Clare Bowen - Change Your Mind Lyrics

When you wake wanting me
And you can't go back to sleep
Change your mind
When you're weak and all alone
And you're reaching for the phone
Change your mind
Keep on going til you're gone
Even when you think it's wrong
When you look back in regret
The moment that you left

Change your mind
Baby don't come back this time
Don't wanna have to say goodbye
All over again
So if you think there's still a chance to make it right
And I'm the only one you want tonight
Change your mind
Change your mind

In the early morning haze
When my kiss is all you crave
Let it go
Cause I don't wanna do that dance
The push and pull, the second chance
I already know
Yeah, I know
You'll just promise me forever
And then you'll take it back just like that
Say you can't live without me, then you'll

Change your mind
Baby don't come back this time
Don't wanna have to say goodbye
All over again
So if you think there's still a chance to make it right
Change your mind
Change your mind

'Cause I don't wanna have to say goodbye all over again
So If you think there's still a chance to make it right
And I'm the only one, the one you want tonight
Change your mind
Change your mind
Change your mind

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Clare Bowen Change Your Mind Comments
  1. Todd Silverstein

    Achingly beautiful, as are most songs from this lovely duo.

  2. Erron Black

    Yep...heard those words before...

  3. Angela K. Johnson

    Gunner, aka Sam Palladio, you and Claire Bowen are fabulous! Angie 🌟🌟💫

  4. Steph Díaz

    When you wake up wanting me and you cant go back to sleep... Change your mind 😖


    Is there a CD for this love the music

  6. Shelby Madison

    Don’t drink & listen to this song. Bad idea, take it from me.

  7. Kathy Kocher


  8. Joe Soliz Music

    😢 .................... 💔 ...........

  9. sella Adhiambo

    A miracle for a song

  10. French Guitar

    Acoustic version is so much better !

  11. Cyndy A Meehan

    I never heard this before I love her voice and the song

  12. Soleil Raiponce Renaissance Nathalie Blais


  13. Thomas Paine

    Thanks for putting this together, it's a great song to play on the guitar, and there's nothing like playing the song and hearing Scarlett sing it with me!! Just the two of us, ahhh! Yes, ive been there before, this has happened to me and sometimes I feel like if I just play it well enough, and sing the harmonies with her just right, and give her all the support she needs, then maybe this time she won't one leave. So I play the song over and over till my fingers hurt so much I can't play it anymore

  14. Mara Bodin

    5 seasons isn't enough of these two 😢❤

  15. leonard gomez

    scarlett and gunnar"s is the saddest love story i have ever seen,its really vry painfull n hurtfull to think they love eachother so much and yet they dnt get a chance to be together,before someone comes in between and fucks up everything,esplly the british director who comes to direct a vdo of scarlett and gunnar,i swear i cud kill that asshole for fucking up things.....every song they sings is so beautiful and with so much meaning and sung with so much of their souls.......

  16. mystic trash


  17. Brittnie Lawler

    Absolutely love<33

  18. Lilm1213

    stuck on the push and pull..

  19. Steph Díaz

    Cause I don´t wanna have to say goodbye!!!

  20. Staci Cole

    my favorite song ever


    Yes best song ever :)

  21. Rui Viana

    Please #BringBackNashville

  22. Cynthia Bolllinger

    Beautiful voices, beautiful souls! Thank you! :)

  23. Sara Buchanan


    teresa mccabe

    Sara Buchanan it on on thurday nights lasst thurday was the first show hulu has it on their 5 series i watch the whole thing it awesome

    mystic trash

    Sara Buchanan

  24. Britt Eberson

    I love this song sooo much! #bringbacknashville

  25. Alyssa Hannah

    Gives me chills #BringBackNashville

  26. Kellie Angel

    more like 5 and sixth chance but can't let them go thier all I want. probably always will be

  27. Cece Roys

    pretty song

  28. Melissa Miller

    This song leaves me speechless everytime I hear it , :/

  29. Sal Adler


    mystic trash

    Sal Adler yes!!!!

  30. Kathleen Woodruff

    Damn this song is one of the saddest songs that i have ever heard in my life. Its a beautiful song!

    Neal Skye

    this is exactly what I think about it. Never could hear it if I were in that place

  31. Stephanie Metzler

    So Beautiful!

  32. Trish Walker

    Sadly, this song reminds me so much of my relationship with my ex. I was in a relationship with him for almost three years that was nothing but a push and pull effected relationship. One minute he was telling me that he couldn't live without me, the next he was telling me of how he didn't want me anymore and he couldn't stand me. We have a two year old girl together and he never see's her and blames me for it and as much as I feel like I can be to blame for his ways, I am finally over him but it hurts when I hear this song because of it's accuracy.

    Carol Long

    I hope things are going better for you and your daughter. What you describe is a form of abuse and he is unlikely to change but you can move on for her sake. God bless!

    mystic trash

    Trish Walker I'm sorry I'll pray for you! I'm sorry! god bless

    Biih Bitoh'nii Asd'zaa

    I hear you. I went through the same thing with my ex, but we were together for 7 years. Luckily we don't have any children together, so I was able to finally move on. It was hard. Now I am married to a wonderful man. This past September was our 10th Anniversary. When you REALLY let him go, then not only will you truly feel FREE, but your heart will heal. Stay strong not just for yourself, but for your daughter also. What you show her, is what she is learning.


    hes abusive its good youre out

    Ashley Morin

    Awe. Reminds me of my ex too. But damn it's good tho

  33. Collin Daniel

    end up sobbing every time i hear this

  34. sfmarko333


  35. Kayla Ross

    they are so talented

  36. Mark Kenney

    sooooo beautiful.

  37. Siota. Malifa

    Clare's voice reminds me of Dolly..very unique and just BEAUTIFUL!!

    Callie Temple

    I honestly thought they were related for so long. shocking that they aren't

    Glenn Martin

    I hadn't thought of that. Yes, you're right!

    Callie Mc

    yep both of their voices are remarkable

  38. nona sas

    i cant cause i dont wanna :'(

  39. Daniel Reinoso

    Es Scarlett & Gunnar, excelente dúo, amo Nashville

  40. AJ Krivenko

    Beautiful song.  I love their duets. 

    mystic trash

    AJ Krivenko ya

  41. Suhayl Perry

    unbelievably beautiful 

  42. Mustafa Base

    so pure voice !

  43. D Lopes

    its "Scarlett & Gunnar" not "Scarlet and Gunner"

  44. MusicFan23

    her voice reminds me of ella goulding :)

    Kara Wood

    first of all its Ellie Goulding, and second of all being a huge fan of both ellie goulding and clare bowen and I can guarantee you that NO they absolutely do not sound anything a like !! two different genres, two different sounds, two different personalities !! the only thing they have in common is how artistically amazing they are !! 


    @Kara Wood
    ok ok calm down... I never insulted clare I love both of them as well no need to make a lot of hassle!

    Ethereal Arson

    The actors on the show do their own singing, thank you very much.

  45. Blackketty

    my heart is crying

  46. ancapmd

    Check out my cover of this beautiful song on my channel :)

  47. Craig Talbot

    WOW! Who hasn't been haunted by this? Incredibly emotional and beautiful!

  48. she manzano

    i love this..

  49. Daria Morgan

    Hermosa, no me canso de escucharla.

  50. Caitlyn Cain

    I love this lyric video, it's my favorite! But just so you know, their names are spelled Gunnar and Scarlett. Both super weird spellings, but just in case you make another video of them! Thanks for making this one :)

  51. Debbie Haak


  52. Lisa-Maree

    One of the best songs I've ever heard! This is my new favorite!

  53. Minh Tranky

    Great song, great show!

  54. Jessie Leigh


  55. jewelee208

    thanks for posting. /CRY!!!!

  56. maxine barnes

    love the series Nashville , scarlet (clare) and gunner (sam) are brill could listen to them all night every night

  57. mikey inderikey

    Great song, and lyrical video. Thanks for posting.

  58. tiler007

    the next genre to hit europe,superb

  59. rlr33

    I love Clare voice!!! It is so beautiful.

  60. Aarin Rose

    Love her voice!

  61. Kelley Bartek


    mystic trash

    Kelley Bartek ya!!