Clapton, Eric - Promises Lyrics

I don't care if you never come home,
I don't mind if you just keep on
Rowing away on a distant sea,
'Cause I don't love you and you don't love me.

You cause a commotion when you come to town;
You give 'em a smile and they melt.
Having lovers and friends is all good and fine,
But I don't like yours and you don't like mine.

La la, la la la la la.
La la, la la la la la.

I don't care what you do at night,
Oh, and I don't care how you get your delights.
I'm gonna leave you alone, I'll just let it be,
I don't love you and you don't love me.

I got a problem. Can you relate?
I got a woman calling love hate.
We made a vow we'd always be friends.
How could we know that promises end?


I tried to love you for years upon years,
You refuse to take me for real.
It's time you saw what I want you to see,
And I'd still love you if you'd just love me.


[Bridge 2x]

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Clapton, Eric Promises Comments
  1. Tom Wolves

    If I could sing, I would sing this song to my wife, but she still wouldn't listen. Awesome tune!

  2. Federico Armeni

    Thanks to have left us the sense of beauty in music in age where the good taste seems to be wasted.

  3. SDPadresFan

    A pretty, if sad, song.

  4. conchi dominguez

    Clapton melancólico y romántico..🎶🎶🎸

    Juan Jose Perez

    La mejor parte de clapton...para mi

  5. Pandora

    The lyrics. 🤛🏻. EC plays like George and writes like Hawthorne

  6. flydadj

    Promises are meaningless, they have no value, they have no truth. To believe in them is to believe in fairytales. It's a very hard lesson I had to learn.


    You're not alone...


    @Nina I'm sorry Nina!


    @flydadj You're awesome💙


    @Nina And so are you!

  7. m. Stimson

    I don't care ❤because I do like Eric Clapton while living on Tulsa time?😅... You bet.Thanks!😴

  8. Ashra Tempel

    Never gets old.

  9. Patrick Lipski

    I remember it at 13 years old and now my wife and I relate to it ✌



  10. Nina

    Promises end....boy, do they

  11. Cherish Benge

    Awesome artist!

  12. Joecrouse

    Used to play this A FUCKING LOT when i was breaking up with my Ex wife.

  13. bacsi19461

    Best Clapton ever.

  14. Marty Palanos

    I forgot about this jewel haven't heard it in 20yrs or more one of my favorites, I remember buying the album. how in the hell did I forget this one

  15. Les Moore

    I'm the sorta person that rarely likes a song the first time I hear it. I usually gotta hear it a few times before it grows on me. This song though I liked it right away. First time I heard it I liked it a lot.

  16. ronnie toots

    going on 65 and this lost song is one of the best ever......emotion, music, lyrics, wtvr

  17. snagswolf

    Everyone gets to choose their own, but to me, this song is pure perfection.

  18. Irene Rengifo

    Love this song

  19. Claudio BS

    Slide guitar from EC

  20. Linda Starr

    Good song!

  21. Jason


  22. Moataz Mz


  23. Deanna Morgan

    And I'd still love you
    If you'd just love me....


    Love this song....wonderful memories of mom playing this when I was a little kid...I remember always loving the voice of his background's crazy, but her voice was such that it reminded me of my grandma!! LOL!...I always pictured a sweet, slightly plump, middle aged granny singing backup...."La laaaaa, la la la la laaaaa"....crazy, I know!

  24. RANDOM æð

    You're the MAN!! Sir I love you

  25. Carley Beth

    Finally found this song

  26. Nathan R

    My first break up my Dad played this for me on the way home. A little heavy for 8th grade but its grown on me 20 years later.

  27. Tony Jax

    This pretty song is NOTHING without the gorgeous backing vocals of Marcy Levy. Beautiful harmonizing. Beautiful composition. Their time and clear love for this particular piece of music, ring so beautifully clear in her backup vocals. This is something that no one anywhere does anymore. Anyone care to disagree? By the way, she also co-wrote Lay Down Sally. Yep! Happy stuff.


    I like how she comes in so gradually.

  28. David Lewis

    Oh, this song has much meaning for me and a woman I have known for 50 years!

  29. petra crojaeger

    great song eric clapton you are beautiful

  30. Miss Tery

    Maybe he is just so arrogant he can't accept that for her she feels hate ... rather pretentious lyrics

  31. Miss Tery

    I only loved this song so much because of the la la la la la la la LOL

  32. Michael Box

    I'm 54 years old lifes funny I've only been to a few concerts as in like 3 maybe my first concert was Eric Clapton Richfield coliseum that's a long saga and itself the experience of being there the drugs the alcohol and the long ride home anyhow I'm standing there enjoying the concert I had some little pills with Vs on them when suddenly I notice that Phil Collins is playing on the drums considering I only had a few CDs in my collection Eric Clapton and Phil Collins was the ones that own other than of course bon Jovi for those of you that don't know Phil Collins play drums for Eric Clapton on some performances I guess it was amazing

    Eye Gotcha

    Michael Box
    It’s unfortunate that Phil isn’t doing too well these days. I don’t even think that he can play those drums any more.

  33. Mario Roy

    who sing the back vocals?

    Donna Mull

    Yvonne Elliman I think

    Mario Roy

    @Donna Mull ok thanks!

  34. Michael Autuori

    And I still love you Lindsay, if you just love me!

  35. joseph zack

    what a great tune

  36. Jim Edward

    Wow I was a senior in high school when this came out care free and luvin life dang..

  37. Petar Rajacic

    “Clapton is God” a graffiti in Belgrade, Serbia.

  38. Marti Grant

    Excellent song, excellent video.

  39. paktype

    I love this song - very poignant. It demonstrates how sometimes people who love each other have trouble communicating with each other and so they have trouble.

  40. Todd Fagel

    Thank You Megan Smith 😘
    You also posted *best* sound of Laughing ... My # 1 Guess Who. Promises is my # 1 Clapton
    All of us can count on you !

  41. FZappaFan1

    I really enjoy Marcy Levy.

  42. Anthony Smith

    I remembered this song from way back and decided it would be a great song to sing at acoustic jams, but I am finding it very hard to sing because I tear up. The words are just so sad.

    Al Kholos

    It is a sad song. You choke up because you have soul.

  43. harry garcia

    very good song from a great artist

  44. Mike Burke

    Yep. Forever stuck in the Friend Zone.

  45. WhiskeyJack

    Found the next song I'm going to play to death.

    Mike Burke

    One of my favorites.


    WhiskeyJack ya John Mayer good too

  46. pradeep kumar

    How EC sings so gentle with excellent guitar work .It is diffrent from his hard rocks .Great musician.

    paul John

    Indeed my friend, a versatile musician.

  47. Mark C's " Call it love hate " ....good video but maybe research the lyrics .....thx

    Eye Gotcha

    Mark C
    I am pretty sure that it’s “I got a woman calling love hate”


    Having personally played with E.C.
    You are so wrong! I got a woman callin' love hate.


    @Mary Ann Redfern Played with E.C.
    They are spot on!
    You get a copy of the lyrics before hand


    @Eye Gotcha Callin'

    Eye Gotcha

    You played with E.C.? Where?? When??

  48. Mark C

    ...Don Williams esk....great tune

    Shelley Foster

    Mark C 🤗

  49. mtnjam3347

    Yup ... some songs are 100% true from beginning to end.

  50. Major Tom

    When I was deciding to propose I heard Let it Grow and the words spoke to me. Now I am divorced and the lyrics to Promises have more meaning than ever.


    Jerry Reeds "She got the goldmine and I got the shaft" Have meaning.

  51. pat s

    Hahaha omg my theme song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao!

  52. Gestapo Pussyranch

    Subtle great song.

  53. Julie Willits

    Iove this song❤️❤️❤️

  54. Liz Butler

    Reminds me of my ex

    Liz Butler

    But it's all good

    Anthony Sr Iron Cloud

    LMFAO which one...jk

    Jeff Sartain

    Same for lots of us.

  55. Sher Lastname

    Well Nate if you read this.. I feel like this is the perfect song to each other. The last chorus is mine alone though.

  56. Carlos Cordero

    Someone knows who is the female voice that accompanies Eric Clapton?

    Carlos Cordero

    McLaren MP4/8 Thank you.

    Joe Case

    yvonne elliman i think..

    paul benson

    Marcy levy

    Carlos Cordero

    Yvonne Elliman accompanies him in "Can not Find My Way Home" and Marcella Levy in Promises both have divine voices, Thanks for the answers

    Carlos Cordero

    Yvonne Elliman accompanies him in "Can not Find My Way Home" and Marcella Levy in Promises both have divine voices, Thanks for the answers

  57. Buck Melanoma

    That might be the tenderest, most elegant beautiful damn thing ive ever heard

    Debbie K

    I agree ... somehow the artistry of the song makes you feel what he was going through...masterful!

    Sean Gill

    Don't think tenderist is a word but I agree with the sentiments

  58. Dr Jamshed

    💙💘😜you are such a dople for lots of guys 😘😘😘😘😘lalalalala super

    Eye Gotcha

    Dr Jamshed What does “dople” mean?

  59. Mogyorosi Szilárd

    Sometimes the simplest songs can be the most honest..

  60. Tim S

    God I love this guy , he's the best!

    nice lady

    Yes!!! ❤✌

  61. Carol Lamperti

    WOW..... Have I been singing that song wrong for along time. LOL fate vs hate.

    Kevin Parker

    You're not the only one! 😉

  62. Garry Marko


    G White

    Garry Marko Never!


    @G White You do a life stretch...

    Al Kholos

    Promises should be kept. But when "friends" lose respect, love dies quickly.

  63. Joe Porter

    i like eric claptons song promises joe porter

  64. Festina Tarde

    Great audio - thanks! Classic Clapton - easy, flowing, amazing rhythm.

    Lisa Stafford

    Bad ass song with lots of meaning and memories

  65. Mickey Conway

    really good. song

  66. Jonathan schadenfreude

    Mom used to play me this song, my six grade teacher goes u can memorize Clapton lyrics but not school work lmao yep.


    Anything instilled with emotion will become heart knowledge....Memorized.

  67. Peggy West

    I heard this on the radio March 8, 1980, while driving to the church for my wedding. Go figure! LOL

    keep on rollin 79

    Peggy West still committed at least?

    Peggy West

    Actually, I am committed for the 3rd and last time ;)

  68. Kevin Welty

    Great song brings back memories

  69. gort40

    I hadn't realised how long it's been since I last heard this. Thanks to SirusXM for leading me to this. Thank you Megan for this. I promise to keep replaying this !

  70. Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    Love this song & the year it came out. 1978.

  71. Beware Of Child

    stuck in my head now. nice video, thx

  72. Ruben Foley

    the song that I started getting into Clapton music

  73. Rollin' WithTheFlow

    Thank you for all your great videos and music choices! :)

    Megan Smith

    You are welcome! :)

  74. elizabeth smith

    wonderful poignant love song. you have to know his turbulent,passionate relationship with pattie boyd to understand the genius and the turmoil in many of his love songs

    Al Kholos

    Nearly all of us have someone in our lives that proves this sweet little song to be true. How could we know that promises end?

  75. Kerry Hudson

    Megan Smith. Thanks for the clip : )

  76. April menegazzi

    This song sure can trigger old emotions can't it😩

    c ur8486

    For sure April

    bill anderson kills me...

  77. Nero

    This is for Elena. Posted when I was at my most hurt. I still do love her very much.

  78. Chris W

    the songs you pick drunk

    ronnie toots

    too funny, i am not drunk but get it! i pick this song lots at middle of the nights...

  79. Edwen Retutal

    love this song

    Joe Porter

    👎 💿 mment