Clara Benin - Riverchild Lyrics

I am a house of cards
Bound to fall at any blow
You are the rushing wind
And I collapse every time I feel you in my skin

My quiver is empty
All my arrows spent
All bended and broken
In disarray and discontent

I am an astronaut
Trying to find my way home
You are a satellite
Floating all around my mind

My flesh is fading
As my spirit soars
My heart is aching
To be in two places at once

Oh, plant me by the river
Let me rest my soul
Oh, sing
Sing to me, oh, river
'Til I am made whole

Oh, plant me by the river
Oh, sing
Sing to me, oh, river

Oh, plant me by the river
Oh, sing
Sing to me, oh, river

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Clara Benin Riverchild Comments
  1. Precious Amor Piscador

    Psalms 1:3 😍

  2. Rahadi Tama

    Greetings from Indonesia! Nice song i love indie music, i love Clara Benin

  3. jerkshop

    I love you Clara!

  4. Ciaowee

    I can hear Psalm 1 with your song, Clara :)

  5. marukz

    it's nearly impossible to see and disassociate Clara Benin with a guitar.

  6. Geeno Sabandal

    #clarabenin ♥♥♥

  7. Man Man

    This is and forever will be my favorite song. Thanks Clara!

  8. b l e u k i d

    This song always ignites an urge inside me to gala for days somewhere Hahahahaha! You're like the aimer of the PH. More power on you ate clara 💕

  9. Shaira Rayos

    Pa upload naman po ng instrumental neto po😌

  10. Shaira Rayos

    Favorite ko talaga to😭😭

  11. Robi Suarez

    2017! God bless you as you find yourself in Him. ;)

  12. Marie Cotaco

    I am a house of cards,
    bound to fall at any blow.
    You are the rushing wind,
    and I collapse every time I feel you in my skin.

    My quiver is empty,
    all my arrows spent,
    all bended and broken,
    in disarray and discontent.

    I am an astronaut,
    trying to find my way home.
    You are a satellite,
    floating all around my mind.

    My flesh is fading,
    as my spirit soars.
    My heart is aching,
    to be in two places at once.

    Oh, plant me by the river.
    Let me rest my soul.
    Oh, sing.
    Sing to me, oh, River,
    'til I am made whole.

    Oh, plant me by the river.
    Oh, sing.
    Sing to me, oh, River.

    Oh, plant me by the river.
    Oh, sing.
    Sing to me, oh, River.

  13. Timothy Ragudo

    Thank you for soothing our lonely souls. ❄️🌊

  14. Steve n

    tamang tama sa panahon ngyon 💗

  15. Louis Anthony Duran

    I still wake up on rainy sundays just to play these through the speakers. Always something good.

  16. Sofia Valerio

    i wish mapanood kita sa personal ate clara

  17. m i k a

    Awww! Your voice is sooo beautiful! 😍 keep it up! God Bless You!

  18. Jezreel Santos

    sana mag uploads ka pa Clara, kahit hiatus ka muna sa mga gigs mo.

  19. porferio Marzan III

    i love your songs clara!! most of your songs is so relaxing especially when it is raining ! keep it up :D

  20. Deina Fernandez

    Does anyone know the chords?

  21. Rem Carlo Cena

    Gosh! I wanna marry your voice.

  22. Wayne Relativo

    Try listening to mitchell grey (ryan bandong) songs. It's also indie. Bagay na bagay sayo yun. I just feel na magugustuhan mo yun.

  23. Gabrielle Cool

    Itaas ang Indie PILIPINAS.. GO Clara.. I support you Forever..😍😍

  24. Issa Adalia

    "My heart's aching to be in two places at once." Clara! Iiyak na sana ako sa huli - pero my wanting to cry was won over by my contemplating how the song fits the season of life I'm in :) Thank you so much for this song - it's a comfort to know that I'm not alone.

    Clara Benin

    You really aren't! Thank you so for listening :) <3

  25. Gabrielle Oscaris

    Ako lang ba nalulungkot sa kanta na to.? haha

    Issa Adalia

    You're not alone :') grabeeee!

    Gabrielle Oscaris

    +Samantha Adalia (Issa) actually nakakaiyak ung meaning..

    Issa Adalia

    +Gabrielle Oscaris YAS! super sakto for me :) It's like the prayers I've been praying the past week were rewritten and sung by Clara hehe. And the last part, yung parang autotune - it really hit me :'(

    Gabrielle Oscaris

    +Samantha Adalia (Issa) Sagad sa Buto ko ung meaning.. kagabi biglang tumulo na lang luha ko..

  26. Grafew

    Why aren't you famous?

  27. luweeboii

    shet sarap!

    Clara Benin

    Thank you!

  28. mikmik0521

    She sounds like Elena Tonra of daughter :) such an awesome talent you have

  29. Adrey-Jorden Lauriaga



    Your voice is music to my ears, Clara.

    I hope the Philippine Music Industry will finally put their ears on real opm.

    Keep making music, Clara. You will get there someday. We will keep supporting you as you make your way up there

  31. Tristan Solang

    mabuhay ang indie PILIPINAS!

  32. Maruel Villegas

    I'm a big fan. I was just wondering if you do a cover of the song "Medicine" by Daughter. I think it suits your style. Big thanks

  33. clars1618

    Very relaxing to listen to.

  34. Patrick Lim

    I just learned that this was for her thesis in MINT College. I'll replay this all night! <3 :D

  35. Patrick Lim

    It feels like a Bon Iver song. I love how calming it is. :)


    Voice is beautiful, reminds me of Kina Grannis. :)

  37. Sarah Babagay

    Can you upload the lyrics for this song? I cant find it in google.

    Mick Banzon

    wew, listen over and over and write it down.

  38. Jenny Fabia


  39. Jenny Fabia

    you were gifted by your wonderful parents :')

  40. Majarhou Gonzales

    You fuckin' did it!!!

  41. Madelene Dones

    Yay! You have it on Spotify! 😍

    Jenny Fabia

    in description

  42. Daryl Avergonz

    she's perfect :) her voice tas ang kyut kyut pa :) haaaay

    Jenny Fabia

    hello doge

    Daryl Avergonz

    +Jennylene Fabia hi Jenn :)

    Jenny Fabia

    i have a bone :3

  43. Noe Layan

    magpa free download ka naman ng Album mo idol. Fleashhhh!

  44. Gio Suarez

    So,so so nice. ;)

  45. elias badaran

    haay naku! onyok

  46. sskkk aahk

    pucha i love you

  47. Benjamin Rivera

    You are a gift! :)

  48. ChickenSwag

    I love you.

  49. Kenneth Buico

    perfect <3

  50. Maqdad Lll

    i love u 😁😍😍😍

  51. Sho Pau

    I love you, Clara :)

  52. Jolo

    Someone accidentally hit the unlike button.

  53. Jian Rogan

    Sooo calming! 3

  54. Marlowe Licuanan

    Kyaaaaaaa! Saraaaaap sa tenga!

  55. rez lander

    i just died hays!

  56. pipafilms


  57. M. Cee

    Love it, Clara! :)