Clapton, Eric - Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? Lyrics

Got to find me a way
To take me back to yesterday.
How can I ever hope to forget you?

Won't you show me a place
Where I can hide my lonely face?
I know you're going to break my heart if I let you.

Why does love got to be so sad?
Why does love got to be so sad?
Why does love got to be so sad?
Why does love got to be so sad?

Like a moth to a flame,
Like a song without a name,
I've never been the same since I met you.

Like a bird on the wing,
I've got a brand new song to sing,
I can't keep from singing about you.


I'm beginning to see
What a fool you've made of me.
I might have to break the law when I find you.

Stop running away;
I've got a better game to play,
You know I can't go on living without you.


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Clapton, Eric Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? Comments
  1. William Stonich

    Warren Haynes and Derrick Trucks

  2. William Stonich

    Watching the “Master” slowhand. Some serious guitar talent up there

  3. Rochelle Hannan

    Terrible finish, the last 2 or 3 minutes they slowed down to a crawl.

  4. Byron H

    if someone said Oteil was the best talent onstage, i couldnt disagree.

  5. mark savory

    I AGREE this is great. What a camaraderie#!

  6. Betsy Ross

    All excellent, but Clapton is the MAN.

  7. Zakk Ray Burton Official

    Is Derek playing Duane's Goldtop??

  8. Jason Feiertag

    Haynes really sounds like Whitlock on the Whitlock vocal parts

  9. mark rodgers

    I just noticed how similar (in places) Derek's lead-solo playing here 4:30, is to his slide playing. He did a lot of the same phrasing and effects, I never got that sense before, it was interesting.

  10. Baci302


  11. Frank Uijens

    I was at the hilversum festival in holland in the 70's. 16 years old. Amazing.

  12. Cove Parish

    This is mindblowingly amazing and wonderful. But, for the sake of historical record (ie NOT a criticism, but for The Library of Congress!) can it be confirmed that Eric Clapton plays a wrong note at 3:16? Never seen him do it before or since - live or on video!!

  13. Cove Parish

    Clapton from 5:48 - oh WOW!!!

  14. Jozef Latrab

    je obdivuhodné..ako Eric v každej zostave hudobníkov úžasný...

  15. John Leonard

    Derek gets his slide sound without a slide. Crazy good player.

  16. Traubby

    I have must not like this performance. I have only watched it 2,417,972 times to prove to myself that it is perfect.

  17. Ryan Hall

    There doesn't appear to be any ego here. Three badass guitar greats, none of whom are trying to show each other up. But I have to say, did you notice the look of pride Eric had when Derek started his solo?

  18. Igor Tokić

    Beautiful and every time I listen make me smile and happy , ☮️

  19. Donny Deer

    Ok not the best vocals but an absolute joy to listen to the talent on that stage.

  20. Patrick O'Laughlin

    Derek , 4:29...

  21. Timothy Griffith

    Why’s love got to be so bad n sad .... I’ve got the biggest heart but it can only be broken so many times ......

  22. roar ander

    A lot of experience and talent here - could have got something like that with me before I go. I have very heavy COPD and is in bed all the time, and Good music and good friends are keeping the auto anxiety away to a point even when I know that everyone goes the low road home - But there I will meet a lot of people and a fantastic house band so good music like this helps me from the auto anxiety. So now I am using good music as a medicine. Hello to all of you soon I will send some takes, and here we hear an example of a divine rock.- May we all open our ears for music like this because its gonna be as Mozart- it's gonna be played in 200 years, and some of them is going to be timeless -- thanks boys and girls -- some of you are helping me om the journey. THANKS.

    mark rodgers

    COPD got my dad, and uncle, in recent years, with another uncle following soon, so I understand where' you're at. As the old saying goes, "nobody gets out alive", but my best and most sincere advice, would be to talk to Jesus. Our existence here is largely a microscopic flash, but our eternal relationship with our Creator is what ultimately matters.

  23. Oceanna Productions

    Warren holds his own. Derek will go on to school Eric. Same song, different day. Clapton set a standard.

  24. Jeffrey Dooley

    Such an incredible song from an era that produced so much great, deep songs. BTW, the band was star struck when Eric walked on stage.

  25. Zoran mijatović

    The Blues Heavyweights….

  26. Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    this is what Eric would always shine when he was with a group of players and he was challenged..
    a lot of times he would get lackluster with just nobody around as far as the same kind of equal talent and he would sort a dial-in some just have to be on this there was some lacklusters..
    but when it came to like the crossroads festivals and more that's when you can really see that he had to step up his game and he always did

  27. LoveBandit1000

    That glorious ending with Derek channeling Duane's spirit as only he can and Eric getting to spiritually jam with his long lost mate once more....brought a tear to my eye.

  28. Ulisses Ramos13


  29. Alan Lane

    The boys can REALLY play...............magic...

  30. AshCliff Garcia

    A tribute to Duane Allman from Clapton's Derek and the Dominoes Layla sessions. Long live Duane, the best slide guitar player ever been probably an inspiration to the trucks kid. Clapton came looking for him.

  31. Joe Gould

    At the Beacon I bet!!

  32. tradewins

    the final minute of that video was awesome. the rest was merely great.

  33. Jasper Jenkins

    The ONLY concert that i fell asleep at was Eric Clapton.....YAWWWNN.

  34. Felipe Zucco


  35. Gerald Herrmann

    even a real derek in there

  36. Kerry Cosner

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Such history, such tradition, such class!

  37. tovarisch

    Great use of dynamics. Lots of bands ignore that.

  38. david otero fernandez

    Clapton very thanks for your voice and your guitar. We LOVE you so much.

  39. Ryan Hall

    Eric looks like he's having so much fun here. Really good to see. Warren's harmony vocals - he's a dynamite singer and he's singing his ass off here. But listening to this and seeing Derek stray away from his SG and sounding like the Derek Trucks I love, I'm convinced he would sound just like Derek if he was playing Eddie Van Halen's frankenstrat. He's gonna sound like Derek Trucks no matter what he's playing and that's the sign of a master IMO.

  40. David St Hubbins

    A great performance by great musicians. But I can not accept the Allman Brothers Band without Dickey Betts!

  41. Alan Roberts

    Had the 8track version of deric and the dominoes live concert played it in my 65 mustang.

  42. 1Juemadre

    Get it Warren!

  43. Cygnus X-1

    This is crap.

  44. Daniel Carr

    Just brilliant.....

  45. Marko Svilaric

    This was like, hey kids.. you’re cool on your Gipsons but let me show you what daddy sounds like with a PURE KEY.. Follow this.. Good Night..Master, Eric.. Keep playing..Legendary... ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Rio Rio

    Very Enjoyable colab.

  47. joe walsh

    Duane would be proud!

  48. Maria Elena Rodriguez

    Wonderful to see Eric play with Allman Bros.

  49. Chuck Yanus

    Derek and the Dominos - absolutely one of the very best rock bands of all time. Sad that Duane Allman could not have been with them for more than one album; who knows how much more great music they would have produced.

  50. Jack D.

    I was here! Great seats, Fucking farout concert..LOVE YOU ERIC

  51. Patricia MR


  52. James Byers

    Not sure if Duane's Les Paul is trying to cry or scream with JOY!!

  53. Atondro Mahmud

    Derek Trucks always reminds me of The Skydog and Clapton is definitely the ultimate guitar God.

  54. Kalhi KD


  55. Lila Howell

    B E A U T I F U L !

  56. kalpataru47

    Everyone on that stage is awesome, but I come back to this video for Butch.

  57. zahn Angela

    I really enjoyed this song .thank you for sharing .

  58. Mr. Mark

    last part reminds me of Dickie with Haynes...only now its Derek and Eric too...the sound is the same...they captured it.

  59. Kat Masterson

    Oh !! my Guitar Gods!
    Its Eric and Derek..!! again..!!!
    but its not nothing close to the heartland of the USA where EC lives..yes on the richer shores of California.
    Eric forgot the midwest almost ten years now. He is serving Europe and UK..almost continually, along. with NYC, And California..
    Its seems like it's all Princes and Kings for last ten years? No #3 Other places and cities..except NYC and California coast..near home.
    Its a PAINFUL Truth.
    He grew up with whatever he wanted..much loved by grandpatents..Art School, worries. When he got ctedit cards he thought they were gifts like gift cards.
    Sheltered life!
    Now, it surely seems he assumes we all can a few hundred per nite ..another hundred for basic meals..and round trip flights..say its often a very minimum. of $400 RT to NYC..$500 minimum RT to. Cali. If one wants the goid seats..only princes get those..but for $400-600 they can get row 20 or so.
    Yes it seems EC thinks everyone CAN FLY! And get a hotel..unless they never have to sleep.
    And then the 2 most expensive tourist cities (USA) means Maybe bring peanut butter or trail mix and save $50 a day more..on the snacks or munchies.
    And skip breakfast or trek to a McDonalds if they are deep in the cities.
    Its hard to understand..Many cities bow down, noe many are ghosted.
    We have waited longer than any place EC frquented over his 50+ years. We have been very patient.
    But not eveyone can travel easily. Some live in pain. needing complex equipped rooms to get around safely. Need special foods that would be hard to find and cost $150 minimum the USA Pain is no longer treated to the most damaged or complex disease without cures. And even torn apart veterans are seen as addicts with blatantly obvious injuries and then there are common botched surgeries..making life. unlivable..300,000 a year..All are not getting basic, minimal pain relief..not 100 pills a day for "street sourced addicts shooting 100 times more than a human in "dirty-bad" killing pain..All for ridiculous theories unproven by Feds out of control.. And too scared to admit that the largest open Border in the world is the Mexican border south of the United States. So we allow China year after year to smuggle back alley produced Fentanyl laced with animal tranquilizers aspirin flour, etc. It kills addicts in seconds with one cheap dose..but even the media never admits there are no autopsies done when actual addicts..needing insane amounts of any drug they can find..but never are autopsoed and proven to have only the smuggled hi-risk fentanyl to blame.
    While people in pain are locked down by pain that does kill..and kill daily.
    But..yes sir..Eric..its not something you can imagine..oh do care about addicts on your favorite tropical island..Gee Eric.. You once wanted to save the world? If you do love the USA(?)..maybe a few words of concern about some of our best people being left behind with no medical treatment..would shake the world or The United States..if you would stand up for that. You might be called an old addict..or some other clueless and gutless names. But this truth affects even the most easily proven, and the most horrifically stricken 10 million people very much too crippled to GO TO RALLIES..get family already helping them to visit senators also..And hundreds of millions of people believe any crippled up person who is basically helped by minimal opiate a Drug Adfict.
    The Federal Government has been receiving full details on where the medication is prescribed, since 1990. .
    AFTER you are introduced to the efforts on the U.S.Senate and House reps..and millions who are lingering are in.
    others, not in the toughest medical issues wont be flying.
    A wheelchair on commercial airlines is unwelcome..And causes hours of waiting if one has no aide.
    Healthy unstricken fans.. can buy a ticket and go. Any seat is very good for EC fans.
    People who are just not wealthy..yes they are the majority..
    well they cant fly to the Ultra Rich areas, one or two thousand miles away ALSO cant fly and add pay over $1,000 to sleep over 2 nites to rest in budget hotels after arriving. Then sleep enough to feel ok or rested.. take a walk..And then! see the concert! ..But with rare night flights and no real sleep on a commercial plane.. 2 nights are needed to not attend and fly home without sleep

    Remember most citizens have to wait in airport lines for 2 hours to clear security..another 90 minutes or 2 hours to go from the airport to somewhere to stay in the city area.
    Who wooda thunk
    the people you support are just a smattering of USA Addicts that are being well-treated but not past 6 short weeks. but elites own the rehabs and the Feds are happy to bow down to whatever keeps the 2% of the population that always need more money beyond their many billions.
    And the sick with disease that cant be taking life down to the mat..there are no treatments that once kept them level and greatful for that.

  60. Paul LaRocca

    It doesn't get any better than this!!

  61. Jordi Sanabra Valle

    Clapton is God y los Alman la Sagrada Familia.....

  62. Darrell Somers

    It would be a treat for anyone to play with the Allman brothers !

  63. donna stitz

    WHY would anyone give this thumbs down????

  64. Craig Morrison

    AHHHH a song off one of the best albums ever!

  65. John Ward

    At 6:45 they entered into another universe, and in the end, they realized it. So beautiful... 🍄

  66. Daft Beeswax

    RIP Greg....thanks for all the great B3 work.....miss you man....

  67. Monkey Man

    Brilliant guitars legacy

  68. Jean

    trop fort

  69. sullivan2339

    Warren Haynes, Eric Clapton and who is the 3rd guitarist?

    Marko H

    the 3rd is Derek Trucks is also a very good and great guitarist, at age 13 he played in concert whit the Allman Brothers Band and leader of the Tedeschi-Trucks Band with his wife Susan Tudeschi also very good guitarist, he participates a lot with Eric Crossroads and also on Eric and JJ Cale's album "The Road to Escondido (2006)" watch this Video : and


    Thanks! I thought so but was confused by the name of one of the two drummers. I've been listening to one or two songs from the new Tedeschi-Trucks @Marko H

  70. Lynn Stephen

    Clapton clearly admiring Warrens solo...

  71. Lachlan Mackinnon

    An incredible performance by Eric Clapton. That ending 🎸🙏. Still loving this man in 2019!

  72. Jordi Sanabra Valle

    Clapton is god+Alman Brothers= La Sagrada Familia!!!......oooh yeaaah!!!!

  73. David Andrews

    When the Dominoes did this, they turned every room they played in into California. Clapton and Bobby Whitlock sounded like they were wailing the title line across canyons at each other during the long closing vamp.

  74. SuppersReady8880

    Watching Derek do some of the fills and solos that Duane probably did on the original studio version sends shivers down my spine, and on a beautifil "gold top" Les Paul no less. Fantastic line up of players.

  75. Gloria Bermudez

    Beyond great! Guitars are awesome, great and everlasting sound of great rockers ! Allman brothers and Erik Clapton!! Love

  76. Mike DiCiero

    thats a special treat right there, 3 of them together !

  77. Patty Mac

    Roy orrbaso

  78. Jim DiCicco


  79. Jordi Sanabra Valle

    Clapton is god....and the Alman sagrada familia!!!....sorry but I'm from Catalonia.....Spain....

  80. Dennis Mason

    I just want to hear Derek and Eric sit down with a couple of cheap archtops and a slide. Not feeling this, as the kids say. I'm Eric's gen so I prefer, you know, old guys who aren't afraid to cry sometimes I hate you Mister Eric Patrick Clapton. Back to Cream ahhh gawd not again...the night fill spoonful full of diamonds...

  81. Karen Brandwein

    Could someone tell me what year this took place. Place.

  82. Stargazer

    I don't know much. How did this come about?

  83. Sam Robertson

    Why all the thumbs down it was bad ass👍

  84. Stargazer

    Have been reading many comments and replies, but not all, as there are so many, and I can only find one so far from the many that mentions Gregg Allman whose band was playing and who was sitting off to the left at the organ as always, playing and singing, as he always did the last two to three years before he died.

  85. Jason Feiertag

    Haynes doing a fine job of vocals in place of Bobby Whitlock.

  86. bluegrassbarry

    Another show I wish I had been at.

  87. theonemodifier

    too bad on tuning

  88. M. Mcfly

    The chorus ruins the song for me.

  89. snaholo

    that's some serious 3 guitar army right there . . .

  90. Izzat TheArtOfClassicIndonesia

    3:19 "Crap I forgot to raise the tone" Lol

  91. Brian Mack

    Just Beautiful...especially at the end.

  92. Sam Robertson

    One of the best performances on that tune👌👍

  93. ninewolves213

    It's awesome to see Gregg with E.C.

  94. Oilton Jose Dias Macieira

    Why "does" love got to be so sad

  95. Kaye Hoffman

    I miss these voices and talents. Not EVER forgotten.

  96. Ben Carpenter

    Rippping tune.🇦🇺🇦🇺🍺🍺🍺

  97. jperryfan

    Dig Derek Playing Duane's Gold Top

  98. Maria Zimmerman

    this is perfection in every single way it can be!