Clapton, Eric - Tearing Us Apart Lyrics

You know the sun is shining; it's raining in my heart.
I don't know what to do since we've been apart.
Why don't you tell me, babe, what is going on?
You know I love you darling, don't want to be alone.

They're tearing us apart,
They're breaking up my heart.
I knew it from the start:
Your friends are tearing us apart.

You know I can't go on, feeling this old way.
You know my heart is burning, it's burning everyday.
You know I love you, baby, no one else will do.
Why don't you reconsider, do what I want you to?

[Chorus 2x]

Your friends are tearing us apart,
Tearing us apart.

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Clapton, Eric Tearing Us Apart Comments
  1. Robert Santangelo

    Great video👍😊😀


    Good Lord who all is playing on this?

  3. borges23

    now that is music baby!


    Backed up by Dire Straits. Doesn't get any better!

  5. Thomas Morrison

    How can you get better than this? Phil Collins on drums, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler on guitar, and Tina Turner singing.

  6. Chuck U. Farley

    YES... Tina Turner... (that lying bitch) and Eric Clapton ! a pure rock and roll God !

  7. Erik Thomas

    That's some talent right there....

  8. Todd Victorson

    Wow is this amazing. So much talent on one stage. Damn i miss the 80s

  9. αλεξανδρος ραπτης

    if there is a rock and roll goddess that is TINA TURNER,here next to the god ERIC CLAPTON,we may all bow to their greatness

    Bunni Armani


  10. Jozef Latrab

    i love you friends


    Só feras ... curtindo em 2018.

  12. John Hutchison


  13. Simon Coles

    The greatest female rock singer ever, two of the greatest guitar players ever, best drummer ever, best piano player ever, best bass player ever - all on the same song... amazing...


    Janis might and should disagree.stevie Ray as well

  14. Ultra Siam


  15. Tech Srvs

    That stage is just dripping with talent.. and I don't care what anybody says,, Tina's a Rocker alright !

  16. Dehthatiele

    TINA & ERIC....

  17. Bunni Armani

    This is what rock n roll is. Today's stuff just sucks and is so phony. Clapton is God, Tina is the Goddess!

    Long LHOMME

    You are damn right.

    José Ataíde

    Absolutely but don't forget the others on stage.

    Pure Light

    Phil Collins on the drums

  18. Judith Magill

    What a great bunch: Tina Turner is the first female vocalist I've ever seen to get Eric Clapton moving and jamming like this! Who can just stand there playing with T. T. next to you? She had the entire band in time with her!

  19. Melinda Roy

    Not available for comments

  20. traci m


    Janet Agapitos

    He sure is HOT! LOVE HIM!!!

  21. Diana Peterson

    I have not heard this in years. Awesome song.

  22. Valya Kh

    This gives me life

  23. Егор Авксентьев

    Super band!!!

  24. Rajma Cheruz

    He is taken as a great guitarist, which he is of course, but he is an amazing singer also. Such a strength and preciseness in his singing. Amazing.

    Janet Agapitos

    Clapton is PHENOMINAL! HE HAS IT ALL!!!

  25. Nirav K Shah

    Do you know why this songs swings? One word: Ray Cooper! He is the man, the legend.

    Cheryl Kreps

    Yes!!!! Someone else remembers him!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  26. Vincent Whitley

    Incredible energy from some of the best to ever take the stage. What a treat for those lucky enough to in the audience.

  27. Dandy Chiggins

    BEST colab of all time...HANDS-DOWN!!!

  28. Brad Myles

    So good

  29. Miroslava Šafránková

    Legendary night!

  30. Ben Sims

    Google Andy Fordham people
    Clapton looks like his slim brother on this

  31. Kevin Driscoll


  32. Nina Kaszewska

    i love you,gros with you,thanks to you for my live

  33. Виктор Марков

    Музиката е супер.

    ABC 123

    На востоке, там нет такого

  34. bonnie bianco

    never heard it until you.

  35. Derrick J

    omg..from phil, to adams..and the rest the 80 was with these cats along..know your music

  36. Derrick J

    omg..thats the shit

  37. Tim Buktu

    great version - also Phil Collins (Drums), Mark Knopfler (Guitar, Dire Straits), John Isley (Bass, Dire Straits)

    Peter Czegeny

    Elton John on piano.

    Reed Zhao

    Ray Cooper on another drum. What a great line up...


    Also Midge Ure on guitar Howard Jones on keyboards.


    it's a legendary line up!

  38. Koldo Arrieta Sanchez


  39. Maurilio Meirelles

    Sub Som Discos

  40. Victor Moffett

    Is that Sir Elton at 3:11 ?

    Lucas Rodríguez Berrospe

    +Victor Moffett yes!

  41. Victor Moffett

    BRING IT , TINA...

  42. Kimmy Page

    All kinds of bad ass, right here... [email protected]!!!

  43. Corde Smith

    great song. studio version is better though. anyone know if this was ever released on a Clapton or turner album or was it just a single? heard this the other day on the radio and it was the first time I've heard it since it came out. I thought I had all of Clapton's greatest hits on cd or downloaded but obviously not.


    Corde there are 7 inch singles of this performance:
    And the vidoe is on the Prince Trust VHS and DVD:

    Corde Smith

    I also found it on Clapton's august album. one of the few albums by him that I never owned. I definitely need to get it. thanks for the info. c.s.

    Ivory Dream

    +Corde Smith   I am beginning to think that's impossible.

    Shawn Barry

    This is also on her Live in Europe CD

  44. carlos mazzoni


  45. Józef Maroń


  46. Márton Illés

    I'm a metalhead, but this is my favourite song. Enough said.

    Diego Arellanes

    Nothing wrong with that, this video is legendary!

  47. Fran Gonzalez

    Energia 100%

  48. MrFotakias

    Tina here is about 52 - NOT 70!! Great video though!!


    next month she will be 77

  49. No name


  50. dallasewings

    Awesome video, loved it, Tina is my favourite singer, Eric is wonderful too.

  51. azdificultoso

    Yeahhh this is Rock and Roll

  52. C. Middleton

    1986 Wembley Stadium - The 10th Anniversary of the Prince's Trust - One of the best annual rock concerts.

  53. ultrameka

    wooow what a funk!!!!! :-) prince where is prince!

  54. MitchMansfield

    Look how much fun Tina's having... this is one of my favorite Clapton songs, jazzy, rocking and fun. Phil Collins is beating on those drums like they owe him money! Also nice spot of Reg Dwight on the keyboards...GREAT PERFORMANCE!

    Classic! Thank you for posting this. :)

  55. BadNewsBrown23

    Its John Illsley from Dire Straits as ''kakpadshiyangel'' correctly wrote.
    Bryan Adams is not in this song,i just mentioned him as part of the entire concert.
    There is also Howard Jones on keybords right behind.

  56. kakpadshiyangel

    @elusive886 no, he's John Illsley.

    We have
    Drum: Phil Collins, Ray Cooper (+ congas)
    Bass: John Illsley
    Keyboard: Elton John
    Guitar: Midge Ure, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams (a bit hidden)
    Vocal: Eric Clapton and Tina Turner

    Fher Kenwood

    kakpadshiyangel where is Bryan Adams?

  57. BadNewsBrown23

    Perfect jam,Eric,Tina,Mark,Elton,Phil,Bryan,Midge....