Clara Mae - Call Your Girlfriend Lyrics

Call your girlfriend
It's time you had the talk
Give your reasons
Say it's not her fault
But you just met somebody new

Tell her not to get upset
Second guessing everything you've said and done
And when she get upset
Tell her that you never meant to hurt no one

You just tell her that the only way her heart will mend
Is when she learns to love again
But it won't make sense right now
But you're still her friend
And then you let her down easy

Call your girlfriend
It's time you had the talk
Give your reasons
Say it's not her fault
But you just met somebody new

Don't you tell her that I give you
Something that you never even knew you missed
Don't you even try to explain
How it's so different when we kiss

Yeah, you just tell her that the only way her heart will mend
Is when she learns to love again
But it won't make sense right now
But you're still her friend
And then you let her down easy

Call your girlfriend
It's time you had the talk
Give your reasons
Say it's not her fault
But you just met somebody new

And now it's gonna be me and you

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Clara Mae Call Your Girlfriend Comments
  1. Megan Cox

    I have a theory she's the one who was broken up with and that's what her boyfriend said to her, not that she's the somebody new.

  2. Annika Schwartz

    Idk why but im picturing the music video going something like this... She's not the other girl in this situation, shes looking back on how she would have liked to find out she was getting cheated on, and not having to find out for herself,like walking in on themor having to see him and her on a date.. as she's singing, you can hear the hurt in her voice. That's just my take on it

  3. Elysha Ismail

    She is talking about herself in this much emotion in this song...i can feel it in my heart...❤=💔=🖤

  4. Nina Okes

    When you just listen to this song bc it sounds amazing, then you realize that your not the new girl, your the old girlfriend.

  5. Q pinkiii

    Cheaters r still assholes :)

  6. A_M Vlogs

    Why didn't Clara say this was a cover cause maisys and Lennon made this song

  7. A_M Vlogs

    Isn't this Lennon and maisys song which came out before this

  8. ice and almond has fun

    I wish this was in french
    Because I understand french more than English ironically I speak English

  9. Sofia Lindahl

    this song hit me so hard i mean im the girl he would call my boyfriend have chated 3 times with the same girl and i Think his in love i just told him to go on Youtube and listen to the song and then call me....

  10. Der Kakao

    lieblingspart 0:47-1:07

  11. en Yik

    Call your girlfriend
    It's time you had the talk
    Give your reasons
    Say it's not her fault
    But you just met somebody new

    Tell her not to get obsessed, second-guessing everything you said and done
    And then when she gets upset tell her how you never meant to hurt no one

    Then you tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again
    And it won't make sense right now but you're still her friend
    And then you let her down easy

    Call your girlfriend
    It's time you had the talk
    Give your reasons
    Say it's not her fault
    But you just met somebody new

    Don't you tell her how I give you something that you never even knew you missed
    Don't you even try and explain how it's so different when we kiss

    You just tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again
    And it won't make sense right now but you're still her friend
    And then you let her down easy

    Call your girlfriend
    It's time you had the talk
    Give your reasons
    Say it's not her fault
    But you just met somebody new

    And now it's gonna be me and you

    Then you tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again
    And it won't make sense right now but you're still her friend
    And then you let her down easy

    Call your girlfriend (call your girlfriend)
    It's time you had the talk
    Give your reasons
    Say it's not her fault

    Call your girlfriend
    It's time you had the talk
    Give your reasons
    Say it's not her fault
    But you just met somebody new

  12. Hannah Dominy

    * me skipping this song every time bc it hurts so damn bad *

  13. Gabrielle Campanella

    Ok but like, am I the only french canadien girl that recognize the song from marie mai's "ni cri ni haine" 'cause that's the exact same song that she wrote BEFORE this song came up so clara copied this song from another singer🤔 that's actualy plagiarism so she souldn't have all the credits for this song🤷‍♀️

    Alex Sahlin

    Gabrielle Campanella This is a cover of Robyns - Call Your girlfriend.

  14. Kesha Nation

    This is such a gross song, the lyrics literally make me mad lmao.

  15. Chuck Lennon

    It's not about cheating :
    The guy just met someone and now he realizes there is no love for his girlfriend, since he met the other person. He "just" met somebody new. It is not about a few days, it's about a few minutes, less than a day anyway. So the guy maybe (maybe he did) did not cheat since it's about a girl he just met, and he immediately knew it we not gonna work with his girlfriend anymore.

    I can understand it, I'm that guy she's singing the song about
    And I can promise I never cheated and never will

    I broke with my one year girlfriend because I loved someone else, and I realized my girlfriend was not the good one
    Now, I'm alone, but only in respect of the girl I dated during one year, I don't regret leaving her, because it wasn't love for me, and I didn't want her to become a replacement

    I miss the girl I loved. I still love her
    It makes eight years now
    She still is my world and I can't wait for her to come back in my life
    And if it doesn't happen, at least it means she doesn't need me

    Si tu lis ça, Julie, je t'aime toujours
    Sois heureuse
    Et si tu as besoin d'aide ou de compagnie, je suis là pour toi. Toujours.

  16. Christopher Catbagan

    and I'm that "girlfriend" position :(

  17. Mish E

    This is just douchy.

  18. Rickey Engle

    i don't have a,,Girlfriend

  19. FashionBIRD404

    I’ve been this girl

    I won’t let a guy cheat on his girlfriend. He chooses her or me, I’m not gonna get cheated too o_O duh

  20. FashionBIRD404

    What if the new girl is trying to save the girlfriend from getting cheated on. She’s telling him to break up b.c she won’t let him cheat on his girlfriend?

  21. FashionBIRD404

    What if this is the side chic trying to win over him but he’s actually breaking up with her b.c main chic found out ....

  22. Souju

    this song is so cruel.... like, what would you feel so sad for? the girlfriend is the one who get hurt

  23. Kalita P

    This song makes me wanna be mad at my non existent boyfriend

  24. Dragon Heather

    "The only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again"

    That part speaks to me...

  25. Vanchu Jain

    Can I pls know the proper meaning of this song..pls

  26. Korie Wenner

    Her voice is so hauntingly beautiful.

  27. Amzi x

    I prefer this version tbh

  28. tiến nguyễn

    i listen to this first time today, and i have a though i think that its worth to argue.
    If i'm dating someone, then i met someone else as friend (real fr, not fwb). I found that new one is more attractive to me than the old one (at charectorize factor, not about the body). So i decide to break with my current girl friend and try to date with the new one just a short while after that, say about 1 or 2 weeks. Is it count as cheating?

    The old girl her self say nothing but her friend call me cheater, but to be honest i do nothing wrong when still date with her and i though that everything i do is acceptable, and i wonder if i'm a cheater or not in your point.

    Brianna Rose

    tiến nguyễn it’s not really cheating, it’ll feel like it to the first person because you were thinking about being with someone else while you were with another person and the first person will feel horrible and stupid to think that they could love someone who didn’t love them in the first place so when they met someone new they left for the new person. If you really loved someone and really cared for them you wouldn’t consider being with another person, in my opinion if you think like that while you’re with someone then you shouldn’t be with them

    tiến nguyễn

    ​@Brianna Rose I don't know if i was in love or not. I am still young, 25 and have no intention for marry yet. It was like she is pretty and funny so i think its cool to have her as girl friend at first. Yes I do feel comfortable when stay near her before but recently before we break up things have change, I feel like we are not in sync anymore. May be stress from work cause it, or we grow expectation on each other?
    I still meet her at social event and sometime I see her sorrow and combine with words other say about cheat it make me feel guilty and should compensate for her somehow. But for sure I won't comeback to her, it violate my rule, what pass, lets it pass.
    I can't ask for anyone near me for this as we have so many mutual friend and it would make me look like I'm about to break with current girl and make up with her.
    Thank you for taking time to read my story.

    Brianna Rose

    tiến nguyễn thank you for responding, I like reading the comments and reading peoples stories because most of the time I can relate to it in someway. Ask her if she would want to talk about it and explain how you feel about it

  29. A red mare and a GSD

    She is the best her voice is so PRETTY

  30. yvythegreat

    He let me down easy... but in fact it is was a hard fall. I pray to fall asleep before i fall apart every night.

  31. Gaara Kun

    Hard to listen but iam going send this song to my crush (half girlfriend ) because of whom I left my ex

  32. Kathlyn Nazaroff

    This isn't a pretty song , u don't want to be on the other end of this , the guy shouldn't even be looking

  33. Relax CreatorM

    I have written some lyrics from heart, and I think they fit for this kind of songs and genre, can anyone use them to make a song, something valuable? (Follow and PM me on Instagram: mary_papakati)

  34. Elisa Gianella

    Beautiful song but honestly it would be bullshit if she was that girlfriend

  35. Infinity Butterfly

    Call your girlfriend..🙁😔 you are so wrong ...damn p

  36. Diana Enriquez

    Wow, getting your heart broken never sounded so beautiful

  37. Alina Thapa

    This is so hurtful . I hope I never be in situation like this where you have to say this to your boyfriend.
    Hope Noone ever face this . :(

  38. Anna

    This song is pure trash! If youre a girl listening to this song like "aww i relate to this" girl youre trash too . Stealing someone's boyfriend acting like its alright ? Bet you wouldnt be singing this song if you were in that girl's shoes . So feel free to come at me with your little arguments , but deep down you know im right!

    Brianna Rose

    Anna, there are different point of views you can see from the song, you can see it as the song being about her and she’s the girlfriend that is saying to her boyfriend let her down easily so she doesn’t get too hurt in the end or you can see it as she’s stealing someone’s boyfriend. One thing everyone should keep in mind though is if they cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you.


    Brianna Rose trust me i did listen the song lyrics nd its clear to see its about a girl who started dating a guy that she already knew he had a girlfriend . That is the same experience i had with one of my exes , everyone at his work place knew he had a girlfriend nd next thing you know one time my ex was hanging out at a restaurant party with friends nd had an extra ticket which he decided to give to any random co worker , guess who was the first in line to say yes ? Guess who was trying to get too close to him in his ig , fb stories/pics with his friendsgroup and even posted a pic of the 2 of them at the next day literally 2 min after i called my ex to check on him after the restaurant party and then offered to pay for shit for him to spend some more time . She knew about me and she still went harder and harder on him . Fuck stupid bitches like that , theyre pure trash!

    Brianna Rose

    Anna trueee girls like that are total trash but the guys who don’t back away from them and say that they have a gf are also trash. My ex would tell other girls that we broke up so he could do whatever he wanted with them but the second girl knew we were together before when she was trying to get with him but the day after I broke up with him, he was running after her in the hall at school and he was telling her that he missed her and that he loves her and when she told me that I said he’s all yours but be careful with him because he’s really controlling. People like that definitely are trash and you deserve better than someone who won’t back away from another girl


    Brianna Rose i know and im not saying it was not his fault too . But what im saying is that the main one at at fault in most situations like this is that stupid bitch . We all know how men are in general when it comes to women . But when you as a woman already know you get to be in the same work place with him 24/7 you dont just take that in your favor , to constantly flirt with him , when you know he has a girlfriend . Women like that just make me sick like please just keep your fucking place , youre there to work , not to steal someone's partner . I dont care what the situation is because no matter how faithful a man is sometimes when a woman is all flirty and insistant 24/7 its pretty likely that shit will end up happening between the 2 of them , thats just how humans work . Women like that should be publicly humiliated and put in their place so that they can have a little bit of their own medicine for trying to steal someone else's partner . Period .

    Brianna Rose

    Anna I totally agree with that, karma definitely has a funny way of giving people a taste of their own medicine eventually and those girls will see what it’s like to have someone try to steal their bf, I also think if someone can try stealing or even steal your bf then he’s definitely not worth being with. I hate people who purposely flirt with a guy who’s taken and continuously try getting at them knowing they’re taken, but karma will come around to them and it’ll be a bitch when it happens to them

  39. Victoria Perkovic

    her name???


    its stressy depressy listening to this as the girlfriend who had to be let down by a guy you though you loved and loved you back

  41. anami okram

    It hurts when you're the girlfriend 😭😭💔💔

  42. Darlene Decipulo

    Setting aside the brilliant cover of the artist, the message of this song tolerates cheating and it is unfair.

  43. Awkward Turtle By Choice

    I hate and love this song. It's beautiful and all but it's sad. Especially when you were the one that was left for someone new.

  44. dnooby bah

    This is just too sad and make me angry :(

  45. Rebecca Koleth

    this broke my heart and I thought I already broke it myself. :(

  46. Tarryn-Lea Walsh

    To me it kind of sounds like what she was telling the guy to say to his girlfriend/the other girl.

    But from like the point of view as that shes been on both sides... And that this is what she wishes she had been told or that someone had told her when she got hurt and this same thing happen to her.

    And so since she has been on both sides and knows the hurt it can cause, she's trying to help somehow make it easier on the other girl because she can feel the pain that she's going through.

  47. Eleanor Duffy

    I'm the fucking gf (ex) 😭 fuck you

  48. Cheyanne Bachan


  49. Griffin

    if he was a guy worth dating he would´nt leave his girlfriend just because he met someone new.. If I was that girlfriend that she is singing about then i would let him go, let her have him because a real man/boyfriend would´nt leave for a another girl. And if he could´nt stay faithfull to me when he won´t stay faithfull to her..

    Brianna Rose

    Griffin that’s so true, I learned that the hard way and it wasn’t fun. My ex cheated on me at least 7 times while we were together and I kept thinking to myself he said he won’t do it again so he won’t but he did and then I got sick of the lying and the cheating so I left.

  50. Aysha Nazli

    Her voice is sooo cute.....😍😍😄

  51. Brittany Peralta

    I like the lennon and Maisy cover

  52. Siani Elise

    This hurts way too much when you’re the girl being called and told all this...

  53. maider zubieta

    This song makes me angry makes cheating as something beautiful as it isn’t . That girl she speaks about in the song isn’t a savior is a fucking liar that gets between a relationship. It’s not cool it’s awful, but anyways the song sound brilliant.

  54. Sarah James

    at first I didn't know this is the same song they used on Riverdale s3

  55. red hair

    At the first place, why did u kiss someone's bf. Maybe u r the one who should call her gf. Say apologize and settle things like how brave u fallin in love with someone's bf. Sorry if i am too emotional, i've been through horrible suffering of a cheating man because of another 'kind' women who considerate enough to spent a night with my bf. But thanks to her, i know he are not worth to love for. I deserve someone better.

    Brianna Rose

    red hair, my bf cheated on me at least 7 times and he would tell the other girls that he’d start talking to or whatever else he’d do that him and I broke up, I’ve learned to not really blame the other girl in some cases like mine he lied and they didn’t know the actual truth. You do deserve better, nobody deserves to be cheated on. Real men don’t cheat and if they do they don’t deserve anything at all

  56. Viktória Farkas

    It’s hard for the girl who he cheats on with too
    That girl is me

  57. Sergio Garcia

    Called the Bitch, but she had me blocked. I guess I didn’t “take the hint” very well 🤷🏻‍♂️ didn’t actually feel like I was given any hints. Just some bullshit excuses instead. I NEVER fails to amaze me how people chose the worst songs to describe a situation that occurred, specially when they’re completely aware that they were the ones doing wrong 😂👌🏻

  58. Asta Palmqvist

    Y'all know this is a cover right? Of Robyns song "call your girlfriend"

  59. Abbi Maharaj

    It's like all boys do this shit

  60. Ashley Kasperbauer

    This sounds like a song she made as the girlfriend. Meaning she is writing about how she wished things turned out to be when they broke up. To let her down easy, but still be her friend

  61. Joyce Wu

    This song deadass cares about the boy's girlfriend that he cheated on with this girl...

  62. Hannah Grace

    Right click.
    You're welcome.

  63. Andrew N

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    12 year old girls who have never been in a relationship: 😭😭🙌🙌🙌

    tima amblin

    What about 18 y.o XD

    Diana Enriquez

    me year olds too

  64. Hannah Grace

    I feel like Clara is the girlfriend

  65. Pingjack [Elohim!]

    Isn't that the same song than Mari Mai?!

  66. Maja s. Staal.

    When you just waiting for your lover to break up with you, i want to do it first but i can’t i love him to much😭😔😪

    tima amblin

    Of it's the right choice ! Just do it ! Be strong are strong !!

    Maja s. Staal.

    tima amblin thanks❤️ its just so hard now i wasten strong enough to break up so he did and now he Said to our freinds that i cheat on him but i never did or could ever do it now his just ignore med so i lost him as both my boy and Best friend😔i dont understand why he said things like that😶😞

    tima amblin

    @Maja s. Staal. it's not your fault that he's a jerk !! And i think he did that on purpose to get ride of you fraudulently in front of your Friends.....I'm sorry. ..but he didn't deserve you and your true love for him ...anyways it's His loss !! So be strong girl !!you deserve more than that 💪❤

  67. Cheerhailey555 x

    Ik this is gonna sound very stupid but keep reading.... tbh in my opinion in a breakup I would much rather the boy/girl who cheated be mean.. let them talk about u you being rude makes them know that your weren’t right for them. And for personal experience after they cheated... they apologized in a very nice way... it made me miss them even more me thinking “ugh they were so nice and perfect and now this new girl gets all that” that’s just my opinion.. Ik this probably makes 0 sense buttttttt oh welll

  68. Lu :3

    If I want to cry badly I hear this song... it cuts deep into my heart cuz I was that girl and now I cant trust anyone again like I did. I will remember the pain forever and I will always be scared of losing the person I love

  69. Tia Garner

    Do I hate this song or do I love this song?

  70. Sean Poh

    and I'm that "girlfriend" position 😞

  71. frizzij

    Dont get me wrong, the original, by Robyn, is absolutely incredible. But this, slowed down and more personal, just like with what Calum Scott did to Dancing On My Own. I just simply love

  72. Bianca Sollers

    Ahh I did a cover on this song on my channel bc I love this song sm!!! Its pretty bad cover but I love the song!!!

  73. inkweaver313

    What a whore.

  74. N O O F . S

    "it's time to had a talk"
    I wish i talked back then, other than dying her alone.

  75. Nurul Bahiyah

    WHAT??? THAT HIT LIKE me like OUCH!!!

  76. Mohga Maged

    Guys she's not making cheating seems beautiful, she's making peace with the idea for a man to love another but have the guts to admit and take a decision, she's spreading kindness over breakups and letting go, telling the other side that they're worthy and loved but her man just loved another, but he's still gonna be there as a friend and a supportive companion ❤️

  77. Misis Josh Cullen Santos

    Clara Mae’s songs just makes me cry...

  78. Deanna Pehler

    it don't matter he cheated thats not ok

  79. Ilhan Fahiye

    They've told me that before and trust me when someone does that exact shit to u that's she's talking about the feeling suckd

  80. Lovedeep Gahlyan

    i love this voice so much......
    Clara Mae you are melodious soulful

  81. Albert Tindugan

    I dedicate this song to the gf of my secret crush..Haha

  82. Kindre Quick

    Wow this song...


    Clara Mae just made fun of men by mocking them,she really employed are irony and mockery skills to the fall,just men ???

  84. Aimi Sara

    this is too messed up...

  85. Sui_cidE

    One of the most dumb songs I've ever heard, no joke. These lyrics are just degenerate ones.

  86. Scarlett Scarlett

    Love this... But where is the credit for my girl Robyn??

  87. Katelynn Mae

    Is it just me or does this song like now she's getting married by alec Benjamin

  88. Ika Devita Aryani

    Even you chose her than me, im okay, im fine. You wanted me to be yours n when i have all my dreams with you then the reality comes.. You said you knew her long before you know me n you've planned everything with her, i thought it was real between us🙁 you still call me n say you love me but can't leave her. What about me? I also love you just like she loves you. I remember when you whisper on my ear and thought that I was sleeping, you say "I love you" i still can remember the way you say it while caress my hair💔😢

  89. Jan Nowak

    This is one of the most sad song in the last few years, or even more.

  90. Mr. Salvos

    How do you let your girlfriend down easy when you cheated on her???

  91. Dhey Niee

    Listen it with 1.25x , thanks😊

  92. Elle

    Ah, I feel really bad now. Started going out with this guy I’ve known for years. Two weeks in, He informs me that he’s actually dating someone else and planning on breaking up with them. He broke up with them within the hour. Luckily it ended well and the girl started pursuing his best friend right afterwards. She was more mad that he broke up with her through a phone call than anything else. Still feel bad about the whole situation though.


    Just to clarify- they were dating on the premise that it was okay to pursue others and if one person found someone they really liked, then they would split amicably.

  93. Petra Petrica

    I really wish lyrics were different because of beautiful melody and lovely voice

  94. Danielle Fuller

    Yo I want to throw my phone she knew about the other women and still was with him. Like wtf

  95. Johanna Liekefett

    Which accords you use?

  96. no name

    Imma girl so this song is to a girl to me 😔😢 👧 🏳️‍🌈

  97. NewMelody

    *Any Clara Mae fans here?* 🙋

    Krika Kruta

    YAh it meh