!

  17. Cindy Havard

    I love Nashville!I think they should let Clare Bowen sing more by herself

  18. aina torres

    i love her songs

  19. Isa Nunez

    Love them

  20. Stephanie Bentley

    my fiance has got to play this with me

  21. Kristy Dipietrantonio

    Omg i love this show and all of these songs on it i can't stop watching

  22. Roger DArcy

    I torture and murder. Do you think that is right?


    @Roger DArcy ...u dont murder....eee

    Roger DArcy

    No it is not right to harm others unless it is to harm the jews!


    ....racist fuck

  23. Sal Adler

    Amazing great singers and song.

  24. Lind Alvarez

    I love the songs they sing on Nashville, can't get enough of em, about time somebody put some sentiments back in true country music.

  25. Tom A

    I thought I was good at lovin you.


    One of the best lines in a love song ever.

  26. Alexz

    So this is me. Right now. But he already came around...

  27. bry4n3

    I've been so depressed since the past month. This song just makes me.. I don't know.

    It's so beautiful, yet so depressing. It's beautifully heartbreaking.
    My heart :(

    Candace S

    Sending positive energy and peace your way! I hope you are feeling better!

  28. Ama Blessed


  29. Chrislynn Wolze

    I am seriously sick of not being able to listen/ watch videos on my nook or phone because now they limit curtain stuff just to laptops. I FUCKING HATE YO

  30. Christine Noke

    love the music but hate the advert before every song, one or two in a mix ok but this is too much. 

  31. Lila Törni

    taamä tykkään

  32. Kirsten Reddoch

    love me some gunner 

    Sam Soule


  33. Emily Cocita

    you should make a karaoke version

  34. Octopusias

    I prefer the full band version as in the show. The electric guitar part sounds amazing .

  35. ancapmd

    Check out the cover of I Will Fall i did on my channel :)

  36. DJ Meacham

    this song makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

  37. Kat Red

    perfect every signle one of their songs

  38. jane 71

    These two people are such amazing musicians -- and not to mention great actors, too! I love Nashville!

  39. SuperLmao87

    i love these two thing they the bst on the show but the two young girls think they sisters they beast too i love nashville!!

  40. Luna Wendorf

    You think the producers would realize what a following these two have and stop making them go solo!


  41. Mike Van Rose

    did you listen the version on the Nashville soundtrack Volume 2 (spotify or itunes) ? no words to describe it... i wanna marry this song

  42. MuseLuver

    If people don't like this song, they have a 99.9% chance of BEING DEAD INSIDE! ... Sad But True :'D

  43. primeval4life

    Agreed! I have their songs on my phone. The songs are so addicting! <3

  44. Lulu Cresswell

    I have a Wish List full of their stuff on iTunes... oh my god. I think they're the best singers on the show tbh

  45. kacool1D

    Their voices compliment each others' so beautifully it brings tears to my eyes. Sorry i know sappy(:

  46. Amira Newman

    Yep, they definitely have THE best songs! Why aren't they on the radio?!

  47. primeval4life

    :') I'm English, but when I sing, I do have an American twang, and I have to say that singing the "fall" in the song is hard to not sing with your original accent. <3

  48. rlr33

    They can't help singing the word "fall" with her Australian and his English accents.

  49. lauramartha3

    That's how I 'discovered' Clare & Sam, also. I heard "Fade Into You", and it took my breath away. I watch "Nashville" now just to hear these two incredibly talented actors/singers perform together. This kind of instant positive reaction doesn't happen to me often, either. They're the best on the show!

  50. Camille M

    Agree 100% imsory! Fade Into You - easily makes the top 5 best song/best lyrics/best performances ever of any genre. I came to the show late...just looking for something to watch on Hulu...when I heard Fade Into You the first time, I don't think I took a breath till the last note was sung. I can count on one hand the songs/perfomances about which I can say the same. Astounding talent unbond by genre - this performance of this song is musical perfection.

  51. Ashlynne Baker

    I just want them to make a cd already... They are why I watch Nashville!

  52. Denise Corbett

    These two bring me to tears, I love it!!!!

  53. Bee Moore

    This song is so heartjerking. AHHHH! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. girlfromdabay93

    my favorite nashville song besides consider me

  55. mike mikovich

    i would pay money just to see these 2 do a concert..and i am not a huge country music fan but this stuff is good

  56. Jennifer Wight

    I love this song:) THEY r the best!!

  57. Luke Kelly

    nashville brought me here .... shock horror

  58. PageInMyBook


  59. huggybeartrucks

    love the harmonizing.....♥

  60. Frances DeMers

    On the last show, Rayna is talking about signing them to her own label.

  61. Tarah G

    love them!

  62. primeval4life

    Agreed. ;) They're amazing, and especially Hayden. :3

  63. Carmen Joseph

    They can NOT go wrong when they do a duet together!! Every song they do is PERFECTION!

  64. jgabrielgaite

    i think i will start watching Nashville because of them..joke..i love country music.and nashville

  65. mike mikovich

    these two should go out on tour...i would go in aheartbeat and i am not even a big country fan but their stuff is amazing

  66. shmory97


  67. mleklandeen

    I feel like this is a song for everyone who has loved. I miss you Scott.

  68. Meaghen Standlee

    you can go to share copy and paste the code to a youtube to mp3 convert site then its free

  69. Skyebright1

    true but their songs are also better written than the poppy crap hayden has to sing

  70. HRodrigues H

    does anyone know the chords to this song??

  71. Itaint Rite

    Cause they're actually singers.

  72. PINK SZN

    this is just amazing

  73. Nicole Marie

    Sounds like Decan and Reyna.

  74. Alexandra Alvarez

    is it weird that every time they finish the chorus my heart almost stops because im so used to listening to the sound of keys hitting a table right after? ..i guess thats what happens when you listen to the tv version a billion times before a full version finally comes out

  75. 2011Awaken

    Love the show, and that the cast all sing the songs. Plus, living 30 minutes from Nashville, what could be better??? Love MUSIC CITY!!

  76. anniesadumbration

    Such an amazing song and lyric...

  77. primeval4life

    I can try, but I don't think it'll let me. x

  78. jimmerfr

    Could you make it avaible for mobile devices too?

  79. Paul-Elie

    This one toi :'('

  80. justice hope

    wow is all i can say about this song

  81. 711graveyard

    Nashville is the show in which it comes from. such fantastic music and show

  82. primeval4life

    I got it from a site I use. x

  83. yesika Luovier

    this great where did you get it? :) love it

  84. technounsavvy

    I think that analeigh08 was talking about the songs sounding the same not the singers.

  85. Claire Hirsch

    i think gunnar and scarlett have the best songs on the show. honestly, i do.

  86. Annie Van

    this is the best love song i ever heard, but this song is the second best next to no one will ever love you!

  87. Sunteemama_

    I love this song. I wish he knew how I felt about him.

  88. youretheonlyone chloe

    i can;t stop listening to this

  89. Jada Mcinnis

    I love her voice so much :P

  90. dbd lpeasee

    Hope they make a soundtrack for the show.

  91. rdh1220

    I love these two this song is awesome